Sunday, June 19, 2016

Gianna Jessen Rightly Rebukes The Pope - Father Z, Take Note!

My post from Friday stated quite clearly that there would be immense fall-out from the heresies regarding marriage and fornication that the pope recently uttered.  Father Zuhlsdorf also posted that day; while he seems to understand the nature of the errors, he takes a recklessly dismissive attitude regarding the harm that not only will but is in fact happening right now.  Behold his closing statement: "Don’t have a spittle-flecked nutty.  Just shake your head with a smile as you flip to another page and say, 'Bless him, he sure likes to gab with people, doesn’t he!'”

Bear that most irresponsible suggestion in your mind as you read this statement from Gianna Jessen from her twitter feed.  Many in the pro-life movement are familiar with Ms. Jessen,  In the late 1970s she survived her mother's attempt to abort her via saline abortion.  She has since gone on to be an advocate for the pre-born and for disability rights (she has cerebral palsy as a result of the abortion).

Is that what Father Zuhlsdorf would call a "spittle-flecked nutty"??  I don't believe Ms. Jessen is Catholic but I can be fairly certain her sentiments are echoed by thousands who, attempting to live Christian lives (Catholic and Protestant), have once again found themselves mocked by the current occupant of the Chair of Peter.  We should be able to expect far better than that.  Recently, when Bishop Robert Lynch announced his retirement, Bobby Schindler issued his own statement saying, "in my family's experience, Bishop Lynch was like the man spitting in the hand of a person in need."  When the pope puked out the heresies regarding both marriage and fornication, he too spit into the hands of those looking to him for spiritual nourishment.  In Matthew 7:9-10, Our Lord spoke of those parents who give bread and fish as opposed to stones and serpents.  Last Thursday we were all handed a bunch of stones and serpents.

We also read in Matthew 18:6-7 Jesus' rebuke of those who cause scandals, saying that "it were better for him had a millstone be hanged about his neck and that he should be drowned.."  Was Our Lord simply having a "spittle-flecked nutty"?  He took scandals quite seriously.  It would behoove us to do the same.


  1. If attentive and faithful Catholics could depose him, I think Bergoglio would be long gone by now. I hope and pray that the faithful and attentive Cardinals have a very good reason that they have not yet attempted to do so.

  2. Our Lord made a whip and drove men out of the temple. He didn't chuckle and say, "Oh well."

  3. My thoughts are that many of those who married in the Church, stayed faithful to their spouse despite the difficulties, followed the teachings of the Church regarding the prohibition of contraception (and/or used Natural Family Planning, prayerfully & judiciously in regards to child-spacing, etc) along with those unmarried who remain chaste are left to experience the sting of such statements. Yes, we can 'get over it' . . . but just having to do so is evidence of a breach.

    Authentic marriage culture, under attack from both inside and outside the Church today, is actually upheld by those who live chastely according to their state in life. Taking this for granted has been part of the problem and has contributed to the broken family culture that now exists.

    Not only 'Oh Beauty, too late have we loved thee!' But also, in solidarity with Gianna and many others of the faithful, 'Oh virginity, too late have we loved thee' . . .'Oh marriage, too late have we loved thee'.

  4. Miss Jesen's just Tweeted that she's never becoming Catholic. It's ultimately her loss--and I don't mean that flippantly, but His Holiness did not help.

  5. What kind of guy uses the term "spittle-flecked nutty"? Is he light in the loafers?


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