Tuesday, July 24, 2012

CRS Misquotes John Haas To Deflect Much-Deserved Criticism

On July 18th I first posted about the CRS scandal about its $5.3 million grant to an abortophile organization called CARE.  John Rivera, CRS's Director of Communications, posted a comment.  Someone else showed me a reply that they had received from another CRS representative.  It was Rivera's comment, word for word.  Talk about a "party line"!

Well, it turns out the "party line" is a bit inaccurate.  LifeSiteNews contacted John Haas and interviewed him.  He stated that CRS officials didn't quote him properly and totally misconstrued his stance regarding CARE (surprise!).

This year's second collection for CRS already occurred, but it appears that next May we might be issuing a boycott call for that as well.

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