Monday, April 27, 2015

Father Marcel Guarnizo On The Gay-Nazi Persecution Of Christians

Today CNSNews published an article written by Father Marcel Guarnizo entitled "Radical Homosexuals Want To Have Their Ideological Cake And Make You Eat It Too".  In this article Father does an excellent job in explaining why participation in morally questionable activities is not to be confused with routine business transactions.  He rebukes GOP presidential hopefuls for falling all over themselves in kowtowing to gay voters.  While he focuses on Marco Rubio, he might just as well have included Mike Huckabee.

He might also have included the disgraceful conduct of Knights of Columbus Council 934 in Madison, Indiana.  This past Saturday, as thousands of us participated in the March for Marriage, they allowed two lesbians to use their ballroom for their "wedding reception".  If this sounds familiar, it's because I and others sounded the alarm regarding this matter several months ago. now informs us that the Indiana State Council, in a meeting this weekend, refused to address the issue and to deliberate how future scandals could be averted.

To refresh memories, three years ago at St. John Neumann Church (my parish), Father Guarnizo withheld Holy Communion from a flagrant lesbian.  For that the Archdiocese of Washington, in their typical cowardly fashion, kicked Father to the curb and expelled him from the Archdiocese.  Read here.  Father has experienced first-hand the venom of the gay-nazis, aided and abetted by cowards and/or gay sympathizers within the chancery.

We do need to demand of our leaders, current or future, clerical or secular, that they grow backbones and stand firmly against the gay-nazi juggernaut underway.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Some More Videos - And A Question Regarding One Of Them

Yesterday I stated that I would upload more videos that I took of yesterday's March for Marriage.  The first is a talk by a Protestant preacher - his name escapes me.  He explained to us the alphabetical structure of the Hebrew words for "man" and "woman".  I won't rehash the explanation here; please listen to it (I'll put all videos at the bottom of this post).  Suffice it to say that God hints that there will literally be hell to pay if two of the same sex try to join as man and woman were created to do.  Please keep this on the back burner as I comment on the third video of this post.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

March For Marriage - Initial Report And Videos

I and many thousands attended the 2015 March For Marriage (spearheaded by National Organization for Marriage) this afternoon.  It was held on the Mall between the Washington Monument and the Capitol.  I took many shots but for now will feature only three of them.

It started with a rally which was well underway when we arrived.  You'll notice in the first video that I started recordin as we arrived that the Hispanics showed up in force.  I certainly commend them for that; I only regret that they put other Catholics to shame owing to their relative lack of appearance at the mall - particularly those Catholics in the local tri-state area.  To be honest, I know of only one parish in Maryland that gave the march the importance that it deserved.  Could it be that the presence of a same-sex "married" vice president of Catholic Relief Services may well have justified the lack of attention given to this important effort by many local Catholic pastors?

The second video shows the start of the march to the Supreme Court.  I'll have later shots of the march proper up in a day or so.  I commend the American Society for Tradition, Family and Property for lending their support to this effort.  These are the same men who have been leading the Marches for Life over these past many years.

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Push To Marginalize Christians Grows More Blatant

Johns Hopkins University, long known for its rabid political correctness, has just made known its disdain for Christians who adhere to the Teachings of Jesus Christ.  The Student Government Association just voted to ban Chick-Fil-A from the JHU campus, despite the opinions of a large part of the student body.  Of course the reason is that the SGA disapproves the Catheys' obedience to the true nature of marriage.  The SGA went so far as to call the presence of the eatery a form of "micro-aggression" to the JHU LGBTUVWXYZ (did I miss any letters?) population.

"Micro-aggression"!  I never knew that word existed.  It really doesn't.  It's just some pathetic attempt to twist the language to excuse the bigotry against conservatives on the JHU campus.  Are the perverts and their supporters such whiny, delicate little snowflakes that they'd feel "aggressed upon" by the presence of a restaurant?  Unless they were being forced to patronize the establishment at gunpoint, I see no excuse for such sniveling.

Andrew Guernsey, a junior at JHU and president of that campus' Voice For Life, wrote an article about the dismal anti-Christian bigotry displayed by the SGA; it is in the National Review.  Please read it here.  He's right.  It is a witch-hunt.  This time it's the witches that are doing the hunting, which brings me to the next example of Christians being marginalized.

Not only are we being targeted for our adherence to truth regarding marriage, but we are also being targeted for our defense of unborn children.  This bigotry is being shamelessly displayed by Hillary Clinton, a Democratic candidate for US President.  Correctly recognizing that Christians will not sit back and allow babies to be murdered without a struggle, she made some rather blatant declarations yesterday as she spoke at the Women in the World Summit in New York City.  She said, "deep-seated religious beliefs around the world have to be changed to promote critical access to reproductive health care." (italics mine)  Really?  Says who?  Who will be doing this "changing"?  How does she propose to accomplish this "change"?  Remember!  She wants to be President of the United States!  In other words, she wants to be our empress, and relegate Christians to de facto ghettos.  This link will take you to a video of her remarks.

Clinton's remarks are identical to those found in the New York Times several weeks ago.  Frank Bruni wrote an op-ed piece that clearly states his opinion that those who hold to Biblical standard of morality have no place at the American table.  I link also to Breitbart's analysis of this screed.  Bruni's pig-slop is in a major newspaper (well, not so major it seems.  The NYT has been losing readership as they lose credibility, but I digress!)

Ladies and gentlemen, these moves are just a few precursors to Kristalnacht.  Before some pollyannas protest that these incidents don't amount to that event, read your history.  The persecution of the Jews did not start with the violence of that one night.  It started slowly and in low-key fashions (such as what we're seeing now) and gradually but unmistakably increased in both frequency and intensity, culminating not only in Kristalnacht but the Nazi death camps.  Not only can it happen here, but the process is well underway.  I will link to an article written by Msgr Charles Pope that outlines "The Five Stages Of Religious Persecution".  These stages are commonplace today.

How long will the pollyannas bury their heads in the dirt?  Can any sane person doubt that we Christians are being relegated to the status of "Niggers of the New Age"?  We need to exercise our rights to forestall that - while we still have the ability to exercise them.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day! Stop Yawning From Boredom Immediately!

Yep!  Another one has come and is almost gone!  If this stupid stupendous event escaped your notice, you are not alone!  According to National Journal, approximately 74% of Americans rarely - if ever - discuss Earth Day.  Eek.  The horror.  The terror.  I shall faint from fright at my earliest convenience.

I've written numerous times about this scam but still the progressives - in and out of the church - continue to sing this swan song.  Hopefully their audience is dwindling.  Now here's a person who's celebrating Earth Day as it should be celebrating - Scott Walker, Wisconsin governor.  He's contemplating the elimination of over 50 of the state environmental agency's jobs.  Talk about a reduction in waste and useless consumption of resources.  In all honesty, if Walker runs for president, he will be on my short list.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

CRS In Damage Control Mode Now That It Is Known They've Been Harboring A Sodomite

Yesterday the Lepanto Institute broke the news that a Catholic Relief Services Vice President has been in a same-sex faux-marriage for two years.  Many of us joined the effort to shine the light of truth on that squalid situation.  It seems that Rick Estridge has been with CRS for sixteen years and was promoted to his current position two years ago, during the same month that he and his accomplice in mortal sin made a mockery of marriage.

True to typical CRS fashion, their higher-ups are in full-scale damage control mode.  From the National Catholic Register we read this statement from Tom Price, CRS Senior Manager for Communications: "Rick Estridge has served CRS for 16 years and currently holds the position as our vice president of overseas finance. Rick is in a same-sex civil marriage. At this point, we are in deliberations on this matter."

The "damage control" might be backfiring for that statement itself causes red flags to fly.  To wit:
  • I stated in my post yesterday that it is unreasonable to believe that CRS higher-ups, from Carolyn Woo up to the board of directors, did not know all along that Estridge was living in a state of objective mortal sin for at least two years, given his public profiles on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.  As of yesterday, those public profiles were gone as a part of the damage control effort, but prior to that the were available for all to behold.  How can it be that Catholic Relief Services, a self-described adherent to Catholic moral teaching, harbored a sodomite in its midst let alone promoting him?
  • Now they are "in deliberations!"  Just how long does it take to be "in deliberation"?  Let's put that question another way: how long would they have to be "in deliberation" if they had discovered that Estridge (or another CRS employee) was a card-carrying member of the Ku Klux Klan?  I'd bet that in that case, the "deliberation" time would have been a lot less than the time that Bishop Bootkowski et al spent in firing Patricia Jannuzzi or the time that the Archdiocese of Washington spent in kicking Father Guarnizo to the curb - and those were lightening-fast "deliberations"!  Mr. Price, why the delay?
Now it could be that they are contemplating the dismissal not only of Estridge but of his superiors who allowed the fetid stench to continue with the blessings of a CRS paycheck.  In fact, they all have betrayed the trust of the Catholic Church.  But I'm sure that's not the case and all we're seeing is a bunch of stone-walling.  The time has long since come to starve this CRS beast.

Monday, April 20, 2015

March For Marriage - Saturday April 25!

Please come and join many people of good will who seek to preserve God's intentions for matrimony.  Marriage is under extreme attack - even by forces inside Church structures, per my previous post.  This march will occur days before the Supreme Court is set to hear an important case that will decide the constitutionality of true marriage.

Details can be found here.  PLEASE COME!  SPREAD THE WORD!  SPEAK OUT!  BE COUNTED!

Catholic Relief Services VP - A Flagrant Sodomite

The Lepanto Institute broke the news that the current Vice President of Overseas Finance for Catholic Relief Services, Rick Estridge, entered into a mockery of marriage with his sodomite accomplice, William Goretsas.  Lepanto has a copy of the Maryland marriage license on their page.  The legal travesty happened over two years ago.  Lepanto also has numerous screen shots from Estridge's Facebook and Linkedin profiles that show Estridge to be, well, "out and proud" regarding his promotion of perversion - and his thumbing of nose at Catholic moral teaching.

The Facebook and Linkedin accounts are deactivated as of today.  Presumably that was done in a lame attempt at damage control.  It appears that he hasn't completely cleaned up his Twitter account. (UPDATE!  That's gone, too!)  We see that he is following both Michelle and Barack Obama as well as Ellen Degeneres.

At any rate, given his rather high-profile flaunting of his mortal sin, no reasonable person can gainsay that Estridge's objectively sinful status wasn't known by the higher-ups inside the Catholic Relief Services.  For over two years, Catholic Relief Services - the same that pretends to uphold Catholic moral teachings - has harbored within its ranks of power a known sodomite.  If the CRS directors have allowed this to fester in their midst for over two years, what does that say about their own loyalty to the Catholic Church and to Jesus Christ Himself?

Will John Rivera (or whoever now occupies the none-too-enviable position of CRS Director of Communications) go all-out into damage control mode as he tried to do three years ago (and miserably flopped)?  What will the leadership of CRS do about this highly-placed official who is flouting Church teaching and contributing to the ongoing lie that is its "mission statement"?  I think we all know the answer to that - zilch, zip, nadda!

I think we also have a glimpse regarding the reason why the upcoming March for Marriage on Saturday the 25th has received so little support from the two Maryland archdiocese.  Yes, a few parishes have heroically promoted this march, but they are few and far between.

It is my opinion that the Catholic Relief Services is jaded beyond repair.  In fact, the same can be said for the entire United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  The whole apparatus needs to be dismantled.  In the meantime, do not drop one red cent into any collection that is held for the benefit of CCHD, CRS, Catholic Charities or anything masterminded by the USCCB.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Our Lady Of America And Purity

Ladies and gentlemen, many of you know that I started this blog with the express purpose of exposing the progressive corruption that has infested the Roman Catholic Church and the culture at large.  The sickness is spiritual at its root.  While we speak and act, what we do must be founded upon and energized by the grace that comes to us through prayer, the Sacraments and intercession of the saints.

Our Blessed Mother is the intercessor par excellence.  Under her title Our Lady of Fatima she has continuously urged that we offer prayer - most notably the Rosary - for peace and conversion.  If you have not heard of Our Lady of America, please take note of her and her insistence upon purity and chastity as necessary conditions for restoration - both personal and societal.  I link now to the site of those championing this devotion and to a letter (as it appears on the EWTN site) by then-Archbishop Burke that detailed his review and favorable opinion of this devotion.

Ora et labora.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Many Souls Of Sr Joan Chittister

I never knew that Oprah Winfrey had a show called "Super Soul Sunday".  One could say that only shows my ignorance of "modern culture" but I'm not so sure that "modern culture" really is true culture, but that's fodder for another post.  She interviewed Sister Joan Chttister, heretic nun extraordinaire, recently.  The phrase "blind leading the blind comes to mind, but again I digress.

The discussion revolved around the topic of souls.  I link to the Huffington Post piece on the interview for that has a video of the actual interview, with all the gobblygoop pouring out of Chittister's mouth for all to hear.  I also link to NewAdvent's discussion of the soul, and the Catholic theological and philosophical treatment of the same.

Now how does "light of consciousness of the beauty of life" conform to the definition of "soul" as set forth by the Magisterium?  It doesn't - but that's Chttister's definition of "soul", as set forth in the beginning of the video.  I will not go into a "blow-by-blow" expose of the myriad of errors tumbling out of Chittister's mouth - except to say that her babblings about "layers of consciousness" can and will facilitate justification for abortion and euthanasia.  She says her soul now is different than her soul as a child; it is "thicker, deeper. warmer, brighter, wiser".  Thankfully she didn't add "more humble" as a characteristic of her, uh, "modern soul".

Ladies and gentlemen, we can expect more of this pig-slop now that the Holy Father has given the LCWR (Liberal Coven of Witches Recusant * Leadership Conference of Women Religious) a free pass to continue their mischief.

Besides Chittister, we may be treated to the snoots and snorts of Sister Ilia Delio.  Remember her?  I wrote about her when I discovered she was on the faculty of Georgetown University.  The Remnant recently picked up on her too, outlining some similarities between her and Pope Francis.

We have Our Lord's promise that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church.  However, much damage - and damnation of souls - will be the price to pay for the toleration of heretics in our midst.  Keep praying.  Keep shining the light and speaking out.

*Update - Pewsitter added the word "recusant" to my "LCWR" interpretation.  I like it!  I'll keep it!