Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Butchery Continues In Germantown

In November, the prolonged absence of Leroy Carhart from Germantown caused us to hope that he had quit Germantown (or maybe had been evicted).  He and the Germantown Reproductive Health Services are being sued for a botched abortion that left a woman disabled and possibly unable to bear other children.  We had hoped that this was the straw that broke the camel's back and sent him packing.

Alas, we were disappointed when he was seen at Germantown this past December.  Once again there would be massive amounts of innocent blood shed there.  Moreover, with Carhart returned the ambulances.  Today happens to be the fourth anniversary of the deaths of both Jennifer and Madison Morbelli.  Madison is the baby who was the intended murder victim but her mother died in addition to her, a direct result of Carhart's incompetence and callousness.  Today also saw Carhart's 10th Germantown victim being taken away in an ambulance.  The site prayforgermantown.com has more details of that, as well as some other suspected botched abortions that happened this past December.

Of course Carhart is a menace to the unborn children.  He is showing himself to be equally dangerous to the mothers.  Not only are pro-aborts disdainful of the babies, but of the mothers too - when they can get away with it.  Sadly, in Maryland they can.  We hope and pray this suit moves forward and that this puts a much-needed crimp into the operations of that hell-hole known as Germantown Reproductive Health Services.

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