Monday, March 30, 2015

Cardinal Sins - And Their Papal Enabler

In today's Vortex, Michael Voris clearly lays out the case that many cardinals are deliberately flouting the Church's authority to coddle those in sexual sin or those who profit from sexual sin.  Missing from his analysis, though, is a forthright admission of why they are allowed to retain their red hats (what are they called?).  More to the point, there is someone who is allowing them to continue their chicanery and perhaps is orchestrating it.  I speak, of course, of Pope Francis.

To be fair, many of these cardinals started carrying on when the Pope's predecessors occupied his chair.  After last October's sin-nod, though, it became quite clear that this current pontiff at least approves of their dissenting behavior - if he's not outright ordering it.  I realize it is the policy of Church Militant TV not to criticize the pope's actions.  That's their decision.  I and many others hold a different opinion.  We will call the spade a spade.  I'll now analyze some statements of Voris' and point out some obvious papal connections.  I'll go in order as they occur in the video.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Clarity For The Francis Effect

I thank my colleague at the Tenth Crusade for posting this.  I'll post it here to give it wider circulation.

Cardinals Burke And Muller Speak Truth To Rogue Prelates

LifeSiteNews published some excerpts of an interview that Cardinal Burke gave two months ago to them.  I link to it now and urge its study.  He points out the absurdity of:
  • Trying to claim that there is some "redeeming" value to homosexual acts
  • The use of contraception to be "responsible stewards of the earth"
  • The many anomalies of the sin-nod
Similarly, Cardinal Muller had some words of truth for his fellow German bishops, stating quite clearly that local bishops' conferences could not decide for themselves what constitutes dogma and discipline, stating that it was "an absolutely anti-Catholic idea that does not respect the Catholicity of the Church".  He also stated that "the president of an episcopal conference is nothing more than a technical moderator" and that a country's dioceses are not subsidiaries of that country's episcopal conference.  I recall that Pope Benedict XVI also made the point of stating that these conferences have no inherent authority in and of themselves.  This only serves to strengthen my belief that these bishops' conferences are snakes in the grass and should be immediately dismantled.

I pray that the words of these two good cardinals are heeded and studied, as antidotes to the "maturation" that is being shoved down our throats to make us susceptible for more doctrinal poison that no doubt is planned for the sin-nod that will occur in October 2015.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fighting For True Marriage - March On April 25th

A week or two ago I announced a talk given yesterday at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Bethesda and sponsored by CanaVox.  I attended and I'm happy to report that it was very well attended.  They were going to have it in a class room but realized they had to have it in the Church itself (they did repose the Blessed Sacrament properly).  It was recorded; when the video is available I'll post it.

In the Lourdes bulletin announcing this event, mention was made of Dolce and Gabanna.  They are well-known fashion designers who also happen to be a gay couple.  However, they had the clarity - and courage - to publicly acknowledge the necessity of true marriage.  They caught a lot of flack from the gay community for their stance.  Elton John has called for a boycott.  I'd like to point out that this is the same Elton John who enthused over Pope Francis, calling for his immediate canonization.  When that happened, many who wear rose-colored glasses waxed giddy about it, sighing that the pope was "reaching their hearts".  Now I hope that at least in this regard, the rose-colored glasses are flung from their faces.  I refer you now to the Lourdes bulletin as it describes the D&G-versus-John situation quite accurately; I think Ayatollah Elton is quite suitable.  (By the way, dear ADW chancery!  If this bulletin should "disappear", I'll just repost it with yet another blog post about any censorship.  So please don't bother!)

At the talk yesterday was announced the next March for Marriage on April 25th.  Please note that this is a Saturday; most of us who work should be able to make this one.  Here are the details as they appear on the NOM site.  Please be there.  We must speak up for true marriage and the children who suffer because they lack one of their parents.  Please spread the word through social media, email contacts, conversations, etc. So much is at stake.

A Holy Year Of Mercy!

On March 13, Pope Francis announced a "holy year of mercy".  My friend at Harvesting the Fruit has some thoughts and I'll add my own.  What is the pope's idea of "mercy"?  Might this translation of his homily today provide a clue?  It looks like a rather choppy translation done by "google translate" but from this Radio Vatican site, I gather that he's chiding those who "close the Church's doors".   I don't know who he thinks would shun a sinner who wants to return to God; this sounds like one of his "straw man" arguments to me.  What is meant by "come to mass on Sunday but stay there and do no more".  I hope I'm wrong, but this sounds like a strange way of trying to justify distributing Holy Communion to those who may be in mortal sin.  That is not mercy!  Mercy must be sought and sought properly.  For that there is the Sacrament of Confession, the real channel of mercy for those in serious sin (and all of us when you get right down to it).

But if we're really going to talk about "mercy", may I suggest some worthy recipients of that?
  • Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate and their Sister counterparts.  Allow them to live their vocation and charisms unfettered
  • Patricia Jannuzzi, the New Jersey high school teacher who was fired - by a Catholic high school - for upholding Catholic morality on her facebook page.
If they receive some "mercy", bring it on!  On the other hand, what they deserve is justice to right the immense wrongs done to them by their bishops.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

500 Faithful Priests In England Beg For Faithful Synod - Will Their Request Be Granted?

From Zenit we read the Holy Father's general audience as he made mention of the Ordinary Synod to occur next October.  In one of the lines he is quoted as saying, "All -- Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, priests, men and women religious, lay faithful – we are all called to pray for the Synod. There is need of this, not of gossip!"  No doubt serious prayer to God is needed for this meeting, but what is meant by "gossip"??

I'm not going to pull punches!  I've reason to believe that by "gossip" he is referring to the watchful eye that many of us bloggers have had, and by the light of scrutiny that we shone on the proceedings there.  No doubt we were of assistance to stalwarts such as Cardinal Burke, Muller, Pell and others as they tried to stem the onslaught of rank modernism and yes, heresy, that otherwise would have gushed forth from the sin-nod last October.  I'm certain that Kasper, Marx, Baldaserri and others chafed and squinted at the light we were shining in their eyes.  Gentlemen, it is precisely because we are praying that we will continue to broadcast whatever comes forth next October.

Speaking of prayer, I understand that approximately 500 Catholic priests of England and Wales have petitioned the synod to stand firm for the perennial teaching on marriage.  While I applaud these priests and am grateful for their efforts, I am a bit saddened, too.  Why?  Very simple!  Why, in the name of heaven, would these priests believe that they need to ask bishops and cardinals to adhere to Catholic teaching?  Shouldn't it be understood that it's second nature to prelates to do so?  Yes, it should be understood, but that is not the case and these poor priests realize that.  Case in point - they were rebuked for standing for Church teaching by a local prelate, Cardinal Vincent Nichols.  Please read Damian Thompson's analysis of this action.

I just noticed something on Facebook.  Apparently Cardinal Nichols is sympathetic to sodomite relationships.  While he upheld marriage per se, he did not denounce the mortal sin of sodomy.  Might this have had something to do with his snit against the faithful priests?

So once again we have a prelate chastising faithful Catholics under his charge for speaking and acting like - faithful Catholics!  The number of these incidents, including the one I mentioned in Tuesday's post, is reaching epidemic proportions!  I don't think the end is in sight!  Again, we bloggers will shine the spotlight on these misdeeds of the clerics.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Two Bishops Throw Their Faithful Flocks Under The Bus To Appease The World

Many of us have heard of Patricia Jannuzzi, a theology teacher at Immaculata High School in Somerville NJ.  She had posted on her private Facebook page, defending true marriage and exposing the gay agenda for what it is - part of a push to extinguish western civilization.  Lepanto Institute saved her post, because the school demanded that she take it down before informing her that her contract would not be renewed.  As you read the post, do you find in there anything that is at variance with Church teaching?  Neither do I.  So why did her school fire her?

A former student of hers stumbled across it.  He was miffed to read it, as he himself is gay.  He also is the nephew of Hollywood left-wing Susan Sarandon.  So auntie got all the minions together and they started to blast the school - much like a similar bunch did to the Archdiocese of Washington three years ago when Father Guarnizo withheld Holy Communion to a flaming lesbian.  And like the Archdiocese of Washington, they abandoned their Catholic principles and displayed all the spinal fortitude of jellyfish.  The ease with which they cast aside their allegiance to the Teaching of Jesus Christ cause me to believe if such allegiance was really present; they were way too quick to evict from their midst a truly Catholic teacher who proclaimed true Catholic morality.

I'd suggest that we too make our displeasure known to the school and to do so repeatedly.  I will say one thing for the gay cartel.  They are tenacious and ready to drop everything and act for their beliefs, such as they are.  We on the other hand tend to be too demure, reserved, deferential in the face of those who need to hear the truth from us and even to be rebuked by us.  Here is the contact information for the school.  Please utilize it, but there is also one more step.

Jesus Demonstrates "Acceptance"!
The school's site posted a horrid statement by the local bishop, Bishop Paul Bootkoski of the Diocese of Metuchen.  I'll link to it as it appears on that diocesan site.  It is one along the apostolic line of Judas.  One line of his is that "the teacher's comments are disturbing and do not reflect the Church's teachings of acceptance".  I can only say that this is heresy.  The Church has never taught the acceptance of sinful behavior.  Ms. Jannuzzi most certainly did articulate the Church's teaching regarding sodomy.  Either the bishop is blissfully ignorant of basic moral teaching or some sugar daddies are threatening to cut off funds - or Sarandon sycophants are calling and saying mean things to hurt his feelings!  Well, like Lepanto and others, we must all contact Bishop Bootkoski ourselves and set the record straight.

So that's one bishop who betrayed a faithful Catholic.  Now onto another.  On March 3rd in the state of Idaho, a Catholic state senator, Sheryl Nuxoll, boycotted an opening prayer at a senate session that was conducted by a Hindu.  She correctly stated that hinduism is "a false faith with false gods".  She wasn't the only one, by the way; there were two others.  Rather than support her, or at least keep silence, Bishop Peter Christensen of the Diocese of Boise rushed to rebuke her Catholic witness, falsely claiming that Nuxoll did not "represent the opinions or teachings of the Roman Catholic Church."  Oh, really?  News flash!  Hinduism is idolotry!  Nuxoll is correct.  As you can detect in Christenen's screed, his thinking is infected with the syndrome known as "ecumenicide".  Here's contact information for that diocese; please call this treatment of Nuxoll into question.

Are you noticing a pattern?  Not only do these bishops refuse to speak truth to dissidents, lest they offend some deep pockets or rile some loud leftists, but when faithful Catholics within their dioceses do act like Catholics, these bishops pile on them!  Is it to keep those dollars flowing in, or the leftists from sneering at them, or is it something else?  Do they resent the faithful Catholics for displaying the faith and courage that they refuse to display?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Shining The Light Through Rose-Colored Glasses

Today's Vortex addresses why Catholic bloggers will continue to shine the light on clerical misbehaviors - despite the whining and pouting of those who insist upon wearing rose-colored glasses in the face of clerical mischief.  It is their evil, more than that of laity, that has so much potential to damage the church simply because of the authority they do wield.  Indeed, untold numbers of souls have been led astray by nonsense from clerics.  Witness the gays who now have reason to believe that their mortal sins are affirmed by Cardinal Dolan as a result of the St Patrick's day parade fiasco.  And yes, witness the millions who now believe adulterers will be allowed to commit the sin of sacrilege with Holy Communion thanks to the grotesque relatio released by Pope Francis.  Yes, I will continue to shine the light - despite the stubborn resistance of some to seeing the truth.  One such individual is Jeff Mirus - more on that below the video.

Mirus penned a piece recently, to which I link now.  I'll unpack a few salient points - but not all for I don't have time for that.

Let's look at the second paragraph.  Since you'll have it open in a separate browser window, I'll interject my comments in red throughout this copy.  "Every few weeks (or perhaps every few days), Pope Francis says something that annoys or even appalls those who like their Catholicism neat and tidy.  His "neat and tidy" quip is really quite condescending.  That's a cheap shot, Mr. Mirus - for shame!  At any rate, we prefer the faith being portrayed clearly and unambiguously, for the sake of poor souls who really do need the truth with no gimmicks for the sake of their eternal salvation.  Pope Francis seems to enjoy not only shaking things up (which he has admitted) but speaking colloquially, and therefore with less theological and pastoral precision than might otherwise be the case. My readers know that I don’t think this is nearly as dangerous as many do,  for those who are not oh-so-sophisticated to wade through sloppy presentations, the lack of theological precision can well damn them nor do I think Francis is attempting to push the Church in an unacceptable direction I cannot divine whether or not he's attempting to push the Church in a bad direction; regardless of his motives that is in fact what he's doing."

Let's look at this one.  "I don’t think Francis thinks in the categories of left and right, liberal and conservative, that so many Western Catholics use as a kind of ecclesiastical shorthand to categorize conflicts over doctrine, liturgy and moral principles. Rather, I think Francis takes Catholic faith and morals for granted, And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is a BIG problem on its own, when so many don't know the basics of faith and morals.  Even bishops, as evinced by the nonsense from the Sin-Nod last October display ignorance of their faith.  In their case I hope it's ignorance, lest they be culpable of serious sins but is really fed up with clericalism and formalism (call it systemic rigidity or riskless ministry) which prevents the Church (in her members) from being profoundly evangelical and constantly engaged in sacrificial service to those who are materially, morally and spiritually poor. This does lead to misunderstandings, but those misunderstandings are  half due to our own inadequate categories of reflection  So what does Mirus call it when so many, of diverse perspectives and levels of Catholic knowledge, glean the same messages from the Pope?  When anyone attempts to communicate, he/she accepts the responsibility of communicating their message clearly.  It just isn't acceptable to blame the recipients of the message for repeated failures to communicate clearly."

Here Mirus shows evidence of swallowing the "god of surprises" kool-aid.  "In the challenge of love, God shows up with surprises…. So let yourselves be surprised by God: Don’t be afraid of surprises, afraid that they will shake you up.  Don't you think that depends on the nature of the particular surprise in question?  They make us insecure  Really?  Why should they?  but they change the direction we are going in. True love makes you “burn life”, even at the risk of coming up empty-handed."  Why this fetish regarding "surprises"?  Are we aware that God is immutable?  That His word doesn't change?  When we come across anomalies and are surprised by the same, maybe - just maybe!- that sense of "surprise" is really a warning from our good sense to stay away from the source of alarm.

As I said earlier, I don't have time to unpack this entire mess from Mirus (at least not in this post).  I will look at one last thing.  "We have a standing joke in my household. When I express an opinion about Pope Francis, my wife asks: 'How long are you going to keep your head in the sand?'"  I echo Mrs. Mirus' question, not only to Mr. Mirus but to all who refuse to take off their happy-clappy rose-colored glasses.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Affirming Children's Rights To Their Mothers And Fathers

This coming Friday, March 27th at 7:30pm, a group of scholars and authors - all raised by same-sex couples - will be giving a presentation on the topic cited in this post's title.  It will be held at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Bethesda Maryland.  See the flyer at the left for details.

These authors are currently in town and will be filing amicus curiae briefs on Thursday as the Supreme Court hears a case regarding this very topic.  Recently, LifeSiteNews featured a letter by these authors to Dolce and Gabbana, gay fashion designers, for their defense of true marriage.

By the way - when speaking of this matter, I've used the term "traditional marriage".  Henceforth I will use the term "true marriage" to describe the authentic lifelong union of one biological man and one biological woman.  Any attempt to mutate the definition of marriage outside those parameters is both ridiculous and dishonest.  There is "true marriage" and then there are various manners of cheap counterfeits.

The talk is being sponsored by CanaVox.  Here is their website.

Please come and spread the word.  Thank you.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Cardinal Dolan, Heavy-Handed Progressive

Ladies and gentlemen, despite his "jolly cheesehead" image, Dolan has shown that he has quite another side.  Remember the flap about Father Justin Wylie at Holy Innocents Parish in New York City?  He was thrown under the bus alright - but not solely for his care for the Traditional Latin Mass.

I'm posting a "Mic'd Up" below, dealing with all the slop that is coming from New York vis-a-vis Cardinal Dolan.  Listen closely between the 28:00 and 37:05 marks.  It seems that Father Wylie and a colleague discovered corruption at the Holy See's Permanent Observer Mission and Path To Peace Foundation being carried out by Msgr Chullikatt.  They were preparing to blow the whistle on that when Cardinal Dolan brought the hammer down on Father Wylie, having him shipped back to Johannesburg and subsequently assigned to a very dangerous area there.  Of course that's just a coincidence - right?