Thursday, September 20, 2018

Let's Rebuke Cupich NOW!

This past Saturday I touched upon Cardinal Cupich and his malevolence to one of his priests who is actually acting to expunge evil from his parish.  The flag-burning did occur, with Father Kalchik's participation.  Apparently this symbol of sodomy was used by the late Cardinal Bernardin (surprise!).  It was hung so that it blocked the hand-carved Crucifix over the altar; see the PJ Media article for a depiction of the sacrilege.

I called for a phone and email blast of the Chicago chancery over the treatment that Cupich is inflicting on Father Kalchik.  Some replied that perhaps Cupich just didn't want a media spectacle.  To that I say, "too bad"!  Where is Cupich's concern about "spectacle" when Father Michael Pfleger acts up?  And is he really having cold feet because he doesn't want a spectacle, or is he just doing the bidding of his gay-mafia puppet masters and sugar daddies?  Should the Apostles have stopped preaching the gospel because of "spectacle"?  Read in Acts how Peter and John responded to very similar demands by the sanhedran.

Speaking of faithful priests persecuted by dissident bishops, I post now an interview that Father Marcel Guarnizo gave to His segment starts in the middle of the clip so you can just move the button to the middle; where his picture appears is the beginning.  Father Guarnizo rightly states that the bishops are indeed the source of the problems AND that the laity must act to rectify the matter.  Yes, we must pray, but we must also act.  Too often faithful Catholics have been way too reticent when it comes to speaking out.  What is the source of that?  Timidity? False humility?  Whatever it is, we must overcome these obstacles, for if we don't, our prayer will be hamstrung, if not outright nullified.

With that in mind, we can start by protesting Cupich's draconian and vindictive treatment of Father Kalchik.  Here is the contact information for the Archdiocese of Chicago.  Call the first number 1-312-534-8200.  Then follow the "search by name" prompts for Cupich's office.  You will get his secretary.  Voice your displeasure politely but sternly.  The gay cartel have these campaigns down to an art and we must best them at that.  I called this afternoon, and I hope that many more will call.  Spread the word.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Narcissism And Dissidence

When I wrote yesterday's post, I omitted an important connection between religious-star-wannabees and perversion.  That common thread is narcissism.  If you look at the links that I embedded in that article, narcissism reeks throughout.   Speaking of which, I learned of this official portrait of the pope.

Notice how he's standing in the light, in the center of the thing, while the Holy Family is shoved into a corner, partially obscured by shadows?  And why are his hands folded in a manner that hides his pectoral cross?  I also can't help but notice the rainbow; is that a nod to the cabal that seems to control the Vatican?

Now for another more glaring instance of the narcissism found in dissidents, I just became aware through LifeSiteNews that the pastor of St. Francis Xavier in Manhattan has been removed due to "boundary violations" with an "adult male who attended the parish".  The pervert's name is Father Bob VerEecke, S.J.  The acting pastor claims there was "nothing criminal", just "lack of good judgment".  This acting pastor's name is Father Daniel Corrou.  Given his dismissive platitude, I am none too confident in Corrou's fitness for his new position.

I've written plenty about that parish over the years, given their coddling of gays.  Now it turns out that the pastor is himself gay.  Is he also a narcissist?  Go back to the LifeSiteNews article and watch the video to see how he profaned Pentecost Mass in 2017.  By the way - should that video "disappear", please notify me via comments for I took the precaution to download that evidence of corruption.

Monday, September 17, 2018

The Sex Scandal And Consecrated Religious Trying To Be Entertainers

Yes, there IS a connection, and it centers around the disregard for dignity and decorum befitting a religious.  Listen to this homily below and understand why the recent onslaught of religious-entertainer-wannabees is a blight upon the One True Faith, not cute nor harmless.  See here and here and here and here.   As Michael Matt said in his video in the previous post, we Catholics need to grow up and we must demand the same of our religious.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Remnant TV On The Vigano Revelations And Real Reform Needed

Michael Matt of Remnant TV shares some insights below.  It's necessary to emphasize a crucial point bout the dog-and-pony show that is to occur this coming February.  The point is something mentioned by Church Militant this past week.  This meeting ostensibly will focus on prevention of sexual abuse of "minors" and "vulnerable adults". The two terms, by definition, do not include seminarians. A goodly percentage of the targets have been seminarians, so they'd be excluded from consideration at that meeting. Seminarians were the "victims of choice" of ex-cardinal McCarrick. It can be argued that seminarians who submitted to de facto rape were so psychologically impaired that they would not have been suitable for the priesthood.  They obviously lacked the presence of mind to fend off their assailants - not at all excusable on their part.  I've repeatedly called upon them to come forth and bring this matter to justice, as their silence only served to enable their predators to continue attacking others.  Anyway, here is Mr. Matt's video.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Latest Betrayals By The Pope And Cupich

At the end of this month, the pope will formalize an agreement with Communist China that will essentially give to the Chi-coms the authority to decide who will be appointed bishops in that country.  As part of that agreement, the current bishops who have served the Church in the face of hostility and threats from China will be thrown under the bus by their chief shepherd.  The memories of those Chinese prelates who died in prison, are who had their lives shortened by communist brutality will be held in disregard, if not outright disdain.

Many church leaders had been calling on the pope to cancel the so-called "synod on the youth" to be held next month.  They rightly state that the Vatican in its current condition has no moral credibility to deliberate on how to serve young people correctly.  Well, the charade will go on (as of this writing).  Today the Vatican released a list of those who will participate in this synod.  Those names include Cardinals Tobin and Cupich, two prelates who are implicated in Vigano's statement quite heavily.  With this tone-deaf list, the pope and Vatican prove once again why this synod will be an abysmal joke.

Speaking of Cupich, he is at present preparing to snuff out an ember of faithful Catholicism in his diocese.  Father John Kalchik of Resurrection Parish in Chicago announced that he was going to hold a public burning of a gay rainbow flag that the previous pastor allowed to desecrate the Church.  The local gay mafia notified Cupich who immediately ordered Kalchik not to proceed.  The parishioners took over and held the flag-burning anyway.  So now Cupich is threatening to remove Father Kalchik's faculties as a priest.

Doesn't Cupich sound like the sort of person who would be the least qualified to discuss spiritual guidance for the Church's young people?  So did Francis select in spite of his disdain of Catholic morality - or because of it?

But faithful Catholics must remain silent and not raise their voices, you see?  Else we might be "punished by serpents".  Yes, he really said that.

Friday, September 14, 2018

The Hush-Up And Cover-Up Attempts Continue Unabated

Yesterday the pope met with Cardinal DiNardo and other US prelates.  Ostensibly they were discussing the ever-growing scandal of bishops covering for priest-rapists and/or engaging in those rapes as well.  They were serious.  They were somber: an appropriate attitude for crimes of this magnitude.  Can't you see their sincerity, their contrition, their firm resolution in this picture?

I agree with my blogging colleague Conquered By Love that the jocularity evident on the faces of the pope and the others is a slap in the face to the victims, their families and the aggrieved church at large, not to mention a spit in the eye to God Almighty Himself.

They must have been discussing strategies to silence faithful Catholics, that is, we the Great Unwashed, for they got right to it.  He used his homily to take jabs at Catholics who have had enough, calling us the "Great Accuser" This term has often used for Satan.  Perhaps this is a good entry for the Little Book of Insults.  He said, and I kid you not, "in these times, it seems like the Great Accuser (i.e., us) has been unchained and is attacking bishops".  Awww!!  The poor widdle bishops!  Their widdle feel-bads are hurt!  Let us all shed a tear!  Boo-hoo!  Seriously!  How many bishops knew and uttered not one peep?  Even if they did not engage in the perversions themselves, they cooperated in sin by their silence.

His faithful "vice-pope" lapdog, Cardinal Maradiaga, took his cue from that homily and tried to tell us that McCarrick's abuse of hundreds of young men was "of a private order", decrying its exposition.  Well, most abusers do try to keep their crimes "of a private order".  Perhaps Maradiaga bears some scrutiny?  Regrettably he is "talking the talk" of a serial abuser.  I'm not necessarily saying that he is an abuser, but he's using the language and tactics of an abuser.

These strategies are nothing new.  Church Militant reminded us of the usage of them in Bridgeport about eleven years ago.  A priest brought to light the massive embezzlement committed by another priest.  When then Bishop Lori dragged his feet in addressing the matter, Father Madden hired private investigators to help jail the embezzler.  Bishop Lori's response was to force Father Madden to apologize at Mass for "overstepping his bounds".  I suppose for Lori it was more important for him to save face rather than bring a criminal to justice.

Sometime before that in the Diocese of Arlington, Father James Haley attempted to get Bishop Lori to rein in some priests who were also embezzling, or using pornography, or conducting affairs with married parishioners.  As a reward, Loverde not only defrocked him but excommunicated him as well.  I might point out that Arlington is a suffragan diocese of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  Lori took over as Archbishop shortly after this excommunication.  While he didn't commit that injustice against Father Haley, neither did he address it.

If they think they will silence us, they deceive only themselves.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

From The Fox Guarding Hen House Department - Lori Investigates Bransfield

Bishop Michael Bransfield of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston (WV) is no longer the prelate of that diocese.  He is currently under investigation for alleged homosexual predation on young men.  He is 75 years old anyway and accordingly had to submit his resignation.  This diocese is a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore is leading the investigation into the Bransfield allegations.  He will also serve as apostolic administrator of Wheeling-Charleston until the pope appoints a new bishop.

This is another case of the fox guarding the hen house.  Church Militant articulated their own concerns about this development.  In addition, I have written quite a bit about the homosexual infiltration that has been allowed to fester within the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  Much of my writing has been focused on St Matthew's on Loch Raven Boulevard.  Its pastor, Father Joseph Muth, has been defiant in his promotion of the mortal sin of sodomy, going so far as to lead his parish as they march in Baltimore's "gay pride" parade year after year.  Over the years I and others have written to Lori to ask him to replace Muth, as he is leading many in this parish to hell.  A friend pointed out to me that in addition to St Matthew's, Muth is now scandalizing the parishioners of Blessed Sacrament on Old York Road as well.  That is a recent assignment and had to be Lori's doing.

Lori is probably yet another prelate who should be thinking of early retirement.  He is not qualified, by dint of his own facilitation of gays in Baltimore, to be investigating anybody.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

WaPo - Trump Has Power Over Hurricanes

In June of 2017, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops had a hissy-snit because President Trump rescued the United States from that fraud known as the Paris climate agreement.  They betrayed their ignorance of the US Constitution by claiming that the US ratified it.  That did not happened.  While the Messiah Most Miserable signed it, that was not sufficient to ratify it.  According to the Constitution, any international agreement must be approved by the United States Senate before it can be considered binding on the US.  That simply didn't happen.

Pope Francis has glommed onto this climate-change junk science, championing the Paris climate covenant.  Long-time readers of this blog will recall that for years I have decried the pope's servitude to environmentalism.  He has gone so far as to parade all sorts of anti-life people through the Vatican in the name of this environmental idolatry.

Not all are taken in by the hype.  Investor Business Daily reports on the sheepish admission by the UN that this Paris accord is a joke.  Of course sane people, including President Trump, knew that all along.

Sane people are a rarity in mainstream media.  The Washington Compost outdid itself today in its op-ed by claiming that because Trump pulled us out of that agreement, he is to blame for Hurricane Florence.  I wish I could say it was satire, but they are serious.  They said, and I quote, "when it comes to extreme weather, Trump is complicit".  What?  Do they think Trump did some American Indian rain dance to conjure up a hurricane?  Do they ascribe divine attributes to him?  Do they have one iota of common sense?  When you read the article, look at the comments.  Most are mocking the editorial, as well they should.

Now I wonder how the denizens of that USCCB building off Michigan Avenue are reacting to the editorial.  They are probably nodding in assent.  It's time to abolish the USCCB.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Listening Session At St Mary's In Rockville

This evening St Mary's Church in Rockville MD held a "listening session" inside the church.  Unlike the "small-group" format at my parish, everyone had a chance to address the entire gathering via open mike.  Many did so.  The general consensus among those gathered (including me) is that Cardinal Wuerl must resign as archbishop of Washington.  A few chided the clergy for "not speaking truth to power" and for covering for him.

I regret that two people used their speaking times to shill for female ordination.  However, I was also pleased that some acknowledged the homosexual aspect of these crimes against young people.

Most people acknowledged the need for prayer and fasting.  One lady astutely observed the emphasis on those to the exclusion of practical action.  I was wondering if someone was going to mention the withholding of donations to the chancery, but none did.  Many people got up and it was not my parish so I didn't think it appropriate to float that suggestion.  I might do so at the next session that I attend.