Tuesday, February 9, 2016

From The Ecumenicide Department - Death By Dialogue

Via Church Militant, I learned today that the USCCB is launching a new group called "National Catholic-Muslim Dialogue" to establish "mutual esteem", "greater understanding" and a "deep sense of trust".  This organization will be co-chaired by a Catholic and a muslim.  While the muslim is yet to be announced, the Catholic co-chair will be Archbishop Blaise Cupich.  Given what I've written about him in earlier posts, we can well wonder what could possibly go right with this looming debacle.

In that list of oh-so-lofty goals, there is no mention whatsoever of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the One True Faith to the lost souls that are the muslims.  As mentioned in yesterday's post, the Church's one mission is to save souls (Clergy!  Burn that into your memories!).  With all this jibber-jabber about "dialogue", the saving of souls will not be happening at these little gab-fests.  "But Jesus dialogued with people!", some might protest.  No He didn't.  He certainly had conversations with people, but they were not "dialogues" between equals.  He always taught, preached, exhorted, rebuked - always the conversations were between Master and disciples (unless the exchanges were malevolent, as with Caiaphas, Pilate, Pharisees, etc).  Never did He condescend to be regarded as "just one of the guys".

It seems like all sorts of substitutes are being put before our eyes to distract us from the salvation of souls.  With yesterday's post we see the distraction-du-jour was thinly-disguised gaia worship.  Today's revelation by Church Militant points to indifferentism.  I'm going to post below a commentary by Michael Matt regarding the yesterday's homage to environmentalism for he suggests a larger context to all of these pet projects of the vatican.

The Genius Of NARAL

Ladies and gentlemen, we have uncovered a secret video taken at NARAL headquarters as they strategized and planned their brilliant responses to the Dorito ad during Sunday's superbowl.  Here they are, the geniuses at work!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Where Is The REAL Care For God's Creation???

My colleague at One Peter Five put up the pope's latest video regarding environmentalism.  As he stated in this commentary, this video explicitly extols the idolatry of "earth worship" before the worship of the One True God.  The stench of idolatry billows forth from the first few moments of the clip till the very end.

Notice that "believers and unbelievers" are told that they "agree that the earth is our common heritage".  Then the pope asks, "however, what is happening to the world we live in"?  In a word, it's called "sin" and it manifests itself in much more significant ways than in some trash on a beach.  Its spiritually deadly effects are manifest in sexual immorality, murders of babies, elderly and other innocents, the persecution of Christians in once-civilized countries.  Please note that it is the latter group of sins that can and will damn souls to hell; trash on a beach won't do that.

Let's look at that phrase "earth is our common heritage".  No, that's not why God created man.  Let's hearken back to the Baltimore Catechism.  Why did God make man?  God made man to know, love and serve Him in this world and to be happy with Him in the next.  God created man to be with Him in heaven, not to be focused on this earth (good as it may be in and of itself).  It is the God-given mission of the Church to help souls get to heaven - that's it!  Anything else is ancillary and must be explicitly aimed at the ultimate end of eternal salvation.  Watch the video carefully.  Are the words "heaven", "soul", "repentance", "salvation" mentioned therein at least once?

At the 0:48 mark, the pope states that "we need a change that unites us all".  That change is the conversion of every person to the Roman Catholic Church.  Unless that happens, any unity will at best be very temporary and at worst, a cheap and dangerous facade of true unity.  Read the book of Genesis. It's worth noting that in the very beginning, there was true earthly harmony in creation.  It was only after the sin of our first parents that creation fell out of harmony.  That harmony won't be restored until there is conversion to the One True Faith and attendant obedience to the Church in matters of faith and morals.  At the 0:57 mark, we see the pope hoping that we "be free from the slavery of consumerism".  Well, how about "freedom from sin"?  

The absence of the call for conversion to Catholism in this video constitutes true indifference to the pinnacle of God's creation, i.e., man for if there is no explicit and overt effort to bring about conversion to the One True Faith, there is no real concern for God's creation.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Video Of Pope Leo XIII

This is the earliest recording of a pontiff.  Taken in 1896, this takes place in the Vatican Gardens.  What you hear is the pope chanting the Ave Maria.  It was Pope Leo XIII who composed the Prayer to St. Michael and the other prayers that at one time were prayed after Low Masses prior to Vatican II.

Pope Leo XIII - Oldest Vatican Film (Rome, 1896)
Pope Leo XIII in the Vatican Gardens in 1896. This is the oldest known video footage of a Pope and the oldest Italian film in existence. Pope Leo XIII chanting Ave Maria in Latin is the oldest known audio recording of a Pope (Rome, 1903)."Sua Santità papa Leone XIII" è un film del 1896. Oltre ad essere il primo filmato in cui compare un papa è anche la più antica pellicola italiana tuttora esistente. Leone XIII recitando l'Ave Maria in latino è la più antica registrazione della voce di un papa (Roma, 1903).
Posted by This is Christian Italy on Friday, February 5, 2016

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Mardi Gras - A Diabolical Insult To The Holy Season Of Lent

Next Wednesday, Feb 10, is Ash Wednesday - the beginning of Lent.  Already on social sites we are seeing reminders and reflections regarding this sacred time of penitence and preparation for Easter.  Of course I frequent the Catholic circles in Facebook and other venues.  That said, I was quite taken aback when I saw the picture on the right.

It reminded me of a homily that I heard at least 10 years ago at my church on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday (known as Quinquagesima Sunday in the Extraordinary Rite).  It was excellent.  Father stated that there were mistakes that Catholics often made in their approach to Lent.  He said the first mistake is called "mardi gras".  He said it was indicative of the attitudes of too many Catholics towards the remedial disciplines of Lent: that they saw Lent as a time to be accepted with, at best, a begrudging acceptance as opposed to gratitude.  Such people are, at heart, willfully attached to their pleasures and comforts.  They tend to not take seriously their eternal destinies, seeing little need to prepare for death, judgment and either heaven or hell.  Hence they observe Lent grudgingly, often lamenting the temporary reduction of pleasures.

Another time when I've seen such attitudes is when St. Patrick's Day has fallen on a Lenten Friday.  Hankering for their meat on Friday (as if there weren't 6 other days of the week), they've often petitioned their bishops for dispensation from the lenten practice on those Fridays.  All too often, the bishops themselves don't take lent seriously so they blithely let them have their way.  When that happened one year, I might have thought they were acting like naughty children who had gotten permission to raid the cookie jar at will; their gloating was that ridiculous to behold.

Take a look at the language in the picture.  Leaving aside the sloppy grammar, what we see here is an insult to faithful Catholics - and to the holy season of Lent.  It is an illustration of the careless Catholic who accepts Lent only with resentment.  The person in the picture has made himelf into a disgusting slob.  That is indeed what happens when one does not approach Catholic life and discipline with the reverence that it deserves.  One one takes a cavalier, jocular attitude towards the provisions that the Church has provided for our salvation, we degrade ourselves.

The Catholic writing this post will not align herself with the nod to gluttony suggested in this meme.  I trust many of you are like-minded.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Latest CMP Video Exposes PP Affiliate Where Asst DA Sits On Board Of Directors

By now you may have heard David Daleiden, director of Center for Medical Progress, has been indicted by a Texas district attorney who was charged with investigating Planned Parenthood.  You may recall over the past few months the postings of various videos that caught Planned Parenthood officials red-handed in the sale and trafficking of the bodies of babies whom they murdered.

The DA in question is Devon Anderson of Harris County, TX.  Right from the get-go, her handling of this case has shown signs of corruption and cronyism.  Anderson was originally tasked with investigating Planned Parenthood; that means bringing evidence before a grand jury for their vote.  It appears that the grand jury never took a vote on the charges against Planned Parenthood; rather, they turned on CMP.  Ladies and gentlemen, even if the grand jury honestly found no basis to charge Planned Parenthood, they still should have taken an official vote accordingly.  They didn't; why?

Now consider that Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, sits on the board of directors of CMP.  At about the same time that Anderson assumed office in 2013, OR lodged a complaint against Houston abortionist Doug Karpen for especially grisly methods of baby murder.  Karpen was represented by Chip Lewis.  He at the time tried to turn the tables on OR; that move went nowhere.  OR's complaint prompted Texas to pass abortuary regulations known as HB2.

This same Chip Lewis is a close friend of Anderson's - and one of her largest political donors!  Coincidence?  How about the fact that one of Anderson's assistant DAs, Lauren Reeder, sits on the board of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast?  Oh, my!  All sorts of "coincidences" abound!

Your prayers are needed that real justice may be done in this situation.  Daleiden isn't letting this matter stop him.  Today CNP released another video in which Planned Parenthood admits to issuing padded invoices to research organizations to increase their blood money profits from the sale of tiny children.  The video is below.  Note at the 3:15 mark the words of Melissa Farrell are recorded.  She is Director of Research at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast - the same PP outlet that has Lauren Reeder, Harris County Assistant DA, on its board.  If you want to see the unedited video with PPGC personnel, go here.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Laudato Si And Paris Agreement - Spawned From Same Progressive Agenda

Cardinal Peter Turkson, who had a major role in the drafting of Laudato Si, granted an interview to a news outlet called Mongabay.  In it, he unabashedly admitted that the preamble to the agreement and Laudato Si bore very striking resemblances.  I've no doubt that they are very similar.  This only goes to show how the current Vatican leadership - including Pope Francis - are taking their marching orders from progressive puppet-masters.  Turkson might attempt to pretend that Laudato Si was some sort of inspiration for the Paris Agreement.  However, could it be that the drafters of Laudato Si and the Paris Agreement are simply taking their talking points from the same sugar-daddies?  They certainly aren't basing their theories on solid science!

The Church hierarchy has no moral right to try to cram the "climate change" ideology down our throats.  The mission of the Church is to save souls; that's the mandate given to her by Jesus Christ Himself.  The Church disgraces herself when she lets that divinely-ordained mission play second fiddle to progressive pet projects that are designed to insinuate one-world government as the world's de facto deity.  That disgrace is being allowed by, if not perpetrated by, the pope.

For instance, the Church must uphold Christ's teachings on marriage and the evil of homosexual conduct.  The Italian Parliament is deliberating bills to legalize sodomy and the adoption of children by perverts.  Good people are taking a stand.  This past weekend, an organization called "Committee to Defend Our Children" organized a rally in Rome, dubbing it "Family Day 2016".  Hundreds of thousands of good people made their voices heard.   Cardinal Angel Bagnasco, Archbishop of Genoa and president of the Italian Bishops' Conference played a key leadership role and was present at that rally.  Pope Francis, however, distanced himself from the rally, going so far as to cancel a meeting he had scheduled with Bagnasco. The Remnant has more details.  They give their opinions on the "whys and wherefores" of the pope's reluctance to stand with faithful Catholics.  They are opinions but I believe they are well-reasoned.

I mention all this to remind us all that it is outside the Church's realm of expertise to pronounce on "climate change".  We are free to disagree with the hierarchy's progressive take on the matter.  In light of the flimsy scientific basis for it and the progressive ramifications of it, I'd suggest we disagree with it vigorously.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

St. Ignatius Of Baltimore - EGG On Its Face, Mortal Sin To Its Charge

Two months ago I wrote of St. Matthew's Church on Loch Raven Boulevard in Baltimore.  It is infested with those promoting the mortal sin of homosexual perversion - and that includes the pastor!  When I wrote that piece, I indicated that I'd write of another sin-swamp parish and now I'll do so.

This den of iniquity is called St. Ignatius Catholic Community.  It's on Calvert Street in the Mount Vernon area.  It touts itself as "the Jesuit Church of Baltimore".  I might say that would explain a lot of what I'll detail, but then what's the excuse for the malfeasances of St. Matthew's?

St. Ignatius also has a "gay ministry", that is, a group that will lull to sleep what remains of the consciences of homosexual Catholics so that they can commit mortal sin with their consciences effectively paralyzed.  Of course in committing these sins, they are greatly increasing their chances of incurring the pains of hell in the afterlife.  The pastor and other leaders of that parish, being answerable to God for the souls in their charge, will likely have hell to pay (literally) if they don't change course while they're still on this side of the grave.

You should have the St. Ignatius site open in its own window.  Let's now take a tour, shall we?   Go to the top menu and hover your mouse over "ministries".  Click on "community building".  A new page opens up and you'll see on the left something called "Embracing God's Gifts" (EGG).  This is St. Ignatius's "gay ministry".  How did they come to adopt this title "embracing God's gifts"?  I have a theory that I think is entirely plausible.  Recall the Extraordinary Synod on the Family that occurred in October 2014.  Readers of this blog will recall that an interim report was released by the Vatican; I'll link to it on the Vatican website.  I refer you to paragraph 50, where the pope seems to be condoning homosexual conduct.  (For those interested, here are some archives for review).   If anyone ever wanted prima facie evidence of the harm caused by the pope's ambiguity, here's a prime example.

Let's examne the EGG page.  There is a video where Gordon Creamer (director?).  He talks of celebrating "gifts and contribution of gay and lesbian members"; he's hearkening back to paragraph 50 of the sin-nod's interim report.  Notice the "mission statement" that rolls by in "star wars" format.  Notice how it acknowledges being informed by church teaching, as opposed to being formed by Church teaching?  That difference is quite telling.  Then of course we have the loaded language of "open-mindedness" and "compassion".  At 2:34 Creamer states that "at various meetings we often study the Church's..body of literature".  Did you notice that moment of hesitancy?  Was he catching himself before he uttered the word "teachings" as opposed to "body of literature"?  He goes right into a book called "Fortunate Families".  I believe it's this book; it was on the table in the video.  Here is the website to "Fortunate Families".  This organization seems to be comprised of parents who are capitulating to the mortal sins in which their children are embroiled.  What they display is not charity, but cowardice and dereliction of duty.

Looking further down, we see that they have their monthly meetings and "pride cookouts" and even a "pride prayer service".  From the bulletin we see that they actually meet in parish offices; the announcement can be found right above the yoga announcement.  I now point you to an article published by New Ways Ministry.  If it can be believed (and that might well be the case), then the Archdiocese of Baltimore knows of the state of affairs at St. Ignatius and is, at the very least, turning a blind eye to the spiritual wreckage occurring at that church.  Such appears to be the case at St. Matthew's.

Let's go back to that "ministries" menu and look at "social responsibilities".  There's lots of indications that St. Ignatius falls into lockstep with the progressive agenda being promulgated.  For instance, if we look at the "economic justice"page, all we see are calls to lobby various governmental bodies for income/wealth redistribution.  No where do I see any calls for the parishioners to contribute to this "economic justice" out of their own means.  Then there's the obligatory call for amnesty for illegal aliens and such.

Now guess what's missing from that page?  I knew it wouldn't take too long to guess!  Yes!  There's no mention whatsoever of the greatest social injustice of this day - the slaughter of unborn children under the guise of legalized abortion.  With all these "ministries", where's the pro-life ministry?  The lack of such an endeavor tells me that this parish, by and large, simply doesn't care about authentic social justice nor for the teachings of Jesus Christ Himself.  Correction - it's there but you have to scroll down a good bit to see it.

I'm going to point out a seemingly unrelated incident.  It's not really unrelated as I'll elaborate in a few minutes.  On Friday, a 23-year-old seminarian was taken into custody at a San Diego airport.  He allegedly was en route to Mexico to engage in sexual acts - with helpless infants.  Yes, he was a Catholic seminarian who was about to engage in acts of brutal perversion.  One might wonder how such individuals can be so corrupted, or how the seminary did not screen him during the application process.  But all we need do is consider the corrupt parish life of parishes such as St. Ignatius, St Matthews and other "gay-friendly" parishes throughout the country and we needn't wonder.  If our parishes and dioceses aren't purified of this corruption soon, we can expect to see more such scenarios.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Father Marcel Guarnizo On The Presidential Race

Father Marcel Guarnizo, about whom I've written in the past, recently published some thoughts regarding the presidential race this year.  We do need a president who will respect and uphold the US Constitution and not just give it lip service.  For the record, I will be voting for Cruz during Maryland's primaries in April.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Parents! Beware Of The Catholic Standard!

Remember this?  From last month?  The ad still appears; I'm speaking of the January 28th edition.  It's on page 15, bottom left.  What are these people thinking?  The Catholic Standard is ostensibly the official news outlet of the Archdiocese of Washington; it should exude the Faith from every square inch of the paper.  Instead, for the sake of advertising revenue, it takes on the stench of immorality.  I hope that's not what Pope Francis meant when he talked of taking on the "smell of the sheep".

Parents, my post title should be taken seriously.  Perhaps you might have thought that you wouldn't have to screen a Catholic publication for objectionable content before your children read it, as you might have to if something was bought at a convenience store.  Who could blame you?  After all, it is a church publication, right?  At one time, that assumption would have been sound, but thanks to the Catholic Standard, that is no longer the case.  If you let your seven-year-olds read it unsupervised, you might find yourselves being asked to define "e_____ d_______" and "love life" as they are named in the ad.

Here is the "contact" page for the Standard. Please voice your displeasure at this obvious carelessness regarding Catholic morality.