Thursday, March 5, 2015

Just Who Is Silencing The Church's Voice?

Almost two weeks ago I noted the peculiar definition of "dissent" as coined by Cardinal Wuerl in a blog post that he wrote.  He hopes to warp the meaning of the word to convey "one who disagrees with the pope because he does not agree with them and therefore follow their position".  Yes, I agree the structure of that sentence is awkward but it isn't mine.  The structure is twisted because of the attempt to twist the meaning of the word "dissent".

Because almost everyone with a brain understood him to imply that Cardinal Burke is a "dissenter" (according to his odd definition of that word), he felt impelled to go into "damage control" mode.  Often, though, "damage control" winds up causing more damage.  America magazine interviewed him.  (Hint: For examples of "dissent" as the word is classically defined, just read an issue or two of that rag!  But I digress!)  As my friend at the Tenth Crusade noted, the Cardinal does a "Fred Astaire", or at least he attempts it.

Here's a rather telling statement from him, regarding the sin-nod (in response to the first question).  "In the closing hour of that daylong discussion, I noted in my brief intervention that obviously there is no challenge to the teaching of the church on the indissolubility of marriage. I also pointed out that many participants distinguish between the doctrine on marriage and the pastoral practice of reception of Communion for those divorced and remarried."  (Italics mine)   May I assume from this that in addition to Cardinal Burke being a "dissenter", that Cardinal Gerhard Muller also fits Wuerl's definition of that word?  Cardinal Muller did state, "Each division between ‘theory’ and ‘practice’ of the faith would be a reflection of a subtle Christological ‘heresy."  What Cardinal Muller said is very true.  Those "many participants that Cardinal Wuerl mentioned are dabbling in heresy.  Enough of that for now.

Three days ago, Cardinal Wuerl posted another piece on his blog.  This one is entitled, "Silencing The Church's Voice".  In it he voices this complaint: "But today there is a new challenge. Some who reject the Church’s teaching – who choose to live by another set of values – not only find the voice of Christian values annoying, they would like to see it silenced or at least muted. Thus we have a whole new upside down version of words like 'discrimination,' 'freedom' and 'human rights,' and laws to enforce the new meaning."  While these words are true enough, they ring ironic and I daresay hypocritical in light of his treatment of Father Marcel Guarnizo three years ago.  I now present an anthology of posts I did as that incident and its fallout were unfolding at the time.  To reiterate: Father Guarnizo withheld Holy Communion to a flagrantly practicing lesbian.  This woman and her cohort raised a ruckus, whereupon the Archdiocese of Washington immediately surrendered to the gay community and threw Father Guarnizo under the bus.  In this scenario it was Cardinal Wuerl who played the part of the one "silencing and muting the voice of Christian values".  If he truly is serious about what he wrote three days ago, he might want to revisit his conduct (along with Bishop Knestout) of three years ago for his actions against Father Guarnizo can only have emboldened those who seek to stifle Christian morality in our culture today.

Another cleric who tried to silence the "voice of Christian values" is Father Thomas Rosica.  You might recall that he threatened to sue David Domet, the blogger behind Vox Cantoris because he had been shining the light on Father Rosica's misconduct.  After other faithful Catholics (and bloggers) got wind of it, we caused that light to be glaring.  Father Rosica caught a glimmer of that light (or he was instructed by higher-ups to stand down) and backpedaled on his legal threat.

Along with prayer, we'll have to continue to speak out.  If we shine the light on these folks relentlessly, we can at least mitigate the damage if not eliminate it altogether.

Expose Of Yet Another CRS Cover-Up Attempt

The March 4th edition of Mic'd Up deals with the latest CRS scandal unearthed by the Lepanto Institute; I blogged on this last night.  In the beginning of the episode, Michael Voris makes a key point (at the 1:30 mark) that can easily be overlooked.  He states that the government funnels billions of dollars towards the "social justice" agencies of the Church who then distribute the money to progressive organizations that are decidedly anti-God and anti-life.  In other words, the Church is a conduit for federal misappropriation of the tax dollars of the American people.  The progressives in the Church get to keep a portion of those funds for their own pet projects and cushy lifestyles, as part of this "sweetheart deal".  Boys and girls, can we all say "money laundering"?

By the way - I believe that Catholic Charities also derives much of its budget from the tax dollars of American citizens.  In essence, we already contribute involuntarily to Catholic Charities and CRS. I refuse to give them (along with the Catholic Campaign for Human Development) one penny voluntarily.

I will post the video below.  I'd also like to point out that Lepanto's report has thrown the CRS into a damage-control hissy-snit.  Here it is, along with the analysis by Lepanto.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Catholic Relief Services Promoting Abortifacient Usage And Covering It Up

Those of us who attend St. John Neumann Church in Gaithersburg, MD might recall seeing the flyer to the right inside their bulletins as they left.  It is advertising an event designed to promote the "Operation Rice Bowl" program that has been a staple in many parishes during the Lenten season.  I'd strongly suspect that an attendee at this dinner will not hear the full story regarding CRS.  I've blogged about the many issues of the CRS so I shouldn't be shocked at the revelations below.

Today the Lepanto Institute released the results of a months-long investigation of the Catholic Relief Service's distribution of contraceptives and abortifacients in Kenya.  They conducted their investigation with the help of the Population Research Institute.  In short, CRS received two grants from the President's Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) totaling almost $4 million; with that money, CRS has taken a lead role in the distribution and promotion of condoms, sex education, contraceptives and aborifacients.  As evidenced from my other posts, this is by no means the first time that CRS has been caught with its hands in the contraceptive "cookie jar".  I do believe this is the first time that CRS has been caught accepting governmental assistance in their cover-up actions.

As you read the Lepanto report, you'll notice mention of two key documents: its 56-page report on their investigations and PEPFAR's Operational Plan Report (before governmental tampering).  Both these documents can be downloaded to your own hard drives.

To assist in the promulgation of this information, ChurchMilitant.TV released a special report today.  I post that below.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy News In Maryland!

Barbara Mikulski, long-time US Senator from Maryland, has announced her retirement.  She will not seek reelection when her term expires in 2016.

During her time in the Senate she has played the quintessential "katholyc in name only", supporting the murder of babies in the womb as well as the promulgation of the gay perverted lifestyle.  Let us pray that during her retirement, she may realize the immense damage that her progressivism has led her to inflict on this country.  Perhaps then she'll make a good Confession and restore her soul to healt.

Pope Francis Urges Us To Give Back

Here is an article regarding his words today.  Does that mean he'll be returning the Rosary cross that he removed from the corpse of a friend while the latter was in viewing at a funeral home?  Perhaps he's already done so.

More On Father Hesburgh's Legacy Of Destruction

On Friday I touched upon the death of the notorious Father Theodore Hesburgh, long-time president of the University of Notre Dame.  The main thing he presided over while in his post was the destruction of Catholic education there and in many other places - not to mention the confusion and likely damnation of the souls of Notre Dame's students.

Regrettably but not too surprisingly, his death has garnered him accolades from the usual suspects.  Chief among them is Cardinal Dolan, giving the usual happy-clappy crap.  I've blogged about his gaffes many times.  One theme of this bloviation is Hesburgh's "priestly touch".  What is this "priestly touch" in Dolan's estimation?  Who knows?  When Dolan defines God as "him, her, whatever you want", I suppose this "priestly touch" can be "whatever you want", even if that "whatever" is the Land O' Lakes Statement.

Below is a Vortex summary.  Pray for Father Hesburgh.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Archbishop Cordileone Stands Firm Against Modernist Onslaught

Last week I wrote of Archbishop Cordileone's directives to the teachers in his diocesan schools that they are to exemplify Catholic teaching in both word and conduct.  In that post I wrote also of the behavior of California lawmakers attempting to bully the archbishop into dropping his morality requirements.

Progressive wishful thinking to the contrary, the good archbishop is standing firm.  The progressives have hired a public-relations hit-man firm called Singer Associates Inc to go after him.  As I said before, if the educational institution were a Jewish or Muslim one, there's no doubt that they'd be left alone to hire/fire teachers according to the dictates of their creeds.  These days, only Catholics are so ill-treated.

Please extend thanks and encouragement to this bishop.  Contact info is found here.

Friday, February 27, 2015

The Deaths Of Two Polar Opposites

Both these men, who died just this week within days of each other, were prominent at the University of Notre Dame, a formerly Catholic institute of higher learning.  One was an enemy of the faith who undermined the faith of many Catholics and the morality of this nation.  The other was a brilliant legal scholar who also championed the faith and unborn children.

I'll start with the enemy of the faith - Father Theodore Hesbergh, former president of Notre Dame and much of the reason why its Catholicity is in tatters.  I've written about him in the past and urge you to read the postings, and to pay special attention to the embedded video detailing Hesbergh's conspiracy with the Rockefellers.  A low point to Hesbergh's career was his spearheading of the Land O Lakes statement, in which the signers declared that Catholic institutions of higher learning owed no allegiance to the Traditions and dogmas of the Church.  Oh, by the way; Cardinal McCarrick signed it.  There is no doubt that when Obama gave the 2009 commencement at Notre Dame, that Hesbergh was gloating in the background.  He certainly is NOT gloating now!  Pray for God's mercy on his soul.

The champion of the faith is the late Dr. Charles Rice.  He had a long and distinguished career as professor of the Notre Dame School of Law.  He was a faithful Catholic and advocate for the unborn children.  The Cardinal Newman Society released a tribute to him.  Below I'll post a Vortex tribute to him, as Dr. Rice hosted some shows with  We pray for his soul, too, that any stay in purgatory be rendered brief.  We also ask his prayers for those of us who remain to carry on with the work of establishing a culture of life.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Did Cardinal McCarrick Lobby For Pope Francis' Election?

All the signs seem to indicate that he did: including an admission from the Cardinal himself.  My friend at Les Femmes commented on a biography of the pope and highlighted some of the goings-on before and during the conclave.  I post below a video of an address that McCarrick gave at Villanova University in October 2013.  I urge you to listen for about 5 minutes, starting at the 17:00 mark.  I believe that McCarrick did in fact "talk up" Bergoglio.  Recall the address that he gave prior to the conclave, in which he voiced the opinion that the next pontiff should be Latin American - or at least familiar with the church in that area.

Did Cardinal McCarrick violate canon law?  I'm not sure.  The electors themselves were forbidden to do such lobbying, but McCarrick was not an elector owing to his age.  However, Cardinal Wuerl was an elector and was in the conclave; they both are peas from the same progressive pod.  Might this little tid-bit explain why Wuerl wielded such influence at the sin-nod and why he was allowed to supplant Cardinal Burke in the Congregation of Bishops?

50 Shades Of Gray Rules At Vatican Culture Institute

From the same Vatican office that plopped on us all the bimbo video comes their latest pornographic trash.

I made this large so that all can see how this office has arrogantly dismissed the complaints of good Catholics.  Now think of it!  This office is called the Pontifical Council for Culture.  Wouldn't you think that such an office in the Church would be promoting uplifting religious art and music that were inspired by Catholic teaching, the lives of Jesus, Mary and other saints? Instead, we see nonsense that looks like it might have come from "50 Shades of Gray" or someone's BDSM nightmare.

Along with Cardinal Baldiserri and Father Rosica, it seems that Cardinal Ravasi needs to be given the boot.  If he thinks this display is appropriate for Church use, he has very serious issues that speak of mental illness.