Wednesday, January 1, 2020

When Will Archbishop Lori Clean Out St Ignatius Church In The Mount Vernon Area?

Last evening Archbishop Lori led a New Year's Eve "interfaith prayer service" at St. Ignatius in Baltimore.  Behold this from the Archdiocese's facebook page.

Yes, it's this parish.  Whatever other "faith" might have been represented there last evening, the Roman Catholic faith got short shrift.  As we look at the parish's web site, we see that Gordon Creamer is still the honcho behind its LGBT dating service "ministry".  Please note that this page still openly boasts of its participation in Baltimore's "pride parades" during the past several years.  Now take a look at who is chair of the parish council.  Yep!  It's "gay-married" Gordon Creamer!  Bear in mind that I am linking to the parish's pages as they appeared today.  When I wrote this account of my very brief interaction with the pastor, Creamer was just a member.  So that means that during the intervening three months, Creamer was elevated to a more prominent position in the parish.

Ladies and gentlemen, particularly Catholics of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, the Archbishop knows damned well what is going on here - and at St Matthew's, for that matter.  He is doing absolutely nothing to expunge the poison that is spiritually killing the Catholics under his watch.  Faithful Catholics there, I suggest that you cease any archdiocesan contributions immediately, and if he ever appears publicly, challenge him on these matters (and have a friend record the exchange).  We simply have to hold their feet to the fire.  What I stated in this post's title would be an excellent New Year's resolution for him and his brother bishops.

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