Saturday, December 8, 2018

Buffalo Bishop Commits Sacrilege Against The Eucharist

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A possible Eucharistic miracle may have occurred at St Vincent de Paul Church in Springbrook, NY.  When notified of the miracle, Bishop Malone (yes, him), instead of ordering a proper investigation, ordered that the Host be destroyed.  His reasoning?  He is quoted as saying, the Host had already dissolved and "Christ was no longer present".

Pictures clearly show the Host intact.  Moreover, if the Host truly was already dissolved, there would be nothing left to destroy.  Right, Your Excellency???

Bishop Malone's dismissive attitude towards the Blessed Sacrament is deplorable.  He may now be guilty of sacrilege against our Eucharistic Lord.  One of the commenters on the CM site believes that Malone may have automatically brought about his own excommunication.

The bishop needs to feel some heat for his refusal to follow proper procedures for investigating the possible miracle and for his cavalier attitude towards the Eucharist, leading to probable sacrilege.  The diocesan website is here.  All readers, no matter where they are, can call and/or email this diocese.

Many faithful Catholics in that area are righteously outraged.  In addition to contacting that chancery, I'd suggest a complete boycott of all diocesan donations.  I'd suggest that if you see the bishop in person, that you challenge him regarding his brash decisions and derelictions of duty.  Let him know that bishops should act like bishops and not crass businessmen.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Aristotle And Aquinas

I myself haven't watched the entire clip but I too believe that many of us faithful Catholics have suffered from lack of adequate intellectual formation in our Faith.  This clip is worth a listen, from what I've seen of it.

Monday, December 3, 2018

The Strange Defense Of Baby It's Cold Outside

A radio station recently announced its decision to ban "Baby It's Cold Outside" from its airwaves.  It cites its allegiance to the #metoo movement as its reasons.  Immediately the whining and kvelling commenced, with most complaining that the station simply is kowtowing to politically correct sentiments.  They mock the notion that "baby" promotes date-rape - although the lyrics lend credence to that allegation.

What truly baffles me is how many Catholics are defending the song, claiming that:
  • It's a Christmas classic (even though Christmas isn't even mentioned)
  • The lyrics are silly and harmless, especially compared to today's rap music.
First, let's take a look at the lyrics, and a piece that I wrote about the matter three years ago.  As I read the lyrics and notice the line "what's in this drink", I acknowledge the possibility of date rape being implied in this song.  Even if it weren't, the singers are flirting - not only with each other but the mortal sin of fornication.  Someone attempting to defend the song said "it was written in a sane time when they wouldn't be contemplating sex".  Why, oh why, should I accept that theory?  He's asking her to stay the night.  If nothing else, that constitutes near occasion of mortal sin, does it not?

Others cite the course music of today.  Yes, rap is truly raunchy - but did music degrade to its current state only within the past several years?  No, it's been a gradual process.  Many decades ago, the proverbial envelope was pushed, little by little, to the current dismal state of affairs today.  "Baby It's Cold Outside" was a definite push of the envelope.  Is that so difficult to understand?

This song isn't worthy of the ears of decent people.  It certainly isn't worthy of the defense that Catholics are lending to it.  My fellow Catholics, we can - we must - do better than that.  There is so much decent, uplifting music to help us dwell on the Birth of Our Lord.  That is real Christmas music.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Police Raid Of DiNardo's Offices Raises Some Interesting Questions

We see from here and here and here that various Texas law enforcement agencies conducted a surprise raid on the offices of the Galveston-Houson Archdiocese.  They were searching for data focusing on one priest and found information concerning several more who abused young boys.

As far as this Texas situation goes, I think this is a most positive and much needed move.  However, in light of the recent USCCB meeting, some questions immediately arise in my mind.  Texas officials descended on the offices of DiNardo very soon after that meeting.  However, why haven't local officials swarmed upon the chanceries of Washington DC, Chicago, Metucheon and others?  I'm sure that quite a few of those local officials are eager to move in.  What is restraining them?  What restrained the Texas officials until just now?

Recall that at the meeting, Cardinal DiNardo, president of the USCCB, made plain to all his displeasure at the pope's orders that measures pertaining to the sex abuse crisis not be voted upon at that meeting.  Cupich interrupted him, making quite clear that he, not DiNardo, enjoyed the pope's favor.  So now, all of the sudden, it's DiNardo's chancery that is raided.  Mind you, this is not to impugn the local Texas officials who are just doing their job.  I suspect something or someone was preventing them, just as they are preventing law officials from showing up at the DC and Chicago chanceries.  Could those restraints have been lifted from the Texas officials as punishment for DiNardo's public displeasure at Pope Francis?

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Of Papal Resignations And Depositions

The seemingly non-stop insults to Tradition coming from Pope Francis have led to much discussion regarding the possibility of deposing a sitting pope and, in this case, whether or not Benedict XVI's resignation was valid.  Below are two videos.  The first is a discussion between Taylor Marshall and Eric Sammons regarding the possibility of deposing a pope.  As you listen, pay close attention at the 6:04 mark, when Sammons says, "there's only been one pope at a time; never has there been a case of two popes at a time."

That dovetails into Ann Barnhardt's video, in which she makes a case, from canon law, that the "resignation" proffered by Pope Benedict XVI was invalid.  That being the case, Benedict is still pope and Jorge Bergoglio never has been.  These videos are long, but they are well worth the investment of time to consider.  You may agree or disagree with what these individuals say, but they raise questions that all faithful Catholics must ponder for we are indeed living in treacherous times, and much of that treachery comes from Church leadership.  Now the videos...

Saturday, November 24, 2018

What's Happening With McCarrick?

With all the events surrounding the joke of a bishops' meeting in Baltimore, and now the prospect of yet another synodical farce this coming February, the fate of Theodore McCarrick seems to have fallen from the radar screens.  Or so some prelates might have hoped.

The Washington Post seems to have noticed that, and has remarked about that.  Normally I'm not a fan of the Post but in this case I respect their determination not to let this matter fall by the wayside.  They ask questions that deserve answers.

Well, maybe there are answers.  This LifeSiteNews article details how McCarrick was quite the effficient errand boy  for Pope Francis in his various progressive endeavors.  I need not rehash all the mess here.  Suffice it to say that there is plenty of reason why Pope Francis would like to keep the spotlight off McCarrick.  Perhaps he would one day like to spirit McCarrick off to some posh resort in Europe - for prayer and penance, of course!  Or perhaps they are waiting for nature to run its course; McCarrick is getting on in years and the day of his eventual passing from this life is drawing near.

Speaking of that inevitable event, please keep him in prayer, that he would come to real repentance and make a good confession before he dies.  Else, his eternal prospects look rather dim.

Baltimore Catholics, Why Do You Tolerate These Charades?

This sacrilege happened at Sacred Heart of Mary Church in the Dundalk area of Baltimore yesterday.  Almost as scandalous as the dance hall music is the reaction of a lot of the viewers.  They simply show the abysmal state of catechesis that has dumbed down the sensum fideli of many Catholics today.

One might argue that at least this doesn't rise to the level of scandal that might be found at St. Matthews on Loch Raven Boulevard.  However: lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivandi.  The behavior of Auxiliary Bishop Madden illustrates quite starkly that principle.  He celebrated yesterday's Sacred Heart debacle.  Moreover, in the past, he has lent his support to the gay-pandering dissidence at St. Matthew's.

The sane parishioners that remain in that parish need to rebuke that pastor: both in word and in the withholding of financial support.

Friday, November 23, 2018

From The Fox Guarding Hen House Department: Cupich To Head Vatican Sex Abuse Summit

We saw last week how Cardinal Cupich did the pope's bidding as he stopped the USCCB from taking steps to address the episcopal sex abuse scandals.  It was clear that both he and Cardinal Wuerl had no intention of addressing the matter in any meaningful fashion.

Neither does the pope.  Else, how does one explain the pope's appointment of Cupich to head up this Vatican sex abuse summit that is slated to happen next February?  It will be a sham, just as has been all these synods and meetings that have happened in the past few years.  I've no doubt that even now Cupich, Wuerl, Tobin and others are working on "synod documents" that will be completely fabricated long before the summit attendees arrive in Rome.  The summit will be just another dog-and-pony show to pretend that the Vatican is all into "collegiality" and that they are "listening" and "accompanying" when nothing else could be further from the truth.

So what might this "summit summary" have to say?  Did Cardinal Cupich give us a hint with his suggestion that some clergy sex offenses were "consensual" and should be treated differently.  And who can forget his dismissive "rabbit hole" quip?  Might this be a ploy to normalize sodomy in the priesthood and elsewhere?  I suspect the outcome of this summit has already been determined and that it will accomplish diddly-squat when it comes to eradicating the filth from the clergy.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Strong Protest And More

In LifeSiteNews we read commentary about a blog post written by Msgr Charles Pope.  Msgr Pope encourages all to protest and write very specific letters to the papal nuncio.  While I agree that this step would be helpful, that is not all we can and should do.

One step that many of us have been touting is the withholding of donations to the local bishops.  Money, or lack thereof, does seem to be one language that these errant prelates understand.  Boycott the various collections, but be sure to let the bishops know exactly why your donations have ceased.

Be sure that among your fellow parishioners that you broach the various issue facing the Church.  Don't let them fade from their minds.

Here's another action item that Michael Voris implemented when he found himself on the same flight as Bishop Malone.  See the Vortex below to see him in action.  Then look below that for more discussion.

We can all do this - and we must, particularly if you are so unfortunate as to have one of these gay-enablers in your chancery.  Don't be afraid to picket them, especially when they rub elbows with pro-aborts and other dissidents.  Eight years ago we did precisely that, when both then-Cardinal McCarrick and Sr Carol Keehan were honored at the commencement for Gonzaga High.  This was just a few months after Keehan wielded her influence to foist upon us all the Obamacare Hell Bill.  Given what we know now, thanks to Archbishop Vigano's various testimonies, it is quite possible that at that time, McCarrick was flouting Pope Benedict's directives not to say Mass in public.  At that time we had no way of knowing that.  Still, his appearance with Keehan was its own travesty.  We picketed that.  See this blog post and the video embedded therein.  Towards the end of that video you'll see McCarrick receiving a well-deserved earful.  We must all be at the ready to deliver the same.