Sunday, May 29, 2016

Miami Archbishop Wenski Attempts To Bully Concerned Parishioners Into Silence

Two years ago Cardinal Dolan expelled Father Justin Wylie from the Archdiocese of New York when the latter was on the verge of exposing corruption on the part of Msgr Chullikatt at the Holy See's Permanent Observer Mission.  You'll see in that same link how Dolan had Michael Voris physically ejected from the press box at the St Patrick's Day parade when the latter questioned him about his support for the presence of gays in the parade.

Now it has come to light that Archbishop Wenski of the Archdiocese of Miami is retaliating against a group of lay Catholics for exposing the filth being perpetrated by their pastor, Father Pedro Corces at St. Rose of Lima parish in Miami Shores.  With the aid of a private investigator, the parishioners, organized under the name "Christifideles" caught Corces spending nights at the apartment of his gay boyfriend and the two eating at rather lavish restaurants.  To add insult to injury, the boyfriend is a maintenance worker at the parish.  This man has a police record involving prostitution yet he has regular access to children at the parish school.

Speaking of the parish school, it has also come to light that the order of sisters that has taught at the school for 35 years is suddenly being expelled.  It seems that Corces wants a lay principal.  He alleges that this is being done for financial reasons.  Really?  Religious sisters generally take vows of poverty; all the parish would be doing is providing room and board for them.  So now they want to pay the more expensive salaries of lay teachers?  That's more of a cash drain.  Parents are up in arms, angry that they were not consulted on the matter.  A group of them held protests, urging cessation of donations.  I say "good for them".  Perhaps Corces, if he's really the least bit concerned for finances, can quit taking his boyfriend to ritzy restaurants.

Archbishop Wenski has now sunk to a new low.  Instead of taking seriously the concerns of parents and other parishioners, has emailed parishioners a letter accusing them of "detraction and calumny".  Well, no, Your Excellency.  If anything, the two sins of which you accuse them entail the spreading of falsehoods.  With hard evidence collected to corroborate their complaints, the truth of their complaints cannot be denied.  My colleague Susan Matthiesen, who now writes for Les Femmes, reports that when she penned Orlando Truth, that Wenski told her she was on the verge of excommunication.  That shows us all the lengths to which Wenski is prepared to go, even to the point of abusing his stature.  Most people understand that excommunication cannot be done willy-nilly; there must be substantiated cause.  He had none but was willing to employ that threat against my colleague.

At first glance, the situations regarding the expulsion of the sisters and Corces' sodomy may appear to be unrelated.  Maybe, and maybe not.  Recall that Corces' accomplice in sodomy has regular access to the school children.  Is it at all possible that the good sisters caught him behaving inappropriately with the children and had the temerity to voice their own concerns?  If Wenski can lash out against parents for raising their voices, it would be even easier for him to retaliate against the sisters, who most likely have been ordered to silence under their vows of obedience.  I think that to be a plausible hypothesis: more so than this crock about "finances".

Father Corces and Archbishop Wenski cannot be allowed to get away with it.  Let's join our fellow faithful Catholics of Christifideles and raise our protest to the Archdiocesan offices.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

From The Envirowhacko Department: Married To The Sea!

Yes, you read that right!  And why not?  Men are "marrying" men, women "marrying" women, and some are "marrying" their dogs, brick walls, etc.  So why not "marry" the ocean?  I wish this was a parody, but alas, some eco-eccentric folks actually pulled that stunt!

A philosophy professor at Santa Monica College in California (where else?) led her students in what she called an "eco-sexual sextravaganza" during which the students "married" the ocean.  The site contains detail and a video entitled "Married to the Sea: An Ecosexual Wedding".  If you thought the era of the hippies was over, you'll see that it is very much alive.  You'll also see paganism throughout the clip.

After "vows" were pronounced, the "newlyweds" were urged to go to the ocean to "consummate the marriage".  Heaven only knows what that might mean.  At any rate, before such "consummation" occurred, the "spouses" were exhorted to (wait for it!) get the ocean's consent before so doing!  And just how were they supposed to do that?  Put a conch shell to their ears and listen for the ocean to whisper sweet nothings to them?

Now with all this talk of "gender", I wonder which of the 58 genders per facebook the ocean is?  Or does it come with its own batch of "genders"?  I can see there being a "Pacific" gender, or an "Atlantic" gender.  Maybe there's a Chesapeake Bay gender?  I better stop before I give that professor any more ideas.

I suppose there's one positive aspect to this.  When one of the students complains about their "spouse" being a big drip, it'll really be a compliment!  I wonder when the first "divorce" will happen; the ex's will just wave good-bye, I suppose.

This is yet another mockery of marriage and God's plan for marriage, sexuality, family life and the procreation of children.  While this sounds like a loony lark, it will also be another cause for God's chastisement when (not if, when) it comes.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

When Cardinal Hickey Crossed Swords With Georgetown University

HT to Pewsitter, I was directed to this piece of slobbering by New Ways Minstry.  Apparently New Ways Ministry had been meeting in the Dahlgren Chapel at Georgetown Universtiy until some time prior to 1990.  The article gives an account by Georgetown's then-president, Father Timothy Healy S.J. during a 1990 talk.  He had been ordered by Cardinal Hickey to expel New Ways Ministry from campus.  He did so, but felt is was "obscene" and made him "wonder what had happened to my church".  I'll post some comments below.

First, Father Healy wondered "what happened" to the Church.  Perhaps he was absent from that seminary class in moral theology when the Church's teachings on homosexual conduct were made plain.  It could also be that his seminary education was so dumbed down that the Teachings of Jesus Christ were not communicated to him; if he attended a Jesuit seminary, that is entirely possible.  At any rate, all he was being ordered to do was to be faithful to Christ's teachings: teachings that haven't changed during the past, nor will they ever change.

Father Healy has gone onto his reward (such as it may be), but one can well ask "what has happened to Georgetown" when one examines how they've bowed to the culture of death, as exemplified in previous blog posts, to wit:
  • Georgetown Hospital attempting to dehydrate a patient to death
  • The invitations to Kathleen Sebelius, Eleanor Holmes Norton, and Cecile Richards to address their students
  • "Lavender graduations"
  • Sending students to intern with abortion advocacy organizations
  • The foregoing list is not exhaustive
Second, I am delighted to learn that Cardinal Hickey, like a true bishop, ordered that the spiritual cancer known as New Ways Ministry be expelled from a Catholic campus.  That's not the only time the Cardinal had occasion to spank that dissident campus.  I remember well one issue of the Catholic Standard when he really wailed into them for two insults against the faith: 1) the presence of a pro-abortion student group on campus and 2) the removal of crucifixes from classrooms.

From this example it does seem that a local ordinary does have some appreciable authority over schools within its boundaries that are run by religious orders.  Cardinal Hickey utilized it.  That means that Cardinal Wuerl could do so, as well.  Obviously he refuses to do so.  Whom is he aiding and abetting?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Was Pope Benedict Deposed To Make Way For Amoris Laetitia And Other Insults To The Faith?

This post will highlight two posts concerning this current papacy.  At first glance they may appear to be unrelated to each other.  I suspect they are very much related, for reasons that I'll state further into this post.

The first is from Bear Witness Central entitled "Was There A Coup In The Vatican To Depose Pope Benedict XVI?"  For the record, I believe there was, for Benedict's resignation appears to be most uncharacteristic of him.  Several circumstances are mentioned therein: the election of Pope Francis after the reigns of two faithful popes, the admission of Cardinal Danneels of a "mafia" within the Vatican that opposed Pope Benedict XVI, and Danneels' rise in prominence after Francis ascended the papal throne despite his own dissidence from the Church's moral teachings.  I won't go into every detail of that post here, but suggest its careful study since many facts of Pope Francis' words and conduct, and their relationships to one another, are illustrated.

The second is by Sandro Magister entitled "Amoris Laetitia Has A Ghost Writer. His Name Is Victor Manuel Fernandez."  If Fernandez's name sounds familiar, I regret that it is for cause.  I've written a bit about him in the past.  It was Edward Pentin who broke the news that Fernandez would be the principal author of the post-synodal exhortation; at the time of Pentin's revelation, Amoris Latetia was not yet named.  Fernandez is also the author of some crap entitled "Heal Me With Your Mouth; The Art Of Kissing".  That sure makes Fernandez sound like some porn author.  No wonder I was inspired to rename AL to be "amoralis lamentia".

What Magister points out that really raises eyebrows are the comparisons of theologically faulty pieces of AL with previous writings of Fernandez's of several years ago.  The similarities suggest that AL may well have been drafted before the two synods.  That seems to be the case for the synod reports: written before the synod fathers could have any meaningful input.  I agree with my colleagues at Rorate Caeli when they postulate that the two synods were merely fronts to legitimize the screed of Fernandez.

So what is the connection between these two posts that I cite?  Fernandez wrote his articles, the foundations of "amoralis lamentia" well before Cardinal Bergoglio became Pope Francis.  Its promulgation is one key step in the deconstruction of Catholic life as we know it.  Pope Benedict stood in their way and needed to be removed.  I believe he was.  After that, we immediately saw the little insults to traditions, such as dispensing with traditional papal garb, the beach ball on the altar of St. Mary Major, clown nose selfies to the more harmful gaffes ("who am I to judge").  I could go on and on, but the undermining of the Faith has worsened in both number and severity of incidents.

Pope Paul VI is quoted as saying, "the smoke of Satan has entered the Church".  He was right, and now the Vatican is full of carbon monoxide.  Pray, stay alert, and speak out.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Moment of Mercy Rally Today

Despite the rain, approximately 100 people attended the Moment of Mercy rally.  The clip is below.  I'll have more commentary tomorrow, with additional pictures.  The site mentioned in these talks is  Please visit it.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

From The Deathscort Follies Department: Deathscorts Try To Dictate Terms Of Public Discourse

Today's incident, occurring at approximately 9:30 this morning, is on the video below.  Although you can't see me behind the camcorder, you do hear me, particularly at the end.  The "WACDTF guidelines" to which I referred several times can be found on their website.  You may wish to have the page open in a separate window.  The deathscorts in the DC/MD area operate under an organization called "Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force", or WACDTF for short.

According to these guidelines (such as they are), particularly the second one, they are supposed to "secure positions required to keep clinic access open".  It would seem logical that to follow a pro-life activist as she walks over one block away from the abortuary is to do the exact opposite of "securing these positions".  Yet that is precisely what happened.  The young male deathscort followed one of the pro-life people away from the mill to the parking garage that is a city block away from the mill.  While there, he interrupts another pro-life person as she is engaged in conversation.  That is the start of the video.  Later he arrogantly attempted to dictate terms of public discourse and I called him out on it.  

I've chronicled other antics of these WACDTF deathscorts.  See here for other posts, some with videos.  Now for today's episode...

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Cardinal Burke And Bishop Schneider On Resisting The Rot Within The Church

Courtesy of LifeSiteNews, we have videos of both prelates offering their wisdom on the need to resist errors from Church hierarchy.  A few weeks ago, Cardinal Burke gave a presentation at the Rome Life Forum in Rome, speaking on the need to resist those in the Church who expound false teaching on marriage, family and sacraments.  In the video we hear him declare "for example, today in the Church, there are those who refer to the objective reality of the grace of marriage as merely an ideal to which we more or less seek to conform ourselves."  Without specifically mentioning "amoralis lamentia", he was clearly contradicting the falsehoods stated throughout that thing that clearly utilized the language of marriage being merely an "ideal".  Here is a link to the full talk, with video, on the Voice of the Family site.  I urge all to read it.

Bishop Athanasius Schneider was also at the Rome Life Forum and was interviewed by LifeSiteNews.  One question that LSN asked him is whether or not faithful Catholics should remain silent in the face of the pope's controversial - and yes, erroneous - statements to prevent possible harm to the papacy.  Bishop Schneider replied in the negative, stating that the Church is not a dictatorship, where the subjects are afraid to contradict the dictator.  He also spoke at the conference, stating that "there can be no joy of love without first the joy of truth".  He used his play on the English translation of the flawed encyclical to point out its many flaws.

John Smeaton, co-founder of Voice of the Family, also addressed the forum.  He enunciated the need for a Catholic resistance movement.  In his talk, he read aloud his letter to Pope Francis that asked the pope to immediately withdraw "amoralis lamentia" for the harm contained therein.

An another interview that he gave, Cardinal Burke spoke of the pressures that many priests will now face in the light of "amoris lamentia", to give Holy Communion to known adulterers.  He stated that these clergy will have the duty to "refuse and pay the consquences".  He went on to say that for them, "being unjustly punished by a superior is part of confessing the faith".  Those of the Archdiocese of Washington, particularly of St John Neumann Church in Gaithersburg MD will recall what happened over four years ago, when Father Marcel Guarnizo refused Holy Communion to a flagrant lesbian and was maltreated by the DC chancery.  Other priests have likewise been persecuted; their number is sure to mount.

In addition to prayer and maintaining our own fidelity to Our Lord, we must speak out when we see error, as Bishop Schneider reminded us.  Yesterday the pope gave us yet another occasion to do so, during his interview with La Croix.  In it, he equates the muslim doctrine of jihad with the Great Commission given by Our Lord to the Twelve to "make disciples of all nations".  To equate the murderous impulses of a barbarian cult to the command of Our Lord Himself is nothing short of blasphemy.  Let's call it what it is.  I now link to an extensive article found in the Remnant, discussing when and how a heretical pontiff could be deposed.  I pray to God it never comes to this.

Today Church Militant gave a great example of Catholic laity engaging in proper Catholic resistance.  Bishop Hanchon, auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Detroit, presided at a confirmation at Assumption Grotto.  For reasons incomprehensible to decent, sane Catholics, the bishop decided to give a ukulele performance from the pulpit.  The resistance came from the organist, who played so as to drown him out.  Church Militant has video of the episode.  While it's sickening to see a bishop carry on like an adolescent, it was quite delightful to see that he didn't get away with it.

So how will we resist in our own locales?  Notice the question is "how", not "if".  If we haven't yet, let's start pondering these matters seriously.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Church Of Nice Is The Real Cesspool Of Hatred

We haven't had much from the #Rosicagate Department lately, but today Father Thomas Rosica has again made a fool of himself.  First, check out this anthology of articles regarding Father Rosica and the animosity that he obviously harbors to those telling the truth regarding his progressive shenanigans.  His vituperation inspired him to file lawsuit against Vox Cantoris, if you'll recall; the Vatican, embarrassed by his obvious tempter tantrum, ordered him to drop it and save what remained of his face.

Well, judging from this piece that appears on the Crud site, Rosica still has plenty of axes to grind against us Catholic bloggers.  In his rather questionable judgment, we are "creating cesspools of hatred".  Then he goes on to spout vitriolic descriptions of us being:
  • "obsessed, scrupulous"
  • "disturbed, broken, angry individuals"
  • "trolling pontiffs, holy executioners"
Coming from him, these choice descriptions are badges of honor!  But seriously; he sputters like that, and then has the audacity to accuse us of creating "cesspools of hatred"?  At best, I think we have a case of "pot calling kettle black".  What's really happening is that we bloggers are not allowing him and his compatriots to have a monopoly on social media and we aren't allowing them to dictate the terms and conditions of public discourse.  We can and will call out their dissidence, blasphemies and heresies.  I highly suspect that motivated his tirade in Crud and possibly goaded him into trying to sue Vox Cantoris.

By the way - Rosica still occupies his position in the Vatican.  I suspect his employment there does not so much continue in spite of his hatred for faithful Catholic media but because of it.  Given what we've seen from the Vatican - and the pope - over these past few months, I think my suspicions have valid basis.

Another way to put this situation is that those of Rosica's ilk resent us combating their "church of nice" instead of following their lead like sheeple.  Read what Michael Voris has to say about how the "church of nice" is the antithesis of true charity.  Father Rosica inadvertently illustrates that fact with his screed in Crud.  Did you notice, as you read Rosica's words, that he didn't offer one objective rebuttal to anything we've broached over the years?  He cannot for his "church of nice" isn't at all interested in objective truth, and in the God reflected in that truth.

We must continue to pray for those seduced by the "church of nice".  We will also continue to speak the truth.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Planned Parenthood Caught Steaming Babies' Bodies Before Trashing Them

It is common knowledge that Planned Parenthood foundress Margaret Sanger corresponded with Nazi doctors regarding eugenics.  She seemed to have picked up quite a bit of their mentality when it came to disposing of murder victims; or is it the other way around?

Lifenews published this report several months ago regarding the macabre methods of disposal concocted by some Planned Parenthood locations.  They've been caught cooking the bodies of tiny children before tossing them in the landfill.  That got them into legal trouble in some states (alas, not the murders themselves but just the disposal of remains).

What I just wrote is the stuff of which horror movies are made.  But this isn't fiction. It's the fruit of the wanton disregard for God's laws concerning life, family, sexuality.  Father John Hardon put it quite well when he said that "sins against the Sixth Commandment will lead to sins against the Fifth Commandment".  Our culture has largely rejected God; as a consequence it has devolved into a brutal, callous culture of death.  Pray and fast for repentance and conversion.