Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Alabama Supreme Court Ruling - Precedent To End Legal Abortions?

Yesterday the Alabama Supreme Court upheld the conviction of a mother who endangered her unborn child by using illegal drugs during her pregnancy.  Her conviction had been challenged on the grounds that the unborn baby "was not a child".  The Alabama Supreme Court, in a 8-1 decision, stated otherwise.  Chief Justice Roy Moore delivered a concurring opinion that cited natural law and the fact that human rights are granted by God, not governmental bodies.  I send you to this link to review his opinion.

Let us pray that this groundwork will prove useful into restoring legal protections to the unborn child.

Guess What Today Is??

If you said "the third day in the Easter Octave", some might chide you for being archaic and not with it (whatever the heck "it" is).

You silly geese!  It's Earth Day!  Did you let this stupendous event go by, as I almost did (stop yawning!)?  I think we can be grateful that April 22 is during the Easter Octave this year; else the politically-correct yammering about the Catholic Climate Covenant would be much louder than it is now.  As it is, the nonsense reigns at Blessed Sacrament in Chevy Chase.

By the way - read about Ira Einhorn who claims to be one of Earth Day's founders.  He's a convicted murderer!  What a guy!  He holds human life cheaply, obviously.  Why give him and his crackpot notions any moral credibility?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Maryland Abortionist Gets His Knuckles Rapped

What else do you call the kid-glove treatment of Harold Alexander?  Last week he received a 3-month suspension of his medical license.  It's his second in two years and he still will be allowed to continue?  Do you find this baffling?  Not at all - let me explain in two words:

Joshua Sharfstein

He's the Secretary of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.  He oversees all the state agencies who are supposed to be monitoring abortuaries (and other medical facilities).  He's also quite the pro-abortion activist.  Read this little expose done on Sharfstein and his chequered career.  Apparently he was at the NARAL fundraising gala that we picketed last October, receiving one of their "Leadership Awards".

Carhart, Alexander et al clearly do have friends in high places in Maryland - even in the State House.  The 2014 elections can't come soon enough.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Another Parochial Damage-Control Attempt??

Two weeks ago I learned of a breakfast, sponsored by Mother Seton parish to our north that is to feature a gay-sympathetic religious, Sr Anne Bryan Smollin.  I wrote to the pastor; read it here.  The very next day I received a reply from Father Fangmeyer stating that he'd "look into it".  I wonder if "look into it" is code-talk for "pitch in trash"?

In today's bulletin was the same exact announcement; that's two weeks later.  This breakfast will still occur, although there remains some time for it to be cancelled.  We can be grateful that this event is not occurring on Church property, I suppose.

Follow-Up Open Letter To Bishop Jugis

Remember that laughable reply that the Charlotte Diocese tried to pass off as a response?  Well, I'm going to give them another chance to render a decent and honest reply.  Here goes!


Dear Bishop Jugis, Mr. Hains or Whoever,

Did half the email sent to me on April 16 somehow get truncated?  It seems to be extremely incomplete.  All I see is an acknowledgement that you received my email.  To your credit, you’ve done far more than other chanceries have in reply to inquiries.  Still, I have received no reply of substance.

As mentioned in my original email, the email was an open letter.  I have posted that and the below reply to my blog http://restore-dc-catholicism.blogspot.com/2014/04/bishop-jugis-replies-well-kinda.html

I am in turn posting this email to the blog.  Please be advised that I will not let the plight of Sister Jane Dominic Laurel fall from attention – at least not on my blog (which enjoys respectable readership).  She deserves real justice: not to be treated as a sacrificial lamb to appease the noisy coyote-like homophiles that control the parents’ group at that school.

Thank you.

Janet Baker

Friday, April 18, 2014

Bishop Jugis Replies! Well, Kinda!!!

Last week I wrote my Open Letter to Bishop Peter Jugis in regards to his milquetoast pig-slop of a statement.   Well, lo and behold, - he replied!  At least David Hains did.  Are you just waiting with bated breath to read their words of wisdom?  Well feast your eyes for here it is!  Drum roll and trumpets, please!


Ms. Baker,

Your email below has been forwarded by the Chancery to me for a response.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject.  We have received a great deal of input on this subject.

David Hains
Director of Communication, Diocese of Charlotte
dioceselogo  fblogo  youtube16x16


Well, doesn't that just clear everything right up?  More mealy-mouthed mush from on high!  Truth be told, I believe him when he says they received "a great deal of input on this subject".  The real questions are:
  • Do they give a rat's rump about all this "input"?  I fear this question is merely rhetorical.
  • Will they still compel the Dominicans to keep Sister Jane Dominic Laurel in perpetual limbo?  And no, I don't buy the crap that Sister started her sabbatical "on her own"!

Holy Thursday Rubrics Violated At My Parish

This past Sunday I wrote what I intended to do if my parish's Holy Thursday service was marred by the washing of women's feet.  All the while of course I was praying that our parish wouldn't surrender to the temptation (I mean that word in every sense) to political correctness and false sense of "inclusion" to violate the rubrics for Holy Thursday.  Alas, I was disappointed although not the least bit surprised.  As I announced earlier, I knelt and prayed a Rosary in reparation for the violations occurring on the altar steps before our eyes.  Not my eyes, though, for I refused to give that debacle my visual attention.  Two women were up there.  One I don't know, but the other is one who (I thought) would have known better than that.  I suspect poor catechesis had a significant role to play here.

My blogging colleague Connecticut Catholic Corner has done excellent work with this, compiling many sources including this from Fifth Column.  She even posted a letter from the Vatican that confirms that Holy Thursday feet-washing is reserved for men only.  I will post it below.  I will also post an "oldie-but-goodie" from the Vortex on this matter.

Julie's post asks a good question: "Is Pope Francis a Bad Example to Catholics?"  It's a fair question.  Unfortunately with respect to Holy Thursday rubrics, the answer is an unequivocal "YES!"  I think I just saw a good portion of my parish (St John Neumann in Gaithersburg) get blind-sided, snookered and hog-tied big-time by his poor example.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cultural Nazis And The Persecution That IS Underway

The Cultural Nazis already have their long knives out.  In many cases, they are being actively aided and abetted by Catholic leaders.  I saw it in my own parish two years ago, when the gay-nazis engineered the ouster of Father Guarnizo, with the DC chancery delivering the final heave-ho to Father.  Those who heard Michael Voris interview Peter LaBarbera will recall that the latter voiced the possibility of being arrested.  It happened.  Read the account in a gay site called queerty; you can smell the nazi mentality all over the language of that article.

The first step in fighting this tyranny (including its manifestations in the church) is to take our heads out of the sand now and be informed.

More On Why The Father Ray Kelly Fan Club Is Flirting With Hell

God bless these Protestant preachers.  They see the perils to which so many Christians expose themselves by dint of their emphasis on subjective "good feelings" versus God and His Word.

At 8:40 we hear that "entertainment is the devil's substitute for joy".  Hear!  Hear!

Monday, April 14, 2014

When Emotions Trump Intellect And Will - The Father Ray Kelly Fiasco

Several days ago, at a nuptial Mass in Ireland, the priest decided it was time for a "lovely moment" so he broke out in song.  However he did so during Mass - constituting liturgical abuse.  The video went viral, with people everywhere gushing over the priest's voice, how touching it was, and on and on.

A few of us tried to talk some sense (you know, as in logic and reason and fidelity to rubrics), but apparently we're resented as a bunch of mean ole party-poopers.  Even many Catholics are swallowing the nonsense "hook, line and sinker".  I am not sure what troubles me more: the liturgical abuse itself, or, what passes for reason and discourse in Catholic circles.  For the moment I'll not consider the reactions of non-Catholics for they would not have had opportunity for proper education regarding such matters.

I brought up the fact that Mass is not about the people as much as it is about the Unbloody Sacrifice of Our Lord.  I pointed out that the priest is "alter Christi" and is not about the business of attracting attention to himself (don't you think all the gushing over his "talent" should have been a clue?).  For those who tried to trot out the "legalist" schtick, I pointed out that Jesus Christ, through His Magisterium, had His Hand on the creation of the rubrics.  But nope!  None of that mattered one iota?  Wanna know what the supreme consideration was when opining about this performance?  And several said this, so I'll put it in quotes!  Wait for it!!  Here it is!

"It was so bee-yoo-tee-fulll, it just moved me to tears!  Sigh!  Sob!"

Got that?  It's all about emotions!  Forget the fact that Our Lord informs our intellect and strengthens our wills.  Intellect and will just don't amount to a hill of beans when emotions are being tugged and manipulated.

See the big problem there?  Men and women are created in the image and likeness of God, particularly through our faculties of intellect and will.  Of all God's creatures, only men and angels possess these faculties.  Emotions are on a lower level.  Animals have emotions, but they don't have intellect and will to render them made in the image and likeness of God.  This over-exaltation of emotions is nothing more than a degradation of man, impelling him to live in a lower, animal-like plane of existence.  And let's face it.  It's more palatable to our fallen natures to lower ourselves to that plane; it requires less effort to indulge our emotions rather than discipline them to be ordered by intellect and will.

The Culture of Death is prevailing largely because more and more people are living solely in their emotions and are not exercising intellect and will.  The Voris video I just posted shows how homofacism is progressing largely because they are manipulating the emotions of those who are largely undisciplined intellectually and who are most likely not pursuing Christ through His Church.

Below I post the video.  I think if you look at the beginning and end of it you'll see the damage being done without having to subject yourself to the entire bilious debacle.