Sunday, January 14, 2018

More Evidence That Maryland Is A Liberal Nut House

Pro-abortion Ben Cardin became a US Senator from Maryland, being the de facto desginated successor to faux-katholic pro-abortion Barbara Mikulski.  He is up for reelection during the upcoming elections and he has a challenger - Chelsea Manning.

These two sources (see here and here) err when they say that "Manning declared her intent to run for Senate" and "she will run as a Democrat".  Not so.  Allow me to correct those statements   "Manning declared his intent to run for Senate" and "he will run as a Democrat".   Several years ago, he went by the name Bradley Manning.  At that time, he was an Army private who leaked classified documents to wikileaks.  Those documents numbered about 750,000 and they contained information on suspected terrorists.  He claims he did so to end the Iraqi War and to punish the army for now allowing perverts to serve openly.  He was convicted of these crimes.  The Messiah Most Miserable commuted his sentence but didn't pardon him.

Let's get one thing straight right now. Chelsea Manning is a male.  One cannot change their sex by lopping off their private parts, shooting themselves full of hormones and cross-dressing.  One's sex at conception is the sex that is their's for all perpetuity.  But this doesn't matter in Maryland, where the rot of political correctness has run amok in the halls of governmental buildings.  There does remain the matter of him being a de facto traitor while in the army, but will that register a blip in the minds of Maryland Democrats?  That remains to be seen for I don't think Cardin will take this challenge lying down.  He'll probably have to tip-toe lightly, lest he have that dreaded label "transphobic" appended to his name.  As food fights go, this Democrat primary should be interesting, even entertaining to watch.


  1. Chelsea Manning??? Indeed Maryland is wading neck deep in the diabolical insanity department. But hey, I'm in Chicago, and we're not fairing much better.

  2. Ugh, please don't show images of that homosexual predator Michael Jackson. How many young boy's lives did he ruin with their parents approval.

  3. If Manning is a male, why do you refer to him with the pronouns "them" and "their"? This distortion of the English language is rampant, and must resisted.

    1. When I said that "one cannot change their sex", I spoke in generality, not just of Manning.


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