Sunday, February 20, 2011

SEIU To Descend Upon Annapolis

You might have heard elsewhere of the debacle in Wisconsin, how both the state Democratic senators and thousands of unionized teachers engaged in dereliction of legal duties.  These progressive snakes are indeed showing their true colors.  Oh, by the way - since it's illegal for teachers to strike in Wisconsin, some doctors there plan to write fake medical excuses for these teachers.  As my blogging colleague at Les Femmes asks, "What kind of care can you expect from liars who are willing to lie and cheat for a political purpose?"

But what does this have to do with Maryland, you might ask?  Well, it seems that the SEIU, to display "solidarity" with their scoff-law sickie Wisconsin teachers, are staging "rallies" across the nation.  Michelle Malkin's website indicates that they'll be in Annapolis this coming Tuesday - at Lawyers' Mall at noon, to be precise.  Oh, joy! 

You might remember SEIU from last summer.  They're the delightful thugs that sent hundreds of stooges to stampede over a banker's front lawn and porch, terrorizing his young son.  I reported on that Chicago-esque gangsta-style behavior here.  Good luck to the Maryland State Police in keeping that hoard of barbarians in check!

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