Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What Really Happened In Charlottesville?

Like all decent people of all stripes, I am appalled at the wanton vehicular murder of the young woman in Charlottesville VA this past Saturday, August 12, 2017.  Let us pray for the repose of her soul, as well as consolation for her grieving family.  We also pray for the conversions of all perpetrators in the strife this past Saturday that led to the murder of this woman, as well as to injuries to others and the helicopter deaths of the two troopers.

Antifa poster found in Portland OR
I regret though, that the truth behind what happened is deliberately being obfuscated by progressives, not only in the media but in high places in both the governments of Charlottesville and the State of Virginia.  Two opposing factions share blame, in truth.  On the one hand, there was the so-called "alt-right", composed mainly of neo-nazis, white supremists and ku klux klan.  On the other hand there were the "black lives matter" crowd along with antifa.  Joining both groups were individuals of various political convictions.

To listen to the progressive shills, one would think that the "alt-right" was responsible for all the hatred while the blm/antifa people were pure as the driven snow.  Some, including the mayor of Charlottesville, went so far as to blame the president, while others blamed the NRA and gun rights advocates (despite the fact that not one shot was fired during the melee).  Regrettably some in Catholic circles are swallowing that kool-aid - or simply parroting the required "talking points".

To refresh your memories about the violence perpetrated by antifa and "black lives matter", I'll post links to some videos: here, here, here

A facebook post that I read sums up the sequence of events.  I'll paste it below and beneath that post some corroborating links.

So here's what happened in VA. People protesting removing of monuments got a permit to protest at 12:00. Early that morning Antifa was being flown and bused in from around the country. At 8:45 The govenor sends State police in to cancel a protest that hadn't started. They forced the protesters out in the streets to a waiting mob of Antifa and BLM. The police were given orders to stand down and let the protesters be attacked. This was a set up by the governor to take away protesters first amendment rights. It doesn't matter what the protesters had to say. They had a right to say it. Please share!

The alt-right rally was planned in advance; this is corroborated by WTOP..  They were protesting the planned removal of a statue of Robert E Lee from city grounds in Charlottesville.  They had a permit that was rescinded at the very last minute, quite possibly so that Democrat officials could appease their progressive bosses.  They were forced to the area where antifa and blm counter-protesters were and were attacked.  The police had been ordered to stand down, despite having cordoned the opposing parties in the same area. Whoever gave the order(s) for police stand-down was complicit in the violence that occurred, quite possibly deliberately so.

The left-wing media pins sole responsibility for the violence on the alt-right, while it appears that there is plenty of blame to go around.  The ACLU of Virginia acknowledged that in one of their tweets.  Right now I'll link to some background information on Black Lives Matter and Antifa; that is necessary for understanding their mindsets and their methodologies.  After the car murder, a reporter incurred the arbitrary wrath of one such leftist; fortunately he has been arrested.

The left-wing is proceeding with all due haste to rewrite history.  In Durham North Carolina, protesters pulled down a statue of a Confederate leader.  They are desecrating graves of Confederate leaders.  They are issuing calls for more violence.

Today the president criticized the violence from both factions.  At a press conference, he rhetorically asked reporters if George Washington and Thomas Jefferson should have their statues removed since they were both slave owners, correctly pointing out the left's attempt to rewrite history and culture itself.  Michael Farris of Alliance Defending Freedom addressed the situation, particularly the attempt to squelch what some might call "hurtful speech".

I am now linking to a facebook video presented by Avialae Horton, who attended the rally and who experienced things that aren't reported in the media.  It, and the pictures in the comments section, are worth watching.  I might differ on a few points. She alludes that a goal of the left is "white genocide"; rather, I suspect their goal is the destruction of Western civilization.  She also believes that the federal government was in on the collusion.  Had Hillary won the White House, that would have been the case.  Clearly though, both the Charlottesville and Virginia officials were colluding with the leftists.  She mentioned an alt-right leader being mobbed at a press conference; here is that video.

Before this post gets too long, I'll close it with a video from Reality Check.  I haven't seen a whole lot on this matter from other Catholic bloggers (with the exception of Creative Minority Report), save a few things stating that "hatred is on both sides" and "prayer is needed".  While that is true, I think we have to grapple with the details of what really happened this weekend and not be reluctant to acknowledge the differing levels of responsibility.  Not all are equally guilty and we must acknowledge that.  We have to learn not only to pray but to speak and act in decisive manners.  Clearly the leftwing is on a rampage to destroy any vestiges of Christian bedrock from our civilization.  That will only lead to more loss of life, not to mention the eternal damnation of countless souls  Let's acknowledge that without fear of offending them.  We must pray, but we also must resist with the authority that is ours, lest we have to face Our Lord at the end of our lives and have to answer for cowardice.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

CCHD Collection Today

My apologies!  With different things going on (some of them personal), I forgot completely about the attempted in-pew shakedown that occurred today in the Archdiocese of Washington.  Yes, it was the CCHD collection, in which the donation dollars of many Catholics are diverted to various and sundry anti-God, anti-life and progressive organizations.

Fortunately, I could see as the basket came my way that it was quite empty.  I fully hope that by now faithful Catholics are getting the word that their contributions to this organization actually harms the true mission of the Church, that is, the salvation of souls.

I also noticed that they dropped that silly schtick about calling it "Communications and Human Development Campaign" and were at least honest about calling it the collection for Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

Despite my memory lapse, I pray that this collection fizzled, for the sake of Holy Mother Church.  Most of the nation's CCHD collections will happen in November (original nationwide date).  Let's be sure to boycott those collections too.

Friday, August 11, 2017

In The Face of Opposition From Church Of Nice, Stay Alert And Active

Let me cut immediately to the chase.  The evidence is clear and irrefutable in indicating that Pope Francis is angry at those faithful Catholics who are not blindly following as he attempts to deconstruct the Faith and Western civilization.  He is especially irritated when we call him out, along with his lackeys, as they make their moves.  On one level this saddens me, but on another level it tells me that the light we shine is having beneficial impact.

More and more people are waking up.  The Remnant commented on a piece put out by Fox News.  That piece pointed out that the pope's disdain for Trump and his policies is obvious.  By extension, those of us who supported Trump over Hillary also warrant the papal stink-eye.  I pointed out two pieces of evidence yesterday.  Those are just the latest; there will undoubtedly be more.

Today Michael Voris released a Vortex in which he summarizes some "talking points" of the "church of nice", i.e. the progressive-infested hierarchy.  Please look at those points and consider a few things.
Voris rightly rebukes the prelates who are destroying the church and jeopardizing their souls.  Whether or not it is Voris' thinking, I believe that the pope must be included in that number and must also receive our prayers for clarity of thinking and preaching, if not salvation itself.

We need to be aware of these matters so that, at the very least, we can pray intelligently for our Church and, if appropriate, take action.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Psychiatrist Examines Insults From The Vatican

Today's LifeSiteNews features an article written by Dr. Rick Fitzgibbons, a psychiatrist.  He read the article in La Civita Catolica (linked here, at the bottom of the page) in which the two authors are trash-talking the alliances between faithful Catholics and Evangelicals who share common concerns for western culture.  He brings his professional training and experience to bear as he detects issues of anger and control-seeking in the writings of the authors.

Might these issues be factors in some of the pope's own words?  Antonio Spadaro, one of the two La Civita authors, is close to the pope.  It isn't unreasonable to believe that the pope at least indirectly influenced the writing of that article.  Moreover, in yesterday's homily, the pope lobbed yet another insult against "Catholics who think they are perfect and scorn others".  Notice how once again the pope is fashioning a "straw man" out of Catholics who are trying to adhere to the Church's traditions, painting them as hypocrites who despise others.  In doing so, he attempts to hold us up to ridicule and scorn.  This is just the latest; in that first link to my article I link to other sources where the pope's slanderings of faithful Catholics are chronicled.

Yesterday a group of these evangelicals who were belittled by La Civita wrote an open letter to the pope, asking him for an audience so they could discuss these issues.  Now the pope is supposed to be game for ecumenism and dialogue, is he not?  Will he agree to an audience?  It would be grand if he did, but I'm not holding my breath.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Another Tale Of Two Bishops: Burke Versus Cruz

On July 22 in Louisville KY, Cardinal Burke spoke at a forum called "The Church Teaches".  That day he said two key things.  First he stated a point that was similar to one uttered by Bishop Schneider.  He warned against "idolatry of the papacy", an error that leads people to ascribe papal infallibility to every utterance that comes from a sitting pontiff.  In reality, the pope only speaks infallibly under very special circumstances.  Of course other teachings of the pope bear weight when they conform with Church Tradition.  One corollary error that attends this papal idolatry is a belief that the pope, never erring, can never be contradicted nor questioned even by faithful Catholics.

Burke also said during that same conference that "confusion and error" coming from shepherds at the highest level in the Church (i.e. the pope) "realistically seems to be apocalyptic".  Our Lady of Akita stated something very similar when she said that shepherds would be opposing one another.  She uttered the same concerns under her title Our Lady of Good Success.

As an example of confusion flowing forth from a bishop, I link now to an article in Crud, regarding Bishop Antonio Carlos Cruz Santos, a bishop of Brazil.  I won't go through the entire tome.  but during a recent homily, he said that "homosexuality is a gift from God".  We know that the homosexual orientation is inherently disordered.  If one acts upon that inclination, he/she mortally sins and also leads his/her accomplice in mortal sin.  In that homily Cruz both blasphemed God by saying that God gifted to mankind the occasion of mortal sin.  He also scandalized the congregation by his approval of mortal sin, possibly deceiving them into thinking that they could mortally sin without eternal consequences.

Please be praying your daily Rosaries.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Scourge Of Silliness From Our Religious

When I wrote this post about the priests break-dancing for the sake of spectacle, I posted it to Twitter.  Since Father Patalinghug hurled flippant snark at some who voiced concerns for the dignity of the priesthood, I suspected that I too might have some flung in my direction.  Sure enough, here it is.

I have no idea what "drop the rocks" means.  Would someone enlighten me and tell me if that is language typically used by priests?

Most people I know don't make a habit of swiveling their hips.  I certainly don't.  I think our hips function adequately.  Why would we need to swivel our hips to ascertain that?

Quite frankly, the jocularity and mockery that Father is dishing out to us smacks of incredible hubris.  I understand that he is popular and pray that he snaps out of it on his own accord.  Else he might find himself brought crashing down owing to his celebrity going to his head.  If that happens to him, he wouldn't be the first one.  I understand that otherwise his ministry is orthodox and would hate to see another good priest trip himself up.

In another incident, a fully-habited sister, during a fund-raising event, got into a dunking booth.  She too made light of her consecrated state.  While the fund-raising might have been a noble goal, we know the ends don't justify the means.  Below are some comments, and I think some of them hit the nail on the head.

Note how Mr. Magee states that the Church is participating in "bread and circus".  He's quite right.  Never before in the Church's history has any religious ever made a joke of their vowed states.  They may not take themselves seriously, but they MUST take seriously their states as consecrated religious.
Note what Ms. Ranz says about the elements of malice and bullying (even if subconscious) and of humiliating one's superior, or one whose state in religion is more solemn than a lay person's.  Think about it; why else would the sight of dancing/rocking/goofy priests or religious be more enthralling than if the performer were a lay person?

These commenters are rightly lamenting how the concepts of reverence, dignity, etc have fallen off the radars of too many Catholics.  Not only are they not valued, they aren't even considered  at all.  You might recall from the earlier post how one person scoffed at the mention of St. Joseph Cafasso's book, as though the concepts of dignity, reserve, reverence were somehow obsolete.  That is how silly and shallow our youth-worship culture is, and that malady has infected the minds of even sincere Catholics.

I'm going to continue to call out the perpetrators and rebuke them.  How can we ask others to take the Church, and Our Lord, seriously when too many Catholics consider our traditions as fodder for infantile silliness?

Monday, August 7, 2017

A Homophile Meme Backfires

The poor dears!  Sometimes the progressives can't keep the truth out of their propaganda, best efforts notwithstanding.  The Royal Dutch Airlines tried, but despite themselves actually made the truth known.  Behold this tweet of theirs:

Anyone with one scintilla of common sense knows that only one of the combinations will lead to the proper function of seat belts.  That is, of course, the one where the two opposite but complementary  ends meet and then fasten together.  The other two just won't work.  This is an excellent analogy to marriage and sexual relations; only the combination of one biological man and one biological woman will form the union designed by nature and nature's God.  To attempt either of the other two will be to engage in an act of inherent futility at best and at worst lead to the damnation of the eternal souls of both parties.

If that is really how the Royal Dutch Airlines thinks that seat belts work, I'd suggest not flying with them.

Excellent Homily On Humanae Vitae

The Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary have on their website various pages that link to homilies of certain priests.  One of those priests is Fr. Joseph Rogers, pastor of St. John Neumann Church in Gaithersburg MD - my parish.  I was unable to attend Mass two Sundays ago.  On that Sunday (16th Week of Ordinary Time) he gave a homily on Humanae Vitae.  I link to it now.

I'd urge you to both download it and listen to it.  It is an excellent homily, especially in light of the fact that we hear so little of that pivotal encyclical.  Pray that more priests would speak clearly of this most crucial matter, for the salvation of souls.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Bishop Scheider: Catholics Not Called To Blind Obedience To The Pope

LifeSiteNews posted an interview with Bishop Schneider done on behalf of Rorate Caeli.  In this interview he touches upon a wide variety of topics:
  • Communion in the hand
  • The erroneous adulation being heaped upon Martin Luther
  • The fact that Vatican II was a pastoral council, not dogmatic council
  • The fact that Catholics are not called to blind obedience to the pope
Other topics are also treated.  I'd advise you to watch it in its entirety.  Please pray for protection for Bishop Schneider.  It does seem that those who don't march to progressive drums sounding forth from the Vatican are being mistreated badly.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Why I Trust The White House More Than The Vatican

Five years ago, the Messiah Most Miserable was polluting the White House while Pope Benedict XVI was the pontiff.  If anyone had told me then that there would come a time when I'd trust the White House more than the Vatican, I would have thought that they had taken leave of their senses.  Well, lo and behold, that day is upon us.

Michael Matt of the Remnant posted an article in which he remarks how some in the Trump Cabinet are engaging in Bible studies and being none too demure about it.  Meanwhile the US Catholic establishment gives mere token lip service to serious moral concerns while they eagerly pursue their socialistic agenda at the bidding of their progressive puppet-masters.

These puppet-masters include Vatican officials, who themselves are engaged in the same pursuits.  From LifeSiteNews we read that there will be another progressive gab-fest at the Vatican this coming November, called "Health of People, Health of Planet and Our Responsibility: Climate Change, Air Pollution and Health".  Isn't that a mouthful?

If it sounds familiar, it should.  This sort of schmooze session has occurred multiple times at the Vatican, particularly as Laudato Si was being formulated.  The LifeSiteNews piece gives a detailed description on the "usual gang of suspects" who will be giving presentations, etc.  I've written about many of these before; you need only to put their names in the search box at the top left.  All of them openly advocate for "population control" (including contraception, sterilization, abortion), one-world government (socialistic of course), climate-change junk science.

Remember when the pope criticized the president for being "not Christian"?  Perhaps it was an attempt to minimize Trump's attention to the Christian heritage of this country since his own leftist agenda showed reckless disregard for the Deposit of Faith.

Pray your Rosaries and stay informed.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Sacrilege In Ottawa

Archbishop Terrance Prendergast of the Archdiocese of Ottawa recently decided that the archdiocesan cathedral would participate in celebrations pertaining to Canada's 150th anniversary.  Such participation included allowing a giant mechanical spider to be perched on the cathedral.  Normal, sane people saw that as sacrilege.  The poor dear archbishop was just baffled that there were Catholics who take seriously the holiness of a Church in which the Blessed Sacrament is sheltered.

From Crud we read,  The archbishop of Ottawa expressed regret that several Catholics were shocked at the sight of a giant robotic spider perched on Notre Dame Cathedral.  Archbishop Terrence Prendergast said he was surprised by the negative reaction to an artistic initiative after critics called the spider’s placement “sacrilegious,” “demonic,” and “disrespectful” of a sacred space.

He is utterly clueless regarding his responsibilities as a successor to the Apostles.  What?  Did he think that faithful Catholics would sit in silence as a cathedral was prostituted for such a garish display.

Yesterday I wrote about a debacle in Steubenville in which priests performed garish dances to the hoots and applause of impressionable kids.   On facebook I read of a religious sister who allowed herself to be dunked to raise money.  All these instances are indicative of a mentality in which religious seem to hold their offices in little esteem, regarding their dignity with jocularity and even ridicule.  They think they are attracting attention.  In reality, they only make themselves gazingstocks.  Whatever their ends, those ends in no way justify the means.

Breakdancing Priests - Why Celebrity Priesthood Is An Oxymoron

A Catholic youth conference at Steubenville University concluded recently.  I'm not certain of the timing, only that it was a fairly major event.  Someone who attended posted video to her twitter account regarding one of the concerts that occurred.  It featured two priests breakdancing.  Here it is.

Some good people objected to these priests carrying on in this fashion.  There has also been some discussion of this matter on facebook.  Many of the comments there betray a lack of appreciation for the dignity of the priesthood - and these come from faithful Catholics no doubt.  I'll post some of them below so you can get a flavor of them.  Below that I'll post some of the twitter conversation.

A little update - Since I started this post, I issued a few reply tweets to that video.  That apparently was enough for Katie Prejean McGrady (original tweeter) to block me from her twitter page.  Therefore I can only see it from here.

In looking back to see what I wrote on these matters at other times, I was reminded of this post that I wrote two months ago.  That is a post in which I address the lack of esteem that even good Catholics seem to have for dignified adulthood and the futility of emotion-based evangelism.  Many of them really do believe that young people won't pay attention to the truth unless priests disregard their own sacerdotal orders.  I'm also linking to another post that I wrote: while that post's topic isn't really germane to the topic of this post, the second paragraph has an analogy regarding "spiritual poison".  I've no doubt that many good things do occur at that conference.  However, this video teaches young people, and all ages for that matter, that emotions and "feelings" should take precedence over intellect, reason and will.  After the jump break I'll put up some of the facebook comments and why I believe they are emblematic of the mindsets that see such juvenile behavior as actually desirable.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Maryland Catholic Conference Botches Immigration Again

In today's parish bulletin is the thing to the right.  It most likely appeared (or will appear soon) in the bulletins of all Catholic parishes in Maryland.  On the surface, it sounds nice and lovely, doesn't it?  However, what is not said is just as important as what is said.

In its treatment of immigration, the Maryland Catholic Conference continues to obfuscate the immense differences between those immigrants who come to this country by following the established legal procedures for so doing, versus those who enter the country by deliberately flouting those very same procedures.  In other words, the latter group sneaks in, dodging legal authorities.  They are here illegally.  By definition, they become criminals by breaking our laws.  If I were to rob a store or commit an act of vandalism, I too would become a criminal.  One class of crimes does not exempt a perpetrator from the label "criminal".

The Maryland Catholic Conference, along with its USCCB puppet-masters, have long been "front and center" in promoting the progressive agenda of amnesty for illegal immigrants.  Of course these illegal immigrants would both serve to bolster Democrat party votes and undermine traditional American culture, owing to the refusal of many of them to assimilate into American society.  I've written about this many times before, but one little fact deserves special attention.  Catholic Charities received millions in Federal grants to "assist in refuge resettlement".  The Maryland bishops most likely have some financial skin in facilitating the crime of illegal immigration.  I link now to a post in which Michael Hichborn deals with systemic corruption at the USCCB - much of it swirling around immigration.

For those of you who think that Trump's orders are "mean-spirited", bear in mind that illegal immigrants are by definition criminals.  More than a few of them are guilty of other heinous crimes as well, as detailed here.  There are other examples that I may dig out later.  Suffice it to say that this MCC flyer may not be what it purports to be.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Sins Of Superstition: Chi, Yoga, And Harry Potter

I find the videos on the Sensus Fidelium youtube page to be quite helpful.  They are faithful to the Traditions of Holy Mother Church.  When I was approximately 11 years old, the "spirit of Vatican II" had infested our parochial school so I appreciate these resources as I try to recoup the Catholic heritage and patrimony of which many of us were unjustly deprived in our formative years.  I'd recommend perusing that channel.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Baby Charlie Gard Was Murdered

Today the parents of Baby Charlie Gard announced that he passed away after he was removed from his ventilator.  On Monday it was announced that his parents would discontinue their effforts to seek experimental treatment for him, owing to the damage done to Charlie by his court-ordered stagnation at Greater Ormond Hospital.  Even after they ceased their oppposition to the British death-dealing socialized medicine machinery, the parents weren't even allowed to bring their baby home so that he could die surrounded by love.

All across Catholic social media this news is circulating.  I've yet to see anyone call Charlie's death what it really is - murder.  The various British authorities knew that without treatment Charlie would die.  There was news of experimental treatments that have helped other patients like Charlie, and all expenses were paid for Charlie to be transported to such treatment.  Still the British authorities refused to budge.  The fact is that these NHS facists had much to lose if Charlie did indeed benefit from the treatments.  Their status as unquestionable experts would immediately vanish.  No longer could they, with credibility, claim to be the undisputed arbiters of what constitutes the "rights of patients".   As Chris Gard said in the press conference when he annnounced cessation of treatment efforts for Charlie, the British authorities caused delays that rendered efforts futile.  I think that delay was deliberate.  In their mental paradigms, they could not risk Charlie's survival.  They did all they could to protect their collective pride, and they didn't particularly care that they had to engineer the death of a helpless baby in order to save face.

In Catholic moral theology, murder is defined as "the deliberate taking of innocent human life".   The commission of murder isn't always brought about by acts of violent aggression.  The deliberate withholding of due treatment to a sick individual is also an act of murder.  That's why we say that Terri Schiavo was murdered in 2005.  The British authorities deliberately denied to the Gard family the opportunities to pursue treatments for Charlie, preferring instead their own overly-exalted opinions and status to the true well-being of Charlie.

As mentioned earlier, the authorities wouldn't even allow the baby to die at home.  I now wonder that if he were taken home, might he still be alive - or was a quick death engineered?  Now that Charlie has passed away, will the parents be allowed to take his body so they can at least give him a proper funeral?  If not, consider such refusal suspicious.

Monday, July 24, 2017

A Dark Day In England And Christendom

Today the parents of Baby Charlie Gard, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, ended their legal battle to bring their baby to the United States for experimental treatment.  In their statement outside the court room today, Mr. Gard rightly excoriated the legal system for mandating that Charlie go for months without treatment, thus greatly reducing his chances at survival.

LifeNews reported on a statement made by Judge Francis, who imperiously ruled that the state could usurp the God-given rights of parents to protect their children.  As you read this you'll see the unbridled arrogance and haughtiness of this judge, as he represents England's legal system and the socialistic National Health Service that holds so much sway in England.  His statement is reminiscent of behaviors evinced by tyrants throughout history who have ruled for their power over innocent people  He and the other bureaucrats will have the blood of that baby on their hands, barring a miracle whereby Charlie survives after being pulled off life support. Moreover, those who shrugged their shoulders in apathy, and who continue to do so as thousands of babies are slaughtered via abortion each day, will share both in blood-guilt and in responsibility for the collapse of Christian civilization.

This is one reason why Obamacare must be abolished in this country NOW.  In England, the death panels just had their way with a helpless baby.

UPDATE: More details from Connie Yates, Charlie's mother.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Concerns About This Papacy Increase

Holy Mother Church is under attack.  Not too many people will deny that for the evidence is irrefutable.  What is often denied, despite equally irrefutable evidence, is that many of these attacks are occurring with the approval, if not initiative, of the current pontiff.  I had hopes in the early stages of this papacy that such was not the case, but had to address the evidence as it was, not as I might have wished it were.

For that I and many others have been accused of "bashing the pope", "not having faith", "being a sedevacantist", etc.  So be it.  We pray for our detractors for I believe that many do love the Church; they simply cannot face the fact that not all popes are of the same caliber as some of the sainted ones.  In fact, Our Lord never promised us holy pontiffs.  He promised that no sitting pope would ever solemnly proclaim error - and that's it!

But let's recap the sorry history of this papacy to date; some others have done much of that cataloging for us.  We have, from last week, "The A-Z List Of Concerns With Pope Francis", courtesy of LifeSiteNews.   The blogger of "That The Bones You Have Crushed May Thrill" put up a post called "Pope Francis Little Book Of Insults" (each insult cited is a link that will take you to the context of that insult).  Earlier today Steve Jalsevac posted an article that details all the harm caused (so far) by the papal gaffe "who am I to judge".

He certainly has no problem whatsoever judging faithful Catholics, as evidenced by the "little book of insults".  A few days ago, in La Civita Cattolica, a publication that enjoys semi-official status at the Vatican, appeared an article co-written by Anthony Spadaro and Marcelo Figueroa entitled "Evangelical Fundamentalism And Catholic Integralism In The USA: A Surprising Ecumenism".  In it they basically trash all those faithful Christians who have the audacity to bring their faith and morals into the public sphere.  Now let's get real.  This blog and others have noted how the Vatican, under this papacy, has allied itself with many progressive and yes, anti-life persons while pushing for unbridled immigration and the population-control mantras.  It is precisely those faithful Catholics, vilified by Spadaro and Figueroa, who are sounding the alarm regarding these death-dealing policies and who are opposing them.  This is one clear reason why those two issued their temper tantrum.  I take it as a testament that we are doing something right in opposing them; else they wouldn't be gnashing their teeth and snarling so incoherently.  Again, I point out that this publication is under Vatican supervision.  Spadaro, one of the two authors, is also a Vatican official.  The contents of that article reflect current Vatican - and I mean papal - thought.

We need to have our ears and eyes wide open and to be praying for the Church, which is now being undermined by her highest leaders.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Private Revelations And Our Lady Of Good Success

Definitely worth your listening time.

Dissident Fr James Martin To Address DC Priest Symposium This September

From Canon212, we have learned that the Washington Theological College, located at 401 Michigan Avenue, NE, Washington DC 20017 will be conducting an "Alumni Days 2017" gathering.  As you can see from this flyer, (and by the way, dear chancery moles, I downloaded it so if it "disappears", I can make it "reappear)" dissident Father James Martin, will be the keynote symposium speaker.  

His topic is strangely called "Encountering Jesus: Meeting The Jesus Of History And The Christ Of Faith".  Why are "Jesus" and "Christ" separated in that fashion?  Any Catholic knows that while Jesus possesses two natures, divine and human, His Personhood is divine.  As you'll see in this anthology of posts concerning Martin, he does seem to have some trouble grasping the fact that Jesus Christ isn't just another guy.  The commands of Jesus and His Father are truly to be obeyed - including those regarding the mortal sin of homosexual conduct.

Note that during this symposium, Cardinal Wuerl will be the principal celebrant at the Sunday Mass.  You might also have noted in that anthology that Cardinal Wuerl invited Father Martin (fully aware of his serious heresies) to give the Good Friday meditations at St. Matthew's Cathedral.  Did Cardinal Wuerl pull some strings to get Father Martin invited to this thing?  Given recent history, I believe that is a fair question.

Let's give them a call and urge that Father Martin, on account of his dissidence regarding the gay lifestyle be rescinded.  Faithful priests may wish to avoid this event. Other actions are under consideration.

Friday, July 14, 2017

The Placid And Comfortable Lack The Will To Survive And Protect The Church

Last week President Trump gave an address to the people of Poland.  In that speech he uttered a key statement: "The fundamental question of our time is whether the west has the will to survive".  While the president went on to answer in the affirmative, many of us aren't so certain whether that will exists.   A website called The Trumpet analyzed these presidential remarks and I think in many ways they are spot-on.

We as a nation are quite lethargic when it comes to protecting our culture for we are besotted by sin and rejection of God.  That rejection of God and exaltation of sin has become more and more ensconced in our legal and societal framework during these past few decades whereas in the early part of our nation's history, laws and customs at least gave perfunctory lip service to God and Christian values.  We know that one key effect of sin on the one committing it is that their intellect is darkened and their will is weakened.

The weakening of the will and draining of the will to survive was evident even in Old Testament history.  We can read in the books of Kings how King David, after his adultery with Bathsheba and murder of her husband Uriah, surrendered control over his own family.  Thus he was lethargic when his son raped his daughter and was murdered by another son who would go on to almost overthrow David himself.  Moving onto the Book of Judges we see how Samson was undone by his dalliance with Delilah.  The loss of will to survive has been evident almost from the start of human existence.

Not only in the arena of civil governance do we see this creeping lethargy, but also among the ranks of many Catholics.  For the sake of this post, I'm focusing on Catholics who exhibit a modicum of fidelity to the Faith by attending Mass and doing many good and charitable things within the context of their parishes.  However, when it comes to facing real threats from within the Church leadership they reflexively turn blind eyes and deaf ears to the facts that are slapping them in the face.

This deliberate blindness and deafness is magnified even more when it comes to the ever-increasing number of misbehaviors by this current pope.  I've commented about this before and now link to a LifeSiteNews article that's a few months old but still quite relevant.  Anna Silvas, who is being interviewed in that article, postulates that an "affective papalism" might be a big cause of their blindness.  That could well be a large part of the problem.  An inordinate desire for a "simplistic Catholic faith" and the overvaluing of emotions and sentiments are also factors.  When she states that Catholics who sound the alarm are berated, I can affirm that with my own experiences of being chided for being "dour" and "hateful", etc.

I now suggest that the seeking of the "simplistic" and "experiential" are inherently sinful for they involve willful (if somewhat reflexive) rejection of objective truth.  Such embrace of a subtly sinful mindset will also dull the intellect, weaken the will and diminish the will to survive as Catholics.

So now I ask this question: do the readers of this blog have the will to see our Church survive for the sake of their own souls and those whom they love?  Will they resist the insipid calls to "lighten up" and be willing not only to pray but to take decisive action if threats should present themselves?  See hereherehere, and here.  When (not "if" but "when") attacks present themselves, will we be ready to act?  Will we, as a Church, have the will to survive?

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Possible Motives Behind Papal Malfeasances

Through Canon 212, I came across two posts.  One is by George Neumayr entitled "The Roots Of Pope Francis' Anti-Americanism".  The other is from a blog called The Deus Ex Machina and it's entitled "More Fog Lifting - FrancisPlan Becoming Clearer And Clearer".  They might seem unrelated but I think there is a common theme running through both.  Most progressives harbor deep hatred for western culture - that is, culture that largely originated in Europe from its Catholic roots and that spread throughout its various colonies.  The United States of America is one of those offshoots.  Owing to our constitutional republican form of government, we have certain safeguards that have helped retard the disintegration of our cultural roots as compared to Europe - but we aren't that far behind them.  The progressives are literally hell-bent on expunging from society any vestige of belief and obedience to God and His Roman Catholic Church.

Sadly, they see in Pope Francis an ally in the pursuit of their goals.  The US, again, remains as an obstacle to their plans.  Had Hillary Clinton won the White House last November, their juggernaut could have processed with lightning speed.  By God's grace, she lost and now the rate of decline has slowed somewhat.  Hence the pot-shots that the pope has been lobbing in President Trump's direction - and towards us who abhor the progressive agenda.

Other recipients of papal pot-shots are faithful Catholics, particularly those of us who sound the alarm about malfeasances coming from the Vatican.  In a development that is coming straight from the "niggers of the new age" department, we have been advised of a hit piece that appeared in Civilta Cattolica, a semi-official publication coming from the Vatican.  One of the two authors is Father Antonio Spadaro (a subject of many posts)   In that piece you can see the visceral hatred that Spadaro (and quite possibly the pope) harbor for those of us who shine the light on their shenanigans; Church Militant TV has particularly earned their scorn.  Rorate Caeli has the full text.  I think I'm not alone in opining that we faithful Catholic bloggers can take hit pieces like this as badges of honor.

I'd like to return to the "more fog lifting" piece for a moment.  Towards the bottom of the article we read that Pope Francis is "trying to engineer a schism in the Catholic Church...to drive the Catholics out of the post-conciliar church, thereby leaving all the physical assets and cash for the FrancisChurch".  This thought has occurred to me before.  One must admit that his "gaffes" are becoming too numerous, too blatant for any reasonable and honest person to believe that they are merely innocent blunders.  Of course Neumayr cannot say for certain just what is motivating the pope, but no one can honestly gainsay that there is some sort of ulterior motive behind Amoralis Lamentia, the way that faithful prelates are being treated, etc.

Do we have the honesty and intestinal fortitude to accept the truth that is literally slapping us in the face?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Disgraceful Dismissal Of Cardinal Muller

Cardinal Muller has been dismissed as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.  We knew that was coming, owing to the Cardinal's stances on both Laudato Si and Amoris Laetitia.  One Peter Five has further details of the dismissal interview. The pope summoned Cardinal Muller to a conference.  Right away the Pope presented him with five questions in apparent mockery of the dubia issued a few months ago by the "dubia Cardinals".  The questions are (with the Cardinal's replies):

  • Are you in favor of, or against, a female diaconate? “I am against it,” responded Cardinal Müller.
  • Are you in favor of, or against, the repeal of celibacy? “Of course I am against it,” the cardinal responded.
  • Are you in favor of, or against, female priests? “I am very decisively against it,” replied Cardinal Müller.
  • Are you willing to defend Amoris Laetitia? “As far as it is possible for me,” the Prefect of the Congregation for the Faith replied: “there still exist ambiguities.”
  • Are you willing to retract your complaint concerning the dismissal of three of your own employees? Cardinal Müller responded: “Holy Father, these were good, unblemished men whom I now lack, and it was not correct to dismiss them over my head, shortly before Christmas, so that they had to clear their offices by 28 December. I am missing them now.”
Any Catholic worthy of the name would have answered all five of these in the negative, as has the Cardinal.  Immediately afterwards, the Pope announced to the Cardinal his dismissal from the post and abruptly ended the interview by walking out without even a "good bye".

When Cardinal Muller first complained about the manner of his dismissal, these details were not known.  Now we can understand the Cardinal's complaint in the correct context.  He also remarked that the Church should follow its own social teaching.  I agree.  For all the jibber-jabber about "dialogue" and "accompanying", those two elements were nowhere to be found in that conversation.

I will say one thing.  The pope put forth five questions and received five very prompt replies.  Will he now condescend to answer the cardinals' dubia?

Who's next?  Will it be Cardinal Sarah?  How about Archbishop Schneider or maybe Bishop Paprocki?  Pray that the faithful prelates remain steadfast and show your support for them.

Sunday, July 9, 2017


Courtesy of That The Bones You Have Crushed May Thrill - and apologies to Barry Manilow.  There is much truth in this thing.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Some Closer Looks At The Vatican Gay-Drug Orgy

Last Tuesday I posted about the drug/sex orgy inside Vatican facilities that was busted by local police.  This occurred in the apartment of Msgr Capozzi, who was so high on cocaine that he had to taken to a local hospital for detoxification.

LifeSiteNews has summarized key facts about this debacle, while Toronto Catholic Witness broaches more considerations, including the obvious cover-up.   Capozzi's boss, Cardinal Coccopalmerio, said that Catholic leaders "must emphasize the positive realities that are present in homosexual relationships".  Bear in mind that this man is head of the Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legal Texts.  Did the Cardinal just give us a glimpse of the kind of "interpretations" that will spew forth from his council?  When he made his remarks, did he know of Capozzi's gay escapades?  I suspect the answer to both of those questions is "yes".

Speaking of "emphasizing positive realities", several US parishes are in fact coddling sodomite sin.  Church Militant advises us of a California parish that is celebrating its sodomite parish council member in their bulletin.  Just one hour's drive from me is a moral cesspool that used to be Catholic parish; I refer to St. Matthew's in Baltimore (on Loch Raven Boulevard).  I've written enough about that, but will most likely have more  to report.

We will need to both pray and act.  One cannot truly happen without the other.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Rogues' Gallery!

Here they are!  Whatever happened to all that "dialogue" and "encountering" and "tolerance" and  "accompanying" and "listening"?  Does that only happen when the end purpose is to quash piety, weaken the Faith, compromise Christ's moral teachings?  I guess so!

This was featured at the "Convolution of Catholic Leadership" that concluded in Orlando a few days ago.  The Vortex below gives more details of the disgusting way in which faithful Catholics, operating with Catholic donation dollars (and perhaps we should all stop donating to the national collections), are treated by their feckless "leaders".  By the way - the "somewhat well-known blogger" mentioned at the 5:05 mark is Brandon Vogt, employee of Bishop Robert Barron.  The latter is the quasi-heretic who called Martin Luther a "mystic of grace" and who thinks there is "reasonable hope that no one is in hell": and yes, he spoke at this Orlando gab-fest.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A Parish Council Worth Its Weight In Gold - Action Item At Bottom

I speak of the parish council at St John Bosco parish, in the Archdiocese of Palmero located in Italy - Sicily to be precise.  They have a parish priest named Don Alessandro Maria Minutella.  The latter is being sacked by Archbishop Corrado Lorefice because he teaches the truth about marriage, Holy Communion, etc.  He will not allow adulterers to receive Holy Communion and has publicly decried the language in Amoralis Lamentia that permits such abominations.

The parishioners are upset and understandably so.  Knowing the proclivities of their bishop, they have reason to fear a progressive being named as Minutella's replacement.  They are being diligent not only for their own souls but those of their families.

LifeSiteNews not only has more details of the situation but they also have a translation of the open letter that the local parish council sent to their bishop.  They make plain the fact that they are not going to roll over and play dead, that they will not play the rubber stamp.  They want at least to discuss the matter with the bishop.  With all the kvetching about "dialogue" and "encounter", is this such a difficult concept for Lorefice to grasp?  Or does that only work when the conversation favors progressivism?

Readers, I for one applaud the clarity and courage of this parish council.  It is worthy of study and emulation.  Let us ponder that last word, for many of us will most likely face such scenarios where we'll have to stand up to diocesan bullies who would spiritually starve us and our loved ones.

Meanwhile, we can add our voices to those of the parish council members.  Here is the contact page from the diocesan site.  Please write your own emails.  Unless you are writing in Italian, I'd suggest brevity along with clarity.  These chanceries do seem to respond to volumes of contact; let's make our own, shall we?

Dubia Cardinal Meisner Has Died

Joacim Cardinal Meisner passed away early this morining while on vacation.  A cause of death has not been announced.  Recall that Antonin Scalia also passed away while away from home.  Color me suspicious; I wouldn't put anything past what is in the Vatican now.

Please pray for his eternal repose.  The man did display courage in standing for the Truths of Our Church.  May he rest in peace and may eternal light shine on him, O Lord.

Continue to pray for our church.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Vatican Official Arrested For Engaging In Drug And Sodomy Orgy

Vatican police busted a drug-and-sodomy orgy that was occurring at the apartment of Msgr Luigi Capozzi, secretary to Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, head of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts.  The apartment is located in the same building that houses the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith.  NAME was taken to a hospital to be detoxified (apparently he was quite buzzed) and then taken to an Italian monastery (maybe Monte Cassino).  The cardinal had proposed that Capozzi be made bishop.

Toronto Catholic Witness has seen reports that this debacle may have occurred at least two months ago.  That would put the drug bust in the Easter season or perhaps even Lent.  What a way to profane some of the Church's most holy days.  Moreover, Capozzi had an entire bag of cocaine at the orgy.

The Vatican must have known this story was going to break.  Can this be a reason for the rather odd timing of the Pell and Muller expulsions from the Vatican?

Monday, July 3, 2017

Who's Not Speaking For Baby #CharlieGard ?

Earlier today we heard that a Vatican-owned hospital (Bambino Gesu) offered to care for Baby Charlie Gard and that President Trump also offered assistance to him.  We pray that the hard hearts in England's National Health Service will turn from their murderous intents and at least let this baby go from their clutches.

From whom have we not heard yet?  Quite a few.
  • This so-called "Convocation of Catholic Leaders" in Orlando has not uttered one peep although they are ostensibly interested in the "challenges" facing the Church today.  If a hardened murderer was soon to be executed, you could bet your bottom dollar that the wailing and gnashing of teeth from that hotel could be heard the world over.  But when an innocent infant is being murdered by socialized medicine (one of their darling causes), they utter not one peep.
  • Speaking of "executions", death-penalty opponent Sr. Helen Prejean is another progressive who has been abysmally silent regarding a truly unjust execution.  I've searched both her Facebook and Twitter pages and cannot find not even the mention of #CharlieGard 's name.
  • Similarly the "Catholic Mobilizing Network To End the Use of the Death Penalty" (isn't that a mouthful?) also has nothing to say about this tiny, innocent victim of execution imposed by socialists.
We will continue to pray that #CharlieGard 's life will be spared.  In the meantime, the entities listed in the bulleted points have forfeited all moral credibility.  Truth be told, they accomplished that quite some time ago, but now such lack of credibility is one again made manifest.

Convolution Of Catholic Leadership Conference

As I write this, the USCCB is hosting in Orlando its so-called "Convocation of Catholic Leaders".  Its ostensible purpose is to "assess the challenges and opportunities of our times".  In other words, they know something is wrong with the Church but they don't want to admit that they are a large part of that "something", owing to:
  • their abandonment of their God-given mission to save souls by by preaching God's gospel, administering the Sacraments and proclaiming the Church's traditions on faith and morals
  • their connivance with progressives as the latter seek to spread their anti-God and anti-life bile throughout civilization in return for money and political favors
Therefore, ignoring the obvious, they are now gathering for a collective head-scratching gab-fest session where they will cluck about "social justice", "global warming", etc.

Michael Voris and Church Militant TV are at the same hotel in Orlando where the USCCB is squandering thousands of dollars now.  They are simply trying to tell these leaders that the answers to their questions are really quite simple.  Namely they are simply to obey the Traditions of the Church, that is, the teachings of Jesus Christ that have been handed down for these past two thousand years.  Many of us have been stating that incessantly on our own sites over these past years.

Before they were squelched by USCCB personnel at the hotel, CM was distributing this flyer.  The suggestions contained therein, if implemented, would go a long way towards restoring the spiritual life of the One True Church.  That in turn would allow the Church to become a more effective channel of God's grace to this very broken world.  I will say, though, this list is by no means all-inclusive.

A few days ago Michael Hichborn released the podcast below.  From another angle he also reiterates that the solutions to the Church's various crises are really quite simple and they all mandate a return to the Traditions and Teachings of Our Lord.  Because those teachings emanate from the Eternal God, they are immutable as He is immutable.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Please Petition For President Trump's Intervention To Save Baby Charlie Gard

From my friend at Les Femmes.  Please visit her post and follow the instructions therein - now.  Time is of the essence.

Vatican Mafia Strikes Again

Yesterday I asked "who's next on the Vatican Mafioso hit list"?  We sure learned that in a jiffy, didn't we?  In a few days, Cardinal Gerhard Muller will no longer be prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.  He has always stated that the various screeds proceedings from the Vatican could never trump the Church's traditional teachings on faith and morals.  The LifeSiteNews piece theorizes about possible replacements for Muller; anyone of them would wreak havoc in that position.

Of the faithful prelates who headed various offices, only Cardinal Sarah remains - for now.  Pray for his strengthening and pray for the Church.   If your diocese has not yet had its "Peter's Pence" collection, consider boycotting it.  Regrettably the only language they will heed is the sound (or lack thereof) from the cash register.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Long Knives Now Pointed At Cardinal Pell

Cardinal Pell has, over the years, made himself a thorn in the side of progressives in the Vatican who want to mangle Holy Mother Church into a macabre farce.  He's done this merely by speaking the truth.   Recall how during the October 2014 meeting he forcefully rebuked those trying to manipulate that meeting and made mention of the cabal inside the Vatican.  He stated why Laudato Si cannot be taken as Church teaching.

The undermining of Pell's work in the Roman Curia was already underway in 2016.  Back in 2015 I opined that soon Cardinal Pell (and others) would feel long knives being plunged into his back.  I didn't realize that opinion would actually be a fairly accurate prediction, at least for Cardinal Pell (although the others could be targeted in the future).

The internet is now abuzz with news that allegations have arisen regarding "sexual molestation" committed by Pell on some boys.  These incidents are alleged to have occurred in the 1970s.  Ladies and gentlemen, we can do the arithmetic.  That's forty years ago.  What has prompted these alleged victims to come forward after all that time?  They remain anonymous, of course, preventing any real investigation into their credibility (or lack thereof).  Cardinal Pell is headed back to Australia to deal with the charges.  The reform work in which he was engaged will be supervised by (scroll to the very bottom of this link!) Cardinal Marx.  Yes this one!  This whole thing stinks of a frame job!

So who's next on the Vatican Mafioso Hit List?  Bishop Schneider?  Bishop Paprocki?  Cardinal Sarah?  Pray your Rosaries for Holy Mother Church.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

An Erroneous Rebuttal Of The Dubia

Yesterday La Stampa published a letter by Stephen Walford, a British author.  He named his article "Open Letter To The Four Dubia Cardinals".  It certainly seems respectful enough in its tone, but that's about all that it gets right.  As you read it, you'll see his theme of "adulterers are going to receive Holy Communion so get used to it".

Right in the first paragraph Walford says to the cardinals, "you have trouble accepting the two authentic interventions of Pope Francis in which he has already affirmed that in certain cases, sacramental discipline has been changed".  He then confirms his own understanding of the pope's statements to the Argentinian bishops.  What Walford fails (or refuses) to acknowledge is that sacramental discipline must always conform to the Teachings of the Church and of Jesus Christ Himself.  I'll reiterate that those who are civilly married and who have not had their first marriages annulled are living in the mortal sin of adultery.  If these people receive Holy Communion while continuing their adulterous conduct, they commit yet another mortal sin of sacrilege against the Eucharist.  The cardinals "have trouble accepting the interventions" because they are in contradiction with the teachings of Our Lord as found in Scripture and Sacred Tradition.

He then goes into the gobblygoop about "law of gradualness".  Not applicable.  The sinner in question must move to remove him/herself from the sinful situation and any near occasions of sin with the greatest speed and alacrity.  Any allowance for the sin to continue is to place one's soul in danger (not to mention endangering the soul of the accomplice in adultery).  Until the sin ceases and a proper confession is made with absolution given, the reception of Holy Communion cannot happen without incurring guilt of sacrilege.  I wonder of Walford would carry on about "gradualness" if the sin in question was not adultery but serial murder.  How would one apply this "law of gradualness" to that???

I don't have time to go through that huge tome and pick apart the whole mess (at least not now).  I will close with this whopper of his towards the end, when he asks the cardinals, "What do we gain spiritually by fighting against those grace filled divorced and remarried souls who truly desire Sacramental union with Jesus? Do we believe nothing can be gained for them?"

So much error in that - I'm glad it isn't longer.
  • "Fighting"?  What does he mean by that?  When we restrain them from making sacrilegious communions, we are sparing their souls from the guilt of yet another mortal sin.  When we tell them the truth about their rebellious conditions, the purpose is to call them to repentance and the sacrament of confession so that they can protect their eternal salvation.  It would be the epitome of hate to allow them to continue as they are, as Walford seems to be doing.
  • "Grace-filled divorced and remarried souls"?  If they are living in a state of adultery, that is, mortal sin, their souls are bereft of sanctifying grace until they immediately correct their situations and confess the sin of adultery.
  • Do they truly desire Sacramental union with Jesus?  They must desire that more than they desire their mortal sins.
  • "Do we believe nothing can be gained for them"?  That's a question only they can answer, and they must answer it on the terms set forth by God and His Church, not their own.
Walford suggests that the dubia cardinals reconsider their position.  I on the other hand applaud the cardinals and strongly suggest that Walford reconsider his stances, for they appear to be at serious variance with the Traditions of the Church.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Michael Hichborn On Deep-Seated Corruption At USCCB

Recently Michael Hichborn of Lepanto Institute gave a talk regarding the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and of the monkey business that comprises their entire purpose for existence.   I'll post it below, but will also link to previous posts of mine in which the content coincides with Hichborn's statements.  When we reach the 20:00 mark in the video, Hichborn talks about immigration.  So consider:
At the 38:15 mark, consider what Hichborn says about Ralph McCloud being both the director of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and a board member of Interfaith Worker Justice.  Until now, I did not know that this huge conflict of interest existed.

At the 44:48 mark, Hichborn states that "there is no salvaging the CCHD. The only thing that can be done with it at this point is to shut it down permanently."  I've been saying that for years.  In fact, I've been saying that about the entire USCCB.

Bear in mind the very ending: an exhortation to pray the Rosary daily and maintain testimony to the truth.  Please pass this along to your other contacts.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Watch "A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing"

On November 11, 2016 I posted about Alinskyian influence in the US Catholic hierarchy.  I had linked to a video entitled "A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing".  Shortly thereafter the video was taken from youtube.  Happily the video is once again available.  I think it's more relevant than ever, since we see Alinskyian influences now in the highest levels of the Vatican.  Here it is.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Call For Faithful Catholics To Act - Please Thank Bishop Paprocki For Being A Real Bishop

Please see the previous post for details of Bishop Paprocki's actions - and the vitriol being hurled at him by progressives.  Of course they would be full of venom and spite for darkness hates the light and will always rail against it.

New Ways Monstrosity (my new pet name for it - UPDATE: let's make that New Ways Misery) has published an open letter to the Bishop in which they voice their resentment at the truth being spoken by the bishop.  I don't have time right now to pick this tome apart.  They urge their minions to communicate on their own to the bishop.  They give lip service to being civil, but we know what the reality will be.

I will say this much for the progressives, though.  Generally when they hear a tocsin for action, they will drop what they're doing and heed the call.  We faithful Catholics, on the other hand, tend to demure and content ourselves with watching from the sidelines and remain silent.  We no longer have the luxury of being passive - as if that was ever a valid option.  It's time we change that and we can start now.

The New Ways Monstrosity letter is helpful in one way: it conveniently provides the contact information for Bishop Paprocki.  Please use that to send your own message of support and thanks to the Bishop.  Given the hate and spite that the progressives are sending his way, our messages of support will be much appreciated.  If you feel tongue-tied and don't know quite what to say, LifeSiteNews has drafted a petition of thanksgiving to the Bishop.  Please click here if you would like to sign it.  Of course you can sign the petition and write your own message.

Please do not remain silent.  No one of us can afford to sit by while others do the "heavy lifting" as it were.  We, each one of us, are the Church Militant.  Let's stand up and act, and support those like Bishop Paprocki who take a leading stance.  Please pass this post to your contacts.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Bishop Paprocki Administers Truth To His Flock And Draws Ire Of Progressive Reprobates

On June 12th the Bishop of the Diocese of Springfield (IL) issued guidelines to his churches regarding those who openly flout Church teaching to the detriment of their souls.  I link to the original letter now.  Among other things, he has instructed his priests to obey Canon 915.  For ease of reference, I'll copy/paste it below.

Those who have been excommunicated or interdicted after the imposition or declaration of the penalty and others obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to holy communion.

That's not so complicated, is it?  Among other things the canon means that those who are flaunting themselves in their commission of mortal sins are not to be assisted by the ministers of Holy Communion in the commission of sacrilege against the Eucharist.  The purpose of this is several-fold:
  • It prevents the sinner from incurring the guilt of yet another mortal sin.
  • It protects the Eucharist from profanation.
  • It prevents scandal to other faithful Catholics
  • It hopefully will drive home to the flagrant sinner the need to repent and to make a good confession so as to escape the danger of eternal damnation.
With all the talk we're hearing about "mercy", we can see that the application of Canon 915 is an act of mercy.  However, some progressives who call themselves "catholic" are in a blather over the good bishop's much-needed directives.  I link now to one such hissy-fit at New Ways Ministry.  I'll highlight one paragraph that illustrates the author's (Robert Shine) abysmal grasp of both reading comprehension and basic Catholic morality.

It is discrimination to target LGBT people when, in a certain sense, all Catholics could be deemed “manifest sinners.” Who among us, including Bishop Paprocki, does not publicly sin at different moments? Yet, funeral rites are not denied to Catholics who pay employees an unjust wage, publicly advocate for the death penalty, or deny climate change.

Please refer to Canon 915, as written in its clear, concise manner.  Shine completely, and I think deliberately omits key descriptors of the sins that would call for the remedy of Canon 915.  Those descriptors are, "obstinately persevering", and "grave".  Shine is right; faithful Catholics do openly sin from time to time.  However, these faithful Catholics will not "obstinately persevere" and most likely the sins will not be "grave" but venial.  As we do have decent dreads of sin and its impact in our lives, we will get ourselves to Confession as soon as possible and we will make amends.  Thus the remedy of Canon 915 is not appropriate in those cases.

Shine also makes another error in assuming that liberal positions on several pet issues of the progressives, e.g., death penalty and climate change, are binding on the Catholic conscience.  They are not.  In fact, I've gone to great lengths to detail why I believe the progressive position on the death penalty may in fact be a sin.  To insinuate that divergence from these liberal positions warrant denial from Holy Communion is to sin against honesty and the Traditions of Holy Mother Church.

Let us recall, of course, that New Ways Ministry has itself been condemned by the Church and its dribblings carry no weight whatsoever.  However, it is helpful to see the intensity with which they wail and gnash their teeth when a Catholic bishop such as Bishop Paprocki is faithful to his sacred trust and utilizes his authority to protect his flock from the wolves of progressivism and heresy.

The Time Is Coming When We Must Stiffen Our Spines And Thicken Our Skins

If this abomination ever happens in our Catholic parishes, we may need to revisit these concepts and be prepared to take very firm and immediate, on-the-spot action.  For now, remain in a state of grace and pray your Rosaries.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Beware! We Are Being Primed For The Next Synod On Vocations!

A few days ago I commented on an article in Time magazine (online version) about some seminarians from the John Paul II Institute that is adjacent to Catholic University in Washington DC.  In that article are featured some young men from my parish - sincere and solid Catholics who are pursuing their priestly vocations.  They gave the interviews to Time under archdiocesan direction so they really had no choice in the matter.

I knew Time would chop and dice the words of the seminarians to suit their sick fancies.  Sadly, I believe that was the intent of the DC chancery, given the next slop-job synod that is on the horizon.  None too surprisingly, other faux-katholyc rags are glomming onto the Time piece.  The Not-At-All Catholic Reporter released their screed yesterday, based on the Time piece.  I have to hand it to them; at least they're honest about their dreams to tear the sacred priesthood to shreds.

The author of this glop is Pat Periello, a Baltimore native.  I wonder if he's related to Tom Periello?  If anyone knows, please drop me a line in the comments section.  Pat was a former seminarian at St. Mary's in Baltimore.  Was he there during the days when St. Mary's was known as the "pink palace"?  But I digress.

As you read the NCR piece, you'll see the dubious reasons for Periello's even more dubious "high hopes":
  • "priests being able to marry"
  • "priesthood that includes women in significant numbers"
  • "less driven by doctrine"
  • "espouse legalization of marijuana"
  • "position of generally not preaching on abortion"
These are the kinds of "hopes" that will send souls to hell.

Why, oh why, do I think these two articles are part of a coordinated plan to cajole Catholics into accepting pig-slop that will probably emanate from this upcoming synod on young people and vocations?

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Faithful Catholics Do Make A Difference When They Pray And Act

Earlier today Church Militant TV put out a call for action.  Someone within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles leased out some archdiocesan buildings to pro-abortion activists so that they could have a conference that featured Planned Parenthood.

As you can see from the linked article, CMTV produced a fairly detailed analysis of the planned conference and of all the key players involved.  They closed their post with a plea to contact Archbishop Gomez and ask him to have the event ejected from Church property.  I had planned to have this post be another vehicle to spread the word and to encourage my readers to participate in this effort.  Happily I can now amend the purpose of this post.

The update at the top of the CMTV link was put there within the past few hours.  Apparently enough faithful Catholics raised the alarm at the LA chancery so that they canceled the event.  This incident is evidence that we faithful Catholics do make a difference when we pray and act for God's honor and the upholding of Holy Mother Church.  Each and every phone call and email to that archdiocese played a critical role in preventing the planned sacrilege.

When events like this happen in the future (and they will), please take heart and act.  Make that phone call.  Send that email.  Boycott that collection for progressive causes.  Picket that pro-abort who speaks on Church property, or that enemy of marriage who is honored by Church officials.  Let the Church authorities know you will act.  Sometimes the specter of your planned action may cause the troublesome event to be cancelled.  Even if the event goes on, your action will at least make the recalcitrant officials uncomfortable in their sin.

Never sit back in indifference and apathy, believing that your voice and actions and prayers won't matter in the midst of so much evil.  It will, even if it may not be evident at all times.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Bishop Barron's Admiration of Martin Luther Is Downright Heretical

Bishop Robert Barron, Auxiliary of Los Angeles, wrote an article on Martin Luther that appeared in Aleteia.  I link to it now and will highlight some of the more egregious parts.
  • "For at the core of Luther’s life and theology was an overwhelming experience of grace."  What "grace" leads one to separate oneself from the One True Church?  What grace inspires a person to eschew the Sacraments and deposit of faith?  I believe apostasy is a mortal sin.  By definition, sanctifying grace is absent from one in a state of mortal sin.
  • "Luther was an ecstatic, and the religious movement he launched was a love affair.”  If ever anyone needed proof of the dangers of exalting subjective experience over the immutable teachings of the Church, look no further.  What Barron stupidly calls "a love affair" has led to the splintering of the Church and the damnation of perhaps millions of souls.
  • "At bottom, Luther was a mystic of grace, someone who had fallen completely in love."  In love with what??  No one who truly loves God separates him/herself from the One True Church.  They certainly don't hold cheap their own sacerdotal orders.
  • "So overwhelmed are they by the experience of the beloved that they are given to words such as “only” and “never” and “forever.” If you doubt me, read any of the great romantic poets, or for that matter, listen to a teenager speak about his first crush"  I think in some convoluted way, Barron is trying to excuse or even justify Luther's mangling of the Bible to justify his sola fide heresy.  Look - it's one thing for a person in love to pepper his/her own language with effusive terminology.  It's quite another for the person in love to twist the words of the one whom he/she allegedly loves.  That's precisely what Luther did when he added the word "alone" to that Romans passage and removed several Old Testament books from his heretical version of the Bible.
  • "What Ryrie’s characterization of Luther has helped me to see is how the great Solas;of the Reformation can be both celebrated and legitimately criticized. Was Luther right to express his ecstatic experience of the divine love in just this distinctive way?"  News flash!  One does not celebrate spiritual poison.  The answer to that last question is a resounding "NO!"  If Bishop Barron is actually regurgitating this crap to his flock, perhaps he should surrender his miter now.
Gloria.tv has some other choice quotes from Martin Luther.  Are those "expressions of ecstatic experience"?

Saint John Fisher was a contemporary of Luther's.  He wrote several works to refute Luther's heresies.  A youtube series appears in four parts.  I post the second part below.  If you watch it on youtube as opposed to this blog, you can get the whole series.  It's worth some time, especially since Pope Francis seems hell-bent on celebrating this heretic during this coming October.