Saturday, December 7, 2019

Catholic Standard Touts Dissident Order Of Sisters

The current Catholic Standard features some sisters telling their vocation story.  One such story is from Sister Aine O'Connor, one of the five leaders of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas.  That name caught my eye for over ten years ago, I led a picket against them in Silver Spring.  They were hosting a Call to Action meeting to discuss some sort of dissidence.

Here is the website of Sisters of Mercy of the Americas.  Right there you can see that they are "social justice warriors" and there is not one of them in habit.  Here is the list of their social concerns; notice how the E in "earth" is capitalized, like it's a proper noun/name?  It's just a list of all the progressive talking points.  Go to the "resources" menu, then to "social justice advocacy", then click on "earth community and mercy consciousness".  You'll be gobsmacked with talk of "new catholicity", "unmaking and remaking of the western mind", and a smattering of gobblygoop by Teilhard de Chardin.  Then there's "widening our circle of mercy".  In this so-called "prayer service", six page of it, the word "God" is mentioned twice in this entire idolatrous groveling before "mother earth".

Take a look at their version of the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy.  Church tradition recognizes seven of each.  They've appended an extra one to each.  Their additions are at the bottom of their lists.  I think it rather telling that they didn't deuvlge their edition of Sacred Tradition. 

As with most progressive katholyc organizations, these women have forged some troubling alliances as you can see here.  Women's Alliance for Theology Ethics,and Religion can be shortened to "Water".  Scroll on down their main page.  They advertize for an "Advent liturgy for Catholic Lesbian/queer women". Charming.  Going further down we see that they work with Dignity and Women's Ordination Conference.  They are headquartered in Silver Spring MD, just blocks from the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas.  Isn't that convenient?

Then there's Amnesty International.  Here we see that they champion both baby-slaughter and the "gay-lifestyle" perversions.

If the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas has no problems with these positions espoused by their partners, then we can safely say that they embrace those dissident positions themselves.  So why are they touted in the Catholic Standard?

Friday, December 6, 2019

On This Feast Of St Nicolas, This Must Be Repeated

Sadly, some are calling this day "punch a heretic" day.  I don't have time just now to explain all the ways this is wrong.  Suffice it to say that this flippancy is a slap in the face to the memory of St Nicolas.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Guilty US Bishops Sabotage Sheen's Beatification

Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen famously said that if anyone was to save the Church, it would be laity as opposed to clerics and religious.  The conduct of certain prelates, as they try to derail his beatification, only prove his point.  I'm a little late in reporting on this so I won't reinvent the wheel that others have made. I'll post now a vortex that summarizes the situation.

Now just in case you wonder what about Sheen's preaching that might rankle the USCCB, that is, Underhanded Syndicate of Corrupt Cowardly Bishops, this clip of one of the Archbishop's talks might provide a clue.  Pay particular attention around the 16:22 mark and following.  He likens the "social justice" thrust of the hierarchy to one of the three temptations that Satan posed to Jesus.

Or how about this one regarding "nice" people, such as the "Church of nice"?

You get the picture.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Open Letter To Judge Sara Smolenski

Please recall that she is the lesbian judge in Michigan who was denied Holy Communion by Father Scott Nolan for publicly living in sin with another woman.  Since that incident, she has been on a rampage to have Father ousted from his parish.  Fortunately Bishop David Walkowiak is supporting his priest.

Many have rightly suggested that both Father and His Excellency should be congratulated and thanked.  I concur and have done so.  I also applied the Spiritual Work of Mercy known as "rebuking the sinner" to the errant judge.  I got the fax number from the contact information for the courthouse in which she works.  To that number I sent the letter below.

Begin letter:

Ms. Smolenski, I read of your situation with Father Nolan.  As a Catholic who strives to live by the moral precepts of the Church, I concur with Father.  Perhaps we can look at the situation from another vantage point.  I presume that as a lawyer, you are a member of the Michigan State Bar.  That association undoubtedly has standards and ideals to which you and other lawyers are expected to adhere.  The rights and privileges of that association were not automatically granted to you; you had to qualify to be admitted and must conduct yourself in a manner deemed worthy by your association to retain membership with all its attendant advantages.

Parallels con be derived when it comes to the Church.  The reception of Holy Communion entails allegiance to the Church's moral standards, including those of marriage and the use of procreative powers.  Deliberate and obstinate flouting of those prescriptions is grounds for denial of Holy Communion.  That denial is actually for your benefit, as reception of Holy Communion while you pretend to be married to another woman would only cause you to incur the guilt of receiving Our Lord in a sacrilegious manner, its own mortal sin.

Ms. Smolenski, neither you nor I can dictate to the Church who has a "right" to receive Holy Communion.  Yes, we are all sinners.  Jesus Christ welcomes all sinners - to repent and turn from their sins, not to wallow in them and expect to be celebrated for them.  We are called to repent via the Sacrament of Confession and then to amend our lives.  As your fellow Catholic I strongly urge you cease this lifestyle and return to Jesus Christ and His Church - on His terms, not yours.
You may ask what business do I have in saying these things to you.  Well, it is you who chose to publicize this matter, not I.  Apparently neither did Father choose to publicize this; he approached you via a private phone call - per your recollection.  Father Nolan, as an ordained priest of Jesus Christ, cannot and will not acquiese to your demands that your sinful lifestyle be accepted as being in conformity with Church teaching.  The words of Jesus will not change.  I for one am grateful to Father for upholding the teachings of the Church.

Ms. Smolenski, please be advised that this letter is an open letter, to be publicized on the internet.  Any replies will likewise be publicized; that includes replies from anyone else as well.  Thank you for your time.

End Letter

Saturday, November 30, 2019

New Ecological Sins Require A New Ecological Penance Service!

Actually, this "penance service" is rather old and comes to us, courtesy of Earth First (a rather destructive bunch).  It seems that their errors are being used as sanctimonious cloaks to mask "one-world-government" agendas of the progressives, from Soros right over to the pope.  So here it is, coming to a Church near you!

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Michigan Priest Denies Holy Communion To Flagrant, Arrogant Lesbian Judge - Action Needed Now

Father Scott Nolan of St Stephen parish in the Diocese of Grand Rapids (MI) denied Holy Communion to an openly lesbian judge.  The judge's name is Sara Smolenski and she is the chief judge of the Kent County District Court; she and her accomplice in perversion are pretending that they are "married" with the help of civil courts.  Fr. Nolan advised her in private that she was living a sinful lifestyle.  Still, she presented herself for Holy Communion. Father, in obedience to Canon 915, denied her Communion.  Immediately Smolenski took to mainstream media to pout about the matter and to gin up opposition to Father Nolan simply because the latter acted like an actual Catholic priest.

Long-time readers of this blog will realize why this story immediately caught my eye.  Over seven years ago in my own parish, just as Lent 2012 was getting underway, Father Guarnizo likewise denied Holy Communion to another flaming lesbian.  One just has to go into this blog's archives circa March 2012 to get an idea of the situation.  The mainstream media likewise jumped all over that story and it even caught international attention.  The two situations are similar in many respects, but differ in one key, striking manner.

Reading through Fr Guarnizo's story, one will see that the Archdiocese of Washington acted immediately to evict Fr Guarnizo from the Archdiocese.  I've no doubt that they would have suspended him as a priest, had it not been for the fact that he's incardinated in another diocese.  While the situation was unfolding, I thought that the chancery's actions were simply the result of cowardice and wanting to toady to the politically correct and powerful.  At the time, McCarrick was still a cardinal and bishop emeritus of the DC archdioecese, and Wuerl held the helm.  Over the past few years, we've come to understand that McCarrick was himself a serial gay predator and that Wuerl was covering for him.  Those revelations shine quite a different light on their attitude towards Fr Guarnizo.  I think they ousted him because his presence and actions seared their own sick and guilty consciences.

Father Nolan is blessed to have the support of his bishop, Bishop David Walkowiak.  He released a statement saying that Father Nolan acted correctly.  He stated that while the Church accepts its members, that it expects of its members adherence to the Church's teachings.  He did so by quoting (of all things) Amoris Laetitia.


Here is the contact information for the parish.  Please call and/or email Father to express support.  You can bet your bottom dollar that the gay nazis are out in force against him, just as they drew their long knives against Father Guarnizo seven years ago.  Here is the diocese's contact information, along with their statement regarding Father Nolan.  Thank Bishop Walkowiak for supporting his priest.

In addition to voicing support for both Father Nolan and Bishop Walkowiak, there is other action that we as the Church Militant must take.  It seems that this broad Smolenski has had her long knives pointed at Father Nolan previously.  From LifeSiteNews we read that she tried to get Father ousted as chaplain for the Catholic Lawyers' Association of Western Michigan.  When those in mortal sin refuse to repent of said sins, they hate with a passion anyone who dares to suggest that they need to repent.  They think that by hurting the truth-tellers that they can justify their filth and perversion.  Witness how the murderers of St Stephen the First Martyr covered their ears as he spoke.

Here is the website for the district courthouse in which she sits as judge.  I for one think it highly unethical that she is using her public position as a platform from which she can launch her attacks against a Catholic priest who was acting according to his responsibilities.  Of course be polite but also be firm.  For her own good, we cannot allow her attacks to go on without any rebuke to her.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Here Comes Some More New Sins!

A few months ago the pope announced that he was changing the catechism to declare the death penalty to be inherently immoral.  I wrote some pieces to explain why his attempt is itself the evil of heresy.  I needn't rehash them; see here and here.

From the Vatican News website we read that the pope is planning to add yet two other sins: the use of nuclear weapons and the possession of nuclear weapons.  Well, I for one am glad that these are sins that I won't have to confess.  I, like all the other Great Unwashed, simply can't run over to the hardware store and stock up on those things.  I know Home Depot doesn't carry them.  But enough of the well-deserved sarcasm.

Of course he bloviated in Japan.  Now if he said those things while wagging his finger under the nose of Kim Jong-Un or Xi Jinping, then I might be impressed.  The fact is, as long as the bad guys have them, we need to have them too.  That balance of power is necessary to discourage nuclear attacks.  That's common sense.  But progressive folk seem to be bereft of common sense.  Either that or they really want to force western civilization into a subservient position.  Given other recent actions of this Vatican, I believe it's the latter.

I anticipate that soon we'll hear that the use and possession of plastic straws is sinful, warranting its own addition to the catechism.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Bangkok - Pope Calls For Humanism, Not Conversion To Jesus

A few days ago while in Bangkok, the pope called for an "integral humanism", a "cooperation between religions".  Why?  Because he's concerned about "our common home".  Notice a few things:
  • The sole focus on the world of the "here and now", with no mention whatsover of eternal realities such as the Last Four Things
  • Not one mention of Jesus Christ and the need to conversion to the One True Faith
  • Religious indifferentism, treating all religions as though they are equal in importance and value.  That is utterly false since the Roman Catholic Church has been entrusted with the Sacraments and the Deposit of Faith.
Lastly there is that word "humanism".  The Gloria article states that the meaning of the term "integral humanism" is unclear.  I think it's meaning is frighteningly clear.  Moreover, I think the pope knows its meaning too.  For starters, let's look at the American Humanist Association.  At the top left of the main page, look at its tagline: "Good Without God".  The astute reader will look at that tagline and realize the inherent problem.  That is, without God, who or what defines what is good?  It has a subpage that offers various definitions of humanism.  Among them is one proffered by the Humanist Society of Western New York.  Notice the second sentence.  According to them, humanists believe that this is the only life of which we have knowledge and that we "owe it to ourselves" to make it the best life for ourselves and others with whom we share "this fragile planet".  With that last sentence in mind, does that not shed some light on the pope's complete silence regarding God and eternal life?

Several months ago, Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego spoke on similar themes at the World Meeting of Popular Movements.  My blogging colleague at published some exerpts that deserve some special emphasis, owing to their inimical content.  McElroy yapped and yammered about "our common home" (buzz term alert!)  He also stated that the US economy "must be contained within a big government juridical structure" for "wealth is a common heritage".  This is socialism, rooted in the same atheistic foundations as humanism.  Here is a brief synopsis detailing why socialism is sinful.  Here's a list of previous popes condemning socialism

All this and more is just part and parcel of the progressive/masonic attempt to establish a one-world government devoid of God, a secular utopia if you will.  Both the Roman Catholic Church and the United States stand as clear obstacles to that establishment and thus the progressives strive to undermine the Church and the US.  In this current pope they have a willing accomplice.  That is not the case for the United States - for now.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Say #no2CCHD On Nov 23rd And 24th

Last week's abysmal mess of a "bishops' meeting" in Baltimore should have given you ample reason to boycott any national collection by the USCCB.  In fact, reasons to boycott the CCHD collection have always proliferated.  Yet now even more scandal is brought to light.

In the clip below, Michael Hichborn of Lepanto Institute reveals his latest findings regarding abuse of Catholic donations.  You will notice towards the end that he admits the possibility that the bishops aren't merely lovable bumpkins who are naive regarding the usage of the CCHD money.  Many of them are in fact in cahoots with the leftists who want to tear down the Faith and western civilization.  I have seen it too often in the Archdiocese of Washington.  As a sidewalk counselor in this area, I now have reason to believe that the chancery has been working to undermine our efforts on the sidewalks over the years; consider who the prelates have been and the myriad of scandals surrounding them.  But I digress.

This is a long clip but well worth your time in watching it.  Around the 1:15:00 mark, Hichborn and Marshall discuss ways in which we can take action - and yes, they involve leaving our comfort zones.

Most dioceses will have their collections this coming weekend.  This collection should be boycotted completely.  As part of acting proactively, I'd suggest going to this post and printing off the envelope stuffer at the bottom.  Sign it and put that in your envelope in lieu of money.  Here are other posts to read.  This report goes more into the sordid origins of the CCHD.

Now the video.