Monday, August 25, 2014

On-The-Job Deathscort Training - More Blocking And Slamming

About two weeks ago I published a video showing some deathscort "on the job" training.  At that time I promised to publish more helpful hints to the budding thugs escorts as opportunity presented itself.  We didn't have to wait too long!  On Saturday, Sept 23 at 1400 Spring Street in Silver Spring MD - where Planned Parenthood is a tenant - some on the job training was offered.

Meet your deathscort tutor of the day.  His picture is to the right; I don't know his name.  You'll see him in action in the video below.  He engaged in quite a bit of blocking and even body-slamming of a pro-life woman as she sought to offer information to women approaching the doors.  As you watch, you'll notice something immediately; the male escort is at least twice the woman's size.  Deathscort neophytes, while you might find this size discrepancy to be helpful, I wouldn't recommend that you strive for the huge size as that may have undesirable health consequences!

Update On The CBN-Shriver Situation

Yesterday I had sent several emails to CBN-Montgomery officers to protest the planned appearance of Mark Shriver.  Today I received a reply from Robert Scanlon, CBN-MC president.  He advised me that Shriver canceled his appearance due to a scheduling conflict.  Indeed, the main CBN page was changed to this:

He also mentioned that their board would discuss this matter at their next board meeting.  Therefore, I'd urge that we continue to write to them to remind them of the bishops' directives that those who flagrantly flout the Church's teachings on faith and morals not be honored and feted at Catholic venues.  The bishops' directive should be a key guiding principle as they select future speakers and guests of honor.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Catholic Business Network Of Montgomery County MD To Host Mark Shriver - Act Now To Forestall This Outrage

In their 2004 Statement on Catholics in Political Life, the nations' bishops had this to say: "The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions."

The Catholic Business Network of Montgomery County is preparing to act in defiance of the bishops, not to mention in defiance of decency, common sense and God's laws regarding human life.  On Friday, Sept 12, the featured speaker at their monthly breakfast will be Mark Shriver - unless of course the light of reason shines upon them and they rescind that invitation.  Here's a picture of their main web page - just in case that invitation gets (ahem!) "disappears" from that site.

My church bulletin alerted me to this.  Unfortunately that bulletin is not online yet.  The advertisement (most likely submitted by CBN) gave a glowing account of his political career and the book that Shriver wrote about his father.  Conveniently missing from that write-up is the unabashed support that Shriver has lent to abortion while in Annapolis.  In his failed bid for US Congress, he ran on a pro-abortion platform.  Even as he was touting his book on his father, he did not apologize for the fact that he took issue with his father's pro-life convictions.

As the bishops made clear in 2004, the CBN acted in appropriately by inviting Shriver to speak at their Catholic community.  Here is the contact information from their website and more contacts.  Please contact these individuals.  Politely but firmly insist that the invitation to Shriver be rescinded.  Please spread this word.

Friday, August 22, 2014

OR - Brigham May Lose His NJ License

Operation Rescue broke the news that a New Jersey judge recommended that Stephen Chase Brigham's last remaining medical license should be revoked and that he pay $30,000 in fines.  Recall that nearly four years ago, it was discovered that Brigham and accomplice Nicola Riley were initiating late-term abortions in New Jersey - where that's illegal - then shipping them to a shoddy abortion facility in Elkton MD to complete the procedure.  Their cover was blown when they botched an abortion and had to take the woman to Johns Hopkins.  Doctors there were suspicious and notified the police.

So for now it seems that Brigham will be impeded from murdering babies in New Jersey.  Sadly that is not the case in Florida, Delaware and Virginia for those states don't require that abortion mill owners be licensed.

These NJ mills operated under the banner of "American Women's Services".  I believe his Maryland-owned mills will continue to see babies murdered.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ecumenicide - USCCB Channels Neville Chamberlain

First a little history lesson.  Neville Chamberlain was Prime Minister of England during the late 1930s, immediately preceding Winston Churchill.  He and much of Europe watched as Hitler began annexing and conquering middle Europe.  Chamberlain earned notoriety for the Munich Accord that he struck with Hitler that basically threw Czechoslovakia under Hitler's bus.  Chamberlain thought that by this treachery disguised as "dialog", that there would be "peace in our time".  He was absolutely wrong, in spades.

The USCCB has a penchant for not learning from history - or at least not caring about the obvious lessons therein.  In the wake of American reporters being beheaded, Christians being crucified, babies beheaded, other minorities being buried alive and driven from their homes to certain death - all at the hands of Muslims - the USCCB wants to engage in Chamberlain-style "dialogue".  That is absolutely useless.  Are there more "moderate" Muslims?  We can answer that question by asking another: have we heard any "moderate" Muslim roundly denounce the barbarism of the more obviously radical Muslims?  The answer to the second question is the answer to the first.  I have heard of none.  Dialogue with these "moderates" is an absolute waste at best.  Perhaps the US bishops would do well to read this sermon by St. Bernard of Clairvaux as he called Christendom to arms for the Second Crusade.

Why are the bishops concerned about "dialogue"?  Why aren't they proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in all its fullness?  Perhaps if they focused only on their God-given mission, Christians would not be facing near extinction in many parts of the middle east.

UPDATE - I'm afraid the lunacy is getting worse. See this.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Two Abortionists Get Spanked

One of them is Martin Haskell, who murdered babies in the Cincinnati OH area.  The Ohio Department of Health finally ordered him to cease all abortions by August 22.  He has decided not to appeal.  That's one death chamber that will no longer see the butchery of babies.

The other situation literally strikes close to home.  Leroy Carhart, late term abortionist, kills babies not ten miles from my home.  He also does so in Nebraska, so he splits his time between his two death mills.  The Nebraska Department of Health has decided to investigate him, owing to the eight women he has recently injured both in Nebraska and Maryland.  The OR article to which I linked states that "Maryland authorities seem unconcerned with the pattern of injuries inflicted by Carhart's dubious practices.."  No, it's more insidious than just passive indifference.  The abortion-loving administration in Annapolis actively covers for these abortionists and stonewalls any attempt to bring sanity and justice regarding the killing of babies in Maryland.  Put the words "Joshua Sharfstein" in my search box - or just google "Sharfstein NARAL"; you'll get an eyeful of the corruption that exists in Maryland's medical oversight apparatus.

I congratulate the states of Ohio and Nebraska for taking actions against two menaces to babies and women.  As for Maryland, our situation will change if and only if we can "clean house" with the elections this coming November.

Atheist Richard Dawkins Puts Both Feet In His Mouth

Richard Dawkins, Oxford University professor, has made quite a name for himself by embracing and advocating a rabid atheism.  Read this wikipedia article for a list of his screeds publications.

LifesiteNews reports that during a Twitter conversation, Dawkins declared that it "immoral" for a couple expecting a Down syndrome baby NOT to abort.  Of course this statement (and others in the rant) is horrid, but from an atheistic viewpoint, it is completely illogical.

Consider - he's an atheist.  By what objective standard does Dawkins evaluate whether or not it is "moral" to abort a Down syndrome baby or bring him/her to live birth?  He used the term "immoral".  Fine!  But what standards of morality does he use to come to that conclusion?  Herein lies the logical conundrum in which atheists plop themselves - continuously.  Eschewing belief in God, they also jettison any objective standards for evaluating morality.  The best they can do is go by their own whims of the moment - and then try to bamboozle others into following suit.  That's why he blatantly told those people it was the proper thing to murder an innocent baby and that they were wrong if they demured.  In truth, without belief and obedience to God, his opinions have no basis in objective reality.

Now also consider that atheists cannot help but talk themselves into logical paradoxes.  Their very atheism constitutes fundamental rebellion against logic, reason and reality - and the fact that an awareness of God is written in the fabric of each and everyone of us.  Despite their best attempts to stifle that tiny remnant of reason that remains within them, it still pops out ever now and then.  That's why Dawkins uttered the word "immoral".  It was a proverbial "Freudian slip" for him.

Let us pray that Dawkins and other atheists repent.  They WILL believe in God after they meet Him in their particular judgment days.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lovers Of Ecumenicide Pretend Muslims Worship Our God - They DON'T!

There is a great deal of confusion in the Church today as to whether or not Muslims worship the same God as do we.  In fact many prelates, including our own Cardinal McCarrick, either are honestly confused about the matter or they exploit general confusion so that they may appear to be "ecumenical".  Indeed, nine years ago at Catholic University His Eminence addressed some Muslim dignitaries; in that address he invoked "allah" three times but he gave not one mention to Jesus Christ.  That address, which can be called de facto idolatry, is here.

Cardinal McCarrick and other devotees of ecumenicide often cite Lumen Gentium and the Catechism as their authorities.  They are misreading those church documents.  A few weeks ago Dr. Taylor Marshall posted an article that addressed this question.  I link to it now; it's worth careful study.  He points out that the Church documents state that the Muslims profess to worship the God of Abraham, and profess to hold faith in Him.

It's one thing to profess to worship God.  It can be quite another to worship God in fact.  Here's an example of this occurrence.  We've all heard Nancy Pelosi's protestations of being a "good faithful Catholic".  This is the same Pelosi who went on a rampage when her bishop upheld traditional marriage.  This is the same Pelosi who was honored at Planned Parenthood's gala in March and said that" to be associated with the great Margaret Sanger is a distinct privilege" (she may well "enjoy that privilege" for all eternity if she doesn't repent, but I digress).  She also believes Hamas to be a "humanitarian organization".  So Pelosi may think she's a great Catholic, but reality indicates otherwise.  Similarly, Muslims think they worship the God of Abraham but their actions indicate otherwise.  The more vociferous Muslims state that we don't worship the same deity (more than we can say for Cardinal McCarrick); they just don't accept that they are the ones worshiping a false idol - if not actual demons.

Below is a video of Muslim jihadists burying alive opponents.  This action (among so many others) is evidence that these monsters do NOT worship the One True God.  Parents - you may wish to keep your small children from seeing this.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Blind Bishops Following Governmental Grants

In the August 13th issue of The Wanderer, we see published an article by Dexter Duggan entitled "Bishops on Wrong Side of the Fence".  This is in reference to the US bishops' take on the massive influx of illegal aliens coming across our southern border.  He makes a number of salient points on which I'd like to comment.

First he correctly opines that "no matter how good the original intentions of a political strategy that has produced damaging results, the USCCB needs to make its overriding priority the advocacy of justice and reform in immigrants’ home countries, not lawbreaking focused on forcing entry into one country alone, the United States."  But as we all know, the bishops continue to echo the Obamanista's demand for amnesty and porous borders.  We see NYC Cardinal Dolan sidling up with rabidly pro-abortion Chuck Schumer to shill for "immigration reform".  (Get a load of that picture; it's almost as disgusting as the picture of Dolan yokking it up with the Messiah Most Miserable at the Al Smith Dinner in 2012).  After calling citizens concerned about this massive influx (that is, people like me) "unbiblical", "inhumane" and "un-American", Dolan garnered some well-deserved criticism by Ann Coulter; I stand with her on this.

Moving down the Wanderer article, we see some statements by Barbara Wilson, a California reporter and commentator who has corresponded with the Wanderer.  She too hit some nails on the head.  She said, "As for the hierarchy of the Church, bishops are glib in their comments about caring for the stranger and now say that amnesty is ‘pro-life’  This smacks of too much politics for me.  On top of that, they ignore the millions of dollars Catholic Charities collects on contracts with the feds to house and care for illegals in locations across the county.  I attend church regularly and have never heard that Catholic Charities in the state has a fund to care for immigrants and many churches are offering temporary housing,  thus the dependence on federal largess.  I think their whole attitude is beyond disingenuous and hypocritical, and is, quite frankly, politically motivated. As someone said, ‘What would Jesus say?’”

Ain't it just peculiar how the bishops don't like to mention that teensy detail of the millions of dollars that Catholic Charities received for the express purpose of handling the burgeoning number of illegals - illegals that, at the time of granting, had not yet arrived?  I suppose when one considers that the bulk of funding that Catholic Charities receives comes from federal grants (that is, our tax dollars at work), one might understand the lack of mention here, but even that is too much to swallow.  A number of us have detailed some of the financing and other political maneuverings that have paved the way for this artificially-induced influx of illegals, the bulk of whom are not innocent little tykes fleeing desperate situations.  See herehere, here, here, here,  I realize that these posts (with related links) are a lot to read, but it's important that you invest the time to do so.  This is information that you'll not read in the lame-brain main-stream media, be that media secular or diocesan.

Let's move on now to another excellent article, this one written by Christopher Manion entitled "A Plea to America's Bishops".  He touches upon the tragedy in Iraq and Syria and the fact that Christians and other minorities are literally fleeing for their lives, as countless relatives have been butchered by Muslims.  He also makes mention that the response of many western countries - including the United States - has been one of passivity and indifferentism.  At a parish in Rome where he met with several mid-east refugees, the Pope basically told them to "move on" and "encourage one another".  Cardinal Wuerl's letter to the priests (see below) indicates that the Pope has sent "a significant sum of money" there - money that will run out.  While in Jordan, His Holiness thanked that country for welcoming Syrian refugees, then went on a tirade that laid the onus of the massacre on "arms dealers".  With all due respect to His Holiness, he's all wet on that one.  Those Muslims engaged in jihad are squarely to blame, not "arms dealers".  I don't believe "arms dealers" are supplying the knives that the jihadist monsters use to behead babies nor the scaffolding on which they hang and crucify Christians.  But I digress.

Manion goes on to ask why the US bishops aren't as solicitous for the welfare of these mid-east refuges as they are for the free passage, amnesty and perks for the illegals coming across our southern border.  The fact is that many if not most of these "children" coming across our borders are teen-aged boys - many of them with gang-related tattoos all over their bodies.  "Fleeing gang violence"?  No, they're bringing gang violence, often by recruiting other members in the retention centers.  Whatever else they are, they are not helpless refugees, as are those fleeing for their lives in the mid-east.

Manion ends by asking "that our bishops will focus their efforts on the Iraqi Christians. Ask them to join us in urging our government to welcome them as the legitimate refugees they really are."  Sadly, I don't think that will happen.  The US bishops are too much in the back pockets of the feds.

In this week's edition of the Catholic Standard, there was a goodly bit of focus on the mid-east situation.  Truth be told, how could they ignore that elephant in the living room?  In it was published a letter from Cardinal Wuerl to his priests stating that prayers and Masses should be offered.  Clearly these are needed, but where are the suggestions for practical assistance?  Would His Eminence had been so ethereal if the topic at hand was the illegal immigrants?  I think not!

The bishops will follow the dictates of the Obama regime as much as they can without forfeiting too much of their moral capital.  The Obamanistas, in turn, have shown a disturbing partiality to Muslim leaders and positions.  It may well be that they share the jihadist ambition for the destruction of Christianity in the mid-east; heaven knows they certainly are trying to marginalize Christians in this country.  As long as the US bishops insist on prostituting themselves by accepting and even soliciting governmental grants, they will slavishly follow the lead of the Messiah Most Miserable.  We may safely assume that our borders will not be porous to those from the mid-east AND we may also assume that no federal grant money will be made available to Catholic Charities to accept mid-east refugees.

We must pray for our bishops, even as we boycott every "social justice" appeal for money that they put out.  At this time, their concept of "social justice" comes at the direction of the progressives in power.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Disobedience To God's Laws Regarding Sex Leads To Violence And Pain

About 15 years ago I stumbled upon some tape series recorded by the late Father John Hardon, S.J.  He gave great talks about a variety of Catholic topics and expounded on Church teaching thoroughly.  One of those tape series is called "Catholic Sexual Morality".  I highly recommend this (and the other series of talks) that can be obtained through

EWTN has a snippet of a talk that the late Jesuit gave a few years before his death.  I'll quote a piece of it now: "This professor told us that on many nights, the prisoners were so starved that they were unable to sleep, and so they would talk all night long. One of the subjects they probed was what made the Nazis so cruel. For months, he said, they discussed what could possibly make one human being SQ cruel to another, and finally they found the answer: Every single one of the guards was a sex pervert; there were no exceptions. The relationship between chastity — whose foundation is charity — and justice toward others, is a relationship of cause and effect. Every sexually perverse society becomes a society of murderers. There is no doubt about it."

What do we see now?  Mayhem in Missouri, newborns being left to die by their mothers, fathers brutally murdering their own babies (latest excuse - the infant boy peed on the dad while the diaper was being changed), "knock-out games", etc, etc.  Because we as a nation departed from God and His laws regarding sexuality and marriage, we as a nation have become a pack of murderous perverts and barbarians.

Live Action exposed Planned Parenthood openly advocating violent sexual perversions.  The fact that they believe the young girl is underage only exacerbates an already-horrible atrocity.  As you watch (and please don't let children watch with you), you'll hear this so-called "counselor" tell the young lady that it's perfectly fine to reduce herself to the status of a toy to satisfy the boyfriend's violent perverted fetishes.  How is this different from telling the girl to be a slave/wife to some jihadist animal who would subject her to Sharia law with its whippings, acid burns, etc?  Oh, it's "consensual"?  And what if she no longer "consents" while the boyfriend is riled up in a perverted frenzy?  Too bad, because he'll just carry it out and injure her, maybe even kill her.

But Planned Parenthood doesn't care.  Most likely they'll wind up pregnant and they'll come straight to Planned Parenthood to have their unborn child murdered.

If you want to stop this madness, please frequent the Sacraments and pray the Rosary.  Get yourselves in front of abortion centers and offer Christian witness.  Do NOT give to second collections that go towards CCHD and CRS (more about the latter later).  Now the video.