Monday, September 19, 2016

DC Readers! Urgent Request For Information!

Please see the comment from "Tomboysuze" in the preceding post regarding Father Imbarrato's homily.   On Sunday, Sept 18, a priest of the Archdiocese of Washington gave a homily in which he flat out mocked the teachings of Jesus Christ regarding marriage and homosexuality.  This rot needs to be exposed so that it can be rectified.  If you have knowledge of this situation, please provide details in the combox.  We will investigate and publish accordingly.  Thanks.


  1. FYI - I am following up with his superior. I have urged others who were there to voice their concern to his superior as well. I want to be clear: the priest's comments were an aside to the main theme of his homily - which was to point out the message of the gospel theme that "those that cannot be trusted with small things cannot be trusted with things of great importance." In doing so, he made the comment that he had counseled a friend who was entering into a same-sex marriage to be careful about his choice of partners because he was unlikely to be faithful. Several of us who were present were shocked to hear him leave out any mention of counseling his friend on the immorality of the "act" itself. At that point, the only conclusion we could arrive at was that the priest approved of the marriage and was only concerned with his friend's choice of partners. One mother was upset because now she was going to have to explain same-sex marriage to her very young children. Did this priest intend to give the impression that he approved? Did he counsel his friend on the sin he was committing, but not mention it in the homily? I don't know. But - to those of us who discussed it afterwards, his comments seemed intentional. I will leave it there for now and update you. His superior is often out of the country on Church business - a very, very good man - so it could take me some time to discuss this with him. But, know that there were people present that were concerned, disturbed and are taking action.

    1. It doesn't matter that his comments were merely an aside. The fact is that they were uttered from the pulpit; the scandal still looms large.


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