Friday, December 7, 2012

Notre Dame Establishes "GLTBQ" Student Organization

The University of Notre Dame and Georgetown University seem to by vying with each other to win the prize for besmirching their once-Catholic heritages and leading their students down the primrose path to hell.  This week the spotlight is on Notre Dame.  Notre Dame president Father John Jenkins (no, he didn't get sacked after the 2009 Obama debacle) announced the formation of a "GLTBQ" student organization.  Why?  In Father's own words, "to expand and enhance the support and services for students who identify as gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual and questioning".  Another main goal is "to create and sustain a welcome and inclusive environment for all students".

Uh-oh!  There's that word "inclusive" again!

I thought Father Jenkins was a priest - no?  As such, isn't one of his main purposes "to save souls"?  Nowhere do I see diddly-squat being said about saving the souls of these students who are admittedly flirting with mortal sin.  Let's be clear - homosexual acts are, objectively speaking, acts that are mortally sinful.  Those who engage in them, knowing that they contravene God's laws, imperil their immortal souls.  If they are engaged in these sinful lifestyles, they are on the road to damnation.  How will this "student organization" address this dire situation?  Will they preach God's truth so that these young people will leave that sinful lifestyle and go to Confession?  This pressing spiritual crisis far outweighs any contrived need for "inclusive environments".

The local bishop (of the Fort Wayne/South Bend diocese), Bishop Kevin Rhoades is "hopeful" that the group will be faithful to Church teaching.  Hopeful?  That implies that fidelity to Church teaching on the part of this student organization is not at all certain!  Even this statement by the local bishop does not address the spiritual plight of the students already embroiled in the mortally-sinful homosexual lifestyle.

What is needed, more than any "inclusive" stuff, is the proclamation of the Church's teaching on life, marriage, holiness, etc and emphasis on the need for the Sacraments.  Otherwise, this "inclusive" student group will be one big occasion for mortal sin.  Tomorrow is the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception.  Let us ask Our Lady's intercession for this university that still bears her name.

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