Thursday, July 24, 2014

Meriam Ibrahim, Family, Safe In Italy

Early today, Meriam Ibrahim, with husband Daniel Wani and children Martin and Maya arrived in Italy after being flown out of Sudan on an Italian government plane.  They had been staying at the American Embassy in Khartoum this past month.  It is reported that both the Vatican and the Italian government were instrumental in securing her reentry into the free world.  She and her family met briefly with Pope Francis today.  His Holiness thanked her for her "steadfast witness of faith."

She and her family will most likely fly to the United States within a few days.  We certainly pray that they will be welcomed at least as much as the illegal aliens appear to be.  I take the opportunity to rebuke the Obama cartel's appalling lack of action in this case (outside of some perfunctory protest and posturing).

Deo Gratias!

Father Snyder - Utterly Unqualified To Rebuke Faithful Catholics Who Oppose Illegal Immigration

Those of us who raise voices of concern regarding the influx of "children" (many of them young adults posing as kids) are engaging in "hate talk" - that is, according to Father Larry Snyder, head of Catholic Charities.  Father Snyder, precisely because he is head of Catholic Charities, lacks all moral credibility to rebuke us.  Oh he may try, and no one begrudges his First Amendment rights here, but the fact is that his rants carry not one iota of Magisterial import; in fact it may be quite the opposite.

Recall that yesterday I posted a video by Michael Hichborn of American Life League detailing all the ways that progressive "social justice" arms of the USCCB act to undermine Church moral teaching.  At the 3:22 mark, Hichborn starts an expose of Catholic Charites; at 4:17 he segues into an expose of Father Snyder himself and all the harm he's caused.  Hichborn alludes to a dossier that was composed about Father Snyder.  Here it is.

Lest anyone think that Catholic Charities is acting and speaking out of the goodness of their little hearts, consider the governmental funding that various Catholic Charities received for the express purpose of preparing for this de facto invasion.  I'll summarize the data from the article.
  • CC of Galveston: $15.5 million from the HHS
  • CC of Fort Worth: $350 thousand from DHS
  • CC of Dallas: $823 thousand from DHS
Doing a little quick math, we see that the Catholic Charities offices in Texas received close to $17 million in grants.  Of course those grants ultimately came from the pockets of the US taxpayers - many of whom Father Snyder disingenuously accuses of engaging in "hate talk".  Perhaps he considers "hate talk" anything that might cause the flow of federal funds to stop?

Please share this far and wide.  Father Snyder has no moral credibility whatsoever.  His "hate talk" diatribe is worthy only of derision.  Pray for the man, though.  He needs it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Reason # 5,289 To Boycott The CCHD Collection - Say #no2cchd

Aleteia published a piece today by Steve Weatherbe entitled "Bishops React to Obama's Executive Order on Hiring Discrimination".  The article offers commentary on the USCCB's reaction of July 21 to Obama's action.  It's worth noting that one of the two authors is Archbishop Lori of Baltimore - who just applied for a federal grant to finance his aiding and abetting of illegal aliens.

He too seems to see through the smoke and mirrors that the USCCB is throwing up in the wake of this order.  They know that the federal funding spigot is about to be closed.  He quotes a statement by Michael Sean Winters of the Not-At-All Catholic Reporter: "Call me foolish, but I find it astonishing that a statement signed by an archbishop and a bishop on behalf of other bishops fails to mention God, makes no reference to the Bible, and is so utterly devoid of pastoral sensibility. This is the work of a lawyer, not a bishop."

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe this is the first time that I find myself in agreement with Winters.  They are not acting as successors to the Apostles.  Another "case in point" many years ago was the so-called "child-protection policies" crafted to ostensibly deal with the clergy sex-abuse scandal.  In the one found on the Archdiocese of Washington's site, not one mention of the words "sin" and "repentance" could be found.  They act like politicians, lawyers, insurance agents, social workers - anything but Catholic bishops!

Weatherbe also points out the reaction of Father Larry Snyder, president of Catholic Charities.  Apparently, Father is quite pleased with the executive order as it stands.  Now bear in mind that 67% of Catholic Charities' budget is funded by the US government.  A reasonable person might assume that Fr. Snyder would be concerned that his funding would be significantly reduced.  But he's not!  Why could that be?  I can think of only two reasons:
  1. Father Snyder is hopelessly naive in thinking that federal dollars don't come with strings, OR
  2. Father Snyder has no intentions of running counter to the "directives" to admit actively gay people into Catholic Charities circles.  They pulled out of gay adoptions, but that was largely at the orders of individual bishops.  Who can forget the lobbying firm, owned by an openly gay man, that they retained in 2011?  I'm also posting a video below in which Sister Jeannine Grammick of New Ways praises Catholic Charities for being gay-friendly; regrettably, she's probably correct. 
Guess which of the two I think is most likely the case?  Do we think it will be different for Catholic Relief Services or the Catholic Campaign for Human Development?  I certainly don't: especially when they're playing "henchman" for the Obama cartel's Central American human trafficking.

Next month the Archdiocese of Washington will have a second collection for the "Catholic Communications and Human Development Campaign".  It'll be during the weekend of Aug 9 - 10.  This is the third year, I believe, that they combined the CCHD collection with that of the Catholic Communications Campaign so that the name of the CCHD collection could be disguised.  As a further step in the deception, the ADW moved the CCHD collection from November to August.  The CCHD collection had come under well-deserved scrutiny and probably shrunk as a result.  They can't fool us.

I am urging a boycott of the second collection during the weekend of August 9-10 in the Archdiocese of Washington.  It is the CCHD collection.  Those of you in other dioceses should check to see when your CCHD collection will occur and boycott that.  Most are still in November, but some diocese have moved the collection.  At any rate, just say #no2cchd.   Now the video.  It's from last year, but quite relevant today.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Is The Montgomery County Government Itching For Another Legal Spanking?

Almost three weeks ago, the Germantown Reproductive Health Services was visited for the fourth time by an ambulance - actually, two in this case.  As with the other cases, a botched abortion job occasioned the visits from the ambulances.

Operation Rescue obtained some heavily redacted tapes pertaining to the 911 call that summoned the ambulances there.  They also obtained some rather odd prohibitions on use of public records.  OR president Troy Newman believes that Montgomery County Council's actions are part and parcel of an attempt to cover up yet another botch-job by Leroy Carhart.  Knowing the composition of the Montgomery County Council, I believe Newman's suspicions to be very reasonable.  Newman has had a track record of successful use of similar recordings in the past.  The Council probably knows this and are trying to circle their wagons.

I truly hope that the Council sees the light of day and orders Michael Baltrotsky, Operations Supervisor of Montgomery County Fire and Rescue, to cease and desist any action against Newman.  I believe neither he nor the Council has any legals grounds on which to stand.  Given their most recent defeat with the pregnancy center law (costing the county quite a pretty penny), can they afford to have more egg on their faces - especially before the November elections?

Obama's LGBT Executive Order And The Bishops' Disingenuous Protests

Yesterday the Messiah Most Miserable issued a dictatorial fiat executive order stating that no federal contractor can "discriminate" in its personnel practices based on employees' gender identity and/or sexual orientation.  Churches and related organizations are NOT exempted.  The USCCB pitched a fit.  My question is, "would this order of Obama's had been a blip on their radar screens if they had been exempted?"  Given prior behaviors, I must opine that had Obama exempted churches, they wouldn't have given a rat's rump regarding the matter.

But since the USCCB and so many of the dioceses are officially on the federal dole for so much of their budgets (e.g., those huge grants to facilitate the Central American child-trafficking scheme), they are in a panic now that it appears that their gravy trains may be pulling into the station.

John Zmirak posted quite a cogent piece on Aleteia, to which I now link.  I'll post one key paragraph below.  I'll elaborate on emboldened phrases below.

The short term impact of this on faithful Christians will certainly be unpleasant. Let’s assume that the leaders of the major Christian communions (Catholic, Orthodox and Evangelical) stand on principle.  Churches and charities that won’t collaborate will lose billions of dollars in federal funds that they had previously dispensed, channeling taxpayer money to serve the poor, recent immigrants, and others eligible for federal poverty aid. Groups such as Catholic Charities, some bishops’ migration offices, and others will see their budgets slashed. They will have to scale back their services, as the needy whom they had served get their needs met somewhere else -- by church groups which decide to play Judas, or outright secular agencies. The Christian groups that had relied on federal money to carry out their missions will have to look to their own church members for more donations, or their impact and clout will diminish.
  • "Channeling taxpayer money".  This means, ladies and gentlemen, that through these "federal contracts" or "grants" or whatever you want to call them, the Church had been joining the state in dipping their grubby mits into the wallets of each and every one of us.  That is not charity; that is theft.  There is concern that the Church may be denied this "opportunity for money"; in reality, they will have removed from them an occasion of sin against the Seventh Commandment.
  • "Catholic Charities..will see their budgets slashed."  I guess that means no more "needle exchange programs" as offered by Albany Catholic Charities or "Centennial Awards" being bestowed on the likes of Sister Carol Keehan or Fr. Theodore Hesburgh.  Read this link for more reasons why we should rejoice that Catholic Charities' budget might be slashed.
  • "Christian groups..will have to look to their own church members for more donations."  Imagine that!  Christians being challenged to dig into their own pockets and fulfill their own Christian responsibilities.  In short, they'd be abiding (finally!) by the principle of subsidiarity.  That's how it should be done - not by clamoring for tax increases for everyone else.
If the Church is serious about being the Church of Jesus Christ and not some glorified social concerns agency, the bishops will immediately commence the process of weaning themselves from federal teats.  I suppose that means that Archbishop Lori would have to recant his recent request for a federal grant to bring illegal immigrants to the St Vincent Villa in Timonium.  What are the chances of that happening?  It may happen sooner than our bishops think - thanks be to God!

Monday, July 21, 2014

IRS Emails And Elijah Cummings

I'm no computer genius, but even I knew the malarkey about Lois Lerner's emails being lost was precisely that.  The so-called "loss" was blamed on an alleged "hard-drive crash" of her workstation computer.  Here's a little tid-bit for those unfamiliar with local area networks.  When emails enter and leave a work place, the ultimate origin and destination will be the individual's machine.  But the emails will travel through the office's various network servers.  Copies of all emails will be retained on those servers.  As most know, offices are required to keep archives of their emails.  Lerner's individual workstation may well have suffered a "hard-drive crash"; it doesn't matter.  Copies of those same emails will be retained at the server level.

I've been harping on that little fact on facebook for some time.  It now seems that light-bulbs are illuminating at long last, for an IRS official, Thomas Kane, admits that archive copies may still exist.

From another IRS email comes the news that MD Congressman Elijah Cummings may have requested or directed Lois Lerner to harass True the Vote and its founder, Catherine Engelbrecht.  It certainly might shed some light on Cummings' behavior during the investigative hearings.

Marylanders of the 7th Congressional District!  You have the opportunity this November to oust this man!  Seize it!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Thank You, Delegate Wade Kach! Archbishop Lori, You Should Be Ashamed!!

It appears that the Archdiocese of Baltimore is jumping on the bandwagon.  They want to place some of the illegal immigrants at St. Vincent Villa in Timonium - for a Federal grant, of course (I don't know the amount).

State Delegate Wade Kach penned a letter to the Archbishop, citing his concern about the serious communicable diseases that have been found among the illegals and the eventual cost to Baltimore and to the US.  Here he discusses his concerns with WBAL-1090 (listen to the embedded interview).  Moreover, he makes the point that Lori's actions make him complicit with Obama's flagrant violation of our nation's laws.  While Kach rightly advocates proper treatment of the immigrants, he also makes plain that they should be returned to their point of entry into this country and sent back.  Obama's usage of these kids as pawns (or fodder for child-trafficking) is itself a crime against humanity; Lori and so many of his brother bishops are playing the willing lackeys in this scheme.  That is unconscionable and must stop - that means you, Catholic prelates!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Maryland Bishops And Catholic Conference Join The Chorus Of Illegal Immigrant Panderers

Here's the garbage action alert that I received from the Maryland Catholic Conference a few days ago.

 Take Action 
Instead of going to school, playing with friends, and enjoying time with family, tens of thousands of children from Central America flee their homes embarking on a dangerous trek north to the United States.  At the same time, nearly 40,000 young mothers with children have also entered the U.S. and are being placed in detention centers. 
Many unaccompanied youth suffer a lack of educational and economic opportunities, and ultimately flee due to violence from organized criminal networks in their countries, which has increasingly stained and strained the fabric of their societies.  The breakdown of the family unit, caused by the absence of physical and economic security, has also caused children to find safe haven with family members in the United States.

Please raise your voice with this action alert to help protect these vulnerable children and mothers by contacting your U.S. senators and representative. For some background on the issue, read the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishop's  testimony before Congress. 

My blogging colleague A Washington DC Catholic must be on the same list.  Read the commentary on his piece.  These progressives do like to omit that teensy detail about the flagrant violation of our borders.

Naturally this week's Catholic Standard joined in the propaganda campaign.  It featured an article about the opening Mass (celebrated by Cardinal Wuerl) for the (so-called) National Migration Conference.  He made it a point to mention that most of us are descended from immigrants; what he decided to omit was that our immigrant ancestors obeyed the laws of their host country, complying with all requirement for immigrants at the time.  That is a far cry from what is happening now, and to try to draw some parallel between then and now is ridiculous, if not downright dishonest.

As expected, progressive CINO MD governor Martin O'Malley opined that any deportation of the kids would send them to "certain death"  (like the 90+ that are aborted every day in Maryland, Marty??).  However, several hours later, he told the Obama cartel that it should not send any of these kids to a former Army Reserve Center in Westminster MD.  The citizens in that conservative area of Maryland rallied and (with the assistance of Andy Harris) made plain to the governor that this would not be in the best interests of the citizens and their families.  For once, O'Malley saw the light of day.

That refusal of O'Malley's (a rumored presidential hopeful) must not only have been galling to the Obamanistas, but must have been most embarrassing to the left-wing-leaning Maryland bishops and the Maryland Catholic Conference.  Oh, to have been a fly on the wall at the MCC when they heard that news!  And to think that this kind of common sense was displayed in the liberal loony-bin known as Maryland!  Will miracles ever cease?

By the way - not all of these "kids" are kids.  Many of them are gang members and other adults posing as children.  Do our bishops care, or have all those HHS and DHS grants caused them to turn blind eyes to that fact?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Carhart-Affiliated Nurse's License Suspended

Last year I alerted folks to the presence of Lindsay Creekmore, a nurse working with Leroy Carhart since their days in Nebraska.  At that time, I noted that her Nebraska license was being investigated - a fact that should have precluded any employment in the State of Maryland.

Today Operation Rescue announced that the state of Nebraska has suspended her nursing license in that state owing to improper drug administration.  So for a while she cannot work in Nebraska.  I suggest my Maryland friends at Germantown keep an eye out for her in case she tries to work here again.

With All Due Respect, Michael Voris, You Cannot Put Lipstick On A Pig

Well, you can try, but you'll only engage in an exercise in futility.  In today's Vortex, he tries to chide those of us who are rightly concerned about the nonsense spewing forth from the Vatican.  Voris trips all over himself while so doing.  I'll elaborate before I post the video.
  • Look at the title: "The Most Misunderstood Pope In History".  Doesn't that make you want to ask why, in all the church's 2000-year history, Pope Francis has earned this title?  Please don't blame it on the internet and blogs, for they were in force during the pontificates of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.  These two pontiffs never had too much trouble making themselves understood (efforts of left-wing media notwithstanding).
  • From 1:03 on, we hear an apology (?) for the pope's "off-hand way of talking".  "Does he guard his words and consider that he should be much more circumspect in what he says and to whom?  Well, it's just clear that's not his style...That's who he is.  He has become the most ill-quoted and misrepresented pope in the history of the church".  Leaving aside (for the moment) the exaggeration in that last sentence, can we see "cause and effect" being made plain?  If anyone is careless in his speaking and with whom he speaks, he can expect all sorts of misquotes and misinterpretations to ensue.  These misquotes, etc are an expected result of sloppiness in communication.  That's true for anybody, as common sense dictates.  When the speaker holds a position of great responsibility, his/her moral responsibility for misunderstanding increases commensurately for greater is the damage that can be done.
  • Let's elaborate on the "that's not his style" quip.  For now I'll consider Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, for they too dealt with hostile newsprint and electronic social media.  I'm quite certain that both men had their own "styles".  However, it seems to me that they never let their "styles" dominate their considerations in how best to communicate their message.  They were willing to lay their "styles" aside so that the truths that they were trying communicate would not be obfuscated by delivery styles.  They no doubt hoped to minimize any media distortion.
  • At 1:26, he continues.  "Does he need to stop talking to so many people in such an off-handed fashion?  Well, that argument might be easily made, but face it, he's not gonna do that; that's not who he is."  We'll stop right there.  His "off-handed fashion of talking" is not an indelible feature of "who he is", any more than it would be for any of us.  What is now an indelible feature of "who he is" is that he is the Vicar of Christ.  He holds great responsibility.  Granted, not all - in fact, very few - of his words will bear the weight of Church teaching.  BUT many will place great stock in the most careless quip he utters.  Right or wrong, that's a fact; will His Holiness continue to cause scandal to them? 
  • At 2:04 he mentions the interview (second one) with Scalfari and the subsequent "Vatican clarifications".  He opines that the list  of speculations is growing monotonous.  Be that as it may, please review the three previous "bullet points" for the most probable causes behind this malady.
  • At 3:21 he states that "even the Vatican itself doesn't know what the Pope said and then has to run around to find out what he said, who he said it to, and put out all kinds of fires whipped up in part by Catholics".  The first part of that sentence may well be correct.  It does seem like internal communications in the Vatican are an abysmal disaster.  Why doesn't the Vatican know what he said?  Without that basic knowledge, how can adequate translations be prepared in any timely fashion?  It is that disheveled state of affairs that is the cause of "all kinds of fires", not the Catholics who dare to notice and state what is all too achingly obvious.
  • At 3:40 he mentions the interview regarding "civil unions".  Noting the various definitions that different nations place on given terms, might it not have been prudent of His Holiness to at least alert his communication office so that they could have prepared appropriate and timely translations?  That might have helped prevent some of the hub-bub that Voris decried.
Moral of story?  Pray that the pope learn from these disasters and take responsibility for what issues forth from his mouth.  Real spiritual peril can result.

By the way - recall the first Scalfari interview?  You know, the one that really wasn't an interview for it had not been reviewed by the Vatican but still managed to be posted to the Vatican website?  It was pulled down in short order - but guess what?  After the subsequent interview a week or two ago, the first interview reappeared on the Vatican website.  Father Zuhlsdorf's blog has more detail - and today it came down again!  Is there any kind of coordination in that office?  I wrote a little ditty to (dis)honor this state of affairs; it can be sung to "The Hokey-Pokey".  I'll post it before the Vortex.

They put the interview in.
They pull the interview out.
They put the interview in,
And they spin it all about.
They spew Lombardi's nonsense
And they turn it inside out.
That's what it's all about!