Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Smuggling Sodomy Into The Church - Or Is It Just Barging In?

On January 24, the Pope welcomed into the Vatican two lesbians, one of them who mutilated her body to look like a man's body.  She calls herself "Diego".  Because she probably legally changed her name to that, I'll call her that.  With her was her accomplice in perversion; they plan a "wedding".  Emboldened by (among other things) the "who am I to judge" quip, she wrote to the pope.  He agreed to meet them privately.  I link to three accounts, all from differing perspectives and view points: Rorate Caeli, Remnant, Washington Post, Belfast Telegraph.  They agree on the basic chronology of events.  Most notably, Diego asked the pope if there would be a place for her as she is today.  She reports that the pope embraced her.  Nowhere do we read any indignant accounts from her of the pope even gently chiding her for mutilating her body, pretending to be a man and for her plans to mock marriage with her lesbian accomplice.

Some "take-aways":
  • Diego and her partner in sin apparently received from the pope much more discreet treatment than did the poor mother who is/was pregnant with her eighth (during the rabbitgate interview).
  • Recall that there are individual with whom the pope declined to meet:
    • The founder of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate
    • The Dali Lama (mustn't upset Red China!)
  • Some liken this meeting to "eating with sinners as Jesus did".  But Jesus publicly called them to repentance at the same time.  There's no evidence of that happening here.  Why?  Is this all part and parcel of the "maturation" that the progressives want us to undergo as they prepare for next October's sin-nod?
  • Just a week before this incident, America magazine published a piece entitled "A New Theology of the Transgendered Body".  Read it.  Realize that America is under Jesuit control.  I find the timing of this article and that of this meeting to be rather (ahem!) interesting - just a tad too much to be a coincidence.
Today Michael Voris released another "Mic'd Up" entitled "Smuggling In Sodomy", discussing how sodomites wormed their way into high places in the Church.  Nowadays they aren't so much being "smuggled in" as much as they are brazenly barging their way through the Church.  Recall, for example, the lesbians holding their "wedding reception" in a Knights of Columbus hall in Indiana.  Shamefully the Knights there are acting as cowards, but that's another problem.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Second Half Of Last Week's Papal Double-Header

Over a week ago I posted on an in-flight interview that the pope gave while en route from Sri Lanka to the Philippines.  My focus in that post was the regrettable remark he made that made regarding the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris.  In that post I alluded to a "double-header" as there were two topics being discussed, each with its own papal gaffe.  With various other things popping up, I'm just now getting to the other half of that in-flight interview disaster.

The topic of that foot-in-mouth exercise was "climate change".  On that plane, a reporter asked the pope point-blank if he thought man was responsible for "climate change".  The pope replied, "I don’t know if it is all (man’s fault) but the majority is, for the most part, it is man who continuously slaps down nature."  In other words he bought into the junk science and is playing into the hands of those who use "climate change" as a ploy to engage in "population control".  Did we see a hint of that last week with the "rabbit" quip?

A few days prior to that interview Michael Voris released a Vortex video about "climate change" and the peril that it poses for the Church and her mission of saving souls. In this video, Voris mentioned a longer expose he did on it.  I posted on it last year and now link to it.   I'll also link now to videos of a British scientist debunking the junk science behind the "global warming / climate change" scam.  I hope the pope watches it, along with the rest of the "church of nice".

Monday, January 26, 2015

Mic'd Up - The State Of The Church


Church's Charitable Umbrella Organizations Are Decidedly Uncharitable

During the past two days I linked to stories detailing how the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and Catholic Charities are serving anti-life agendas.  Unfortunately the accounts of their misuse of Catholic money continue to accumulate, and the Catholic Relief Services seems to be following suit.

The Lepanto Institute recently exposed the production by Catholic Relief Services of a sex-education program in Rwanda.  It promotes the usage of abortifacients, contraceptives, masturbation and homosexuality.  The program is called "My Changing Body" and it is produced in partnership with Georgetown University's Institute for Reproductive Health.  Ostensibly Georgetown used to be Catholic, but it too has jettisoned all authentic Catholicism from its life and is Catholic in name only.  The Lepanto site links to their full report on "My Changing Body"and has screenshots of some of the material used by that program.  It is immoral, anti-life - and funded with Catholic donations.

The Lepanto Institute learned something brand-new about the CCHD this week.  We know from many years of their misbehaviors that they've funded all sorts of anti-life and socialistic ventures, but apparently "community organizing" has taken a new turn - marijuana farms!  This is occurring in California (of course!).  The California Center for Cooperative Development received $50k to start some "medical marijuana cooperatives".  Next we hear they'll be starting some avant-garde opium dens or safe-haven needle exchange projects - oh wait! - Catholic Charities beat them to it several years ago!

Speaking of Catholic Charities, they have a new president - Sister Donna Markham.  She worked for a while at Georgetown University (there's that name again!) and then became prioress of the Adrian Dominicans.  Under her less-than-illustrious leadership, this order joined the Catholic Health Association and helped ramrod through Obamacare, in direct opposition to the bishops.  She's been associated with the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, serving a term as its president.  When the Vatican launched its investigation into the LCWR, she waxed both arrogant and indignant at the Church for so doing.  Such is Catholic Charities' leadership.

I do want to highlight a few things about CCHD's ongoing linkage to Alinskyian community organizing.  It is alive and well; one must remember that CCHD was founded with the express purpose of funding socialistic and atheistic endeavors with the contribution dollars of unwitting Catholics.  My colleague Stephanie Block has done much work in exposing these "community organizing" outfits for the menaces that they are.  In this piece she exposes the linkage between the Industrial Areas Foundation with illegal immigration.  Recall that a few days ago I exposed the misdeeds of Action In Montgomery.  AIM was front-and-center with the left-wing as they were shilling for the DREAM Act a year or two ago in Maryland.  AIM is an IAF affiliate.  In her next piece detailing the Senate campaign of rabid pro-abort Loretta Sanchez and IAF's support for her, Stephanie details how Sanchez's supporters relied on the votes of newly-naturalized aliens to defeat pro-life Bob Dornan for the US Congress.

Many Catholics are unaware (or they won't accept) that their contributions to Catholic Charities, Catholic Relief Services and/or Catholic Campaign for Human Development actually serve to undermine the Church and facilitate death and destruction, both spiritually and physically.  It's time to say #no2cchd, #no3crs and #no2cathcharities.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

From The Maturation Department - Rabbitgate And Rotagate?

You might remember that at the close of last October's sin-nod that Pope Francis gave an address.  In it he said we had a year to be brainwashed into swallowing the undermining of Tradition regarding marriage and family "mature".  Almost immediately the "maturation efforts" began in earnest and the bile continues to spill.  The rabbitgate incident is just one of the latest installments in our "maturation lessons".

It cannot be difficult to discern what is meant by "rabbitgate".  We all recall the interview during the trip from the Philippines to Rome last week.  When I put my post onto facebook I got all sorts of scolding, with folks claiming that I was just going with mainstream media and that the pope really didn't rebuke the poor expectant mother.  I was also remonstrated for not considering the sources.  Well, guess what, "first-hand sources" indicate that he rebuked her for being pregnant.

I link now to commentary from Mundabor.  He in turn links to a video produced by Louis Verrecchio; the latter shows video of the actual interview, with the Pope speaking Italian.  Both Mundabor and Verrecchio are Italians who speak the language.  Both verify the Italian verb for "rebuke".  So now irrefutable proof exists that the pope rebuked a pregnant woman for - being pregnant.  Just what good did he expect that rebuke to accomplish?  If the woman was already under stress owing to previous c-sections, the last thing she needed was more stress as she tries to carry the pregnancy through to birth.  For all the yap and yammer about being "pastoral", I cannot see how that papal behavior filled that bill.

Vatican damage control has leaped into action (they're getting a lot of practice these days).  We heard yesterday from the Vatican's State Department that "Pope Francis was surprised that his words on responsible parenthood were not widely taken in the sense that he intended them."  The rest of the article is just as ridiculous.  NEWS FLASH!  When millions of people, all from widely differing perspectives and languages, are gleaning very similar, if not identical messages, perhaps the fault for that lies not with the listeners, but the delivery and/or content of the message itself!  Got that??  I would ask why they haven't learned from confusion caused by previous disastrous interviews, but I think I know the answer.  Confusion is precisely what they want - confusion regarding God's first command to mankind to "be fruitful and multiply", confusion regarding marriage and sexuality, confusion regarding the transmission of life.  In other words, we're supposed to "mature", a la "sin-nod" style.

Now onto rotagate  Recall that a few months ago, Cardinal Burke was relieved of his post as head of the Roman Rota and shuffled to the Knights of Malta.  The bulk of duties of the Roman Rota is to hear cases for marriage nullity.  Shortly before the October sin-nod, Cardinal Burke co-authored a book called "Remaining In The Truth Of Christ".  I have a copy and urge all to get their own.  Cardinal Burke's piece is entitled "The Canonical Nullity Of The Marriage Process As The Search For Truth".  In a nutshell, Cardinal Burke cautions against tampering with a process that has developed over hundreds of years: a process developed to rigorously search for the truth behind individual cases.  What he wrote flies in the face of the tinkering that was proposed at the sin-nod.  My strong suspicion is that the Cardinal was removed from all positions of real influence at the Vatican owing to his standing for truth in the face of the progressive juggernaut underway there.

This past Friday the pope met with the Rota (sans Burke) as they begin a new year.  Among other things, he urged Rota member to "have great care and sensitivity to the importance of a formed conscience – or lack thereof – in regard to the nature and purpose of marriage, and the ways in which conscience can affect the very validity of marital unions.."  Whether he intended to do so or not, he just gave divorcing couples a Mack-truck-sized loophole to have any kind of marriage declared null.  Would that statement have been made if Cardinal Burke had been in the room?  Did we hear more "maturation" going on?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

CCHD - Linked To Abortifacient Distribution In Montgomery County MD

On Sunday I posted a link to the work that Lepanto Institute is doing regarding CCHD's underhanded funding of organizations that are either directly funding anti-God activities or partnering with other such organizations.  On that page was a link to the list of 2014-2015 CCHD grantees, and I'll post that link right here.

In all honesty, I'll inform you that what I relate below is not the result of my research but that of another faithful Catholic of Montgomery County MD.  I've not received permission to divulge their identity.

Almost at the very top of that list you'll notice that Action In Montgomery, within the Archdiocese of Washington, received $75,000.00 of your donation dollars (not mine for I ceased donating to CCHD decades ago).  Please note that AIM is a local affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation, founded by Saul Alinsky himself (note - the IAF site has scrubbed all mention of its history, but the wikipedia piece reveals the inconvenient truth of the Alinsky-IAF linkage).  Its leadership team is composed of representatives from various organizations.  One of them is Identity, Inc.  Identity was co-founded by Diego Uriburu, who is its Executive Director.  Recently the White House selected him for honors as a "Champion of Change".  As the blurb indicates, Uriburu is considered to be a proponent of "the rights of latino, immigrant and LGBT communities".  That is to say he openly advocates to have homosexual conduct legitimized.

Last year the Washington Post ran an article detailing how Identity insinuated itself into several Montgomery County schools with the stated aim of "teen pregnancy prevention".  While the article mentioned one of Identity's partners, Mary's Center, it failed to mention another - Taya Health Connection.  I refer readers to their Facebook page and website.  They do dispense contraceptives, Plan B and the "morning after" pill.  The latter two are abortifacients; they induce early abortions.  They are also in the same building that houses Planned Parenthood: where I've been praying for the past 10+ years.  While I'd hope that Taya doesn't refer to them for abortions, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that is occurring.

So there we have it.  The CCHD is funding AIM, which is in turn partially controlled by organizations that are dispensing abortifacients.  It's just another reason to say #no2cchd.

By the way - as you examined the "leader" list of AIM, you might have noticed that two others are connected with St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Gaithersburg.  The Catholic hierarchy of MD has been wrongly enamored with the DREAM act, also championed by AIM.  I can only surmise this was a motivation for St. Martin's to jump on the AIM bandwagon.  I point this out to illustrate how the Church hierarchy can and does embroil itself in squalid networks when they seek to glom onto progressive causes favored by the anti-God forces in our culture.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Vortex Weighs In On The Indiana Knights Of Columbus Scandal

A week or so ago I came across news that a Knights of Columbus council in Madison Indiana was planning to let two lesbians conduct their "wedding reception" in their ballroom.  To prevent redundancy, I invite you to review this post.  Michael Voris put out a Vortex that deals with this matter and he too urges us to contact the Knights, insisting that they prevent this scandal from occurring.  I noticed he gave the phone number of the council offices; accordingly I have updated my flyer to include that information.  I still urge all to contact all the Knights officials listed thereon.  By all means, share this information with other good Catholics.  Now the Vortex...

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Three Unhelpful Monkeys

There's a blog piece by Tom Peters being bandied about, apparently with the aim of stifling honest examination of some papal gaffes such as the most recent ones regarding Catholics being "like rabbits" and publicly scolding the poor expectant mother.  It is called "Feeling Devastated By What Pope Francis Says?  Try These 3 Helpful Keys".  This is not his first post written with the aim of keeping rose-colored glasses over people's eyes as they acknowledge the ever-burgeoning mess that is growing in front of them.  A little over a year ago, I commented on earlier "rose-colored-glasses" pieces that he wrote.  Rather than reinvent that wheel, I link to it here.

Let's look at this latest, shall we?  We'll start with what Peters calls "the three keys".
  1. The pope will not change Church teaching.  We do have the Lord's promise that no pope will ever solemnly promulgate error.  But much damage can occur in other ways (a point often overlooked).  There can be the careless words about punching people and chiding expectant mothers who are experiencing difficult pregnancies.  There's the mistreatment of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate and the awful sin-nod of last October.  I could go on and on; you get the point.  A pope does not have to be a formal heretic to inflict much damage.  By virtue of his office, his carelessness and flippancy can cause much scandal to the point of the damnation of some souls.
  2. (Speaking of oratorical styles of other popes) "If you expect Pope Francis to speak as the previous two popes, you will be devastated".  For most of us, that's not the case.  The role of the Vicar of Christ demands, though , speech that is crystal-clear, unambiguous, and without any trace of nuance.  We benefited from that not only from John Paul II and Benedict XVI, but from the great majority of pontiffs throughout Church history.  They all had their "styles", but most of them subordinated their personal speaking preferences for practices that led to clear communication with their flock. 
  3. "When Francis speaks to the mainstream media, he is choosing to speak to non-Catholics".  I'm sure Peters sincerely believes that, but on what basis?  Why should anyone else believe that? No matter.  Regardless of what the pope may "choose", the whole world is always his audience.  We wouldn't be having these discussions if that weren't the case.  No one who speaks to reporters and into microphones can pretend that only a select group of people will be his audience.  In his case, the whole world is his audience; nothing will change that reality.  At best, it would be recklessly imprudent to focus only on one sector of the populace - if indeed that is his intent.  I for one discern no reasonable strategy behind behaviors that have been shown, time and again, to wreak havoc among a large segment of his world-sized audience.
He closed his piece with what he called a "powerful work of the Holy Spirit..the largest Mass in history".  Yes, he is referring to this debacle, where no doubt the Body of Our Lord was literally trampled underfoot as Sacred Hosts were being passed around like so many chips and crackers. 

Now I realize that some might be "devastated" by this post.  Well, deal with the hard truth as you grab your Rosaries and pray for Holy Mother Church.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Does The Pope Disdain Large Families?

There is something about planes and microphones that make for a toxic combination for Pope Francis.  A few days ago I said his latest trip (at the time) was an occasion for two serious gaffes.  I haven't even gotten to that second gaffe before this latest, during his return trip to Rome from the Vatican.

While affirming the Church's ban on contraception, he said that Catholics don't have to "breed like rabbits."  That phrase is his.  The Holy Father just insulted millions of Catholics who are generous with life and who welcome their children, often with considerable sacrifice.

He gave a "case in point" when he recently encountered a woman who had seven cesarean sections and was pregnant with her eighth.  He admitted to scolding her for conceiving, telling her "that was an irresponsibility" and judging her for "tempting God".  Consider:
  1. The child whose conception the Pope lamented, exists.  He/she is in the image and likeness of God.  Mother Teresa said once that saying there are too many children is like saying there are too many flowers.
  2. The Holy Father, the Vicar of Christ, has just lamented the conception of a child.  I hope and pray that this child never learns of this, that the Holy Father held his/her existence as a "temptation of God".
  3. How many abortions did the Holy Father unwittingly justify today?  How many "health of the mother" abortion excuses did the Holy Father aid and abet?
  4. In case the Holy Father hasn't noticed, western civilization is suffering a population atrophy.  Parishes are closing right and left because of the dwindling population.  In light of this he did the worst thing possible: belittling faithful Catholic parents by saying that they breed like animals.  In fact, they are fulfilling God's command to "be fruitful and multiply".
I for one salute my Catholic and Christian friends who have large families.  They are the hope for our Church.  The real irresponsibility lies in disparagement of these holy families.

Gross Sacrilege At Papal Mass In Manila

This happened last Friday at the Papal Mass.  Our Lord, in the Eucharistic Host, was manhandled, grabbed, mauled, passed about like a mere cookie.  How many particles - or whole Hosts, dropped to the ground, only to be trampled?

If distribution of Holy Communion cannot be done without due reverence and solicitation for the Real Presence, it shouldn't be done at all!  There's no sin in some not receiving: better that than the sacrilege that you'll see as you watch!  What an utter travesty!