Saturday, September 22, 2012

Obama Doormat - Buy One Quickly Before They Run Out!

As we see on the site "Obama for America", we can buy a monstrosity that looks like a mutated American flag.  Of course you'd have to pay $35 for this piece of crap but you'd better hurry, because it's a "limited edition" of 250 of them (would that the limits were smaller, but I'm digressing again!).  The Obamafile site has a good write-up on this latest stunt of the Messiah Most Miserable.

So is it a flag?  Well, here it is..

Ok.  So let's say that it isn't a flag.  It certainly isn't the American flag.  Notice the five stripes?  Might they be a subtle salute to the "five pillars of Islam"?

Anyway, what use does this thing have?  Well, it does seem to be the right size for a door mat.  Given the groveling and sniveling that Obama has given to the muslim terrorists, this might be quite an appropriate use for this thing - particularly the top left part.  Or I suppose the thing could be narrowed a bit so that it makes a perfect square - might make for interesting toilet tissue print.  Whatever.  It's not worth 35 cents, let alone 35 dollars.  What else can one expect from a narcissistic demagogue  who suggests to his minions that they donate their wedding and birthday gifts to his reelection campaign?  Tact, tastefulness or humility?  Oh, come now!  Not from him!!

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