Thursday, February 3, 2011

CHA = Catholic Health Asininity

Today's Pewsitter was quite informativie about more lunacy emanating from the so-called "Catholic" Health Association.  Recall that a few days ago, the Obama Hell Bill was ruled unconstitutional.  The main focus was the individual mandate provision, but because the bill lacks a severability clause, the whole thing was thrown out - as it should have been!  However, six medical groups filed an amicus curie brief to preserve the Obama Hell bill.  Amongst these was - you guessed it! - the Catholic Health Association.  Sister Carol Keehan must be worried that if the Obama Hell Bill goes in the trash, her Pen of Perfidy will run out of ink!  Pewsitter asks a good question, though.  Since the USCCB did not support the House's vote to repeal the mess, what might have been their collective opinion of CHA's stance on the suit?

In related news, many learned last week that Catholic Healthcare West, a subsidiary of the CHA, is funding a network that includes Planned Parenthood.  We all will recall that a few months ago, Bishop Olmsted of Phoenix rapped the knuckles of CHW by stripping one of their hospitals of its status as "Catholic" for authorizing an abortion within its premises.  Sadly, I'm not surprised.

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