Friday, November 21, 2014

Doctrine Is To Be Obeyed, Not Debated

In Mark 8, we read that Jesus elevated Peter to the role of His first vicar on earth.  However, we also read that after Jesus told them of His impending crucifixion. Peter objected.  Immediately Jesus rebuked him, saying "get behind me, Satan.  You do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men".  Notice that Jesus did not "discuss" and "dialogue" with Peter.  He taught Peter the truth in no uncertain terms, and that truth simply was not a topic of legitimate debate.  Objective truth never is subject to debate for truth stands on its own merits, regardless of the opinions of mere humans.  That same principle holds for the truths that are solemnly declared by the Church for they are the very teachings of Jesus.

Sadly our current pontiff shows signs of falling into Peter's error.  We know that those Catholics who are validly married in the Church and then divorce and take up with other people are living in the sin of adultery.  They cannot be admitted to Holy Communion, lest they burden their souls with additional mortal sins of sacrilege.  These are immutable truths, not subject to debate.  Yet as we read the interim report of last month's extraordinary synod, we see that these topics were indeed debated by prelates who should know better than that.  Pay attention to paragraphs 47-48, and 50-52.  Those who wrote these paragraphs undoubtedly toy with the heinous notion that these truths, taught by Jesus Christ Himself through the Magisterium, are subject to debate and even doubt and disobedience.  Towards the end of the synod, these paragraphs were voted out of the report by the synod fathers.  Incredibly and yes, inexcusably, the Holy Father ordered that these paragraphs remain in the final report, thus opening the topics once again to debate at next year's ordinary synod.  We also note with dismay that the Holy Father has retained Archbishop Bruno Forte as special secretary of the synod.  It was he who wrote paragraphs 50-52.

Already one can see the scandal wrought by this de facto wavering on the truths that have always been taught by the Church.  Many good priests and religious are now finding themselves in constant "damage control" mode, trying to repair the damage done by signals from the synod that are conflicted at best.  Read this account by Father Jerry Pokorski in the Catholic Thing.

In a valiant effort to prevent much damage at next year's synod, Cardinal Burke is urging all the faithful to write to the Pope to ask him to remove these topics from the agenda for the next synod.  Here is contact information.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Liberal Insanity In Maryland Continues

The Thomas More Law Center is representing a Charles County family in their action against La Plata High School.  An eleventh -grade student was being forced in her "World History" class to make affirmations of islamic doctrine.  Her father, a Marine veteran who saw action in the middle east and saw first-hand muslim brutality, took issue with the school administration.  For his efforts he found himself banned from school property.  The young lady refused to carry out the brainwashing exercise and received failing grades.  Read this account; you'll see how the students were forced to affirm islam, even though religion and state are ostensibly held separate.  Or does that theory only hold when the religion in question is Christianity?

Speaking of not mixing Church and state, church-goers in neighboring Prince George's County may want to be alert to an increase in envirowhackoism spewing forth from the pulpits.  Churches in Prince George's county will see reductions in their "rain tax" IF they institute "green ministries" and incorporate "environmentalism" into sermons.  I'm not sure whether this is governmental 1) blackmail or 2) bribery.  At any rate, churches will see a reduction in an already immoral tax if they allow the county government to set the tone of what is preached from the pulpit.  Ladies and gentlemen, the First Amendment was written to prevent such governmental intrusions into church affairs as this obviously is.

If any local Catholic churches exhibit evidence of such blackmail, would you please advise us via comments?  Thank you.

Something Appropriate For Your CCHD Envelopes - From Lepanto Institute

Michael Hichborn, formerly of the American Life League, has formed an organization called the Lepanto Institute for the Restoration of All Things In Christ.  Read their mission statement from their website.  I highly recommend following this.

Hichborn has done much work while at ALL in terms of exposing the CCHD.  Yesterday he began the website with the publication of this.

See Lepanto's site for important information, including a blatant conflict of interest harbored by CCHD director Ralph McCloud.   For your convenience in printing and distributing these "dollars" to your friends and colleagues for their CCHD collections, download this pdf and send it far and abroad.

For additional info on the scandal known as Catholic Campaign for Human Development, please place that name (or CCHD) in this blog's search box to the top left.  You will get an eyeful of relevant information.  

Remember - say #no3cchd!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

From The Maturation Department: Dolan Tries To Discredit Voices Of Truth

At the USCCB meeting last week, Cardinal Dolan apparently voiced a snit over the fact that the truth about the SinNod was promulgated far and wide.  Without realizing it, he gave a back-handed compliment to the independent media who were at the Vatican, those of us utilizing electronic media to spread the word and yes, to the synod fathers who were courageous and clear-minded enough to blow the cover off the shenanigans that Kasper and yes, the Pope, tried to conduct.

In today's Vortex, Michael Voris picks apart Dolan's screed bit by bit.  A question he keeps asking is
Now is Dolan simply trying to intimidate us into silence, to cow us into submission before next year's scheduled debacle?  Well, yes, but I believe it's part of an orchestrated effort.  Recall that as the SinNod closed last month, the Holy Father said we had a year to "mature" before the ordinary SinNod convenes next October.  I believe Dolan's pouting is nothing more than a part of the maturation campaign.  After all, a month has elapsed already!  It's time for the progressives to get the rest of us brainwashed matured!  We gotta get with the program!  Not!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Cardinal O'Malley Sympathetic To Dissidence Regarding Women Priests

This stunning admission of dissident proclivities was made during a "60 Minutes" interview with Norah O'Donnell.  What else can we call it when he states, "if I were founding a church, you know, I'd love to have women priests. But Christ founded it and what he he has given us is something different."

Let's unpack this, shall we?  We'll first examine Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, an Apostolic Letter written by Pope Saint John Paul II and promulgated on May 22, 1994 - the Feast of Pentecost that year.  To the best of my knowledge, this is the only time the sainted pontiff spoke ex cathedra.  I'll quote the key paragraph from the bottom of this letter where Pope John Paul II invoked infallibility.

"Wherefore, in order that all doubt may be removed regarding a matter of great importance, a matter which pertains to the Church's divine constitution itself, in virtue of my ministry of confirming the brethren (cf. Lk 22:32) I declare that the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church's faithful."

I underlined that last phrase for a reason.  In his interview with 60 Minutes, did Cardinal O'Malley definitively hold that judgment?  He did not!  His acknowledgment of it was grudging at best.  This Prince of the Church, in clear dereliction of his sacerdotal duties, makes plain his personal  ambivalence regarding Pope John Paul's declaration and sympathy to those dissenting on the matter of women-priestess wannabees.

In August 2013, Pope Francis reiterated Pope John Paul II's declaration.  Cardinal O'Malley is the lone American among the group of eight cardinals selected to reform the curia.  What he does and says will not be lost on Pope Francis.  The question now is, what will Pope Francis do about this not-so-sly dissent from the Magisterium by Cardinal O'Malley?

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Do You Know Catholic Charities?

The above is the title of a pamphlet included in our parish bulletin today.  It, along with a talk from a CC supporter, is a push for donations.  I'm sure they do good work, and at least one good friend of mine was adopted through Catholic Charities.  However, that was fifty-some years ago.  Since then Catholic Charities has shown itself prone to embroiling itself with all sorts of squalid affairs.

The presentation today dwelt on only the positive aspects of Catholic Charities.  However that is an inadequate response to the question, "do you know Catholic Charities".  I'd like to present some posts I've done over the years that might show some different and very important aspects to Catholic Charities.  Please read before donating so that your decision might be fully informed.

Catholic Charities, like Catholic Relief Services and the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, may not be a worthy recipient of your donation dollars.

Pope Asks Punk-Rock Blasphemer To Perform At Vatican Christmas Concert

Patti Smith is called the "godmother of punk rock".  It does seem she is an icon to the aging hippy crowd.  She once quipped "Jesus Christ died for somebody's sins but not mine."  I do hope and pray for her repentance and conversion; else that statement will be written in stone to her eternal damnation.  She is said to have been involved in a romantic, later platonic relationship with infamous BSDM artist Robert Mapplethorpe.  These claim her as an influence on their own "work" (using work loosely): Courtney Love, Madonna, Pussy Riot.  I've heard it said that she supports abortion and LGBT rights; I've found no documentation of the former, but I believe her relationships with the late Mapplethorpe and Pussy Riot would lend credence to the latter allegation.

So why, oh why, has a woman of this immoral caliber been invited - by Pope Francis himself - to perform at the official Vatican Christmas Concert on December 13?  What next?  Will the Rolling Stones or maybe a "gangsta-rapper" bunch be doing the Easter Concert?

Besides the disregard for the dignity of the Vatican, invitations such as these can be understandably construed as an affirmation of the aberrant lifestyles and/or stances of these individuals.  The pope's invitation to Patti Smith is to be deplored in no uncertain terms.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Vatican Corruption And Intent Of Many Prelates

In the Vortex from last Thursday, Michael Voris touches upon the obvious corruption in the Vatican.  Much of that was obvious in how the progressives tried to drive the SinNod last month.  Not to be ignored is the corruption that permeated the semi-annual USCCB meeting in Baltimore last week.  After this clip, I ask you to read below it.

I'd now like to turn your attention to a column written by Vincent Chiarello that was published in The Remnant on Thursday entitled "Cardinal Ambition: From Wolsey To Wuerl".  I had not known all the chequered details of Cardinal Wuerl's career, even though I live in the DC archdiocese.  I certainly was aware that as Archbishop of Washington, he is prone to smooch up to rich and powerful "katholyc" dissidents.  When Chiarello mentions "Wuerl approved the removal of a priest from a parish for denying Holy Communion to a self-described agitprop Buddhist lesbian", I don't think he's 100% correct.  He is referring to Father Marcel Guarnizo and that situation happened in my parish.  I wouldn't be surprised if Wuerl not only approved Father Guarnizo's ouster but initiated it.

Now indeed we do find that Cardinal Wuerl's star is rising in the Vatican horizon.  Consider that both Archbishop Wuerl and Archbishop Burke were named cardinals at the same time, and that both men have diametrically opposed views to key areas, such as whether Canon 915 will be obeyed or not.  It was Pope Benedict XVI who called Burke to Rome and placed him in the Congregation for Bishops and named him Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura.  After Pope Francis came on the scene, we see Burke removed from both positions and Wuerl essentially replacing him in the Congregation for Bishops.  Moreover, Cardinal Wuerl was one of the six whom Pope Francis unilaterally appointed to help write the interim report for the SinNod.  Frank Walker of Pewsitter put up an article regarding Wuerl's concerns for "pastorally applying" the synod.  That's his excuse not only for disobeying Canon 915 himself but punishing those who do obey it.

That Vortex ended by saying we smell a rat.  Some of us are in very near proximity to them.

The Madness Of Thanking Accomplices To Baby-Murder

Many readers know that on most Saturday mornings I can be found in front of the Planned
Thank me very much!
Parenthood facility in Silver Spring MD.  Abortions, that is, the murder of babies occurs there regularly.  Our attempts to offer help are hindered by a group of pro-abortion activists, hereafter called deathscorts invited there by Planned Parenthood; certainly they don't want us to deprive them of their blood money.

The neighborhood to our north seems to be populated by mostly pro-abortion sympathizers.  Bear in mind this is Silver Spring, one of the most liberal/whacko areas of the state.  Last January I posted about an orchestrated campaign of their's to offer "thanks" to the deathscorts.  Why they offer "thanks" to these misguided individuals is beyond me; suffice it to say that in doing so, they accept part of the guilt for the blood of babies wantonly shed within a mile of their homes.

Well, word must have gotten around that the deathscorts were down in the dumps.  Who wouldn't be, when they're actively participating in the murder of babies?  So the "thank the deathscort" troupe was obviously mobilized to come out en masse today.  I have to say they're so transparent.  They seem to have protocols in place as they congratulate accomplices to baby-murder.  To wit:
  • The deathscort-thanker must be walking a dog.  It is, however, acceptable not to have a dog with you if you're driving by in a car or maybe jogging.
  • The deathscort-thanker must stop and allow the deathscorts to pet the dog.  This allows the deathscorts to pretend that they're kind and gentle as they hustle mothers into the doors and block our efforts.
  • The deathscort-thanker must never, ever ask the pro-life activists why they are there.  To do so might introduce truth to them and cause them to understand that Planned Parenthood is committing murder in their own neighborhood.
Pray for all involved in the murder of babies - and for those who give aid and/or comfort to them.  They place their immortal souls in grave danger of eternal damnation.

Friday, November 14, 2014

An Excellent Homily On Purgatory

I found this on Father Ray Blake's blog.  Father Gerard Hatton, ordained just three years ago, gave a talk at a Catholic Church in England.  He speaks on Purgatory and the need to prepare for a holy death.  Here we have an alter christus speaking the truth!