Friday, May 25, 2018


At this time the Irish polls have closed and the ballot counting is underway.  Exit polls indicate that the snakes may have returned to Ireland, however we can still pray for a miracle.  I join some blogging colleagues in wondering why Pope Francis has been so silent regarding this vote, considering that Ireland is (or was) one of a handful of countries that ban the baby-slaughter known as abortion.  The pope certainly seemed to have enough words regarding our presidential election in 2016, but none regarding this crucial matter?

For that matter, where are the faux-prolifers who call themselves "New Pro-Life Movement" and "Rehumanize International"?  Google them and search their sites and social media pages for one word about this referendum.  Let me know if you find anything (giving url) because I couldn't find where they uttered a peep.

As I said, I believe the ballot-counting is still underway, or maybe it will commence tomorrow.  Thus it's not too late to pray your rosaries and to all the Irish saints, that the Lord may preserve intact this lonely bastion for the babies.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Mary Wagner Speaks To Ireland To #Savethe8th

Ireland is one of the very few countries that still outlaws the baby-slaughter known as abortion.  The 8th Amendment to its constitution specifically guarantees the right to life of unborn children.  As might be expected, this amendment has long been in the cross-hairs of pro-abortion forces everywhere.  They have been making inroads, however, and now they have managed to put the 8th amendment to referendum.  The vote in Ireland will occur on March 25.  Should the amendment be repealed, Ireland will join the majority of western civilization as it spirals down the sewer of moral depravity and blood-shed.

Mary Wagner, is a pro-life activist in Canada who has been arrested and jailed multiple times for going into abortion mills to convince women to spare their children.  She now gives this plea to Ireland.  We must all pray for Ireland that the vote goes to preserve its 8th amendment.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Be Innocent As Doves And Wise As Serpents

It is possible to take Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" and use at least some of them to our advantage.  I say "some" because that "some" are not intrinsically evil.  For instance, the rule called "make your opponents live by their own rules" cannot be considered evil.  It's high time we stop playing the "Clark Kent" nice guys and take on the agents of death head-on.  As Voris explains, Donald Trump has learned how to do that.  Some of us in the Catholic blogosphere have likewise learned.  All faithful Catholics must do the same.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

More From The Et Tu Brute Department: Maryland Catholic Conference

Regarding the topic of yesterday's post, I believe we suffered betrayal from another supposedly Catholic organization: the Maryland Catholic Conference.  I'm on the MCC's email-blast list.  While that piece of legislation was being discussed and voted upon, I don't recall hearing a peep from the MCC asking us to lobby our representatives to promote the Catholic teachings regarding both homosexuality and the role of parents in their children's lives.  If in fact the MCC did speak out, please advise and point to the evidence in the comments box, and I'll be happy to stand corrected.

I don't think that will happen.  I see no mention of this bill on the MCC site.  Now you can bet your bottom dollar that had the subject matter of the legislation been 1) some "charitable" handout program, 2) death penalty, 3) gun control, 4) coddling of border-crashers, then the clarion cries of the MCC would have been incessant - for the support of progressive positions, of course.  But when it comes to the fomenting of mortally sinful perversions and the undermining of parents, we hear crickets from the MCC.  Do those initials really stand for "Maryland Communist Cabal"?

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

From The Et Tu Brute Department: Gov. Hogan Throws MD Parents Under The Bus Because..Political Correctness

From the "Et tu, Brute?" Department we read that Maryland Governor Larry Hogan signed into law a measure that prohibits therapists from from offering "gay reparative therapy" to minors.  I'm linking to an article from Metro Weekly, a publication that appears to cater to gays as they carry out their perversions.  That should explain its progressive stance.

It cites a study that claims that 20,000 minors could be "forced to undergo conversion therapy".  Well, in related news, these same minors might be "forced" to eat their vegetables at dinner, get their teeth filled at the dentist, do their homework after school, etc.  Who would be doing all this "forcing"?  Parents.  These are the same people who care for their children by feeding, clothing, and housing them.  They are tasked by God Himself to seek their children's welfare: both temporal and spiritual.  If one of these children were to exhibit tendencies towards pyromania, would reparative therapy seem so outlandish to these progressives?

The tendency towards homosexuality is intrinsically disordered.  A parent would be wise to seek professional help for his/her child so afflicted.  Now that avenue for assistance has been denied that child.  Why?  Clearly this is a slap in the faces of parents who seek the best for their children.

Well, let's take a look at some of the supporters of that therapy-gag- order.  Richard Madaleno and Bonnie Cullison, who introduced the measure into the state legislature, both consider themselves "married" to their same-sex accomplices.  The Human Rights Campaign and Free State Justice are two organizations who work to facilitate perversion.  Of course they'd support this gag order.

They all commit and/or support intrinsically sinful conduct.  The simple fact is that they cannot brook any mention of  that truth, lest their numbed consciences be awakened and start stinging them.  Thus they want the truth suppressed.  Any person afflicted with homosexual leanings and who seeks freedom from them is a living rebuke to the gay community and their enablers.  Therefore the gay community will seek to hold these people prisoners, lest they achieve freedom and show the gay mantras to be lies.  These individuals will not be satisfied until all manifestation of the truth is squelched.

Of course any Christian who is awake is not the least bit surprised that the gay community would put forth this piece of putrid legislation.  What is disappointing, though, is Governor Hogan's capitulation to the gay agenda.  The man is supposed to be Catholic, yet he just acted to trap troubled youth in dangerous and sinful lifestyles.  This will be something to consider as Maryland's primaries loom closer.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Are Texas Bishops Violating RICO As They Cover For Border Crashers?

On Friday, Church Militant TV released a Vortex that states that the Diocese of Dallas TX may be in violation of the RICO statute owing to its sheltering of illegal aliens, that is, border-crashers.  That bishop is Edward Burns

The Dallas diocese is a suffragan of the Archdiocese of San Antonio, headed by Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Sillar.  Listen to his "statement on immigration".  He clearly parrots the progressive talking-points and obfuscates the all-important fact that these "immigrants" have crashed our borders knowingly, flouting US laws right at the onset.

In the video, Voris opines that the motives of the Texas bishops may by the filling of their pews.  I might add that another, perhaps more overriding motive might be the filling of their coffers.  Nearly four years ago it was revealed that Catholic Charities of Dallas received $823 thousand in federal grants (i.e., our tax dollars) to "resettle refuges".   Two years ago, we learned that one of those "refugees" that the Diocese of Dallas assisted went on to commit acts of terrorism in Ohio.  I daresay that this diocese has the blood of those injured on their hands.  How many more thugs and terrorists will these bleeding-heart and brain-bereft progressives in miters aid and abet?  Given Garcia-Sillar's sniveling, enough to keep the federal $$$ headed their way.

Since the local police departments seem to be in cahoots with the Dallas chancery, we may wish to ask Governor Greg Abbott to investigate this matter, and insist that he not demure simply because bishops are involved.  It is his responsibility to protect the citizens of Texas from invading threats, even if conniving bishops are aiding and abetting the invasion.  It does appear that they are violating RICO statutes.  Voris says that there will probably be updates to this latest bishop scandal.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Why We Write

My blogging colleague at Tenth Crusade touched upon this topic and I'd like to add my two cents.  Some have chided me in the past, saying my "negativity" will chase away the impressionable from the One True Faith.  I believe that is incorrect and daresay that some who say this to me may be struggling with denial at the mess that is emanating from this papacy.

What will scandalize in the face of the heresy from the Vatican is a lack of truthful speaking from those of us who are striving to adhere to the Teachings of Jesus Christ as found in His Church.  We simply must provide the antidote for the modernist, progressive bile coming from the papacy and from heretical parishes.

Case in point.  We know that there are good young people striving to be faithful to the Church and her teachings.  What would you think would hurt them more?  This blog (and others like it) or this thing that came from the pope?

These poor kids get mocked by their peers, teachers, culture at large.  Now we see that the pope is hurling the same crap at them.  We are needed to tell these kids that they should stay the course.  If they seem "rigid" to the world, it's because the Teachings of Christ, like Christ Himself, are immutable.  God does not "change His mind".  Faithful Catholics need encouragement and affirmation to counter the poison and spite that is shot at them from progressives, even if these progressives occupy high places in the Church hierachy.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

A Closer Look At The Met Gala Debacle

Two days ago, when I wrote about the Met-Gala sacrilege that relegated Catholics (once again) to the status of "niggers of the new age", I linked to a New York Post article.  It didn't dawn on me at the time but now I cannot help but notice how much Dolan seemed to carry on about feeding his face with hot dogs and peanut butter sandwiches.  It's apparent that he loves to chow down - more so than perhaps his Faith and his office as Prince of the Church.

He also loves to make a fool of himself, and by dint of his office, fools of his fellow Catholics and even Jesus Christ Himself.  Of course he had assistance in that from the Vatican, as they lent Catholic artifacts to the gala to be objects of mockery.

Father Peter West posted on Facebook some of the real damage that Dolan did at that gala.  I cannot find that post on Father's wall, but Eponymous Flower saved a screen shot.  I'm going to post a Vortex in which Michael Voris touches upon the roles that Cardinal Ravasi (this one!) and Archbishop Ganswein (designated by the pope to make sure the Pope Emeritus stays quiet?) had in engineering the gala-debacle.

By the way, Bishop Robert Barron seems to have trouble seeing the blasphemies and sacrileges for what they were that evening.  Of course, this is the prelate who entertains the delusions that hell may be empty.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Why Was Alfie Murdered Before His Second Birthday?

Last week I and others pondered aloud the very real probability that the British medical system, with the collusion of Britain's legal system and even the Roman Catholic hierarchy in that country, murdered Alfie Evans in cold blood.  They did the deed just before he attained his second birthday, which is today.  The timing of that is no coincidence.  They appeared in a hurry to have him die before he reached his second birthday, and there is a reason as explained here.

"Oh, it's just a tin-foil-hat crank conspiracy website!", one may poo-poo.  If you believe that, did you search the UK website for yourself?  They supplied the url, after all.  I did, and yes indeedy, if a claim is to be made for vaccine damage, it must be done after the patient is 2 years old.  The National Health Service, if it did cause damage to Alfie's brain with a reckless dosage of vaccines, had a vested interest in hastening his death.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is socialized medicine.  In ascribing to government the responsibility for medical care of its citizens, we would also be ceding to government the authority to make life-death decisions for those citizens.  Such a government would become a soul-less, monstrous behemoth.  That is the situation in the UK now.  That the bishops over there have become so compromised is clear indication that they have some sort of financial stake in the system.

We in the US aren't that far behind them.  Obamacare started us on that path, with the conniving assistance of the USCCB.  Had Hillary Clinton won the White House, I believe our fate in this regard would have been sealed.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Piers Morgan Trumps Cardinal Dolan In Decency And Common Sense

And that title doesn't say a whole lot.  That's not to slight Morgan, but to point out that just about anybody with a scintilla of common sense and decency will outshine Dolan.

I never heard of the Met Gala before the one that happened a few days ago.  Apparently it's quite a hoity-toity fashion show where all the wealthy folks and entertainers and all other sorts of glitterati wear expensive clothing along some given theme and rub elbows with each other.  Usually the women came dressed in rather provocative attire, like "ladies of the evening", if you get the drift.  This year someone came up with the bright idea of making the attire "catholic-themed".  So many of them came in attire that was unabashedly blasphemous.

Dolan was yokking it up with the blasphemers, (keeping with behavioral patterns of the past) complaining more about the quantity of food rather than the disrespect and bigotry being heaped upon his Faith.  From the New York Post I quote, "Dolan cracked to fellow guests that he was the only one who didn’t have to go out and buy his duds for the evening — though organizers were disappointed he didn’t accessorize more."  Well why didn't he "accessorize more"?  Did he forget about his signature head-gear (to the right)?

But Dolan probably has reasons, I'm sure - and I do mean rea$on$!  What does sacerdotal dignity and duty mean when beaucoup d'argent (French for "plenty of money") is to be had?

Piers Morgan wrote a very lucid article in the Daily Mail, pointing out the anti-Catholic bigotry on display at this Met-Gala thing.  He rightly pointed out that those blaspheming the One True Faith wouldn't dream of doing that to the Muslim or Jewish religion.

He also pointed out how bizarre it was that the Vatican gave its permission for Catholic accouterments to be featured at this sort of event.  He asked, "what the hell was the Vatican thinking?"  Faithful Catholics also ask that question, and have been asking that question quite frequently since Francis ascended to the papal throne.

Again, faithful Catholics are being treated as "niggers of the new age".  Among the bigots treating them as such are their own traitorous bishops.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

The Holy Spirit Is...WHAT???

Yesterday at a meeting conducted by the Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated Life, Pope Francis said that "the Holy Spirit is a disaster because He never tires of being creative."

My dear friends who insist on trying to defend the indefensible utterances of this Pope, don't try this time.  It truly would be both intellectually and spiritually dishonest of you to even engage on such logical gymnastics.  Think about it.  The Third Person of the Blessed Trinity is God.  The Vicar of Christ said that "God is a disaster".   Did he mean to say that?  I don't know and more importantly it doesn't matter what he meant.  The fact is that he said it.  Can you point to any other pontiff who let that kind of blasphemy come out of his mouth?

Later he extols the benefits of "discernment".  I'd agree that discernment is most beneficial.  He should try it sometime.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Catholic Charities Hosts Democrat Dog And Pony Show At St Jude's In Rockville MD

In 2018 all levels of Maryland public officials are up for elections: from the governor down to the local registrar of wills.  That of course means all the county councils and county executives are up.  This past Thursday evening on May 3rd, I attended a debate of candidates for the Montgomery County Executive position held at St. Jude's in Rockville.

I must remind one and all that Montgomery County Maryland is a liberal loony bin.  The lunacy was on display tonight in all its macabre glory.  First the debate was co-hosted by both Catholic Charities and the Justice and Advocacy Council.  I knew that when I got the notice and realized it was a harbinger of things to come.

The moderator of this debate was none other than Msgr John Enzler, who has been known to cozy up to pro-aborts and even to donate to their political campaigns.  There were seven candidates who were debating.  Six of them were Democrats; Robin Ficker was the lone Republican.  Three of those Democrats are current members of the County Council; they are George Leventhal, Roger Berliner, and Mark Elrich.  They were also on the council in early 2010 when the council passed its measure to hog-tie pro-life pregnancy centers in the County.  If you go back to my archives from that time, you can see video that I took of the hearings in Rockville.  Leventhal was particularly contemptuous of the pro-life people who testified against the bill.  It did pass, but went down in flames in court.  Mind you, all three of the current county executive candidates voted for it, although it was obviously unconstitutional.  You'll see later on how they hold the US Constitution in cheap regard.

The first part of the debate focused on "immigration": that is, when the Democrats weren't busy bashing President Trump.  Each of the Democrats loudly proclaimed that if they were elected, they would protect the border-crashers and that they'd direct the County police not to cooperate with ICE in any attempt to enforce immigration laws.  Let that sink in.  The President of the United States is constitutionally charged with ensuring national security; part and parcel of that task is the securing of the nation's borders.  We all listened to Democrats vowing to undermine the President as he carries out his constitutional responsibilities.  Whoever is elected to the executive position in November will take his or her own oath of office.  That oath includes the upholding of the Constitution.  But in loudly proclaiming that they would undermine the president, they just admitted that they would disregard their own oaths of office.  Moreover, in stating that they'd direct the county police to take a hostile stance towards ICE, they'd be directing those same officers to disregard their own oaths that they swore as police officers.  Isn't that, well, special??

Now of course Enzler was just beaming with joy upon hearing such talk.  Recall that Catholic Charities, along with other branches of the US church hierarchy, receive billions in federal dollars to "resettle immigrants".  Since that amount is predicated on headcounts "served", we can see how they'd be anxious to keep them crashing our national borders.

They moved beyond the Trump-bashing and shilling for border-crashers onto other favorite progressive topics.  As I said, there was one lone Republican - Robin Ficker.  When the candidates were asked about bringing jobs to Montgomery County, Ficker said he would brook no tax increases on his watch.  The others clearly didn't like that and used their time slots to take umbrage at that suggestion.  They also lauded the hike in the minimum wage.  Clearly we saw a shining example of how progressives simply aren't in touch with the real world.  Hikes in minimum wages - hikes in taxes - universal health care - these are all arbitrary costs that make Montgomery County unfriendly to employers - especially to those that are small businesses.  Anyone with a scintilla of common sense knows that, but liberals are devoid of even that.

Education was a hot button topic too.  The favored solution for the Democrats seemed to be expanding pre-k programs.  That's right.  They actually want to take the three-year-olds and start the brain-washing early.  Perhaps if schools concentrated on the basics instead of allowing and even mandating that the students "walk out" for some gun-control parade, the students might actually learn some useful skills.  Perhaps if little children weren't suspended because they pointed their fingers and made gun sounds, they might feel safe enough to learn.

Not every topic was covered.  They didn't touch their draconian attempt to gag crisis pregnancy centers by a long shot.  There was also no provision for the audience to ask questions.  Oh, we could write them down on cards and submit them, but they were screened.  Be certain that Catholic Charities would never allow their sugar-daddy puppet-masters to be embarrassed.

Below is a recording of the debate - unedited so that you can hear the socialistic prattle in all its ugliness.  Forgive the comments from me and my companions; I trust they don't muffle the nonsense from the stage.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Cardinal Burke - "No Place For Silence"

Last week Cardinal Burke gave a talk in Slovakia.  I needn't rehash what Gloria TV said, so I'll just urge you to watch it on their site.  I trust he'll be speaking on similar themes at the Rome Life Forum.

Rome Life Forum On May 17-18

The Rome Life Forum was founded by LifeSiteNews and is now carried on by Voice of the Family.  Their meeting this year will focus on combating modernism within the Church.  Yes, modernism is found at all levels of the Church and has even emanated from Pope Francis himself.

If one is still inclined to pretend that modernism is no problem, please reflect upon the murder of Alfie Evans, sanctioned by most of the UK Catholic bishops.  Think of Katy Perry being invited by the Vatican to sing the praises of transcendental meditation.  I spoke a bit yesterday of "cooperation with mortal sin" being itself a mortal sin.  The Vatican provided a forum for the commission of mortal sin against the First Commandment.  Throw into the mix the sins of blasphemy and sacrilege and we can see that those who invited Perry and/or allowed her to pollute a Church event are guilty themselves of grave sins. That's modernism for you.

The prime mission of the Church, as defined by Jesus Christ Himself, is the salvation of souls.  That CURA conference had nothing to do with that, and even appears to have caused scandal to souls.  Likewise the prattlings of the the US bishops.  Jihad Watch tells us that they submitted a brief to the US Supreme Court claiming that President Trump's travel ban is "blatant religious discrimination".  We do well to remember that the US bishops have a vested financial interest in securing the largest immigrant population possible.

The Vortex that I'm going to post below details how many dioceses are experiencing the effects of all this modernism and loss of faith.  Many are engaged in silly marketing campaigns.  Perhaps they need to listen to Archbishop Sample's homily from the Pontifical High Mass this past Sunday at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.  They don't need cheap gimmicks.  All they need to do is to present the real Catholic faith.  Of course that entails that they believe the Faith and repent of their dalliances with modernism.  By the way - when I speak of "cheap gimmicks" I also refer to the regrettable tendency of clerics and religious orders to carry on like silly buffoons in a misguided attempt to "reach the youth where they are".  Again, young people, indeed all people, need to see the Faith lived out in all its splendor and dignity.

Let us pray for the success of the Rome Life Forum.  I look forward to posting the videos as they become available.

Was Alfie Deliberately Poisoned To Death?

Both LifeSiteNews and Church Militant provide reports that on Alfie Evan's last night of life, that his father was called from his bedside for a "meeting".  During the time he was away, a nurse gave Alfie injections of four different drugs.  Just before those injections, the oxygen saturation level in his blood was a very healthy 98%.  Within two hours after the injections, that level plummeted to 15% and he was dead.

I'll spell it out.  I believe that Alfie was given a lethal mix of drugs in order to bring about a quick death.  We call that a deliberate act of murder.  Let us pray that an independent autopsy of Alfie can be done, for we can be very certain that Alfie is not the only victim of such murderous tactics - and they probably happen on "both sides of the pond".

Meanwhile Cardinal Vincent Nichols and other British bishops have reemphasized their support of the murderous hospital.  Someone on another site called Alder Hey "Auschwitz Hey".  That will be my new name for that 21st century death camp.  It is on the Church Militant site.  I won't post that here for I believe it necessary to post a video detailing the nine ways in which one can be guilty in cooperating with sin - and that is precisely what Nichols and his fellow prelates are doing.  Those who cooperate with a mortal sin are themselves guilty of mortal sin.  Accordingly, they place their souls in grave danger of damnation.  As you watch the video, consider #5 and #8.  I'll also link to a more comprehensive treatment by Father Ripperger.  It would seem that the bishops, and much of the British government, share guilt in Alfie's murder.  How many Americans share guilt in the murder/abortions of babies?

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Fund Progressives In Disguise

The title of this post should be the title of this flyer to the right, for that is what we are being asked to do.  This was enclosed in our parish bulletin today.  Because there was no second collection today I realized this in-pew shake-down will happen in the near future.  Sure enough, here is the second collection schedule for the Archdiocese of Washington, showing it scheduled for May 13, two weeks from today.

Lepanto Institute, led by Michael Hichborn, has done much research into Catholic Relief Services.  Much of that research has been featured in previous posts in this blog on CRS (as well as additional research).  Among the many insults to Catholic faith and moral teaching committed by the CRS, we find the following:
  • the employment of flagrant sodomites in executive positions
  • the distribution of condoms and abortifacients by CRS staff
  • the funding and cooperation with other international organizations for the distribution of contraceptives, often against the wishes of local authorities.
Read that flyer very carefully.  Notice how most of the language centers around the theme of immigration.  Is that because there is really all that much compassion for the immigrant - or might there be other rea$onS?  Yes, I used dollar signs deliberately, for the CRS gets quite a bit from the feds to settle immigrants, regardless of legal status.  I link now to an article written by Deal Hudson on how CRS and other Catholic organizations have sold their souls for federal dollars.  Hudson brings out a good point by stating that those who contribute to CRS give to anti-Catholic outfits twice: once via federal income taxes and again through the donation.

Catholic Relief Services continue to prove why the "CRS" might well stand for "Catholics Riddled with Scandals".  They deserve not one red cent of the money of decent Catholics.  Please boycott this collection.  Say #no2crs.  This Lepanto article has a form at the bottom that you can put in your CRS collection on May 13.  Readers in other areas should check their second collection schedules as they may vary from place to place.  As the collection time draws near, I will be posting reminders.  Please pass this along to your email lists and other social media outlets.  Thank you.

P.S. - Please check your envelopes.  If your envelope gives a different date, please advise via comments.  Thank you.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Today's Solemn Pontifical High Mass At The Basilica Of The National Shrine Of The Immaculate Conception

Here are some details of the traditional Latin Mass celebrated by Archbishop Alexander Sample, from Rorate Caeli.  Therein you'll find the various ministers, choirs, etc.  I attended that Mass.  A traffic accident on the beltway caused me to be late, but I did arrive just before the Gloria.

EWTN broadcast it live, and produced the recording below.  I'm impressed that they got it uploaded to youtube so quickly.  The Archbishop's sermon begins at the 54:28 mark; it's definitely worth several repetitions.

Alfie Evans - Requiescat In Pace

From LifeSiteNews we read that Alfie Evans passed away at 2:30 AM today in Liverpool, local time.  While it is incorrect to imply that he is now an angel, it is true that as a baptised Catholic below the age of reason, he ascended immediately to heaven and (I think) can be regarded as a saint.  We can therefore invoke his intercession to pray for his poor parents who struggled valiantly against a murderous cabal that was once an honorable national government and the equally treacherous bishops (on both sides of the pond) who lifted not a finger to aid him.


Complicit in that mortal sin of murder were the bishops of England who dared to side with Alder Hey hospital as they were murdering that baby.  The royal family of England is also to be censured for its complicit silence.  As the Dutchess of Cambridge gave birth to her son, she could have spoken on behalf of Kate Evans and her child; she didn't.  Forever will that shame be on the royal family.  To be perfectly frank, I don't know why the Trump administration didn't lift its voice in the matter; that is a major disappointment, to say the least.  Also complicit were those "seamless garbage" types who lifted not one finger to assist in the effort to save Alfie.

The US bishops at least put out that one measly tweet to support the parents and it's quite likely that Pope Francis pullled some strings to encourage the Italian government to step up to the plate.  We thank Italy and the Gesu Bambino hospital for being ready to assist Alfie - if only they had been permitted to do so.  Poland and the European Parliament spoke for Alfie, as did the British citizens who protested in front of Alder Hey Hell-hole.

Alfie, please pray for us.  Pray that God bless your parents abundantly with consolation and peace.  They loved you and still do.  Please pray that western civilization, indeed the entire world, will repent and live by God's laws before it crumbles to the earth and countless souls lost.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Indifference To Alfie Reveals Skewed Priorities Of So-Called Civilized People

In yesterday's post I stated that the USCCB uttered not one peep regarding Alfie Evans.  It turns out I was incorrect.  Stop the presses!  Drum rolls and trumpets please!  From Zenit we learn that the USCCB put out a tweet regarding Alfie.  I suppose it's better than the abysmal silence that still appears on their page.  Speaking of their page, notice the blurb about April being "Child Abuse Prevention Month".  No sane person can gainsay that Alfie is being abused by Alder Hey Hospital.

On Facebook I came across an excellent video by Reality Check regarding the skewed priorities of western society that Alfie's plight has made evident.  I cannot locate a youtube so I'll now link to their page.  Is it not a travesty that lions and gorillas garner more sympathy and outrage than does the brutal, deliberate attempt to murder a little child?  That goes double for Catholic bishops - at least British bishops.  Yes, the USCCB tweet was namby-pamby, but at least it's something.  It's not outright capitulation to the governmental forces of death.

By the way, going back to the "non-pro-life mutation", how can they possibly issue a non-statement regarding Alfie being wrested away from his parents, and then wax indignant about this?

Please - if you haven't already done so, contact the British officials shown at the bottom of the LifeSiteNews piece.  Demand that they exhibit some decency and allow Tom and Kate Evans to determine the treatment for their son Alfie.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Keep Up The Pressure For Alfie Evans

Last evening I posted this on the facebook page of the Non Pro-Life Mutation.  While I don't see that comment on their page, I suppose that (and presumably others) was sufficient to elicit this cop-out statement from them.  I think it's just precious of them to complain about "purity tests" when in the past they have claimed that if we don't embrace their "consistent life ethic" (that's the new buzz term for "seamless garment", by the way), we aren't sufficiently pro-life (I'll post proof of that after the junp break).  Look at the comments below and you'll see that I and others are now deemed "stepford wives" by Bratten-Weiss herself.  Whatever!

The whole thing is shot through and through with so many logical flaws.  Here's one: "we must be wary about sustaining such a terror of death as to turn towards unnatural and painful ends to prevent it." (emphasis mine).  First, I think instead of "ends" she probably intended "means" to be used.  At any rate, the administration of food and water are never "unnatural".  What was "unnatural and painful" was most likely the deprivation of the food and water for almost two days after he successfully breathed on his own.

I could go on and on about that namby-pamby cop-out but I don't want to get too embroiled in those details.  NPLM published this crap on their page, essentially siding with Alder Hey against the beleaguered parents with ever-so-sanctimonious language. These are lefties who are enthralled with nationalized (that is, socialized) medicine, and this case reveals what a tyrannical behemoth the state will become when (not if) it determines who is treated and who isn't. These progressives will not deal with that truth, and they will do anything to perpetuate their fairy tale, even if they have to cooperate with the mortal sin of murder via their silence and promulgation of screed like this article.

Guess who else is complicit vis-a-vis their silence?  The USCCB!  Surprise!  You may rest assured that if some callous thug were facing the death penalty that they'd be calling for protests, candle vigils, you name it!  But recall that the USCCB has also shilled shamelessly for socialized medicine.  They will say or do nothing that would put one of their pet causes in a truthful light.  Go to their site.  You'll see zero-zip-nada about poor Alfie.

I will now post some actions that we can take.  Thanks to the internet, there are still things that we can do even though we are "across the pond" from England.  See below the jump break.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Does The Alder Hey Hospital Have Ulterior Motives In Engineering The Death Of Alfie Evans?

In England, Baby Alfie Evans had his ventilator removed yesterday.  The clear if unspoken intent of the staff of Alder Hey hospital was that he should die.  That is, they intended to murder him.  However, he still continues to breathe on his own.  Now they are denying him food; that is, if they can't smother him, their method of murder will now be forced starvation.

The Italian government, to aid him, has made Alfie an Italian citizen and are ready to transport him to Gesu Bambino Hospital in Rome.  Yet the murderous monsters who now control the British government won't allow it.  What kind of vested interest do they have in the death of this child?  Seems senseless, doesn't it?

Well, maybe not!

Apparently Alder Hey Hospital has been embroiled in a bit of scandal regarding the harvesting and storage of the bodies of babies for research.  This all came down in 2004-2005 so it may have faded from memories.  It certainly did from mine until I saw an article on Canon 212.   Doctors at Alder Hey took organs from dead children without their parents' consents.  These parents were denied justice as the Crown inexplicably dropped charges.  One might wonder if a few "pounds sterling" greased some palms.

At any rate, it makes one wonder that if Alfie were to be removed from the hospital, might his parents and/or other doctors (real doctors, that is) find evidence of, uh, "tampering" shall we say?  Why else would they be so adamant about keeping him there?  Of course I don't believe this crap that Alder Hey plopped out and neither does any sane person.  If his retention at Alder Hey serves any "best interests", it's those of that Frankenstein house of horrors that they call a hospital.  I must say they certainly have their network of stooges peppered throughout the UK high courts.  The hospital got off scott free in 2005; it pays to have friends in high places.  In fact, I'm sure one must pay to have friends in high places.  These "friends" are certainly going to bat for the hospital today, just as they did 13-14 years ago.

Father Pavone of Priests for Life put up a site whereby we can email to the hospital that they should allow that baby to live.  I urge you to go to it.  At the very least it will show them that the world is watching and remembering.  Certainly pray your rosaries, for there most certainly are demonic forces at play here.

By the way: where is the "non pro-life mutation" in all this?  Why do we hear nary a peep from them or from Rehumanize International?  Don't they care about the plight of this poor child?  It seems not; at least there is no evidence of it.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Join The Sex-Ed Sit-Out Tomorrow!

Parents!  Let the school authorities know that you won't tolerate the corruption of your children's morals and intellects!  If the school administration lemmings (that means you, Montgomery County Schools!) can gush all over the gun-control walk-out stunts, they should give others the right to voice their beliefs.

See for more info.

It's Earth Day! Have You Communed With Your Tree Twin Yet?

Honestly!  Who dreams up this crap??  It sounds like Mr. Amos Clifford, the "mastermind" behind this "forest bathing" movement, is laughing all the way to the bank as he takes gullible envirowhackos for a bath of another sort.

Mr. Clifford urges his suckers clients to find their "tree twins" and have conversations with them.  I wonder if the trees are considered to be on an intellectual par with their human twins.  Ironically enough, there might be a case for that hypothesis.  The phrase "dumb as rocks" comes to mind for some reason.

It is clear that many, having forsaken the One True God so that they can make idols of themselves and their own ideas and pleasures, are easy prey for charlatans such as Amos Clifford and the plethora of progressives who will use them for their own ends.  The worst thing is that they also endanger their immortal souls.  Pray for these people and be prepared to tell them the truth.

Is The So-Called "New Pro-Life Movement" Showing Its True Colors? came across an open letter written to the president of Steubenville University that appears to be nothing more than a hit-piece screed aimed at some professors who blew the whistle on Rebecca Bratten Weiss several years ago during a Human Life Review symposium.  I needn't rehash the CM piece, but will point out that I too commented on Weiss's shortcomings at the time the symposium occurred.

Among other things it should be noted that NPLM is related to a similar outfit called Rehumanize International through a common board member, Aimee Murphy.  Rehumanize International is replete with its own moral issues arising from its seamless-garbage ideology, including the retention of a lesbian as a prominent staff member.

Ponder the revelations made by the CM piece and my earlier piece, to wit,
  • The support of at least two of their leaders for Hillary Clinton during the presidential race
  • Weiss's ambivalence regarding the babies' unalienable right to life
We see that the group calling itself "New Pro-Life Movement" is not pro-life.  We might well call them "Non Pro-Life Mutation".  They have no claim for respect whatsover among true pro-life people.  That underlined name suits them better.  Henceforth, that is what I shall call them.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Anticipating Attempts To Excommunicate Faithful Catholics - And Combating Them

As said in the previous post, Cardinal Burke gave an address at a conference in Rome last week.  The conference was called, "Catholic Church: Where Are You Going?"  He broached the consequences of any needed disobedience to Pope Francis.  He is speaking primarily of the direction that Amoralis Lamentia explicitly states in its infamous chapter 8 footnote regarding the administration of Holy Communion to adulterers.

The question of excommunication was raised.  The Cardinal said we must be ready to suffer such consequences with Christian patience.

My question is, if such an attempt at excommunication was made, would that excommunication be valid?  Perhaps that "consequence" would not even exist in fact.  Excommunication just can't be done willy-nilly, at the drop of a hat.  Specific conditions must be met for a valid excommunication, along with specific protocol to be followed.

The Catholic New Advent Encyclopedia has a treatise on excommunication.  One sections says, and I quote, "Catholics on the contrary, cannot be excommunicated unless for some personal, grievously offensive act. Here, therefore, it is necessary to state with precision the conditions under which this penalty is incurred."  Right there we see that excommunication can only occur as a consequence of a "grievously offensive act".  What would be these acts that would cause excommunication?  They'd have to be objectively sinful, correct?  Ruffling the feathers of a church leader and/or pricking his conscience would not constitute an "offensive act"!

Moving on down that article, we read, "An excommunication is said to be null when it is invalid because of some intrinsic or essential defect, e.g. when the  inflicting it has no jurisdiction, when the motive of the excommunication is manifestly incorrect and inconsistent, or when the excommunication is essentially defective in form."  Therefore, I ask that if an attempt at excommunication is made in the absence of a mortal sin, does that "excommunication" have any consequence?

I for one think not.  In the face of these considerations, I cannot see how one so "excommunicated" could, in good conscience, submit to that.  In so doing, he/she would be cooperating with the sin of an abuse of ecclesial authority.  He/she would actually be validating an act of abuse and dishonesty.

The cardinal is right to broach these matters.  Given the trajectory of this papacy, especially the manners in which traditional orders and faithful prelates have been thrown under the bus (including Cardinal Burke himself), draconian attempts at excommunication are clearly within the realm of real possibilities.  I can see where some might think the proper response to that kind of abuse might be to acquiesce to it and comply with the "excommunication".  I do not believe it is inherently virtuous to roll over and play dead like that.  Evil must be resisted.  If no excommunication really exists in fact, we cannot pretend that it does.  Such lies must be disobeyed, just like the lie of admissibility of adulterers to Holy Communion.

Bishops In Bed With Progressives

For over a hundred years, the Church has always supported the rights of workers to form unions so that they could bargain more effectively with their employers.  Such support was enshrined by Pope Leo XIII in Rerun Novarum.  However, today's bishops seem to be somewhat compromised when it comes to the rights of workers not to join a union if that is their preference.  They have demonstrated their left-wing proclivities once again with a case that is now before the Supreme Court, Janus vs American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.  Mark Janus, an Illinois employee brought suit so that he wouldn't have to cough up the mandatory union dues even though he declined to join.  He rightly states that such compulsion to pay union dues is a violation of his rights.

Demonstrating their slavish devotion to unions, the USCCB filed an amicus on behalf of AFSCME.  To his immense credit, Bishop Thomas Paprocki of the Diocese of Springfield publicly disavowed the USCCB's stunt, correctly stating that no such consensus exists among Catholics regarding a matter on which reasonable people can disagree.  I thank him for not joining the USCCB's false pretense that compulsory union membership is enjoined by the Magisterium.  I suspect the USCCB benefits a bit from union largess as well as that of the feds.  How else do we explain the toadying to John Sweeney, former boss of both SEIU and AFL-CIO over the years?

Let's take a look at the latest stunt by Cardinal Cupich of Chicago.  A parish within his archdiocese, St. John Cantius, has conducted Mass in the Extraordinary Form and fostered traditional sacred music.  Some rather cheap allegations arose concerning the pastor, Father C. Frank Phillips.  With no regard to due process, Cupich slapped on him very draconian measures, including the suspension of his priestly faculties.  Meanwhile, Father Michael Pfleger is still pastor of St. Sabina's.  Remember him?  Remember how he threatened to "snuff" the owner of a local gun shop (because he hates violence so much!)?  How does Pfleger remain while Phillips gets thrown under the bus?  The answer is really quite simple; Pfleger and Cupich have very similar outlooks.  Father Phillips on the other hand embraces fidelity to the Magisterium.  So as he squashed the priests who participated in 40 Days for Life while he was bishop of Spokane, so too is he punishing Fr Phillips for his love of Tradition.

We will now move onto another dissident prelate who, like Cupich, was made a Cardinal.  I refer you to Cardinal Joseph Tobin (not to be confused with the relatively decent Bishop Thomas Tobin of Rhode Island).  In direct contradiction to a statement made by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, he voiced his opinion that the Church should not attempt to make herself more pure.  Well, at least he's honest about that.  At a meeting of close confidantes of the pope's at Villanova last week, the cardinal opined that the "church is moving on the question of same-sex couples".  Moving where, pray tell?  In her two-thousand years of existence, she has always held to the teachings of Jesus Christ on the matter (and by the way - it's NOT "complex").  The only way she could "move" would be away from the truth.  That is happening only in the minds of dissidents, progressives and outright heretics.  Those last few words describe the attendees at that gabfest.

One last word about Cardinal Tobin.  Three years ago, Tobin was an archbishop in Indiana.  Within his diocese, a Knights of Columbus council rented their hall to a lesbian couple to celebrate their #mowwidge.  I had suggested that all call the chancery and ask Tobin to have the thing cancelled.  At the time I was unaware of Tobin's true colors.  Needless to say, Tobin did nothing.  At first I chalked his inaction to mere apathy.  Now I consider the very real possibility that the KofC council caved to the lesbians under his order.

Above I mentioned Bishop Thomas Paprocki as a bishop who is upholding the truth.  Another is Cardinal Burke.  He too was at a conference, one quite different in tenor than the heretical snake-pit that Cardinal Tobin attended.  What he said deserves its own post and that post will follow this.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Two Little Boys

Yesterday the pope engaged in an outdoors address of a parish in Rome.  A little boy named Emanuele addressed a question to Pope Francis regarding his atheist father who just died.  In a nutshell the pope dismissed the necessity for baptism and belief in Jesus Christ to attain salvation.  I needn't rehash what other bloggers have already adroitly done.  Suffice it to say that I agree with Louie Verrechio in saying that much of this event was staged.  The little boy may well have been concerned about his father, but the language he used was rather advanced for a six-year-old.  Gloria TV states that while God does not abandon the sinner, it's the sinner who abandons God.

Now on to the other little boy.

His name is Alfie Evans.  He is a sick little boy in England, in the clutches of the so-called "national health service".  The latter has been chomping at the bit to murder Alfie by disconnecting his life support over the objections of his parents.  The pope has finally weighed in on the matter - sort of!  He yapped and yammered about "delicate situations, very painful and complex" and "joint efforts of families, doctors.."  He absolutely refused to utter clear teaching from the Church.  The teaching is clear - nothing "complex" about it.  Have you ever noticed that when people don't want to admit to clear standards of right versus wrong in a given situation, they claim it's "complex"?  They do so only to avoid being held accountable for conformity and obedience to truth.  We also are treated to nonsense about "joint efforts".  But who has the authority over a child?  Clearly it's the parents - yet the pope did not state that.  Does he not believe that?

Both Emanuele and Alfie have suffered immense disservice from this pope.  In Emanuele's case he was denied the truth regarding heaven and the necessity for believing.  In Alfie's case he was denied a voice needed to perhaps save his life.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Remnant On Young People's Synod

While Michael Matt states that Pope Francis et al are trying to take their lead from these young people, I don't think that's the case.  I think the next Amoralis Lamentia is already written.  They are simply going to use these poor kids as props that they can use to trot out their latest heretical poison.

The Progressive Demolition Of Sacred Tradition Carries On

Today's Vortex discusses the "fruits" of Vatican II, explaining why it was largely an abysmal failure, noble intentions of council fathers notwithstanding.

Notice what Voris says about the real problems that did exist before Vatican II: problems that some prelates did try to address before the Masons and progressives hijacked the council.  Those problems (particularly the progressive infiltration of the seminaries) are probably why the faith of so many Catholics collapsed liked a house of cards when the modernist mutations of Mass, education, etc were trotted out.

Vatican II was simply one phase of the planned demolition of Sacred Tradition in the lives of so many.  This papacy is simply one of the current phases of the same planned wreckage.  Below is the World Over, where the latest plop is discussed.  Hmm.. We need a name for it.  I've seen Gaudete Insulte.  We might also do Gaudy Excoriate.  But I digress.

Notice what they say about the dangers posed by this plethora of "synods".  I've stated my theory before and will restate it.  I believe these synods are nothing more than elaborate smoke screens, a way to advance heretical ideas under the guise of "collegiality", "accompaniment", you name it.  They are meant to produce writings as nefarious as is Amoris Laetitia.  In fact, I believe these encyclicals are already written and that their promulgation is simply awaiting the dog-and-pony show of their "synod" fronts.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Roberto De Mattei's Remarks Lend Credence To Calls For An Imperfect Synod

At the 2018 Catholic Family News conference last week, Church historian Roberto De Mattei called upon Catholics to resist the evil of papolatry  He called upon lay and clergy alike to fight the errors emanating from wayward pastors, calling the pastors out by name.   He pointed out that while cardinals cannot depose a pope, they can declare that a pope, by virtue of heresy, has lost his office.

I have seen calls on various sites for an imperfect synod to do just that.  With each insult to the Teachings of Jesus Christ that oozes forth from the Vatican, the case for such a synod grows stronger.  My main concern with that is that I don't believe there are enough cardinals with the orthodoxy and/or backbone to undertake such a task.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Gaudete Et Exsultate - SJW Screed

In my post this past Saturday regarding Catholic Charities, I pointed out that they are colluding with Soros-funded groups to facilitate the violation of our national borders.  Church Militant went into more detail about the machinations of such a network.

After the news came regarding a caravan of Central Americans who planned to go through Mexico and straight through our southern border, President Trump announced that he was going to deploy National Guardsmen to buttress the efforts of the ICE to guard the US from this de facto invasion.  That move (in keeping with his duties as stipulated in the Constitution) threw the left-wing bishops of both the US and Mexico in a tizzy; they released this letter.

Now it seems that the pope has lent his own left-wing slant to the immigration situation (both in the US and in face of the Muslim invasion of Europe), under the guise of an apostolic exhortation.  This thing is called Gaudete Et Exsultate.  That link is to the English translation on the Vatican site.  I refer you specifically to paragraphs 101-103.  Please notice that the pope mentions the crime of baby-murder once, while he devotes two whole paragraphs to migration.  He has his priorities exactly ass-backwards as Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, succinctly states.  Gaudete stands in direct contradiction to the two previous pontiffs; thus no one can claim it has magisterial weight.

Mahound's Paradise has a selection of snippets from it.  I would suggest, however, that you read the thing for yourselves.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Some Wake Up, Some Shut Their Eyes And Brains

Last year, among other criminal activities uncovered by wikileaks, it was discovered that several progressive leaders sought (and ultimately obtained) the removal of Pope Benedict XVI from the papacy.  Those leaders - actually, perpetrators is the more accurate term - are George Soros, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.  A group of Catholic leaders - in an open letter to President Trump - asked him for a formal investigation into the alleged tampering of federal officials in the internal affairs of the Roman Catholic Church.

This is no surprise.  It merely confirms what many faithful Catholics instinctively sensed all along: that Pope Benedict XVI was driven out so that Pope Francis, obviously sympathetic to progressive causes and not so much for Sacred Tradition, could be installed to do the bidding of the Soros cabal.

Some faithful Catholics seemed incapable of conceiving that: 1) the Holy Spirit may not have positively selected Cardinal Bergoglio to assume the papacy and/or 2) his doings are not automatically of divine inspiration.  Over the years, more and more of these folks have acknowledged the evidence that constantly slaps us all in our faces.  One such individual is Father Dwight Longenecker.  In his blog post entitled "Pope Francis Told Me", he indicates how the pope is deliberately insinuating his mischief into the minds of unwary Catholics.  He insinuates a falsehood and never quite denies it.  We saw it in the "sinners don't go to hell" fiasco.  Father points out that Jesuits have been doing that all along - including Father James Martin.  The most spectacular example was the "adulterers can receive Holy Communion" heresy embedded in Amoralis Lamentia.  We can bet our bottom dollars there will be another sly whopper in the encyclical that will be released after this "youth synod".  Notice I said "released" for I strongly suspect it is already largely written; but I digress!

Another way of slyly insinuating heretical poison is to look the other way while key personnel are openly dissenting from Tradition and/or living grossly immoral lives.  Cardinal Schonborn, a close advisor to Pope Francis, said in a recent interview that ordination of women as deacons, priests and bishops can be decided "by a council".   No they can't.  Pope John Paul II definitively stated in Ordinato Sacerdotalis that the question was not up for debate and that it was settled teaching that the Sacrament of Holy Orders can only be conferred on men.  Schonborn stands in direct disobedience to Sacred Tradition.

At about the same time, Archbishop Paglia claimed that it's "dangerous" to speak of the family as a "domestic church" even though that language is found in the Catechism and the Vatican II documents.  He is the president of the Pontifical Academy for Life - or the parody of the former Academy.  Paglia dismissed most of its faithful members and has now rendered it an abysmal joke.  Moreover, he's the one who not only plastered homoerotic pornographic "art" in his cathedral, but had himself painted into the thing as clinging to another scantily clad man.  These last two scandals happened a while ago, and still Paglia retains his influential role in the Vatican.  Personnel is policy.

So yes, these two examples illustrate what Father Longenecker wrote a few days ago.  Sadly, though, others still persist on denying the evidence before their faces, lambasting those of us who acknowledge the truth as "bashing the pope".  I see this most often on facebook and their behavior is downright weird.  When we post news of some latest outrage perpetrated by the Vatican with the pope's permission, they go on a tirade about how "hateful" we are.  Then they post on their own walls, again and again, how they will "follow the pope".  One could ask, "follow him where".  Their very repetition makes me believe that they are simply trying to drown out the truth that they find increasingly difficult to deny.  Let's keep them in prayer.

DC Catholic Charities' Mysterious Gala

Today, at Mass in a local parish, I discovered that the DC Catholic Charities is having its annual fundraising gala this evening.  Maybe I missed it but I recall no mention of it in the Catholic Standard.  It is here on their website, but immediately I noticed something very odd about it.  Nowhere do I see mention of a keynote speaker.  In the past, they have had some extremely questionable honorees.  In 2002, for instance, they honored John Sweeney, then president of the pro-abortion AFL-CIO.  He had been president for several years and still the AFL-CIO site directly linked to NOW's site.  So given their propensity to rub elbows with all sorts of seedy characters AND their rather coy silence regarding tonight's program, we will not be surprised if DC Catholic Charities indeed grovels at the feet of some pro-abort and/or dissident celebrity.

By the way, I went to their facebook page to see if there were additional details about this evening's shin-dig.  I didn't see any, but I saw where they promoted the Soros-funded "March for Our Lives".  However, I don't see one peep regarding the Sex-Ed-Sit-Out that is scheduled for April 23rd.  If parents are going to let their kids out of school, the reason might as well be to prevent progressive poison from polluting their brains and corrupting their morals.  In fact, I don't see mention of it on the USCCB site or any diocesan websites; if I've overlooked one, please advise.

If anyone has any info on this evening's event, please advise via the comments section.  In the meantime, please boycott the in-pew collections of all these so-called "Catholic charitable outreaches".

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Frankly, Something Stinks About The Death Of LOC Anthony Freeman

The Catholic blogosphere has been alight with the death of Brother Anthony Freeman, a 3rd-year seminarian with the Legionaires of Christ.  He had a large social media presence as he sought to use that medium for evangelism.  He was the cross-bearer at Pope Francis' Easter Mass at the Vatican just one day before he was found dead by fellow seminarians.  He was only 29 years old.

The blogosphere is alight with laments, prayers and remembrances.  What I fail to see is questions about his death - which is quite frankly suspicious in nature.
  • He was a member of an order that has become quite jaded owing to the horrendous scandals of its founder, Fr. Maciel.
  • He had quite a presence in the social media world.  Was he privy to sensitive information as a result?
  • He played a prominent role in the Easter Mass. Did others see in him a target whose death might be seen as a signal of sorts?
  • Was the noising abroad of his death intended to be a warning to others?
  • People who are 29 years old don't routinely drop dead.  There has to be a reason for his death.  And no, the platitude "it must be God's will" simply won't suffice.
The Crud site reports that an autopsy is underway.  That is the first time I heard of a comprehensive examination of this young man's death.  Already some are trying to chalk his death to "natural causes".  At 29???  Maybe that's the case, but the specific nature of these "natural causes" needs to be determined.  In addition to praying for the repose of Brother Freeman's soul, let us pray that the investigation of his death be authentic as opposed to coverup-damage-control so as to reveal the whole truth.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

No Such Thing As A "Christian Seder"

When I was younger and didn't know better, I did participate in some of these.  This explanation makes perfect sense.  I won't be at another seder ever again.

Rot Within The Archdiocese Of Baltimore

It's evident right here, courtesy of New Ways Ministry.  It appears that the Archdiocese of Baltimore held a workshop for its employees centered around "gender identity".  The writer of this piece is an employee of the Archdiocese, writing under a pseudonym.  In the second paragraph he identifies himself as gay  He goes on to complain about the thrust of the various talks at this seminar, indicating to sane people that this workshop had some real merit to it.

I could spend all night picking this thing apart, and maybe I will at another time.  Suffice it to say that "Thomas McBride" is someone who needs to be discovered and confronted about his sinful lifestyle, and made to depart if he doesn't repent.  He is probably one of an entire network  within that archdiocese.  No wonder Baltimore has parishes like St. Matthew's on Loch Raven Boulevard that actually march in "gay pride" parades.  They are a menace to souls.  The question now is: does the Baltimore chancery care/

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Remnant On The Scalfari Hell Interview

A few days ago, another conversation between Pope Francis and Eugenio Scalfari happened.  As happened several times before, heretical statements were ascribed to the pope: statements that to date have not been specifically repudiated by either the pope or the Vatican Communications Office.  When Scalfari asked about the punishment of souls who die in mortal sin, the pope allegedly said that they aren't punished and they simply cease to exist.  Right there you have heresies against the existence of hell and the immortality of souls.

This conversation is all over mainstream media.  The pope needs to clarify his statements immediately if he never uttered those heresies.  If he did make those statements as reported, we will need to come to grips with the possibility that our pope has uttered heresies.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The God Of Surprises Ain't So Surprising

Last Saturday I opined how this upcoming "youth synod" is appearing to be quite similar in intent to the "family synods" of a few years back that resulted in the dung heap known as Amoralis Lamentia.  Today's post from One Peter Five confirms my suspicions.  It seems that a number of young people who participated in the English-speaking contingent of the "Pre-Synodal Meeting of Young People" are keenly interested in the promotion of traditional practices such as adoration, Gregorian chant and of course the Latin Mass in Extraordinary Form. 

The meeting took place from March 19-24 in Rome, with approximately 300 in attendance.  Lickety-split, on March 24, the Final Document of the Pre-Synodal Meeting of Young People was released.  My!  That document was produced with remarkable speed and alacrity!  Why, a suspicious sort of person might insinuate that it was typed and ready to go even before the attendees arrived on March 19th.  Perish the thought!  Why, that has never, ever happened in the Church's history, right?  Right??!? (/sarc)

Some of the faithful Catholics have voiced displeasure at the short shrift that their concerns received in that document.  They understand that their numbers are significant and would have expected to have their wishes treated in a commensurate fashion.  But let's face it.  We are dealing with a Vatican - and a pontiff - who seem to be doing all they can to obliterate Tradition - both in worship and in teaching.  If they manipulated the 2014 meeting to such an extent that Cardinal Pell had to openly rebuke them, why should we be surprised at any manipulation of the meeting that ended a few days ago?  I don't know for certain that such subterfuge occurred, but there is precedent for such a hypothesis.

Their "god of surprises" is being revealed as a "god of the ssame-old-same-old".  By the way - check out what my blogging colleaague, Catholic American Thinker, has to say on the matter.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Another Synod Is On Its Way - So Too Is Another Amoralis Lamentia

This one, scheduled for this coming October, will be called "Synod of Bishops on Youth, focusing on: youth, women, moral issues, and leadership.  I agree with One Peter Five that this one, like the infamous one of 2-3 years ago, that this one will be used as a front to forward a progressive agenda.  Read his commentary.  Some of those young people criticize the Church as being "severe" and "associated with excessive moralism".  C'mon!  Teenagers have been grousing at their parents for the same reasons for countless generations!  They are simply bucking the policies that keep their lives from being ruined because they are too driven by emotions and hormones.  As the wise parents stand their ground, so too must the Church and not think of such youthful rebellion as real guidance.  Robert Royal of Catholic Thing said that he would have found such toadying "pathetic" had he been approached by adults like that when he was a teen.

Such "severe" aspects include the Church's teachings on homosexuality, abortion, shacking up, etc.  The kids have gotten their hopes up that the Church will change her teachings on these matters.  That is impossible of course, for the Church's teachings on morals are those of Jesus Christ.  They won't change for God Himself doesn't change.  But the fact that these heretical hopes are being entertained may well be a convenient smoke screen for those progressives within the Church who do want to insinuate such changes under the guise of "being pastoral" and "accompanying", etc.

As the synod on the family was a disguise for the promulgation of Amoralis Lamentia, I dread the thing that will be published after this youth synod.  It is probably already written and simply is waiting for this October dog-and-pony show to happen.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

From The Carhart Carnage Department: He Did It Again! When Will Ambulance #2 Show Up At His Bethesda Mill?

In mid-October of 2017, Leroy Carhart resumed his butchering of babies in the wombs of their mothers.  Operation Rescue learned a few days ago that one scant month after setting up shop in Bethesda, he also resumed sending women to the hospital via ambulance.

There are two things that should be mentioned.  First, the other tenants in that building better get used to seeing ambulances pull up on a regular basis as happened in Germantown.  Their patients and clients will be treated to the sight of badly injured - maybe even dying women - being hauled away.  There will be the sight of blood and smell of vomit in the hallways.  Why will these other tenants - themselves payers of rent - have to put up with this?  More importantly, many of them are also medical professionals.  How can their professional consciences not be outraged by the obvious incompetence displayed by Carhart?  How can they countenance baby-slaughter?

Second, the OR piece mentions that an NIH ambulance took the woman to Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital.  I've lived in Montgomery County most of my life whereas the OR author didn't so I notice some things that she may not have.  Why did they summon an ambulance from NIH when the fire department at the corner of Old Georgetown and Cedar Lane was much closer?  Why did they haul the woman all the way to Walter Reed when Suburban Hospital was just a few miles south on Old Georgetown?  The OR piece raises the possibility of improper use of federal funds for this transport.   Moreover, if a woman is hemorrhaging, speed and efficiency are of the essence.  They did not happen in November 2017.   I agree that much stinks about such an arrangement.

We will bring you news of any other episodes.  They will happen - and some may have already occurred between November and today.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

With The Lettergate Fiasco, We See Once Again That Personnel Is Policy

On Saturday, the Church and even the entire world were witnesses to the skulduggery of the Vatican Communications Office.  Today it was announced that Msgr Vigano, Prefect of the Vatican Secretariat for Communications resigned.  Apparently he is taking responsibility for the "lettergate" fiasco - their attempt at deception that blew up in their faces after the Pope Emeritus refused to be their dupe.

So now we know that Pope Francis is entirely innocent of the whole debacle for he accepted the resignation and rid the Vatican of that dastardly perpetrator - right?  Ehhh...not quite!  It seems that in his same letter in which he accepted Vigano's resignation from his prior position, Pope Francis created a new position in the same office, an "assessore" of the same office he held.  It's akin to "second in command".  That is Vigano's new role.  A devious mind might think that Vigano's still going to call the shots around there, with the new prefect serving as a "front-man" puppet.  But of course that would be the furthest thing from the minds of the Vaticanistas now, wouldn't it?  (Stop that snickering immediately, you cynical neo-pelagians!)

As the saying goes, "personnel is policy".  Once again we are left with no doubt regarding their policies.  Please pray for the Church and continue to shine the light on the cockroaches.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

More Of Pope Benedict's Real Letter Is Revealed

Two days ago, I posted the news that the Vatican had owned up to its dishonest alterations of a letter written by Pope Benedict XVI.  It turns out that even their "owning up" wasn't completely honest.  Edward Pentin and Sandro Magister reveal what we think and hope is the real complete letter penned by the pope emeritus.  It turns out that Benedict refused to write the review because those works contained contributions by Peter Huenermann, a dissident theologian who took potshots at Benedict during his pontificate.  Eponymous Flower has more on his screeds.

While I'm sure that there has been corruption in the Vatican for some time, I now believe that under this pontificate, the corruption is not so much endured as applauded and even mandated.  If there isn't a major personnel shake-up in the Vatican communication operations over this latest debacle, then there is no denying where the current pontiff stands on these matters.

CFO Fired From Catholic Institution For Her Second Amendment Advocacy - Time For Us To Act

Sister Carol Keehan, wielder of the Pen of Perfidy, sits on the board of Catholic Charities as do quite a number of those who've contributed to pro-abortion politicians.  Cardinal Cheesehead Dolan wined and dined the Messiah Most Miserable at the Al Smith Dinner and gave approval of gays marching in New York's St Patrick's Day parade.  The progressives have absolutely no problem hob-nobbing with pro-aborts - provided they can get money thrown their way.

Contrast all that schmoozing with the treatment meted out to the now-former CFO of Miami's St Thomas University.  What was Anita Britt's "high crime and misdemeanor"?  Why, she sits on the board of American Outdoor Brands Co, parent company to Smith and Wesson.  You've heard of them, no doubt.  They are manufacturers of those eeeevulll guns that, of their own power and volition, randomly go out and shoot people!  Of course that last sentence was facetious, but for the progressive lemmings who troll our blogs, I must spell out what is obvious to those with two brain cells that fire in syncopation.  She was given a choice: resign from AOB, or lose her job.  She chose the latter which I believe was a wise decision.

The Crud article states that the president of the university, Msgr Franklyn Casale, put the choice to Britt as his reaction to public opinion and backlash.  So, Msgr Casale doesn't like "backlash", right?  Perhaps it's time for us faithful Catholics to provide some backlash of our own and make known our disgust for his linguine-like spine.

From the website, we see Msgr's contact information:

Casale, Franklyn M.
President's Office
(305) 628-6663

Call and email him.  We cannot let them get away with such kowtowing to politically correct nonsense.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Pope Benedict Letter That Wasn't

The blogosphere has been all aflutter with the news/rumors that a letter from Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI confirmed his beliefs that he and Pope Francis were essentially in alignment as far as philosophy and theology goes.  Some blogs evincing sedevacantist leanings went so far as to say that the pope emeritus is just another modernist, heretic, etc.  I personally have been slow to comment on this, both because of time-consuming personal matters and because I sensed that there was more to this than meets the eye.  Lo and behold, we find that the latter is true.

LifeSiteNews and other sources published the news today that the Vatican distorted the letter that Benedict XVI issued.  They obscured a paragraph to give the impression that the Pope Emeritus was giving endorsement to some books on the theology of Pope Francis.  In fact, that omitted paragraph states that the Pope Emeritus could not give an educated opinion because he hadn't read the works in question.

Now to the perpetually naive who find it impossible to imagine that the Vatican would stoop so low as to essentially falsify what Benedict XVI said, recall some recent history.  Recall the reason why Cardinal Baldiserri is known as "Book Thief Baldi".  Two years ago, many of us hypothesized that the sin-nods were dog-and-pony shows designed to foist some heresy on the Church.  We now know that heresy to be called Amoris Laetitia - or, as I call it, Amoralis Lamentia.  Cardinal Pell even called them out on it quite loudly.  So yes indeed, the Vatican of Pope Francis is well-practiced in all the skulduggery tricks of the trade.

Still, all this seems not to be enough for our sede friends.  They obviously don't appreciate the fact that Benedict XVI just politely told the Vatican mafia that they can take those books on Francis' theology with them as they take a flying leap.

There's no gainsaying that this stunt of the Vatican has backfired into a major fiasco for them.  Now the real question is, "will people understand the significance of this"?  This question should be answered not only by progressives but by sedes.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

The DACA Drivel Of The Archdiocese Of Washington

Once again I missed an issue of the Catholic Standard.  Owing to some pressing personal matters, I didn't realize it until I saw it in the lobby of Blessed Sacrament (DC) this weekend.  When I saw page 3, I understood why it might have been omitted from my mail.  It was all about DACA and that insipid telephone campaign of the USCCB to beg Congress to extend de facto amnesty to the so-called "Dreamers".  The online version didn't have that precise article but here is an online article along a similar bent.  For more articles, search "DACA" on the Standard's website.

Several months ago I wrote a post explaining why I believe that support of illegal immigration is inherently sinful.  I still do.  For those reasons I believe that the USCCB's "call-in" campaign was likewise inherently sinful, for the specific reasons stated in that post.  In that post I wrote "One troubling aspect about the hierarchy's embrace of progressive positions is that church authorities too often strike hands with politicians who foment the Culture of Death."  That happened at Blessed Sacrament earlier today, as I learned in its bulletin yesterday.  The only difference is that this time it was not an errant politician, but an errant priest.

Go to page 3 of the linked bulletin, bottom left.  You'll see that this morning they hosted Father Peter Daly, former pastor of St. John Vianney from Prince Frederick, MD.  Because he's retired and no longer pollutes the pages of the Catholic Standard, I haven't had occasion lately to write about him, but in the past I sure did.  In one post, I commented on an article that he wrote for the Not-At-All Catholic Reporter, in which he publicly condoned homosexual acts.  This is the sort of person that Blessed Sacrament thought qualified to teach their parishioners.  They've hosted both Chris Matthews and Mark Shriver in prior years - appearances that we picketed.

Here's an oddity about Daly's selection as a speaker.  He lives in Prince Frederick Maryland.  That's southern Maryland.  Between that and Blessed Sacrament is a two-hour drive each way.  What?  Blessed Sacrament couldn't find a more local illegal-amnesty shill?  In loony-liberal Montgomery County, these people abound.  That truly puzzles me.  Why?