Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Today's Political Developments Demand Rational Response, Not Knee-Jerk Rancor

First, a little legal-talk to stave off the salivating lawyers..  Faithful Catholics of MD/DC Inc is not - repeat, NOT - a "c3" corporation,  In fact, we're not a "501c" anything!  That means we can make all the political statements we want!  Now that this is out of the way, let's continue.

As most of you know, I was hoping that Ted Cruz would be the GOP nominee for US President.  I voted for him in the MD primary.  However, I just got the news that after the Indiana primary, Cruz has decided to drop out of the race.  That means that Donald Trump is the nominee, assuming that all RINO attempts to submarine his campaign come to naught.  On the Democrat side, we see that Hillary is beating Bernie quite handily.  So barring very unusual occurrences, we'll be seeing a Trump vs Clinton race this coming November.

Quite honestly, I find Trump to be an enigma.  Some of his policy statements have been rather contradictory.  Some of his conduct has, in my opinion, not been worthy of one aspiring to be the Chief Executive Officer of the United States of America.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has not been enigmatic in the least.  Her pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage stances are out there for everyone to see.  We know for a fact what kind of Supreme Court justices she'll nominate if she wins the White House.  We know what kind of mess her foreign policy will be, just by the debacle that was her performance as Secretary of State.  Need I remind one and all of the four Americans that she knowingly let die in Benghazi on her watch?  Need we reminders of the security breaches posed by her reckless handing of servers and emails?

I recite all this because I'm seeing signs of irrational rage and anger against Trump's nomination from good Christians and pro-life activists.  Their common mantra seems to be "anyone but Trump", as they threaten to stay home on election day or to write in some other person on their presidential ballot.  That is the kind of thinking and acting that garnered for this country eight years of the worst presidency to date; disdaining both McCain and Romney, good Christians (acting on emotion versus reason) simply abdicated their civic duties and let Obama waltz into the White House.

One meme captured the lack of logic perfectly.  I wished I saved it; if I see it again, I'll post it.  Anyway, it said (paraphrased), "if Trump wins the nomination, Hillary wins the White House so I won't vote in November".  This statement is an example of a logical fallacy known as a self-fulfilling prophesy, for if good people do indeed not effectively vote against Hillary, she will indeed win the White House.  Note carefully.  In that case, she'd win not because Trump was the nominee but because otherwise-rational people used that as an excuse not to vote for the one candidate who could deny her the White House.

If we're serious about at least slowing down the oncoming train wreck of our cultural degradation, we will have to vote for Trump, for that is the only effective way to vote against Hillary.  And please - none of this write-in crap.  You might feel better while you're doing it, but elections are not about how we feel.  We need to turn our emotions off and force our intellect and reason to have dominance over our feelings and "gut reactions".

I've written before quite extensively on voting and the Catholic Principle of Double Effect; I need not rehash it here, but instead link to the anthology of posts.  Yes, the act of voting for Trump needs to be subject to this scrutiny, but so do the acts of: not voting at all, or, the act of voting "third-party" or "write-in" must be subject to the same scrutiny.

Let us ask Our Lord's blessing and direction for us.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Boycott The Upcoming Collection For Catholic Relief Services - Say #no2crs

In my parish it was announced that the annual in-pew collection for CRS will occur during the weekend of May 14-15.  I've blogged copiously about the many scandals in which CRS participates and in some cases initiates.  A few of these include:
Both Lepanto Institute and Church Militant.com have more info regarding CRS.  Search those sites for additional information.

Catholic Relief Services is merely the international version of Catholic Campaign for Human Development. Whereas the latter is used to funnel Catholic donations to organizations that undermine the Faith in the United States, the former funds international "culture of death" organizations.  Both are run by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

If any of you (particularly in the Archdiocese of Washington) received a yellow sheet in your bulletins that sounded the praises of CRS, please be advised that it is full of ... bovine manure!  As the links above demonstrate, the "humanitarian aid" comes at the price of submission to sterilizations and chemical abortions.

As I did for the "operation rice bowl" shakedown during Lent, I suggest that not one penny be given to the CRS during the collection.  Instead, please place in the envelope the clip-out statement that is found at the bottom of this Lepanto page.  CRS is an ungodly monster that needs to be starved, not fed.  Say #no2crs.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Why Is Father Pavone Kissing Up To Amoris Lamentia?

One must wonder who's twisting Father Pavone's arm to cause him to let loose with this drivel.  Either Father hasn't taken the time to study it or he's kowtowing to pressure from on high.  If it's the former, he is being irresponsibly careless; if the latter, he's acting in both a cowardly and dishonest manner.

I'm delighted that the comments that follow this rebuke this white-wash nonsense.  Maggie Sullivan's remarks about the placing of conscience before truth are spot-on.  If that heinous precedent is ever ensconced in "pastoral practice", that can - and will - be used to justify and excuse abortion.  Father Pavone just shot himself in the foot.

Another troubling phrase is found in the very last sentence.  "New road map"?  No, Father!  Nothing will ever be an "improvement" over the Teachings of Jesus Christ, taught by His Church these two thousand years.  One does not need a "new road map" to replace the Commandments and Precepts of the Church.  In fact such a "road map" will most likely confirm our culture's path to destruction and eventually to hell.

Father Pavone, for the sake of the babies whom you work diligently to save, please retract this article.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cardinal Wuerl: Amoris Lamentia Is A "Consensus Exhortation"

Yes, you read the title correctly.  I will henceforth refer to "Amoris Laetitia" as "Amoris Lamentia".  There is much heresy and spiritual poison therein to cause massive lamentation: or at least it should cause lamentation and great horror on the part of faithful Catholics.

In addition to the ones that I've already highlighted in previous posts, I'll call to your attention some other excellent commentary on AL: one from my blogging colleague at Les Femmes and two other highlighted by another blogging colleague at Tenth Crusade.

Thanks to Gloria.tv, I present to you now an interview of Cardinal Wuerl, as he gushes about Amoris Lamentia.  Bear in mind that this document is one of the rotten fruits of the two sin-nods held these past two Octobers: events at which Wuerl wielded a disproportionate measure of influence (see here and here).

I'll point out some highlights of this interview and put them into some historical context.
  1. Cardinal Wuerl is conducting this interview with Susan Timoney, an Assistant Secretary for Pastoral Ministry and Social Concerns for the Archdiocese of Washington.  She's on Cardinal Wuerl's payroll.  It might be reasonable to opine that this dialogue is scripted and probably rehearsed.
  2. Right off the bat, at the 0:25 mark, the Cardinal calls AL the "consensus exhortation".  He mentions all the "talking" and "engaging" with clerics and lay, along with the two sin-nods, and says that AL came from "all that".  As pointed out in one of the earlier links, Cardinal Wuerl himself had quite a hand in developing the final reports from the two sin-nods.
  3. So Amoris Lamentia "reflects the consensus of bishops from all over the world". So what?  Does it reflect the timeless Teaching of Jesus Christ, reflected in Sacred Tradition and Magisterium?  That's what really counts, not all this "consensus".
  4. At 1:30 he stated "we all know what the teaching of the Church is".  I wish that were true but thanks to katholik "education" that is in reality brainwashing in heresy and fluffy-puff homilies, the average Catholic in the pews is often quite ignorant of basic Catholic teachings on faith and morals.  Catholics of the Archdiocese of Washington!  When did you last hear a homily that preached against the mortal sin of contraception?  When did you last hear from the pulpit that homosexual relations are mortal sins?  I can't remember, either!
  5. He continues, "but today as we face the challenges of the current moment..what is it that we (bishops) bring that we all agree we want to say?"  Hey!  If you have to ask that question, maybe your seminary classes weren't all that swift!  "What you should be bringing" is the timeless teachings of Jesus regarding marriage.  These would be the same teachings that have been promulgated for over a thousand years.  They do not change because the origin of these teachings, God Himself, is perfect and immutable.
If time permits, I'll elaborate more on this.  But for now, I'll let you see and hear the drivel for yourselves.  However, here's a big "take away" in all of this.  All this garbage about "consensus" is absolute nonsense.  We Catholics are about truth, the kind of truth mentioned by Jesus when He said, "I am the way, the truth and the life".  Truth is NOT found in consensus.  Consensus has absolutely no value in determining objective and eternal truth, for consensus has its origins in human opinion, not the Word of God.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Maryland Pro-Life People! Vote Tomorrow!

Owing to Maryland's lamentable demographics, tomorrrow's primary vote may be the one real chance we have to influence the election by influencing the GOP delegates.  During the general election we can rest assured that the Democrat candidate will win.  Since Maryland is a "winner-take-all" state in the Electoral College, all ten of Maryland's electors will cast for the Democrat.

Get out and vote!  Vote as if the future of all civilization hinges on your one vote; it just might!

Pope Espouses Indifferentism On Earth Day

Yesterday as the Focolare cult movement was celebrating "earth day", Pope Francis dropped by and offered some "off-the-cuff" remarks.  Crud has a report on the mess.  Towards the end of the article, one can see that the pope is explicitly embracing indifferentism.  To wit: "And in this humanity, we can get close to each other to work together … But I belong to this religion, or to that one …it doesn’t matter!"

Oh, yes it does matter which religion we follow!  Jesus Christ established the One True Church, that is, the Roman Catholic Church.  To her He entrusted the Sacraments and the Full Deposit of Faith and Tradition.  To foolishly claim "it doesn't matter" is to commit a sin against faith and against God who commands how He wishes to be worshiped.  It trivializes and holds cheap the graces that are to be found in the Roman Catholic Church alone.  Any one of us engaging in that sin would be held accountable for this sin against the First Commandment.  It is reasonable to believe that such accountability is magnified many times for the Chief Shepherd of the Church.

Speaking of "earth day", here is a stamp that the Vatican released in its honor.  Look closely.  Do you detect anything that might suggest the Vatican's role in the Church?  I can't detect one Crucifix on it.

But there is a religion being touted on that stamp, albeit implicitly: gaia-worship.  It seems that according to the pope, "gaia-worship" is on a par with Catholicism.  Any Catholic who truly believes that is engaging in heresy and endangering their immortal soul.  Please wake up and go to Confession immediately.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Faithful Prelates Being Targeted By Pope Francis

I call to memory the way Cardinal Burke was marginalized by Pope Francis merely for defending the Church's Teachings; see here and here.  My blogging colleagues at Eponymous Flower and One Peter Five have some observations regarding this and the maltreatment of other faithful prelates such as Cardinal Pell, Cardinal Muller, Cardina Oullet, Cardinal Liovera.  Read the EF piece for a description of how Cardinal Pell's work in trying to reform the Roman Curia is being deliberately undermined.  In other cases, the faithful prelates are being snubbed by the pope in favor of heterodox prelates such as Cardinan Schonborn and Cardinal Kasper.

I find this whole thing to be quite Machiavellian.  There are some who hold that the pope is just a naive little bumpkin who is being manipulated by the "evil bureaucrats in the Vatican".  What will it take to remove the rose-colored glasses from their faces?

In the meantime we must pray and keep shining the light of truth on these machinations.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Michael Voris Discloses Past Sins, Forestalls Archdiocese Of New York Scandalmongering

Yesterday Michael Voris released a Vortex in which he laid bare some details of past sins before his return to the Faith.  While he asked for our forgiveness for not being forthcoming earlier, I believe that requires no forgiveness for it was no wrongdoing on his part to be silent on that matter.  He dealt properly with those sins within the Sacrament of Confession.  That was all that was needed to restore him to a state of spiritual life and sanctifying grace.  He was under no moral obligation whatsoever to reveal his past sins anymore than any other Catholic would be.

He apparently revealed what he did because he had reason to believe that persons within the Archdiocese of New York were planning to leak these details in an effort to discredit him and his apostolate.  The last time I checked, that was known as the sin of detraction.

I just read a comment on another blog in which the writer of that comment warned that Voris better have good evidence of that.  Being an investigative reporter himself, I'm sure Voris understands the necessity for solid evidence.  However, we all know there is demonstrated precedence that supports any suspicion that the Archdiocese of New York is capable of such thuggish behavior.  Please recall the treatment that the Archdiocese of New York meted out to Father Justin Wylee; for a memory-refresher, see here.   More of Dolan's chicaneries can be found here.  Some are so egregious that New York Catholics filed suit against him.  If one thinks Cardinal Dolan wouldn't stoop to dredging old sins against Voris, I'd suggest they think again.

What Michael Voris did yesterday took quite a bit of courage.  Not too many people would want their mortal sins being made public; I sure wouldn't.  I was particularly struck by his faith and gratitude to God and His Church for Sacramental Grace won by the Cross of Christ.  Let us pray that this move does knock the wind out of New York sails and that Church Militant continues its work.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

More On The Richards Debacle At Georgetown

When Georgetown announced the Richards talk, they made it clear that only Georgetown students and faculty/staff would be admitted.  They did not even allow the press into the hall and there was no recording allowed.  Doesn't that make you wonder just what Georgetown was trying to hide?  If the Richards presentation was on the up-and-up, why the secrecy?  Whatever happened to the free exchange of ideas?

One of the Georgetown Right to Life members attended the thing and tweeted as she listened.  So some of the deep, dark secret proceedings of the event are now known.  See here for some more tweets.  Richard put down the video exposes of the Center for Medical Progress.  Poor dear!  She probably feels that her income from the murders of babies might dry up as a result of the truth being told.  The tweeting student also exposed the Georgetown Lecture Funds as pro-abortion hacks.  Apparently the leader of that bunch claimed that "god is pro-choice".  Either she blasphemed the One True God or the "god" she worships is a blood-sucking demon.  See here for the information on this lecture fund.

An article from Prison Planet details the treatment that both pro-life activists and the media received at the hands of Georgetown staff.  Again, one wonders of what they were afraid.  I for one think they resented us rebuking them as they once again played the prostitute before the Culture of Death and its agents.  Pay close attention to that last video at the bottom, where the pro-life woman (a friend of mine, by the way) is finding herself stifled, much as I was.  At 1:09, note the woman at the extreme left, in the background.  This is the same woman who shooed me into the "protest pen", stating that I couldn't distribute the flyer that you saw on my post yesterday.  I also couldn't help but notice the two other police officers in the background.  Either they really saw one woman with an "offensive" banner as a dire threat or they were all extremely bored.  Either way it's a disgrace that Cecile Richards was granted a forum in which she could legitimize herself and her murderous organization while those proclaiming Christ's teachings were stifled on an ostensibly Catholic campus.

As I said in my flyer, the Richards debacle was by no means the first time that Georgetown prostituted itself before the culture of death.  It won't be the last, either.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Today Georgetown Was Rebuked

Georgetown University went ahead with their honoring of Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood - the nation's chief organization for the murder of babies.  Sadly we're not surprised but still it is just one more insult to Catholic education in this country.  As announced two days ago, there were several protest locations at Georgetown.  Today I was at two of them.

The first one was outside Lohrfink Auditorium itself.  Because I had to spend some time to find a parking place, I arrived there about 12:40 pm.  I could see that the Students for Life contingent was penned in an area where they could be seen from the attendees at a distance but there was no chance for interaction between those going into the talk and the pro-life activists.  I stood at the bottom of the steps and distributed my flyer (see right) - for as long as I was permitted.  After about 30 minutes a woman who identified herself to me as "Dean of Student Affairs" marched herself downstairs and ushered me to the "protest pen" (for lack of a better word).  Frankly I suspect the cause of this move is because my flyer did directly rebuke Georgetown for bringing Richards to campus.  I was able to distribute about 25 of them before I was effectively stifled.  I decided not to protest the move since I do respect the fact that Georgetown is private property.  Still, I find it fascinating that a woman who makes her living, at least in part, from the murders of babies is allowed to speak on campus but pro-life activists are penned off as though they pose dire threats to the students.

Just now, out of curiosity, I went to the web page of this "Student Affairs" office and got a clue as to the icy treatment that I received.  Not surprisingly, the page reeks of dissidence against Church teaching, to the point of possibly directing students - LGBTQ students, that is - to hell.   They have a whole "resource center" dedicated to them - something that I don't see for ethnic minorities, by the way.  This resource center boasts of being "the first such center of its kind at a Catholic/Jesuit institution in the country".  Well, whoopdie-doo!  If that's what Georgetown calls "brag material", no wonder their moral credibility is swirling down the crapper!  Ever hear of a "lavender graduation"?  Well look no further!  Georgetown is having one (next week, apparently).  The whole page is designed to make it easy for these poor deluded students to confirm their own damnation.  I seem to remember Our Lord talking about those who scandalize "little ones", saying it would be better for them had millstones been tied to them as they were tossed into water.  This reeks of satanic evil, but I digress.

After about 20 minutes or so in "the pen", I left there and headed east through the campus to where I was parked.  As I walked east, I continued to distribute flyers to students passing by me.  I then reached the eastern part of campus when I heard bagpipes.  I knew then that the American Society for Tradition, Family and Property was at the O Street entrance - where they were when we protested the appearance of Kathleen Sebelius four years ago.  Today the American TFP roundly rebuked Georgetown.  You'll hear it in the video below.

I know that Defend Life staged a protest along M Street; about 15 people held a "life chain" with signs to explain why Richard's appearance was such an atrocity.  I was unable to get down there but I await a report as to how that went.  Now here's the video of American TFP.