Saturday, February 16, 2019

McCarrick Is Laicized

This is long overdue - not only on behalf of his poor victims throughout the decades but also countless others who have been led astray owing to his dissidence on matters of the faith.  They are too many to list here, but over the years of this blog's existence, they have been noted here and elsewhere.  He also had (probably still does have) the habit of publicly hob-nobbing with infamous pro-aborts at various functions; I've participated in and/or led pickets at those debacle, including this.

McCarrick is by no means the only one.  Given the ungodly priorities of this pontificate, I've no doubt that McCarrick was intended to be a sacrificial lamb to mollify those of us who seek to have Holy Mother Church purified of the rot that infests her at all levels.  It will be up to faithful Catholic laity not only to pray and offfer sacrifices, but also to utilize all moral means available to keep up the pressure - including pickets such as the one exemplified in the most recent link.

I've no doubt that McCarrick will be offered a cushy "retirement package" in return for all the disservice rendered throughout the years.  However, we must also remember to pray that McCarrick will wake up and repent, making a good confession.  He is elderly and hasn't much time left on earth to do that.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Farrell To Be Papal Camerlengo - What Could Possibly Go Right?

I've written a good bit about Cardinal Farrell in the past.  Some might recall that before he made himself infamous, he was pastor of a local parish in Washington DC.  He was unimpressive then so we knew he'd be a problem when he was named a cardinal.

Among many of his problems is his close association with now ex-cardinal McCarrick.  Farrell lived with McCarrick for six years, yet he claims to have known nothing regarding McCarrick's perverted assaults on young men.

Now that McCarrick is on the verge of being laicized (unless he weasels his way out of this), we find it odd that the pope has appointed a close McCarrick associate as camerlengo.  This official wields much influence after the death of a pope, essentially managing Vatican and Church affairs until a new pope is elected.

So we have Farrell as camerlengo and Cupich running the abuse summit in a few weeks.  As they say, personnel is policy, so again we have clear evidence of current policies at the Vatican.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Noted Catholic Leaders Publicly Contradict The Human Fraternity Document

Last Thursday I asked if the "human fraternity" document shows Francis to be an anti-pope.  Several leading prelates and philosophers seem to answer in the positive.

Cardinal Gerhard Mueller, former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, issued a "Manifesto of Faith"; the National Catholic Register article has the entire document toward the bottom of its article.  He makes plain that Christianity is the true religion and no other religion can be considered to be on a par with the Faith that Jesus Christ Himself teaches through the One True Church.  It is the shepherds' task to guide the people, through the Church, to eternal salvation.

Bishop Athanasius Schneider said many of the same things in his own document, "The Gift of Filial Adoption - The Christian Faith: The Valid and Only God-Willed Religion".  He too emphasizes that Christianity is the One True Faith for it was instituted by God Himself.

Taking a none-too-veiled dig at two pet-causes of progressives, namely "climate change" and uncontrolled "immigration, he says, "The most urgent task of the Church in our time is to care about the change of the spiritual climate and about the spiritual migration, namely that the climate of non-belief in Jesus Christ, the climate of the rejection of the kingship of Christ, be changed into the climate of explicit faith in Jesus Christ, of the acceptance of His kingship, and that men may migrate from the misery of the spiritual slavery of unbelief into the happiness of being sons of God and from a life of sin into the state of sanctifying grace. These are the migrants about whom we must care urgently."

Where these two prelates addressed the heresies of the "human fraternity" document without naming either the document or Francis, Professor Josef Seifert names both in his "Grave Concerns About Pope Francis' Abu Dhabi Document".  He too condemns the notion that God willed "plurality of religions", stating that the pope rejected Christianity by signing onto that heretical statements in that document.  At the end of his statement, Seifert expresses hope that the pope will retract that error, but states, "if he does not do this, I am afraid that Canon Law may apply according to which a Pope automatically loses his Petrine office when professing heresy, especially when he professes the sum-total of all heresies."

The pope has taken notice of these objections.  He assured one and all that the Theologian of the Papal Household approved it.  But it seems that this theologian never saw the document.  I tend to think the latter is correct.

Two questions now loom before us.
  1. Will the pope retract his error?
  2. If not, will we have the courage and integrity to admit the obvious as Professor Seifert has done?
I'd suggest careful study of all three of these answers to the "human fraternity" heresy.  Pray that more Catholics stand up to these errors that, if left unchecked, will likely facilitate the damnation of many souls.  Pray that sanity return to the papal office.

Monday, February 11, 2019

McCarrick Wrote The Land O Lakes Statement?

This episode of the Vortex claims that McCarrick at least had a hand in its drafting.  While this is news to me, it certainly is no surprise.  He is a signer.

Word is afoot that the Vatican will soon be deciding whether or not McCarrick will be laicized.  For the sake of all concerned, including McCarrick himself, I pray that he is laicized and that he take honest looks at the state of his soul, for he hasn't many years left in which to repent and do some reparation.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Does The Human Fraternity Document Show Francis To Be An Antipope?

The blog "From Rome" states, Today, if not beforehand, Jorge Mario Bergoglio publicly and manifestly apostatized from the Catholic Faith, when he signed the “Human Fraternity Document” which professes all religions to be “willed by God in His wisdom.”

Sadly, I must agree.  Here is the document as it appears on the Vatican website.  Here is the offending statement, again from the Vatican site: The pluralism and the diversity of religions, colour, sex, race and language are willed by God in His wisdom..

God does NOT will "diversity of religions".  "Diversity of religions" is idolatry.  The First Commandment demands that we worship Him and Him alone.  It is utter blasphemy to suggest that God wills people to commit the mortal sin of idolatry.

Let's be honest.  If anyone else said this, faithful Catholics everywhere would be denouncing the formal apostasy of the one who uttered it.  We now have the pope putting forth that statement, and he cannot be excused for this apostasy because he is the pope.  Indeed, the apparent guilt for him is much greater than it would be for an ordinary Catholic on account of his high station.  He veers dangerously close to being eligible for the label "antipope".

Mahound's Paradise has more information on the Muslim imam who also signed that document.  He is not a benevolent leader.  Professor Roberto de Mattei warns of the Masonic undertones in this document.  Indeed, I believe that "fraternity" is being elevated to the status of an idol.  Again, I regret that this pope is taking on all the appearances of an antipope.  In any event, he seems to be a danger to the One True Faith and perhaps to himself.  We must pray and keep our eyes open.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Upcoming Atrocity In Durham, NC - Action Needed From Faithful Catholics

UPDATE: If you go to the school's site as directed below, you will notice that Alston's name no longer appears.  That does not necessarily mean she has been disivited.  We hope it does, but there exists the possibility that her name was pulled to dissuade action from us.  Please continue to contact them and ask them to confirm that Alston will not be there.  Please advise via comments of any responses.  Thanks.

Original post below:

A reader local to the area alerted me to this, asking for my support.  After doing some research, I share her concerns.

The matter concerns Immaculata School in Durham NC.  Please go to their website and then to their drop-down event calendar to the right.  Go to Feb 8, to the African American Heritage thing.  You'll see that the guest speaker is Vernetta Alston.  She is a member of the Durham City Council.  She also pretends that she is "married" to another woman.  The venue for this event appears to be on school property.  No Catholic institution is permitted to honor one who lives in manifest mortal sin.

For all across the country:
  • The contact information for the school is on their webpage.  The principal should be called to ask that the invitation to Alston be rescinded. 
  • The school is in the Diocese of Raleigh.  I have linked to the diocesan website so that we may contact the offices of Bishop Luis Zarama.
For faithful Catholics in the locality, particularly parents of students in that school:
  • If the invitation is not rescinded, consider a picket of that event or a protest from inside it.
  • Make sure your children don't attend it by keeping them at home that day, explaining to the principal why they are absent
  • Network with others like-minded so you can be informed about future problems to take corrective action.
We don't have a whole lot of time so we need to move quickly.  Spread the word of this around, particularly to any contacts in the Durham area.

From The Lawyers For Nick Sandmann

One of the lawyers for Nick Sandmann released this video related to the incident on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  Mr. Wood does an excellent job in exposing the lies of Nathan Phillips and those of the mainstream media.

Monday, February 4, 2019

From World Youth Craze - The Beach Bum Mass

World Youth Day Serpent
At the recently-ended "world youth day", Argentinian Auxiliary Bishop Oscar Minarro "celebrated" Mass on the beach.  The venue was bad enough, but was probably the least of the problems with that Mass.  The bishop was vested not as a bishop, but as a beach bum.  That is, he wore shorts and tee-shirt.  As he consecrated the Host, he remained seated in a beach chair.  There was no table to serve as altar - no platform whatsoever.  Instead, everything was on a beach towel right on the sand.  To say sacrilege occurred would be quite the understatement.  Certainly the young people in attendance were ill-served, as they witnessed a successor to the Apostles treat the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in a flippant, jocular manner, devoid of reverence.

I would seriously caution all parents NOT to allow their children to attend these affairs.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Justice For The Covington Boys - The First Steps

A week or two ago we heard that lawyers representing Nick Sandmann and some other students of Covington High were contemplating legal action.  The contemplation is over and the first steps have been taken.  A team of seven lawyers have sent document preservation letters to 54 entities on behalf of the boys.  These entities include: the Diocese of Covington, the Archdiocese of Baltimore, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Kathy Griffin, Elizabeth Warren.

I say good for the boys and their attorneys.  Let the left-wing lemmings squirm, those who rushed to throw high school kids under a bus because they wore MAGA hats and didn't offer grovelling obeisance to some activist fraud who banged drums in their faces.  That goes double for the Catholic dioceses and their cowardly prelates.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Clergy Will Pretend To Police Themselves At Vatican Meeting This February

Between Feb 21-24, various Church officials will meet in the Vatican to discuss "protection of minors".  You might recall this meeting is the excuse reason why the pope quashed any vote on this matter when the USCCB met last November.  Quite frankly, after this meeting I suspect no young man will be safe around a goodly percentage of clergy.

Let's start by looking at the "organizing committee".  We see Cardinal Cupich is part of it.  He's the same prelate who doesn't seem all that concerned with prelates raping seminarians because it's sex between two adults.  One would hope that this meeting will deal with ex-cardinal McCarrick and how this serial abuser was allowed to carry on for so long.  Will that topic be axed from the agenda as a mere "rabbit hole"?

One wonders if the pope shares that same sentiment.  At best, he appears not to have high expectations of this meeting for he said "the abuse will's a human problem".  Well golly gee whiz!  Should we say the same about serial hatchet murders?  These crimes aren't human - they are monstrous.  Moreover, this meeting is being held with the ostensible purpose of dealing with sexual abuse as committed by clergy, that is, those who've received the Sacrament of Holy Orders and who will bear that indelible mark on their souls for all eternity.

The pope revealed last week that he fails to take seriously sins of the flesh, the consideration of which he dismisses as "morality below the belt".  He went so far as to praise confessors who shrug them off while saying that other confessors who ask the nature and kind of these sins should see a psychiatrist.  Recall that our Lady of Fatima told the seers that more souls go to hell owing to sins of the flesh.  Moreover, when we have mortal sin to confess, we are required to tell the confessor the nature of these sins and the number of times we committed them.  The pope is essentially giving instructions that can only result in eternal damnation for those in mortal sins of the flesh.  Will the pope, along with Cupich et al, force this mindset upon the attendees of this meeting?

Other troubling questions need to be asked.  Is the purpose of this meeting to produce smoke and mirrors so that abusive prelates can continue their abuse of boys and young men?  Maybe of the ideas behind it is to normalize sodomy?

Obviosly there will be more to discuss as things unfold and the meeting itself happens.