Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Mount St Mary's Careens Towards Decadance

Last month we had to picket the commencement at Mount St. Mary's owing to the fawning that they heaped upon pro-abortion Mark Shriver.  They have had other problems.  Now, via their alumni magazine, they are formally cooperating with the mortal sin of sodomy as committed by two of their graduates.

Two Mount graduates, currently engaging in perversion, are about to make a mockery of the Sacrament of Matrimony.  The Mount is assisting them in announcing their "engagement" just as they would the engagement of a man and woman.

The Church recognizes nine ways in which we can cooperate in sin, and thus partake in that sin.  That cooperation can either be remote or proximate, formal or informal.  I would think that printed praise of sodomy in their official publication is both formal and proximate cooperation in mortal sin on the part of Mount officials who instigated and allowed that praise.  They most likely share in the guilt of the sins of sodomy and sacrilege committed by those two alumni.

The LifeSiteNews article has embedded therein a letter of protest from an alumna of the Mount.  She spoke out against the sin, exercising the Spiritual Work of Mercy known as "rebuking the sinner".  Now the question remains, "what will you and I do about it?" We do not have the moral option to just shrug our shoulders and ignore the matter.

Monday, June 17, 2019

A Monstrous Agenda Comes Into Focus

Today Michael Hichborn of Lepanto Institute outlined how Pope Francis is promoting goals espoused by communists.  Hichborn focuses much on the so-called "sustainable development goals".  I have published similar things on my blog, noting how the pope, in various documents, actually calls for one-world government and population control; the latter is code-talk for contraception and abortion.

Well, in order to advance a socialistic one-world government where the government is seen as the master that meets all needs, one must try to usurp the One True God and His Church.  That is done effectively by undermining her teachings and traditions.  We see today that the pope is taking pot-shots at priestly celibacy and tinkering with the order of Mass.  We've seen how Amoris Laetitia  insinuates the idea that adulterers can receive Holy Communion. 

Of course, at the beginning of his papacy we saw his disregard for ceremonial traditions such as the papal slippers, the apartments, etc.  Ladies and gentlemen, while these things seem minor, they are traditions that link the current occupant of Peter's chair to a legacy and responsibility that far transcends what might be his own preferences.  Pope Francis thumbed his nose at these.  Now we see that these so-called minor snubs were only precursors to much more dangerous problems.

I hope that by now, most thinking people have their eyes wide open.  Let us pray and be prepared to speak out.

The Vatican Mafia Takes Off Its Remaining Kid Gloves

First, click on the video to play the music.  It will lend appropriate ambiance to the news that which I shall relate below the video.

In a manner that would do any Mafia don proud, the pope recently told his ambassadors not to criticize him "behind his back".  No doubt he alluded to Archbishop Vigano, who tried to approach him personally (much like the dubia cardinals) but was ignored.

So what's with all this "collegiality" talk?  Has his "bishop of Rome" schtick been a cheap public relations stunt?  Probably so.  It now appears that the pope is being more upfront about his real agenda.  The lovable persona is being laid aside now and it has become more clear that he is implementing his real goals.  The next post will discuss these.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Thus End Another USCCB Dog And Pony Show

I concluded my previous post about the USCCB gab-fest with a question for which I believe we now have an answer, and a rather unsurprising one at that.  With a handful of exceptions, they are about the deconstruction of the Faith, the transformation of the Church into a shill for "social justice", i.e. anti-God socialism.  I won't analyze all the insults to the Faith that have just happened, lest I be here till doomsday doing all that.  I will summarize.

Cardinal Cupich flat out tried to defend his utter disregard for Canon 915.  His lame excuse?  "Sanctions..don't change anybody's minds".  Do you see what is completely omitted from his thinking?  He disregards his responsibility to protect the Blessed Sacrament from sacrilege and to keep these unrepentant pro-aborts from burdening their souls with yet another mortal sin, that of sacrilege against the Blessed Sacrament.

The bishops ostensibly had as a major point of their agenda (the one that didn't even mention Jesus Christ) the mechanisms by which they purport to address the sex abuse crisis.  If you're looking for a list of new and innovative actions that they'll be taking, there isn't any list for there are no real changes.  The bishops will continue to police themselves.  It's the same-old-same-old.  Surprise!

Ah, but there is one change, one that will ensconce heresy into the American catechism.  They are going to tweek it to refer to the pope's erroneous statement that the death penalty is "inadmissible".  Nope!  The Church, in her entire history, has always acknowledged that the death penalty is a legitimate means by which the state can protect its citizens.  No pope can say what Tradition deemed right centuries ago is now a moral wrong.  Make no mistake.  This death penalty stunt is their chosen trial balloon.  Since many good Catholics are adverse to it, the Vatican believes they will put up little resistance to this one little tinkering with Church teaching.  They reason that if they can get away with this heresy, that the acceptance of other heresies will be easier to get faithful Catholics to swallow.

I guess they are implementing Hitler's addage: "If you repeat a lie often enough, they will believe it."  Our job is to make sure that doesn't happen.  I'm posting below a Vortex regarding the Church hierarchy and their attempt to continue the lies.  Of course Church Militant isn't the lone organization pursuing truth.  There are others, such as Lepanto Institute, Remnant TV, LifeSiteNews and quite a few others.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Faithful Catholics, Stop Sitting On Your Hands

The video below was posted by Randall Terry, reporting on his recent confrontations with rabidly pro-abortion CINO Joe Biden.  As most know, Biden is one of quite a few pro-abortion Democrats (a redundancy) running for President.  In his video, Terry states the reasons for his protest and encourages others to do the same.

As I watched this, I couldn't help but recall our action against Mark Shriver at Mount St Mary's last month.  Of all the faithful Catholic laity that I know exist in Maryland, only nine of us showed up - me and eight young men from the American Society of Tradition, Family and Property.  Now I realize that quite a few faithful Catholics were in front of abortuaries as they usually are on Saturday mornings.  I speak not to them for they are in fact speaking against evil in other venues.  They too find their numbers to be small.

I tried to drum up support for the Mount effort but at best the responses were "well, maybe".  Those "well maybes" turned into no-shows.  Ladies and gentlemen, please understand that while prayer is necessary and crucial, it is NOT sufficient.  In fact, I daresay that if one prays for the culture of life but yet refuses to step out of his/her comfort zone to engage in street activism, political action or just speaking publicly, then his/her prayers aren't worth the spit produced in the utterances, for they value their comfort over God's will.  It is they who need repentance as much as abortion supporters.  If you are going to repent, don't just go to confession (although that's advisable) but get out of your comfort zones and do something.  The next 40 Days campaign would be an excellent start.  Now the video.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Useless Gabfest In Baltimore

Yes, the USCCB is having its semi-annual swanky gum-flap session in Baltimore as I type this.  I just learned this a few days ago; usually their November meeting is in Baltimore and their June meeting is elsewhere in the country.  I wonder what prompted this venue switch?

At any rate they are in Baltimore and they are trying to carry on as though it's business as usual.  There are rumblings of some common sense - not much, but not non-existent.  Bishop Robert Baker of Birminghan noted that in the "strategic priorities" and "emphasis areas" documents that were distributed to the bishops contained not one mention of the name of Jesus Christ.  Oh, pish-posh!  How neo-pelagean of him!  Is Bishop Baker clinging to ashes of the past?  Goodness!  Enough sarcasm.  Bishop Baker is correct.  They are bishops of the One True Church founded by Jesus Christ.  How can it be that a key document of an ostensibly Catholic gathering doesn't once mention the words "Jesus Christ"?  Anyway, Bishop Baker's point received no acknowledgment from Archbishop Vigneron.

Likewise ignored was Bishop Strickland, when he stated that the bishops needed to hold CINO pro-abortion politicians accountable.  Again, the response to his point was crickets.  In reality, I think some of these prelates were seething at him for he politely called out their boot-licking for what it is.

So here we have it.  Two bishops made rather modest suggestions on how the US bishops could actually act as bishops, and the response to both was crickets.  They also had no word of rebuke for Cardinal Wuerl, who was caught lying multiple times.  So just what are they jabber-jawing about in Baltimore anyway?  For what are they squandering thousands of dollars this week?

Monday, June 10, 2019

Five Prelates Issue Declaration Of Truths To Counter Common Heresies

Some of the heresies being addressed have been ginned up by Pope Francis.  The five prelates are:
  • Cardinal Raymond Burke
  • Cardinal Janis Pujats
  • Archbishop Tomash Peta
  • Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga
  • Bishop Athanasius Schneider
LifeSiteNews links to the official Declaration, as well as a petition to be signed in support of these five prelates.  Church Militant also has commentary.  It can be asked "where are the rest of the prelates of the Church?"  Well, consider that many of these prelates are not merely cowards, but they have drawn their long knives against these five prelates (and other faithful bishops such as Bishop Paprocki).

At any rate, we welcome this news as we learn that Pope Francis et al have all but wiped out another traditional order of sisters, these being the Little Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Redeemer.  Most have been relieved of their vows for not bowing to the modernistic dictates of Sister Mary Pantsuit.  Of course that's not her real name; I don't know it and that's just as well, I suppose.

So how did these sisters find themselves in progressive cross-hairs?  Well, among their high crimes and misdemeanors they engaged in (Wait for it!  This is an exact quote) "too much prayer", and being "unmoving" in fidelity to their order's charism.

The pope also let loose at Italy's Interior Minister Matteo Salvini because the latter is enforcing common-sense immigration policies.  The pope went so far as to compare him to Cain murdering Abel.  The pope both insulted and slandered Salvini.

I and many others pray that this latest Declaration of Truth will wake some people up regarding the evil that has overtaken the Vatican.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Support Bishop Paprocki

Pro-abortion CINO's in the Illinois state legislature are working to pass an extremely deadly abortion-rights bill.  Bishop Thomas Paprocki has decreed that those CINO's may not receive Holy Communion in his diocese; he singled out by name the Illinois Senate President and the Speaker of the House.  Moreover he ordered his priests not to give them Holy Communion, should they dare present themselves for it.

Note what just happened.  Paprocki invoked Canon 916 when he directed that the pro-abortions not present for Holy Communion.  Canon 916 speaks to the laity.  This is not the first time I've heard bishops make this proclamation.  It is, however, the first time that I've heard a bishop order his priests to deny Holy Communion to pro-aborts.  This is Canon 915, that speaks to the ministers of Holy Communion.  Correction: Several decades ago, Bishop Rene Gracida, then bishop of Corpus Christi, put some pro-aborts under interdict.

As one can imagine, Bishop Paprocki is taking a lot of heat for his proclamation.  I daresay that a good portion of that heat might be coming from brother bishops.  Let's sign this petition to publicly support this bishop for acting like a bishop.  We pray that others follow suit.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Gay-Pandering In The Catholic Church

Almost three years ago I wrote this post regarding gay-pandering David Haas.  Today it is still quite relevant, if not more so now than then.  LifeSiteNews captured a screen shot of his facebook page, in which he announced, and I quote, "For Pride Month, last night I composed a Taize’-like (ostinato) refrain, based on Psalm 139, 13-14".  In other words, he twisted Sacred Scripture to celebrate the mortal sin of sodomy.  It seems like the distortion of Scripture is quite the fad these days in progressive circles, but I digress.

That post has been deleted (I wonder why!), but there remains this gem from Fr James Martin that he shared to his wall.  Unfortunately he is not the only one who slobbers over James Martin.  On Good Friday of 2017, Wuerl invited Martin to preach on Good Friday at St Matthew's Cathedral.  Later he was invited to lecture at the Theological College at Catholic University; faithful Catholics were successful in putting the kibosh on that debacle; read here.  Under Archbishop Gregory, we have indications that we can only expect more gay-pandering, as he did in the Archdiocese of Atlanta.  I wonder if we can expect gay propaganda now in the Catholic Standard.  If so, they will hear from us.

For now, I'd suggest that faithful music directors expunge David Haas from their repertoires.  If that doesn't happen, faithful Catholics should simply refuse to sing his dribble. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Lord's Prayer - An Ash Of The Past???

A few days ago, the pope returned from Romania on a plane.  Yes, a plane!  As we are all aware by now, the pope, planes and interviews are recipes for disasters and this was no different.  The cabin oxygen must have dipped as he said that "fundamentalists" want to return to "ashes of the past" and said also that "tradition..is not the container of ashes".  Then he carried on about "future".

The Church is called upon to preserve and proclaim Tradition for therein lies the timeless Teachings of Jesus Christ.  God's word is timeless as is Our Lord Himself.  God is not bound in time.  He does not change over time for God does not change.  Neither does His word.  Neither does Tradition.  It is only common sense to understand that.

It's quite possible that the pope uttered that tripe not only as an insult to faithful Catholics, but to pave the way for his tinkering with both the Lord's Prayer and the Gloria.  Understand that both were originally uttered by Our Lord Himself and angels respectively.  It takes an unbelievable amount of hubris to edit the words of Our Lord Himself.  What?  Are we to believe that Jesus misspoke when He said "lead us not into temptation"?  What's that?  A misunderstanding in English?  Ain't it funny how the Church got the English wrong for hundreds of years!  Goodness!  How did the Church ever struggle along without progressives "enlightening" it?  Likewise the angelic hosts must have stumbled over their words when they proclaimed that first Gloria.

In two or three months, what else about Sacred Scripture will be considered an "ash of the past"?  Will it be the teachings on hell and the final judgment?  How about Paul's admonishments regarding sodomy?  Who knows?

I do know this.  Should this bastardization of the Lord's Prayer be promulgated in US parishes, I will VERY LOUDLY recite the Lord's Prayer as He uttered it.  I hope I will not be alone, should it come to that.  You can put that in your pipe and smoke it, for anyone interested in ashes.  So dear US bishops, if you want to avoid that, then "lead me not into temptation".