Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christian Rock And Christian Rap Are Oxymorons

In this video we learn why music is so vital to human behavior and culture.  The speaker illustrates how different types of music influences human behavior, depending on how it exalts intellect, will, and or the body.

He then illustrates why "rock and roll", and all its derivatives, are so inimical to the human person.  This music excites the passions and emotions to unmanageable states.  Note that he is not talking about the lyrics of the songs but the composition and structure of the music.  This is why fads such as "Christian rock", "Christian rap", etc are so poisonous.

I mentioned in other posts that in my younger and more stupid days, I was involved in a charismatic cult.  I was one of its musicians.  We were actually taught how to manipulate the emotions of those at our prayer meetings via our selections of songs, based on pace, rhythm, etc.  Therefore I can speak from the perspective not only as a passive recipient of the spiritual poison, but also as one who dished it out.

Please listen carefully to this video and understand that we must keep custody over our ears as well as our eyes.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Preach The Gospel With Truth, Not Cutesy Gimmicks And Fads

In the Vortex below, Michael Voris speaks of a loss of Catholic identity and its ramifications on Catholic education.  While he focuses on the problem as it happened in South America during the 1970s (and he states, in a roundabout fashion, that Cardinal Bergoglio started that snowball careening down the hill), it happened in the United States during the mid-1960s, thanks to the so-called "spirit of Vatiican 2".

I was in Catholic parochial school at the time.  I noticed a paradigm shift almost immediately.  Being a child, I couldn't identify the cause or nature.  All I know is that one year we were:
  • learning solid Catholic doctrine
  • were starting our day with prayers coming from the principal's office over the pa system
  • and attending the First Friday Masses.  
The next year:
  • Doctrine went out the window as we "learned" that Martin Luther King was a saint (he had not yet died), made felt banners and listened to Andy Williams sing "Born Free"
  • Morning prayers ceased
  • First Friday Masses were abandoned
  • Listened to a parish "groovy priest" strum his guitar (This priest was later suspended by Cardinal O'Boyle for publicly dissenting against Humanae Vitae)
Only by God's grace do I still have my faith.  Many of my former classmates don't.

Two days ago, Church Militant published the news that Cardinal Burke, International Director of the Marian Catechist Apostolate, directed that the Marian Catechists were to have nothing to do with the protestant-inspired "Alpha In A Catholic Context" program.  Furthermore, the Cardinal warns against "magical formulas" e.g., gimmicks and fads that are used in place of what the Church has always done in her 2000 year history of proclaiming Christ: proclaim the simple truth with no embellishment whatsoever.

The Vortex speaks of several of these gimmicks that plague the Church.  There are others.  Have you ever noticed on social media how priests are becoming seduced by such nonsense?  We have:
How about priests that simply carry on with their priestly ministries without foisting upon us the details of their various hobbies - especially when those hobbies detract from the dignity and decorum incumbent upon them, owing to the indelible mark upon their souls from the Sacrament of Holy Orders?

Now take a look at the "cooking priest" link.  Notice the somewhat subtle pandering to worldly sentiments he (and/or Catholic News Agency) seems to embrace.
  • "offers non-Catholics insights into the human side of a priest's life".  The "human side"?  Why specify some hypothetical "human side"?  What other side would there be?  A priest is not some alien from outer space or some swamp monster.  To concede to the usage of such banal language only validates any silly notions of the priesthood.
  • "There is this impression in our world that priests are always serious, they only do religion. I wanted to break down that [perception], and say ‘hey, we are still real men. We still have interests and excitement in a lot of other ways’"  
    • Again, why the need to prove a priest is "a real man"?  And by what standards?  This statement smacks of trying to justify the existence of the priesthood in the eyes of the world.
    • The perception that priests are "always serious" must be taken in light that those with such perceptions are often those who themselves are silly and superficial.  Should the priest, the "alter Christus", descend to that level?   In a previous post, I spoke of St. Joseph Cafasso and his series of talks on the priesthood.  
    • "Fr. Schnippel expressed hope that his participation in the show would inspire people to face daunting challenges in their own lives."  How about inspiring them to save their souls by turning to Christ in His Church?  See how the embrace of these gimmicks turns the focus to temporal matters instead of one eternal destiny?
Let us pray that these cheap distractions are jettisoned asap so that priests and religious can be about their most solemn duties.

In The Jesuits

With apologies to St Ignatius Loyola, St Francis Xavier, St Robert Bellarmine, St Aloysius Gonzaga, the North American Martyrs, St. Miguel Pro and all other truly sainted Jesuits.  Please pray for your wayward brothers - ALL of them.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Pope Francis Wants To Edit The Prayer That Jesus Himself Gave Us

Yes, that's right.  Pope Francis wants to rewrite the Lord's Prayer, also known as the Our Father.  He thinks the translation of "lead us not into temptation" is poor.  My first thought when I read that was, "if it was a poor translation, how is it that in 2000 years of Church history, no theologian or bishop or pope ever noticed this problem?"  Well, maybe it's because the problem doesn't really exist.

The Remnant correctly points out that the English and Italian translations are taken straight from the Latin Vulgate, and thus the pope's problem is with the prayer as composed by Our Lord Himself.  So he thinks he knows better than Our Lord how His prayer should read?  If the pope changes His very words, then anything can be changed - and maybe that's an ulterior motive.  Maybe that's part of the systematic process of the deconstruction of Faith and Tradition.

But, hey!  We can't be - oh, what does the pope call us? - "rigid Christians", etc.  Perhaps the pope needs help in making the Lord's Prayer more, shall we say, relevant!  Louie Verrecchio has a great suggestion; I'm sure he put hours of prayer into it! :-D  And how about this priceless gem?

Ridiculous, you say?  Not anymore ridiculous than the pope's attempt to mangle the Our Father.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Another Reminder Of Why The Seamless Garbage Ideology Must Be Repudiated

Yesterday the Remnant provided a much-needed reminder of why Catholic pro-lifers must not allow themselves to be seduced and waylaid by proponents of the seamless-garbage ideology.  These proponents include Rehumanize International and "The New Pro-Life Movement".  Please read this article and my previous blog pieces.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Bishop Knestout To Richmond

Bishop Barry Knestout, an auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Washington, has been chosen by Pope Francis to succeed Bishop Francis DiLorenzo as Bishop of Richmond.  The latter died this past August.  The online version of the Catholic Standard already has a write-up of this appointment.  In it is a congratulatory statement by Cardinal Wuerl, who talks of "our close association in ministry".  Well there certainly was close association.

Again I call to memory what happened in my own parish within the Archdiocese of Washington in Lent of 2012.  Father Marcel Guarnizo denied Holy Communion to an avowed lesbian and was promptly ejected from the Archdiocese of Washington.  There is no doubt that Cardinal Wuerl ordered that expulsion, with Bishop Knestout functioning as the proverbial hatchet man.  Of course I and many others raised an outcry against this blatant miscarriage of justice and lack of fidelity to Church teaching that was evinced by the chancery.  Four years later, when the pastor of a neighboring pastor fired his parish's sodomite music minister, Bishop Knestout supported that pastor.  Had he not had reason to anticipate our vigilance, who knows how he would have acted?

This appointment is no surprise.  Cardinal Wuerl is a member of the Vatican's Congregation for Bishops.  He most likely is assisting the pope in selection of progressive bishops to "stack the deck" as it were.  He certainly had an ideal candidate in Knestout; plus, what better way to reward an obviously loyal underling?

While such a move was inevitable, it still is lamentable.  The only silver lining to this cloud is that he is no longer here.  Pray for him, though, that he might realize his calling and be a faithful bishop.  While I regret his promotion, I'm not sorry to see him go.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Some First-Hand Videos Of The Red Rose Rescues On Dec 2, 2017

In my first report, I mentioned that videos would be forthcoming, so that you can see for yourselves what happened.  Here are three of them. The first two are of the rescues that occurred in VA and DC.  The third is the one that happened in Michigan.  Hopefully my readers will be posting some videos of their own actions to save babies.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Did The Pope Just Answer the Dubia In The Worst Way Possible?

As way of review, I link to my post in which I published the original letter of the four Cardinals.  In that letter are the five dubia as they were formally promulgated.

In September of 2016, the pope wrote a letter to some Argentinian bishops in which he said that "in some cases", divorced and civilly remarried Catholics (that is, Catholics living in the mortal sin of adultery) could receive Holy Communion.  Furthermore, that letter stated that there was "no other interpretation" of Amoralis Lamentia possible.

Comes now the news that the pope has declared that this letter that he wrote to the Argentinian bishops is "authentic Magisterium".  That is, he has attempted to change the teaching of the Catholic Church that she received from Jesus Christ Himself centuries ago.  See here for another analysis.

Does the meme to the right depict the current state of affairs of the Church?  Does this new "magisterium" rise to the level of formal heresy?  If not, why?  If so, it would seem that we may not have a pope, save the Pope Emeritus.

At any rate, it would appear that the pope has indeed answered the first of the five dubia incorrectly.  Now will Cardinals Brandmuller and Burke issue the formal correction immediately?  How much more damage must ensue before that happens?

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Second Red Rose Rescue And Other DC Area Pro-Life News

Today pro-life activists held another Red Rose Rescue effort at three abortuaries - one in Alexandria VA and another at a mill illegally run by the very chequered Stephen Chase Brigham at 6323 Georgia Avenue NW in Washington - just 11 blocks south of the now-closed Hillcrest Women's Surgi-Center where I could be found for many Saturday mornings.  A third happened in Michigan.

At each of these locations, several pro-lifers went into the abortuaries to counsel the women.  Refusing to leave, they were arrested; the ones arrested locally were released several hours later and given court dates. At this early date, videos are not yet available so we can only provide feeds from facebook-live.  Here is one and another.  As one of the narrators states, one key reason why abortion happens is that too many Christians sit on their duffs and do squat (my terminology, not his) about the child-slaughter going on in our localities.  As Jonathan said when the second video ended, "no one should be at peace while abortion is legal".

Priests for Life and Abortion-Free New Mexico called abortionclinics.org, the official name of the abortuary business of Leroy Carhart.  He has now set up shop in the Wildwood area of Bethesda MD.  They have confirmed that Carhart will murder perfectly healthy 28-week babies.  The staff quoted a price of $7,000 for the murder.  The recording can be found on this LifeSiteNews piece.  The abortion employee explained a bit of the procedure to them, but informed the caller that Carhart would not meet with them to discuss any other options.  For updated news regarding this Bethesda abortuary, please check www.prayforbethesda.com.

At about the same time that LifeSiteNews published its findings, the Washington Post came out with a piece on "abortion doulas".  Basically these are women who are with the mother while her baby is being murdered, offering false "comfort" to these women.  I'm guessing that this piece was written several months ago, for the author laments the closing of Carhart's Germantown mill while making no mention of the Bethesda location.  These "doulas" are volunteers, apparently.  One wonders what these "volunteers" would think of the amount of filthy lucre being taken by Carhart to slaughter babies - but maybe they don't care.

But again - do good Christians care enough to do something about abortion?  Do you care??

Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Little Things Matter A Lot In The Spiritual And Cultural War

Today in Crisis Magazine appeared an article entitled "Can The Church Recover Its Fighting Spirit?" by William Kilpatrick.  In his piece, the author focuses on how Catholic leadership, beginning with the pope, are surrendering themselves and the Church to Islam.  He rightly points out that in past generations, Catholics fought against Islamic encroachment and prevailed.  The Catholic in the pew indeed is receiving little guidance from his/her leaders.  In fact, if such a Catholic displays any wariness regarding Muslims, his/her bishop will chide him/her for being "rigid" and "xenophobic" or other such slurs.

While I think everything that Kilpatrick says is true, I don't think he quite gets to the root of the problem.  Many Catholics don't know who they are, as the bride of Christ.  They don't know their faith, they don't know their doctrine, they don't know their God.  Without these, there can be no "fighting spirit".

Below is a video by Michael Matt of the Remnant.  He touches upon cultural issues.  He too understands that as late as 80 years ago, Catholics were firm in their faith.  Consequently they had the respect of the culture at large, even if that respect was given grudgingly.

Matt discusses the fact that this culture has infected all of us to varying degrees; none are unscathed although we may not be aware of the damage wrought upon us.  I certainly don't consider myself exempted.  I saw a rather telling example of that last week, particularly in reaction to this video that was posted to my facebook wall.  A number of us took exception to the mother's behavior (not the baby's) in: 1) not restraining her child from distracting others about to receive Holy Communion and 2) proceeding to post it and (it appears) license it out for some sort of gain.  We were taken aback by the commenters on the video and my post who excoriated us for being "heartless".  In a word, they were letting their feelings trump intellect and will.

Now why do I bring this up, one might ask.  "It's just a small aberration, quite harmless", they say.  Dear readers, it is precisely in these "small matters" that our awareness of God and our Catholic culture is whittled away, minuscule piece by minuscule piece.  Each time we capitulate in these little matters (and we've all done it) we make it easier to capitulate in more little - and no so little - matters.  This is one way we weaken our faith and the fighting spirit of which Kilpatrick writes.  Lex orandi, lex credendi lex vivendi.