Sunday, February 16, 2020

Sunday Homily Bumped To Accomodate Money Shake-Down

This morning I didn't feel well enough to make my regular early Mass, so I went to a later Mass - the 10:45 at Mother Seton in Germantown, to be precise.  At the start of the homily, Father announced that we'd be hearing a pre-recorded message from the Archbishop.  Truth be told, I was expecting this, since this Annual Appeal thing is kicking into gear.  It was of the same syrupy genre of sales pitches that Wuerl and McCarrick have shoved down our throats for years now.  Then the priest passed out the envelopes and had people complete them right then and there.

After the ushers collected them, we could now hear the real homily, correct?  I'm talking of the actual exposition and teachings based upon the Scripture readings just heard, or some other pertinent topic from Church teaching.  Well, we heard....


After a lame one-liner about how the appeal tied into the Scriptures, Father dove right into the Creed.  Section 65 of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal states that "the homily is part of the Liturgy and is strongly recommended, for it is necessary for the nurturing of the Christian life. It should be an exposition of some aspect of the readings from Sacred Scripture or of another text from the Ordinary or from the Proper of the Mass.."  Furthermore, Section 66 tells us that "There is to be a homily on Sundays and holy days of obligation at all Masses that are celebrated with the participation of a congregation; it may not be omitted without a serious reason." (emphasis mine)  Thus the complete omission of today's homily at Mother Seton to accomodate this simpering sales pitch constitutes liturgical abuse.

Fellow DC Catholics, I'm quite certain that you too had to suffer through that recorded drivvel today.  But were your homilies also completely omitted as was the case at Seton today?  Please advise via the comment box, giving location and Mass time.  If enough homilies were likewise omitted, I must suspect that this omission - in other words, liturgical abuse - might have been ordered from "on high".  I look forward to your feedback.  Thanks.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Annual Appeal Damage Control

Catholics of the Archdiocese of Washington just saw, or will see, the flyer to the right at this weekend's Masses.  It is a list of "frequently asked questions" and some very lame attempts at responses.  Look at the questions.  They are all citing valid reasons why Catholics with common sense and a sensus fideli should boycott the collection.  The responses are farcical attempts to stymie the thinking of these Catholics and cajole them to giving anyway.

Case in point!  Take a look at the second question.  I quote, "I feel like the only way my voice can be heard is if I withhold support."  By including this in its list of "frequently asked questions", the DC chancery is admitting that it has lost the trust of faithful Catholics.

To the Catholics who are withholding financial support, you are correct in surmising that your voice is now being heard.  By publishing this dribble, the chancery concedes the effectiveness of your boycott.  However, they don't want to change their ways one iota.  For example, my blogging colleague at An Archdiocese Of Washington Catholic points out that we still haven't heard one peep about the Msgr Rossi investigation.  There also exists that disgusting video of Archbishop Gregory at the Theology on Tap doing obeisance to gays and transgenders.  The swamp at the DC chancery continues to be deep and fetid.

Let's ponder the first question and its answer.  Basically the answer is "we know better than you how your charity dollars should be used."  You can be sure that some of these "critical services and ministries" include progressive causes such as "resettling" illegal aliens, etc.  Frankly I suspect these appeal funds are managed just as "well" as are the Peter's Pence funds in the Vatican.

Ladies and gentlemen, please keep starving this beast.  That yellow piece of paper might well be signifying some needed pain and even death throes.  Until the DC chancery realizes that the Catholic Church's FIRST business is the saving of souls, not one penny should go to them.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

USCCB Political Videos Downplaying Abortion To Promote Seamless Garment And Undermine Trump

I post their series of videos below.  While the videos mention innocent unborn as needing protection, they don't say from what they need protection.  That is, of course, abortion, and the progressive politicians shilling for abortion.  Why?  Two reasons.
  1. Many of these politicians have been funnelling money towards the USCCB coffers.
  2. They know that many faithful Catholics will vote for Trump on account of his recent actions to stem abortion.  The USCCB is set on undermining him.  If they can downplay abortion in the minds of Catholics, they'll lessen the impetus to vote for Trump.
Along the lines of that second point, notice how the unborn is just one of a whole laundry list of issues, most of lesser importance and tending to justify a socialist government, ultimately leading to a one-world government.  LifeSiteNews and Church Militant have commentary, too.

As an aside, notice at the 5-minute mark the shameless plug for the many-times-disgraced Catholic Relief Services.  This video series, and the larger effort of the USCCB's is just another reason why we should cease all contributions.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

DC Prelates Kvell Over Reduced Donations - Grab Your Hankies

From the Washington Post we read how the DC chancery is bemoaning the drop in donations received by the Archdiocese.  Well, boo-hoo!  Cry me a river!  Just what the blankety-blank did they expect?

The Post is correct in citing the McCarrick-Wuerl-Bransfield debacles as causes for the drying up of local donations.  What they fail to mention is the utter lack of credibility that the Archdiocese of Washington still has.  When the current prelates waxes eloquent about Fortunate Families, when faithful Catholic reporters are stonewalled when questioning the Rossi mess, we Catholics in the pews understand that the swamp in the DC chancery is still fetid and deep.

So they can whine all they want.  Until these prelates understand that they are called to be priests before progressive "social-justice warriors", I hope and pray that the money flow continues to decrease.  That mens don't toss one penny towards the Archdicesan Appea.  Regrettably money - or lack thereof - is the only language they understand.  In the meantime, to obey the Church's sixth precept, we should direct our donation dollars to a traditional religious order, a pro-life charity, etc.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Connecticut Bishops Undermining Real Pro-Life Actiity

Crisis pregnancy centers in Connecticutt are dealing with some strong-arm tactics by:
  1. the local Planned Parenthood
  2. the local NARAL
  3. pro-abortion politicians
  4. none of the above.
If you selected "none of the above", you are correct!  The culprit is the Connecticut Conference of Catholic Bishops!  If you find that surprising, well, I wish I did.  Given my experiences of being a sidewalk counselor in the DC are for several decades now, I have seen similar things from the Archdiocese of Washington throughout the years and chronicled them here.

Once upon a time I thought that the tepid support (if any) that we received from the bishops was the result of cowardice.  However, in learning just how much money the USCCB gets from the Democrats via dubious grants, etc, and in seeing how the chancery punishes faithful priests, I now believe that they have been working to hobble the pro-life efforts of faithful Catholics.  If the Dems don't get their donations from abortionists, well, then they won't be inclined to direct donation dollars into diocesan coffers now, will they?

Local Connecticut Catholics would do well to boycott any collection efforts by the CCC.  They can now rest assured that any pretenses they might hear of the collections "supporting pro-life efforts" is, well, inaccurate if not downright deceitful.  Instead, send donations directly to these embattled crisis prenancy centers and other worthy charities.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Might The Vatican Attempt Interference In The 2020 Presidential Elections?

I post below commentary by Michael Matt on how President Trump is putting a serious crimp in the plans of progressives who want to thrust upon us a "new world order".  One of the leaders, or perhaps puppets in this nefarious effort is Pope Francis.  Below that I will have commentary.

If you find it difficult to believe that the Vatican will try to derail Trump's reelection efforts in November, then why, oh why, San Diego Bishop McElroy try to pretend that the US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord is a greater evil than is the distribution and usage of contraceptives (many of them abortifacients)?

Stay tuned for news of more Vatican monkeyshines

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Catholic Standard Watch - Progressive Catholics Diss Trump's Appearance At March For Life

Here is the article in question.  Please note that it is a Catholic News Service piece; thus it is most likely published at the unction of the USCCB.  First, we see quoted one John Gehring, Catholic program director of Faith in Public Life.  One would never know from this puff piece that FPL is funded by George Soros.  John Gehring is not fit to be quoted in any Catholic publication.  His complaints about the President are no doubt guided by his own progressive leanings (not to mention Soros and the USCCB).

Next to whine is Father Dauses, pastor of St Andrew by the Bay in Annapolis.  He is quoted as saying he was "really, really conflicted attending" the March.  Were the babies a high priority for him?  That is a fair question, in light of the "social justice" page from his parish's website.  This group, in working with other nearby "faith communities", identified "6 priorities".  Notice what is not a priority.

These two progressives are simply using the president's presence as a feeble excuse for their own disregard of unborn children.  At least the article quoted Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life, who made plain that the murder of thousands of babies daily trumps all other issues in scope and importance.  As long as our clergy remain on the dole from progressive sugar daddies, they will be morally compromised and will likely have difficulty at their particular judgments.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Gay Priest Retreat In Maryland This Coming April

Last week LifeSiteNews published an opinion piece entitled "Time For Bishops To Be Faithful And Shut Down Renegade Priests Who Champion Homosexuality".  A picture of Baltimore's Archbishop William Lori is at the top of the piece.  The reason for that is the scheduled "retreat" for gay priests that is slated to be held at Bon Secours Retreat Center in Marriottsville MD from April 12-14.   The retreat is being led by Fr Peter Daly and most likely Father James Martin will be in attendance.  Let's examine the pieces to this impending debacle.

Bon Secours is itself a dissident den of iniquity.  If the name sounds familiar to readers of this blog, that is because Bon Secours is where Gordon Creamer, gay-married parish council chair of St Ignatius Catholic Church, carries on with his so-called "spiritual direction".  St Ignatius is a parish in the Mount Vernon area of Baltimore City.  They openly flaunt their participation in Baltimore's "gay pride" parade/orgies.  I tried to engage the pastor about the matter, but oddly enough (cough!) he wasn't particularly interested in discussing the matter!  I submit that this pastor, along with Fr Joseph Muth of St Matthew's on Loch Raven Blvd are priests whom Lori should shut down.

Let's look at the retreat leader, Father Peter Daly, as I've written quite a bit about him, too.  In this anthology of posts, you see an account of his interactions with  young men struggling with same-sex attraction.  He admits to telling them that their disordered inclinations aren't disordered and that to act on them isn't sinful.  He pointed them straight towards hell and gave a nudge.  One can bet that is exactly what will happen in Marriottsville in two months.

Now let's look at the reactions of the two Maryland archbishops.  Archbishop Lori continues to turn a blind eye on both St Matthew's and St Ignatius.  Both are dens of gay perversions; there could be more.  These are the only two of which I'm aware at this time  Archbishop Gregory has actually shown himself to be an ally of proponents of gay perversions.  This past summer he openly praised Fortunate Familes duing one of his first "Theology on Tap" presentations.

Will they listen to our demands that they clean up their churches?  One language that they seem to understand is that of money - or more accurately, lack of donation money.  The DC archdiocese is gearing up for its Annual Appeal.  It used to be called the Archbishop's or Cardinal's Appeal (depending on rank of prelate).  They at least know that they cannot invoke the prelate to raise money, as our prelates of late have been, uh, "credibility-challenged" shall we say.  On the webpage they say that 60+ charities are supported via this collection.  Guess what?  You can support good charities directly, without the Archdiocese taking a cut of them.  Moreover, you'd be able to select the recipients of your hard-earned dollars.  Do NOT give one red penny to this or any other diocesan-wide collection.  They have proven over and over again to be unworthy recipients of donations and inept stewards to boot.  I don't know when the Baltimore campaign will happen, but that too should be boycotted until Archbishop Lori disinfects St Matthew's and St Ignatius AND quashes this upcoming "retreat".

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

When One Promotes Abortion, They Become Childish And Uncivilized

Proof?  It was on national TV tonight, just at the end of President Trump's State of the Union address.  First, she failed to introduce him as protocol requires of the House Speaker.  She pouted through the entire address  Then, on national TV, she did this to her copy of his speech.

From the looks of her twitter page, she isn't getting away with it.  See for yourselves.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Super Bowl Half Time - More Sinister Than Raunchy

By now all have learned of the strip-tease vulgarity that was yesterday's Super Bowl half-time performance.  I myself didn't subject myself to it, but saw enough pictures to understand the pornographic nature of it.  I am not at all surprised that this happened, but am somewhat taken aback by two things.

First, I cannot fathom how some otherwise intelligent Catholics defended the obscene dancing, particularly the pole-dancing, as "art".  To whom were they pandering?  Or did they simply take leave of their common sense?  Those that did seem to be of the "pope Francis cannot do anything wrong because he's the pope" variety.  Maybe that had something to do with it.  Still, I cannot see how they gave the mockery of Christ's crucifixion a pass.

Second, I didn't realize just how replete with Masonic symbolism the show really was, but it makes total sense.  I have below a video to explain some of it.  Fair warning - the video does show some clips of the vile performance.