Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pope Francis - Not Quite The Liberal For Which Progressives Yearned

On the heels of all the ecstasy and euphoria flowing from all media outlets liberal comes the proverbial rain on their parade.  Thanks to Te Deum Laudamus, we learn that Pope Francis just defrocked and excommunicated a dissident priest in Melbourne Australia.  

Greg Reynolds (formerly Father Reynolds) incurred these penalties for his support of "gay marriage" and "women priests".  It is believed that Reynolds is the first (former) priest to be so disciplined in Melbourne.

I've also learned that a Brazilian priest, Father Roberto Daniel, was excommunicated for his support of "open marriage" and homosexuality.  Moreover, while he was still Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Pope Francis had defrocked and excommunicated yet another gay-enabling priest, Jose Nicolas Alessio.

Please pray for these men, that they may repent for they have placed their souls in danger of hell.  Pray for all such dissident priests (that means you, Father Peter Daly of Prince Frederick MD!) that they wake up and repent, lest they come unprepared to their final day of reckoning.

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