Wednesday, October 3, 2012

An Obama Rant

No, no!  I'm not referring to anything the Messiah Most Miserable uttered this evening during his sorry performance at the debate (Dang!  No teleprompter!).  I refer to a video of a 2007 speech that he gave at Virginia's Hampton University five years ago.  Listen to him closely as he adopts a most unusual accent during his tirade!  He shows himself to be quite the angry snarling racist.  I wonder if this is a hint at how he must have sounded after Romney smeared him all over the stage during this evening's debate?

Speaking of this evening's debate, the cameras were focused solely on the candidates and didn't once pan to the audience.  Pity!  Colorado NARAL sent activists there: one of them was dressed as - bet you can't guess! - a "vagina" (I put that in quotes because they really don't understand anatomy).  That really seems to be quite the fashion amongst pro-aborts these days, as they reduce women to gross caricatures of female genitalia.  They should have sent in someone dressed as a brain - Obama could have used one of those.

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