Monday, October 12, 2009

Senate Vote Tomorrow on Obama Death Bill

The Senate Finance Committee is set to vote on its version of the Health Care bill. If any of your senators are on this committee, ask - no, INSIST - that they kill this bill. Unlike other Catholic and/or pro-life activists, I'm not suggesting that you tell them, "Vote against it if it doesn't exclude abortion and euthanasia." It matters little if these provisions are removed. We need to understand and accept that socialized medicine is, by nature, anti-life. There are no safeguards for life once government has authority over its citizens' health care. It matters little, again, how benign the particular government may be. Remember the Patriot Act, how harmless and even beneficial folks thought it was under Bush? Well, now that the Messiah Most Miserable is sitting at the helm, we all see what a disaster it is now. Hindsight is always 20/20 vision!

The only way that life will be respected here is if the Author of Life is respected. That means that government must stop usurping His role in our private and civic lives.


  1. It passed. Every other bill (3 House and 1 Senate) is more liberal. The Finance Committee now represents the most moderate possible outcome (though anti-abortion amendments will be offered on the House and Senate floor).

  2. Katherine, there is nothing whatsover that is "moderate" about this disaster in the making that is referred to as the "Health Bill".

    By the way, as I follow your profile, I notice you have a blog called In it you decry those of us who picketed the Red Mass a few weeks ago. Please reread my earlier posts to learn why we did so. The video will be most enlightening.


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