Saturday, January 16, 2021

Rebuke The Sinner

The title states the First Spiritual Work of Mercy.  The properly educated Catholic will understand his/her responsibility to administer these, and the Corporal Works of Mercy, diligently.

When we reach out to others in prayer at abortion mills, we exercise many of these works of mercy simultaneously.  Some are emphasized more than others.  Today we caught sight of the abortionist of 1111 Spring Street, Silver Spring, MD.  He tried to dash past us, but he heard these few words that we were able to utter before the doors closed behind him.  Let us pray that he and others will heed our words of rebuke.

Friday, January 15, 2021

MD State Senator Mike Miller Has Died - Pray That He Repented Before His Death - Lori Reacts Disgracefully

Thomas "Mike" Miller, who was a longtime President of the Maryland State Senate, died today.  Regrettably he was just another poster-boy of the pro-abortion katholyc crowd.  In 1991, he helped ram through Senate Bill 162, a bill that codified Roe v Wade in the State of Maryland.  When I say "rammed through", I do mean that he twisted arms to get that to happen.  We pro-life activists managed to get the thing petitioned to the ballot, but in liberal la-la land Maryland, it passed during the 1992 election.  Thanks largely to Mike Miller, Maryland is now an abortion hot-spot, attracting the likes of Leroy Carhart.

And yes, Miller claimed to be a Catholic.

Given Miller's anti-life and anti-God tenure in the State Senate, why, oh why, did Archbishop Lori see fit to pen this slobbering "tribute" to him?  Read it!  What little crumbs did Miller toss towards the church hierarchy to inspire Lori to make a fool of himself?  "Extraordinary legacy of leadership"?  "All he did for the Church"?  "Example of courage"?  Is that what Lori calls Miller's paving the way for largescale slaughter of babies in Maryland?  In all that drivel, I detected not one hint that we should pray for God's mercy on Miller's soul; that is Lori's largest dereliction of duty in penning that slop.

Miller just died today so I'm sure funeral arrangements haven't been formulated.  One positive aspect of the Covid hysteria is that it tends to discourage large public funerals.  We hope that is the case.  Of course prayers and Masses must be offered for his soul.  A private funeral would be most appropriate in this case.

Should Hogan make an exception for Miller (if he does, so much for equal treatment under the law) and should any Catholic clergy participate in some gaudy extravaganza, we may need to be present.  At any rate, let us pray for God's mercy on Miller's soul.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Not-At-All Catholic Reporter And Its Trump-Hating Temper Tantrums

Here's one of their pieces of horse-manure, sniffing that Catholics who supported President Trump need to (wait for it!) "confess our complicit in the failed coup".  They are shamelessly trying to make hay out of the violence that happened inside the Capitol.  It is unknown at this time just who instigated it, and why the Capitol Police actually opened the barriers to those people.  But left-wingers are not keen on letting facts get in the way of their pet presumptions.

They list a few Catholic leaders and alternative media outlets as "having blood on their hands" for daring to suggest the obvious - that the election was stolen not only from Donald Trump, but the millions of people that voted for him in a landslide.  I for one congratulate those organizations and individuals who drew the venom and ire of the Not-At-All Catholic Reporter; coming from them, such vituperation is a badge of honor.  

As an aside, another NCR whine-session took particular umbrage at Father John Zuhlsdorf.  Father has rightly dubbed NCR as "the fishwrap".  The author, Phyllis Zagano pouts because Father has criticized her and other dissidents.  Let us cry her a river.

They do let off with a few gems of pure silliness.  "a pro-life movement unwilling to exclaim 'black lives matter' is not a pro-life movement".  Oh, really?  Does that silly rag exclaim that all lives matter?  How about the black babies murdered via abortion?  How about the victims of black-on-black violence, or are those deaths only tragic if perpetrated by white criminals?

Then they have the audacity to call Joe Biden "a decent man".  Yes Biden - the guy who:

  • unabashedly pro-abortion
  • supporting the trashing of authentic marriage, to the point of officiating at a gay mockery of marriage
  • can't keep his hands off little girls
  • is in cahoots with his corrupt son Hunter
That list could be longer, but you get the point.  The NCR talks of the "long, arduous task".  Will Biden even be in office long enough to do anything long-term, or will the Camel take over in a matter of months?

I'll soon be dealing with DC's Catholic Sub-Standard.  I understand that they are belching forth similar noxious gases.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Cardinal Gregory's Selective Outrage And Concern

A few days ago, according to Catholic News Agency, Cardinal Gregory condemned the violence that happened in the Capitol on Wednesday.  He opined that the Capitol is "sacred ground".  Of course that's a major theological blooper, but perhaps he was just confused, seeing how he shuttered the real sacred places, that is, the Catholic Churches of the Archdiocese of Washington - but I digress!  We're glad that he condemned that violence, although Catholic News Agency engaged in poor journalism by not acknowledging Antifa's likely role in it.  However, the Cardinal's words of two days ago stand in stark contrast to abject dismissal of the riots perpetrated by Black Lives Matter and antifa two months ago.  Remember that?  He was "sorry" that it happened, but he didn't condemn those rioters, who did kill quite a few people.  Instead, he understood what "energized" them.  What "energized" them was rank hatred stoked by the Marxists who run BLM and antifa.  So what did Cardinal Gregory unwittingly admit then?

An another display of hypocrisy, we recall how Cardinal Gregory issued a statement regarding the death of George Floyd last summer.  For that matter, so did many of the US bishops. I agree that the treatment Floyd received at least hastened his death from the drugs already floating in his bloodstream.  It is only common sense to realize that kneeling on someone's neck for 10 minutes is way over the top.  But so is shooting an unarmed woman in the neck.  That is precisely what happened to Ashli Babbitt on January 6.  Should she have been climbing in that window?  No!  However, that is no cause to shoot her, despite the cop's whining that he "had no choice".  In Maryland, if I did that to someone breaking into my home, I would be arrested on manslaughter charges.  Yet leftwing pundits are quick to excuse the reckless police officer who killed her, whereas they condemn the killing of Floyd.  But..Floyd was black and Babbitt was white, although they were both killed by out-of-control cops..  I daresay that we are seeing a blatant case of reverse racism.  Regrettably Cardinal Gregory, by his deplorable silence regarding Babbitt's killing, evinces the same racism. Is that his motivation?

Friday, January 8, 2021

In The Face Of The Looming Biden-Harris Tyranny

So now it appears that Joe "Plugs" Biden will be our next president: that is, until his handlers decide that he no longer needs to be in the White House for show and they replace him with someone else, probably Kamel.  No one with a scintilla of honesty in their being can gainsay that the election was stolen from Donald Trump, and quite blatantly at that.

Last evening however, I watched many members of the Senate wax pompous about doing "the will of the people" and decrying the attempts to set things aright.  Of course I would have expected that from the Democrats but too many Republicans played the "go along to get along" game.  That includes Vice President Pence, who basically ended his political career by disgracing himself spectacularly.  I wonder whom those bloviating gas-bags thought they were deceiving?  Maybe they didn't care, although I suspect there are a great number of woefully and willfully ignorant and naive people who swallowed that pabulum "lock, stock and barrel".

Still, a great many good and decent people fought hard these last few weeks to seek a modicum of real justice for the "will of the people", although that didn't happen last evening - political posturing aside.  We prayed to Our Lord, who obviously allowed this scourge to happen.  Now we must ask "why", not to contend with God or to utter rebellious complaint, but to learn what lessons that He wants us to draw from this sorry episode.

John Adams, a Founding Father and the second president of the United States, had this to say:"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."  Over the past 47 years, our country has slaughtered over 1 million of its unborn children.  It has expelled God from its schools and other sectors of public life.  It is now celebrating homosexuality and other manners of sexual perversions.  Long ago did we forfeit any claim to being a "moral and religious people".  I myself have conversed with people (some of them claiming to be Catholic!) who claim that just because the pope or bishops say so, that it's perfectly fine and even obligatory to ingest vaccines made from the body parts of murdered children.  Is it really any wonder that we must now deal with tyrants looming over us?

And deal with them we must, as we repent before Our Lord.  Some might now say our task is to passively suffer in silence and let the thugs have their ways.  This stance is nothing more than cowardice cloaked with a thin sanctimonious veneer.  I am seeing way too many instances of this nonsense on social media.  Too many are posting nonsense to the efffect of, "we are being chastised and God is in control, so let's just wait and watch God's plan unfold, and praise the Lord".  Frankly, anyone who posts this crap needs to be gob-smacked on the side of his or her head.  This damnable passivity is one of the many reasons why we are being chastised, and now we should engage in more of that sin?

So what to do now?  The first thing is that we must deal with the spiritual realities.  Our Lady of Fatima gave us very specific requests.  Make the First Saturday devotiions: that is, Mass, Confession, Rosary.  When I say "Mass", I mean get yourself to an in-person Mass.  That is one of the reasons we are being punished; the bishops have shuttered the churches, but by and large we have not uttered a peep regarding that.  Drive several hours, if you must, to receive the Sacraments.  I myself have had to do that.  Pray your Rosaries - every day.  Wear the Brown Scapulars, in accord with the wishes of Our Lady.

We must educate ourselves regarding the eternal truths of our Faith.  We cannot depend on the clergy (with a few exceptions) to assist us.  When we have pope and bishops claiming that it's morally acceptable to utilize the results of the mutilation of the bodies of murdered babies in a witches'-brew vaccine, how can we trust them to tell us the truth in other areas?

Learn US history (world history, too) by reading books that are older than the politically correct propaganda that has been published - same goes for civics (now we know why the public schools stopped teaching civics).

Look at the left and see how they were able to take a position of ascendancy.  It didn't just happen overnight.  They worked patiently and diligently through several decades, quietly ensconsing themselves in positions of influence.  We can afford to do no less.  While we won't adopt their goals and many of their methods, we must learn from their long-term dedication to their goals, such as those goals are.

One facebook friend of mine suggested that we put heavy emphasis on local actions, and local governments.  If nothing else, it's local governments that determine voting policies for their areas.  How many times have we seen "more Christian than thou" types wax sanctimonious about not voting for "the lesser of two evils" but then tout the virtues of some obscure "third party" candidate?  Well perhaps this is time to scuttle the GOP for a third party, but that party will have to win some down-ticket races in order to position themselves to float candidates for national offices.

Obviously we'll have to network with each other, and I might try to work out details.  Just the act of gathering in our own homes these days would constitute acts of civil disobedience, but perhaps that's just what is needed.  An unjust law is no law itself, and these "mandates" about the number of people in homes fly in the face of the First Amendment right to peaceable assembly.  These measures are not about "safety".  They are all about control, and about keeping us from one another to make it difficult to resist their planned tyrannies.

Let's steel ourselves with prayer and the Sacraments.  Pray those Rosaries, for some real struggles are ahead of us.

Monday, January 4, 2021

House Democrats Make Fools Of Themselves In Slobbering Up To Feminazis

 This is from yesterday's opening prayer in the US House of Representatives.  The blasphemy is outweighed only by the rank stupidity.

I would suspect he is ashamed of himself - for using the word "Lord" repeatedly.  How sexist of him!  He needs to amend his ways!  Or is that "awomend his ways"?

Seriously though, he betrays an abysmal lack of command of the English and ancient languages, if he isn't cognizant of the fact that "amen" simply means "so be it".  The illiteracy is astounding - and sadly typical of progressives.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Yes, Liberal-Minded Catholics! Socialism Is Intrinsically Evil

 Father Altman presents a talk below explaining how the popes of the past 175 years, from Pius IX to Benedict XVI, have formally condemned socialism in all its alias - including liberalism.  Please note a few things.

  • Father Altman not only quotes the various pontiffs, but he also cites the documents in which the popes pronounced their denunciations.  The names and publication dates are plainly displayed on the screens.
  • Missing from that list of popes is our current Pope Francis.  Sadly, we know why.
  • The popes decry the socialist usage of terms such as: liberty, fraternity, equality and others.  If they seem familiar, it's because these embody Masonic ideals such as those that drove the French Revolution.

Understand that the nightmares that these pontiffs foresaw will be ours should Biden prevail this Wednesday.  Please pray your rosaries with the specific request that Trump prevails.

Friday, January 1, 2021

A New Year's Resolution We All Must Make

 If 2020 showed us anything, it's that we must live and pray as real traditional Catholics.  That means we must stand up to the progressive reset happening under cloak of covid-fear, etc.  Please listen to Michael Matt's message below and pass it along.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Wanna Have A Mad Moment With God?

Cardinal Charles Bo of Yangon (Burma) is all enthused about the idea.  He gave an address centered around the Holy Family.  For the most part, his talk was rather nondescript.  However, as is often the case (we've seen enough of that in Pope Francis' writings) the poisonous blasphemies and heresies are buried within piles of verbosity.

This one occurs quite close to the beginning.  He opines that God "is not a macho monster, spewing fire and brimstone of vengeance.  He is a God intoxicated with love, indulging in extravagant sacrifice of His Son.  John captures those mad moments of God.."  (Italics mine)

Are you nauseated enough?  I put those words in italics because they are words associated with sinful qualities, particularly with sins of gluttony and imprudence.  Firstly, God is not "intoxicated" with anything.  He is Lord and Creator of the universe.  To suggest that He could ever lose command of His faculties is blasphemous.  I don't care what Cardinal Bo's reason is.  No good can be accomplished by blaspheming God.  Moreover, there is nothing "extravagant" about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  God willed it, so it is in perfect order; extravagance denotes sinful disorder.

That whole section, dripping with disgusting effeminacy, is something that we might expect out of some new-age woman-priest-wannabe witches' coven, not from a Prince of the Church.  Even worse, there are too many laity in the Church who are transfixed over this ooze, who prefer cheap sentiment over the objective truths of our Holy Faith.

Until Catholics sober up and think seriously on these matters, our church will continue to be blown about by every whim and fancy given to us by secular culture.  We need to guard ourselves and take up the Rosary daily if we're not doing so already.

(HT: Canon 212)