Friday, December 17, 2010

EU "Court" On Ireland's Abortion Laws

If ever there was an overwhelming argument against "one-world government" and the "new order", we saw it in spades this week.  We read in LifeSiteNews of the European Court's "ruling" on the case of a woman who sought an abortion in Ireland.  While it ruled that the woman's right to "privacy" was violated, it did say that it found that there is "no human right to abortion".  Well, they got that last part right, at least.  There is no human right to murder tiny human children.  I suppose these days we really need a court decision to tell us that?

However, because of the "privacy" matter, we see that national sovereignty in general is being imperiled.  The infrastructure is starting to be laid that would allow a tyrant to exercise significant, if not total, control over world affairs.  We have a microcosm of that in the United States.  Misguided people, during the Bush administration, charged ahead with the Homeland Security Act and the "faith-based partnership" stuff.  While their motives may have been honorable, they acted in reckless disregard of the Constitution and the protections afforded by the same.  Now the Messiah Most Miserable is at the helm, and many of these people are shocked - just shocked! - to see the havoc being raised with airport molestations, etc.  Are we learning our lessons yet, or do more outrages have to occur?

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