Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sign Petition To Stop Assisted Suicide In Maryland

Two weeks ago I blogged about the assisted suicide measure that was before the Maryland House of Delegates.  Since then it has passed by a 74-36 vote.  It is now before the Senate.  We Marylanders must lobby our state senators to oppose it.  Should it pass, we must again lobby Governor Hogan to veto it.

For the rest of the country, please sign the petition started by LifeSiteNews to combat this measure.

Please pass this on to your other social pages and contacts.  Thanks.

Snakes Are Back In Ireland

In this homily Father forgot to mention sodomite #mowwidge in Ireland.  But still, how Ireland has degraded itself these past few years.  Let us keep praying our Rosaries for our Church.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Persecution Of Faithful Catholics From Within And Without

I'm posting a video from Church Militant's download.  The panel is discussing the ever-increasing ways in which faithful Catholics are being demonized precisely because they are faithful Catholics.  Not all of this persecution is coming from without, but much of it is from within - mainly from highly-placed clerics who have abandoned the Faith but still retain their high positions (for now) and yes, from Pope Francis himself.  Church Militant is one such group, having been falsely accused by a EWTN-afiiliated priest of issuing death threats.  Oh, by the way - Michigan's attorney general is launching an "investigation" into Church Militant for being a "hate group".  But don't get too concerned about this priestly accusation and the impending investigation happening within such short proximity of time!  After all, that's just some strange coincidence, right?  Right??  Hmmm.....

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Online Petition To Support Archbishop Naumann And Father Maxim

On Sunday I suggested that all support Father Maxim and Archbishop Naumann.  TFP Student Action has provided us a convenient means to do so as they have started an online petition for that very purpose.  Please go to this site, sign it and then spread words to your own contacts.

Pope Gives Perverts A Photo-Op

Yep!  I kid you not!  Here is the story, with photo.  I wonder when he'll be giving a photo-op to Planned Parenthood, Marie Stopes Intnat'l, or NAMBLA?  Sheesh!  I better not joke about that last one since so many of his sycophants have been (and maybe still are) abusing young boys and men. 

Would he grant such opportunity to a Legion of Mary group, or traditional order of religious?  Or would they be too "triumphalist", "rigid" or "neo-palagian"?  I think we know the answer to that.

This is yet another attempt to deconstruct the Faith.

Pope Embracing Envirowhackoism For Deconstruction Of The Faith

The blog Non Veni Pacem put up some commentary regarding the murder of Natacha Jaitt in Argentina that occurred two weeks before she was to testify against Gustavo Vera, long-time friend of Cardinal Bergoglio, now Pope Francis.  Security cameras detected suspicious activity in the area just after Jaitt died.  The blogger pointed out that Vera and Jeffrey Sachs were speakers at a Vatican conference held March 4-5.  The conference focused on Laudato Si and Sachs shilled for the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.  Journalists were not invited to this pow-wow.  Well, golly-jee!  I wonder why???

Just a few days after that gab-fest, Pope Francis spoke at another - this with a specific goal of implementing the Sustainable Development Goals.  Now read closely what the pope is saying.  He's talking about conversion in implementing this thinly-disguised propaganda for population control and earth-worship.  One does not talk of "conversion" unless one is changing their beliefs and actions regarding God and morality.  He's advocating rank idolatry.  The blogger whom I cited in the main paragraph states that Raul Duarte has some "splainin" to do.  Well he's not the only one with "splainin" to do - I refer to the pope.  By the way, as you read the CNA piece, did you notice all the people who seem to be leaders of false religions?  If the pope wanted actual conversions, he passed up a golden opportunity for preaching the Faith (as is his mission); that's more "splainin" that he'll need to do.

In more toadying to envirowhacko population-control enthusiasts, the pope will participate in a "Pan Amazon Synod" in Brazil in October.  As Bradley Eli put it, "The Pan-Amazon Synod will be focusing on environmentalism and social justice issues rather than on strengthening the faith of Catholics, who are losing their religion."  Once upon a time, I thought that this lack of proper focus was merely thoughtless neglect.  I now believe that this loss of Godly faith is by design.  Take a look at that picture of the pope.  It is most inappropriate for the Vicar of Christ to festoon himself in pagan gee-gaw, and grin while holding a picture of himself surrounded by pagan imagery.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Support Abp Naumann And Father Maxim

Father Craig Maxim is pastor of St Ann Catholic Church in Prairie Village, Kan.  The parish has a school.  Recently Fr. Maxim declined to accept a child into the school  who is being raised by a same-sex couple.  Father issued an email to explain his reasons, as his decision has sparked some protest.  Archbishop Naumann has also received these protests, but is standing firm in his decision not to compromise Church teaching.  He rightly says that the situation in which the child now lives cannot exhibit respect and obedience to Christ's teachings on marriage and family life.

So those kvelling and whining about "punishing the child for the parents' sins", I take it as a positive sign that you acknowledge the "parents'" actions as sinful.  By the way - "parents" is in quotes because at most only one of them can be the child's biological parent - unless they adopted the child which means that neither is a parent in a moral sense.  Your outrage is misplaced.  Instead of badgering the pastor and bishop, direct your anger to those so-called "parents".  Of course some of you may be in league with the obvious attempt to get the school to accept the mortal sin of sodomy.  Anyway, here is my open letter to that same-sex pair.

(Begin open letter)

Dear Same-Sex Couple who is raising and exploiting this child:

Let's cut to the chase.  You are exploiting this child.  Just as so many of you have been trying to break the resolve and livelihoods of cake bakers, florists et al in your attempts to force them to affirm your mortal sins, you seem to have that as your end game in respect to St Ann's school.  Why else would you attempt to enroll the child in a school that has as its core mission the impartation of Catholic teaching?  Surely you must be aware that the school would be teaching to its students, and the child in your custody, that same-sex "marriage" is both a farce and mortal sin.  Why would you want this child to hear that?  Or do you intend, later down the road, to cajole and even threaten the school into a false acceptance of your mortally sinful lifestyle?

A number of your syncophants are even now badgering the school to "show mercy".  In actuality, it would be the epitome of cruelty to the child to pretend that your lifestyle is anything but dangerous, certainly to your immortal souls.  If mercy is to be shown to the child, the onus for doing so lies on your shoulders - nowhere else.

If either of you retains any shred of knowledge of Catholic truth (assuming you were brought up in the Faith, and that may not be the case), you might recall that the first Spiritual Work of Mercy is "rebuke the sinner".  That is precisely what I'm doing.  For you to show mercy to your child, you'll quit your sinful parody of a marriage and cease all homosexual conduct immediately.  You will get yourselves to Confession.  You will explain to the child the wrongness of your actions.  That would be the best lesson in truth and mercy that he or she could receive from you at this time.  For that matter, it would be the most merciful thing you could do for yourselves and each other, for this current lifestyle of yours, if continued, leaves you in danger of eternal damnation.

(end open letter)

We do not know who they are, and that is best so as to protect the identity of this poor child.  Please spread this around to increase the chances that this couple will see it, both for the sake of the child and their own eternal salvations.

The Archdiocese of Kansas City posted an explanation of its policy regarding admission to Catholic schools on the front page of its site.  Please read it, and then take a minute to thank the archbishop for standing for Christ's teachings.  The archbishop doesn't have his own published email address so I'd suggest emails to the Vicar General of the Curia.  An alternate email and phone can be found here.

Also please support Father Maxim by contacting the parish.  This site has a handy contact form as well as the usual information.  You can also visit their facebook page to offer support; that page is featuring comments from gay-supporters who think "acceptance" means embracing mortally sinful conduct.  Thanks.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Sacriilege At Immaculate Conception Church In Durham NC

This past Tuesday I wrote about planned gay-coddling at Immaculate Conception Church.  Today I was advised that it happened that same day.  The unrepentant lesbian, Vernetta Alston, addressed parishioners at the invitation of Father VanHaight.  My sources didn't hear about it till yesterday, but I just now saw this announcement on their facebook page that had posted on Feb 27.  It's also on their website, but not in the bulletin.  Please note the response to the comment; Alston spoke in the sanctuary.  What??  Did they at least remove the Blessed Sacrament so that Our Lord wouldn't be profaned as she was honored in defiance of the US bishops?

My hope is that this sacrilegious smooch-up was poorly attended.  At that hour, I hope very few of the school students were there.  But the sanctuary of the Church, and perhaps the Blessed Sacrament, were profaned.  For these reasons, good Catholics must offer to Father VanHaight their polite but firm rebukes, as well as prayers for his salvation (which he greatly jeopardized).  In addition, Bishop Zamara must hear from faithful Catholics as well.  I've no doubt that both heard from the gay-nazis.  I would say that they caused VanHaight to cave, but from what I'm hearing, VanHaight really is allied with the perverts and their enablers.  The video leave little room for doubt.  We faithful Catholics have a duty to be no less vociferous in defense of the Church's teachings.

If any faithful Catholics have children who are students of that school, you may wish to consider withdrawing them as there is now reason to doubt the quality of Catholic education they are receiving from that place.  Some of those commenters who hurled their bile at me claimed to be former students of that place.  Your children's salvation may be imperiled by attendance at that school. 

Other Catholics within the Durham diocese may want to consider advising Bishop Zamara that your participation in the Bishop's Annual Appeal may be contingent upon him restoring fidelity to the Church's moral teachings in his parishes and schools.

Please network with each other.  I heard too many times that local Catholics are reticent about speaking out because they fear the local gay-nazis.  If you network with each other, you will draw strength and courage from your camaraderie.  You will draw even more strength from Mass and the Rosary.  Your salvation and that of your families depend on it.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

NC Pastor Doubles Down On Sin-Coddling

Last month I was alerted to a planned scandal at a Catholic school in Durham North Carolina - Immaculata School to be precise.  I needn't rehash what I already wrote.  Suffice it to say that the pastor, Father Chris VanHaight, saw fit to cancel that debacle.  He feared a protest, not the coddling of mortal sin.  Indeed, he himself was all for the showcasing of a lesbian, simply because she espoused other liberal pet causes (yet another reason why the Church must get away from all that "social justice" boondoggle, but I digress!).

For canceling that speaker, Father must have felt the wrath of the gay-nazis.  Judging from some of the comments on that post and on my twitter feed, I can imagine that they snarled quite a bit - all in the name of "tolerance" of course!  For a sample, see this doozy:
That must have prompted this groveling and sniveling discourse from VanHaight.  He regards it as an apology to the "LGBTQ community".  Well, he should apologize to them: for his approval of their mortally sinful conduct and for not calling them to conversion and repentance for their sins against the natural order.  Anyway, during this talk, he said he would avoid having politicians speak for a while.  Well, it must be for a very short while, for he later said of Alston, "certainly, we foresee her coming to the campus at some point before the end of the school year for sure".  He then spoke of "a different venue".  Was he talking out of both sides of his mouth?

At this time, we don't know if the normalization of perversion before children will occur, let alone when and where.  In the meantime, I'd urge all Catholics to contact Father VanHaight and Bishop Zamara to register your protests.  Residents of that diocese may want to reconsider any financial contributions to the parish and/or diocese until they once again commit to their duties to uphold Catholic teachings, for their own sakes, those of the students and yes, of Vernetta Alston herself.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Physician-Assisted Suicide In Maryland

If ever there was a ridiculous euphamism, "physcian-assisted suicide" would be one of them, ranking up there with "abortion".  Both were concocted to mask the real meaning of their deeds, which is murder.  The former targets the elderly and the infirm.  It is that which is the focus of this post for its legalization is wiggling its way through the largely pro-death Maryland legislature.

HB 0399, known as the "End of Life Option Act", was in committee and I believe has been voted out of it onto the floor.  Maryland Right to Life has information about this and SB0311, the Senate cross-filing.  I do not know its status in the Senate.  It was being heard in the Judicial Proceedings Committee, but cannot find whether or not they voted on it.  Please contact the members of that committee, particularly if one of those senators is from your locality, and ask them not to send it to the senate floor.

Please contact your delegates and tell them that you want them to oppose these bills.  Spread the word and let's do all we can to keep Maryland from incurring more blood-guilt before Our Lord.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Sex Summit - Swan Song Of This Papacy?

At the end of the sex-summit farce, Pope Francis laid out an 8-point plan for the Church to conduct an "all-out battle" against sex abuse of minors (young men and seminarians remain unmentioned so that they can be considered fair game for that good-ole-boy chicken hawk association of pervert clerics).  The 8 points are listed in this National Catholic Register piece.  Notice that there is nothing indicating that homosexuals should be removed from the clerical state, as they should be.  There isn't even any mention of prevention of their entry into seminary.  In fact, the word "homosexual" doesn't occur one in this so-called "plan".  Why is there no mention of the fact that the homosexual inclination is intrinsically disordered?

Here's a short, simple answer.  This summit was not at all about addressing the scandal of clerics raping boys and young men.  It was all about deflecting our anger and indignation away from the real problem: predation upon young men by powerful clerics, with the main culprit being Theodore McCarrick.  Even the Washington Post picked up on the duplicitous nature of the pope's closing address, noting how the whole summit was a dance around the living room elephant known as McCarrick.

Yes, the pope and cronies were covering for McCarrick alright, and not only because he was a ruthless predator.  There is ample reason to believe he was a communist plant.  He played a pivotal role in brokering that Vatican-Red China deal that essentially threw faithful Catholics in that country to the communist wolves.  It appears that he also was a ghost writer of the Land O Lakes statement that allowed progressive poison to destroy Catholic higher education.

Realizing that the results of this summit were, for all intents and purposes, non-existent,  Michael Hichborn of Lepanto Institute crafted an open letter to Pope Francis that lays out some steps that the pope must take if his moral voice is to be restored.  I signed it and urge you to do the same, and to promulgate this letter in your own circles of fellow Catholics.  We simply must make our voices heard for we've been silent too long, and some still insist on persisting in silence and apathy.

Many Catholics are coming to the belief that Francis' papacy has been irreparably compromised to the point of being ineffective.  I wrote last week of a prayerful protest that happened in Rome just before the summit began.  It was organized by Professor Roberto de Mattei and attended by Michael Matt of the Remnant.  The two men met in an interview and discussed many things.  I post it now for your review.

Monday, February 25, 2019

The Sex Scandal And The Papacy

The sex-summit dog-and-pony show in Rome ended a few days ago.  As anticipated by those with two brain cells firing in syncopation, this thing was a farce conducted with the intention to fool people into thinking that the pope and high-ranking prelates are serious about sex abuse by the clergy.  Oh, they're serious, all right!  Serious about protecting it for their own perverted pleasures, it would seem.

Natacha Jaitt, an Argentine media celebrity, accused Gustavo Vera of trafficking children for sexual exploitation.  Vera is a close friend of Pope Francis'.  She was set to testify against Vera in a few weeks - but was found dead this past Saturday.  Her family is calling her death murder.  I post below an interview that she conducted with an Argentine blogger who was doing his own investigation.  He alleges that Vera shipped children to the Vatican "for the Pope and his accomplices".  Let that sink in.  If it's true, the implications are horrendous - but would explain why the pope and his buddies were so quick to poo-poo the idea that homosexuality is a factor in the clerical sex abuse situation.  I will post that interview below, but this post will continue below that.  I understand that the man being interviewed is now missing.

Was this sex-summit a feeble attempt to mollify us, the Great Unwashed, so that we would stop poking into their perversions?   Is this why Vatican personnel are bad-mouthing the two surviving dubia cardinals?  Even Cardinal Marx can't avoid acknowledging the existence of a homosexual cabal in the Vatican; he acknowledges also that evidence has been destroyed.  Was Vera, close friend of Pope Francis, sending young boys to the Vatican to be preyed upon by the wolves in shepherds' clothing?

I now post a video of a discussion between Taylor Marshall, Michael Voris and a third gentleman whose name I didn't catch.  They discuss the question of whether or not Pope Francis should resign.  I am increasingly becoming convinced that Francis could be an anti-pope, with Benedict XVI still the true pope.  There have been indications that Benedict's resignation was, at least in part, coerced, rendering it invalid.  Given the additional information that we now have regarding the St Gallen Mafia, I've no reason to doubt that they would have exerted pressure on Benedict to tender a rather strange resignation.

As the gentlemen said, please keep praying your Rosaries.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Pope Francis, We MUST, On Pain Of Sin, Avoid Even The Appearance Of Communism

Pope Francis, this past Monday, claimed that Christians shy from the "social gospel" because they fear that the Church will look like the Communist Party.  Of course he is trying to cajole Catholics into disregarding their common sense so that they will indeed swallow the "social gospel" crap - and eventually socialism, if not outright communism.

In light of these shameless attempts by the pope and other quasi-socialists to induce false shame into us, we must stand strong and call them out for what they are.  Here are just a few facts about this "social gospel". He is a big fan of Dorothy Day and her Catholic Worker Movement.  I don't know just what Day's original intent was for the CWM, but it has veered into socialism and dissidence.  From this page of the DC affiliate, we see that they have allowed disgraced Bishop Thomas Gumbleton to speak at their events, as well as some Pax Christi individuals.  Of course, rabidly pro-abortion Jeffrey Sachs was often invited to the Vatican to craft Laudato Si, a thinly-disguided apology for socialism, as well as population-control and climate-change junk science.

In 1984, Pope John Paul II suspended a divinis the priestly faculties of Fr. Ernesto Cardenal, when the latter held a cabinet position in Nicaragua's Sandinista government.  Cardenal had always been a Marxist involved in "liberation theology".  Pope Francis lifted the suspension.  He noted that Cardenal accepted the suspension, but there was no mention of Cardenal seeing the errors of his Marxist and liberation theology mindsets.  In this and his various document, the pope displays an untoward affinity for socialism and even communism.

Previous popes have proclaimed quite different things about socialism and communism.  They are worth a study.  They emphatically declare those philosophies to be inherently evil.  So should Christians shy away from appearing to be communists, even if they aren't - for now?  Absolutely.  1 Thessalonians 5:22 is adamant about avoiding the appearance of evil - and that is what communism is.  The so-called social gospel is a spiritual and moral booby-trap.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

One Million Hits

Earlier today this blog had its 1-millionth visitor.  While I'm grateful to God that I have had the ability to write this thing, I am saddened that the need for this blog, and so many others, exists.  So much filth has been allowed to infest the One True Church that we must call attention to it so that we can work and pray for its purgation.

I started this blog for several reasons: 1) to inform DC-area Catholics of relevant news that the Catholic Standard and Catholic Review would refuse to publish, 2) to encourage faithful Catholics in the pews to fight for their Church via protests, boycotts, street activisim 3) to put them in touch with other excellent news sources.  Just recently I have had occasion to point out the effect that faithful Catholics can have when we raise our voices and demonstrate to corrupt and cowardly Church bureaucrats that we are the Church Militant and not the "church mousy".

Along those lines, I will soon be commenting on the "sex summit sin-nod" that just ended in Rome.  However, I would be remiss in not thanking God and my readers for this milestone.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

St Peter Damian, Pray For Our Pervert-Coddling Prelates!

It is no coincidence whatsoever that the "sex abuse sin-nod" has convened on the feast day of St. Peter Damian, a prelate and Doctor of the Church who fought vigorously against the sins of sodomy that infested the clergy of his day.  We beg his intercession for this "summit" is most likely intended as a farce to induce the faithful to believe that they will address the root causes of sex abuse by clergy when in reality they are only interested in mollifying us and providing cover for perverted clergy - some of whom might well be participating in that sin-nod.

Not all bishops are partaking of the kool-aid.  Two days ago, Cardinals Brandmuller and Burke, the two remaining dubia Cardinals, issued an open letter to the summit attendees.  In that letter, the two cardinals challenged the attendees to break the silence regarding homosexuality.  They stated that ,"The plague of the homosexual agenda has been spread within the Church, promoted by organized networks and protected by a climate of complicity and a conspiracy of silence."  Yesterday Brandmuller released a statement reemphasizing the role of homosexuality as a major plague in the Church.  Meanwhile, Archbishop Vigano today issued his own statement to the attendees urging them to convert.  So here we have Cardinals Burke and Brandmuller, with Archbishop Vigano, speaking truth to corrupt power.  Perhaps that is why they were not invited to attend.

Let's look at these "organized networks" to which Cardinals Burke and Brandmuller alluded.  They are real and they are powerful.  In his report on this sin-nod today, Michael Voris details how this network, most likely established by Bella Dodd (before she converted to Catholicism) and probably launched the horrific rampage known as McCarrick's career.  One of these networks is known as "St Gallen's mafia" and most likely played a role in strong-arming the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and then shoving Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio into the papacy.  These networks insinuated many clandestine perverts and Communists into the clergy. 

The sin-nod is silent on this because now the Vatican is most likely in league with these networks and doesn't want the light shone on their plans and deeds.  Just take a look at these "21 reflection points" that the pope wants the sin-nod attendees to consider.  Do you see the word "homosexual" mentioned once therein?  I don't!  I don't even see the word "sin" in this mish-mosh, much less repentance and Confession.  And what's with all this jibber-jabber about "protocols" and "norms"?  All that's needed is to reaffirm the Church's immutable teachings on morality and faith.  It's not at all complicated, but these charlatans want the matter to appear like it is so that they might avoid accountability.

As I look at that picture of St. Peter Damian and ponder his question, I have to think that for today's perverted cabal in the Church, we know the answer.  They deliberately seek to undermine the Church.  In so doing, they goad many souls to hell, including their own, if they die unrepentant.  Therein lies some hope, for if Bella Dodd could convert, so can they.  But for some of them, McCarrick especially, the sands of time are running out.  Pray that they are converted and pray that the damage they did can be reversed.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Necessity Of Holy Outrage

Two weeks ago I broadcast the planned lecture of Catholic school children by a flaming lesbian on school property, and urged a protest if the invitation was not rescinded.  Happily that lecture didn't happen, owing to the looming prospect of a picket.  If nothing else, it demonstrated the good that can transpire when good people stand up and speak out.

Today LifeSiteNews published a piece by Phil Lawler entitled "The Laity Can Take Credit For The Defrocking Of McCarrick.  What Next?"  I think I would thank Our Lord first, but He did see fit to work through us.  What if we had not been responsive to His promptings?  Lawler was speaking of the summit that will start in two days.  While he shares my belief that the summit is a staged sham, he acknowledges that the Vatican wouldn't feel it necessary to put on such a show had it not been for faithful Catholics raising their voices and yes, closing their wallets.  He has a point.

In the center of Rome, faithful Catholics gathered to protest the Vatican's silence on the role of homosexuality in the abuse crisis in anticipation of this summit.  I believe that Michael Matt of the Remnant is among them.  This is the first activity of its kind in Church history.  Even if the bishops don't heed these Catholics (and they probably won't), they are again put on notice that we are watching and won't take anymore flapdoodle sitting down.

While more and more Catholics are praying and acting like they are part of the Church Militant, there remain some Catholics who insist on being horrified by righteous anger and calls for direct action.  They erroneously believe that prayer alone will solve the various crises that afflict the Church.  When we speak out, they often rebuke us (not the wrongdoers but us) for so doing.  All too often I have been chided by those saying "Tsk!  Tsk!  We mustn't get angry!  We must remain peaceful and joyful!  Don't you trust the Lord?", and so on.  These sorts of people are: 1) in deep denial regarding the true state of the Church, 2) confusing true spirituality with the luv-n-peace flower-child-hippy mentality of the 1960s, 3) masking their own cowardice and/or indifference behind a sanctimonious demeanor, 4) harboring some serious sin of their own that is facilitated by the sickness of the Church.  Whatever their reasons, they make themselves part of the problem.

If these misguided individuals won't listen to reason, they must be rebuked.  Faithful Catholics, understand that there will be costs in so doing.  I have found myself ostracized and mocked by people who I thought would know better.  Such is life.

Regarding outrage and anger, Msgr Pope wrote an excellent article about that. In that article, he quoted St. John Chrysostom, one of the Fathers of the Church; "He who is not angry when he has cause to be, sins. For unreasonable patience is a hotbed of many vices."

Let us also recall the words of  St. Catherine of Sienna, a Doctor of the Church: "We've had enough of exhortations to be silent!  Cry out with a thousand tongues.  I see that the world is rotten because of silence".  Ora et labora.

Monday, February 18, 2019

A Sin-Nod Circus Starts This Week

What might that be?  Why, it's the so-called summit entitled "Protection of Minors in the Church".  In light of McCarrick's dismissal from the clerical state - and the reasons for it - you can see the problem right away in the title of gab-fest.  Approximately 80% of the victims are young men over the age of 14.  They are not little children.

Hilary White, on her blog, posted a video in which Edward Pentin and another ask a panel of clerics, including Cardinal Cupich, about the focus of this summit.  They make the point that most of the victims are past puberty and that many of the victims are seminarians.  They, in a word, challenge the focus, opining that there should be at least some time devoted to their predation.  Cupich et al do quite a job tap-dancing around the question.  Basically, they tell Pentin that the focus is on the protection of children and that is that.  At the very least, I'd hope that Cupich et al understand that the Catholics in the pews are not going to be fooled by this upcoming dog-and-pony show.

The pope has designated Cupich to be the head honcho of this thing.  As this LifeSiteNews piece reminds us, Cupich is the one who dismissed Archbishop Vigano's testimony about then-Cardinal McCarrick's predation on young men, stating that the church wasn't going to "go down that rabbit hole".  Cupich now has many eggs on his face as the events of last week have vindicated Vigano.  Cardinal Muller, in commenting on the sin-nod, quoted the statistics cited in my first paragraph, stating that "anyone who ignores the facts does not want to solve the problem".   Indeed they don't for they are trying to put on an concerned facade while not acknowledging that the victims of the perversions of their buddies, or even themselves, are young men.

That last sentence is the key reason why I refer to this upcoming debacle as a sin-nod.  They seek to keep the chickens available as prey for the chicken hawks.  Recall that at the most recent USCCB meeting, a vote on action against these sex predators was taken off the table by Cupich, ostensibly to wait for the outcome of this staged cover-up of the real problem.  Now we see why, from their warped perspectives, they wanted that vote put off; they want to make certain that young men, including seminarians, are still fair game for perverted clerical lusts.

How long, oh Lord, how long?

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Masonic Underpinnings Of Human Fraternity Idolatry Document

Cardinal Gerhard Muller first made mention of this when he expressed dismay over the Masons' praise of the pope's fascination with "fraternity".  He stated quite frankly and directly that "a universal religion does not exist".  He's absolutely correct.  There is the Catholic Church, the One True Church.  All others, while they may adhere to varying segments of truth, do not possess it in its fullness.  They do not possess the sacraments, unity with the Chair of Peter and were not instituted by Jesus Christ to lead people to salvation - as was the Catholic Church.

Michael Matt, in the video that appears at the bottom of this post, makes similar points regarding the heresy that Francis committed when he signed the "Human Fraternity Document".  Before we look at that, I'd like to examine the Offertory Song for today's Mass.  I would not sing it.  When I looked at the verses, I couldn't help but notice the environmental idolatry in the piece of the song that bewailed the "slashing and burning and paving".  I also noticed that the word "God" was mentioned once - that's it!  The rest of the song focused only on earthly life - not on anything of eternal consequence.

I decided to research the author (Adam Tice).  I found that he is a Mennonite.  His twitter page reveals that his music is indeed focused on earthly life and not on eternal salvation.  I don't know enough about Mennonite thought to know whether or not he's in keeping with their beliefs, but it doesn't matter.  The music, as it is, is not fit for Catholic consumption.  Mind you, I've seen far worse, but it is what it is.  Here it is to the right.

Now please pay close attention to what Matt has to say.  He makes a compelling case for the understanding that the heresy committed last week was a logical outcome of the "spirit of Vatican II".  I remember that mess in Fatima 33 years ago.  Pope John Paul II's kissing of the Koran was inexcusable.  So too is the prattling about the "new world order".  That is masonic talk.  We saw a glaring example of that with Francis last week.  At my church today we saw a small, barely noticeable example there.  Probably these small, seemingly insignificant examples abound, and they are so small that we don't notice them and they slip into our thinking without us being aware of their influence.  In addition to the prayer suggested by Matt, we need to keep our ears and eyes wide open.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

McCarrick Is Laicized

This is long overdue - not only on behalf of his poor victims throughout the decades but also countless others who have been led astray owing to his dissidence on matters of the faith.  They are too many to list here, but over the years of this blog's existence, they have been noted here and elsewhere.  He also had (probably still does have) the habit of publicly hob-nobbing with infamous pro-aborts at various functions; I've participated in and/or led pickets at those debacle, including this.

McCarrick is by no means the only one.  Given the ungodly priorities of this pontificate, I've no doubt that McCarrick was intended to be a sacrificial lamb to mollify those of us who seek to have Holy Mother Church purified of the rot that infests her at all levels.  It will be up to faithful Catholic laity not only to pray and offfer sacrifices, but also to utilize all moral means available to keep up the pressure - including pickets such as the one exemplified in the most recent link.

I've no doubt that McCarrick will be offered a cushy "retirement package" in return for all the disservice rendered throughout the years.  However, we must also remember to pray that McCarrick will wake up and repent, making a good confession.  He is elderly and hasn't much time left on earth to do that.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Farrell To Be Papal Camerlengo - What Could Possibly Go Right?

I've written a good bit about Cardinal Farrell in the past.  Some might recall that before he made himself infamous, he was pastor of a local parish in Washington DC.  He was unimpressive then so we knew he'd be a problem when he was named a cardinal.

Among many of his problems is his close association with now ex-cardinal McCarrick.  Farrell lived with McCarrick for six years, yet he claims to have known nothing regarding McCarrick's perverted assaults on young men.

Now that McCarrick is on the verge of being laicized (unless he weasels his way out of this), we find it odd that the pope has appointed a close McCarrick associate as camerlengo.  This official wields much influence after the death of a pope, essentially managing Vatican and Church affairs until a new pope is elected.

So we have Farrell as camerlengo and Cupich running the abuse summit in a few weeks.  As they say, personnel is policy, so again we have clear evidence of current policies at the Vatican.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Noted Catholic Leaders Publicly Contradict The Human Fraternity Document

Last Thursday I asked if the "human fraternity" document shows Francis to be an anti-pope.  Several leading prelates and philosophers seem to answer in the positive.

Cardinal Gerhard Mueller, former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, issued a "Manifesto of Faith"; the National Catholic Register article has the entire document toward the bottom of its article.  He makes plain that Christianity is the true religion and no other religion can be considered to be on a par with the Faith that Jesus Christ Himself teaches through the One True Church.  It is the shepherds' task to guide the people, through the Church, to eternal salvation.

Bishop Athanasius Schneider said many of the same things in his own document, "The Gift of Filial Adoption - The Christian Faith: The Valid and Only God-Willed Religion".  He too emphasizes that Christianity is the One True Faith for it was instituted by God Himself.

Taking a none-too-veiled dig at two pet-causes of progressives, namely "climate change" and uncontrolled "immigration, he says, "The most urgent task of the Church in our time is to care about the change of the spiritual climate and about the spiritual migration, namely that the climate of non-belief in Jesus Christ, the climate of the rejection of the kingship of Christ, be changed into the climate of explicit faith in Jesus Christ, of the acceptance of His kingship, and that men may migrate from the misery of the spiritual slavery of unbelief into the happiness of being sons of God and from a life of sin into the state of sanctifying grace. These are the migrants about whom we must care urgently."

Where these two prelates addressed the heresies of the "human fraternity" document without naming either the document or Francis, Professor Josef Seifert names both in his "Grave Concerns About Pope Francis' Abu Dhabi Document".  He too condemns the notion that God willed "plurality of religions", stating that the pope rejected Christianity by signing onto that heretical statements in that document.  At the end of his statement, Seifert expresses hope that the pope will retract that error, but states, "if he does not do this, I am afraid that Canon Law may apply according to which a Pope automatically loses his Petrine office when professing heresy, especially when he professes the sum-total of all heresies."

The pope has taken notice of these objections.  He assured one and all that the Theologian of the Papal Household approved it.  But it seems that this theologian never saw the document.  I tend to think the latter is correct.

Two questions now loom before us.
  1. Will the pope retract his error?
  2. If not, will we have the courage and integrity to admit the obvious as Professor Seifert has done?
I'd suggest careful study of all three of these answers to the "human fraternity" heresy.  Pray that more Catholics stand up to these errors that, if left unchecked, will likely facilitate the damnation of many souls.  Pray that sanity return to the papal office.

Monday, February 11, 2019

McCarrick Wrote The Land O Lakes Statement?

This episode of the Vortex claims that McCarrick at least had a hand in its drafting.  While this is news to me, it certainly is no surprise.  He is a signer.

Word is afoot that the Vatican will soon be deciding whether or not McCarrick will be laicized.  For the sake of all concerned, including McCarrick himself, I pray that he is laicized and that he take honest looks at the state of his soul, for he hasn't many years left in which to repent and do some reparation.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Does The Human Fraternity Document Show Francis To Be An Antipope?

The blog "From Rome" states, Today, if not beforehand, Jorge Mario Bergoglio publicly and manifestly apostatized from the Catholic Faith, when he signed the “Human Fraternity Document” which professes all religions to be “willed by God in His wisdom.”

Sadly, I must agree.  Here is the document as it appears on the Vatican website.  Here is the offending statement, again from the Vatican site: The pluralism and the diversity of religions, colour, sex, race and language are willed by God in His wisdom..

God does NOT will "diversity of religions".  "Diversity of religions" is idolatry.  The First Commandment demands that we worship Him and Him alone.  It is utter blasphemy to suggest that God wills people to commit the mortal sin of idolatry.

Let's be honest.  If anyone else said this, faithful Catholics everywhere would be denouncing the formal apostasy of the one who uttered it.  We now have the pope putting forth that statement, and he cannot be excused for this apostasy because he is the pope.  Indeed, the apparent guilt for him is much greater than it would be for an ordinary Catholic on account of his high station.  He veers dangerously close to being eligible for the label "antipope".

Mahound's Paradise has more information on the Muslim imam who also signed that document.  He is not a benevolent leader.  Professor Roberto de Mattei warns of the Masonic undertones in this document.  Indeed, I believe that "fraternity" is being elevated to the status of an idol.  Again, I regret that this pope is taking on all the appearances of an antipope.  In any event, he seems to be a danger to the One True Faith and perhaps to himself.  We must pray and keep our eyes open.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Upcoming Atrocity In Durham, NC - Action Needed From Faithful Catholics

UPDATE: If you go to the school's site as directed below, you will notice that Alston's name no longer appears.  That does not necessarily mean she has been disivited.  We hope it does, but there exists the possibility that her name was pulled to dissuade action from us.  Please continue to contact them and ask them to confirm that Alston will not be there.  Please advise via comments of any responses.  Thanks.

Original post below:

A reader local to the area alerted me to this, asking for my support.  After doing some research, I share her concerns.

The matter concerns Immaculata School in Durham NC.  Please go to their website and then to their drop-down event calendar to the right.  Go to Feb 8, to the African American Heritage thing.  You'll see that the guest speaker is Vernetta Alston.  She is a member of the Durham City Council.  She also pretends that she is "married" to another woman.  The venue for this event appears to be on school property.  No Catholic institution is permitted to honor one who lives in manifest mortal sin.

For all across the country:
  • The contact information for the school is on their webpage.  The principal should be called to ask that the invitation to Alston be rescinded. 
  • The school is in the Diocese of Raleigh.  I have linked to the diocesan website so that we may contact the offices of Bishop Luis Zarama.
For faithful Catholics in the locality, particularly parents of students in that school:
  • If the invitation is not rescinded, consider a picket of that event or a protest from inside it.
  • Make sure your children don't attend it by keeping them at home that day, explaining to the principal why they are absent
  • Network with others like-minded so you can be informed about future problems to take corrective action.
We don't have a whole lot of time so we need to move quickly.  Spread the word of this around, particularly to any contacts in the Durham area.

From The Lawyers For Nick Sandmann

One of the lawyers for Nick Sandmann released this video related to the incident on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  Mr. Wood does an excellent job in exposing the lies of Nathan Phillips and those of the mainstream media.

Monday, February 4, 2019

From World Youth Craze - The Beach Bum Mass

World Youth Day Serpent
At the recently-ended "world youth day", Argentinian Auxiliary Bishop Oscar Minarro "celebrated" Mass on the beach.  The venue was bad enough, but was probably the least of the problems with that Mass.  The bishop was vested not as a bishop, but as a beach bum.  That is, he wore shorts and tee-shirt.  As he consecrated the Host, he remained seated in a beach chair.  There was no table to serve as altar - no platform whatsoever.  Instead, everything was on a beach towel right on the sand.  To say sacrilege occurred would be quite the understatement.  Certainly the young people in attendance were ill-served, as they witnessed a successor to the Apostles treat the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in a flippant, jocular manner, devoid of reverence.

I would seriously caution all parents NOT to allow their children to attend these affairs.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Justice For The Covington Boys - The First Steps

A week or two ago we heard that lawyers representing Nick Sandmann and some other students of Covington High were contemplating legal action.  The contemplation is over and the first steps have been taken.  A team of seven lawyers have sent document preservation letters to 54 entities on behalf of the boys.  These entities include: the Diocese of Covington, the Archdiocese of Baltimore, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Kathy Griffin, Elizabeth Warren.

I say good for the boys and their attorneys.  Let the left-wing lemmings squirm, those who rushed to throw high school kids under a bus because they wore MAGA hats and didn't offer grovelling obeisance to some activist fraud who banged drums in their faces.  That goes double for the Catholic dioceses and their cowardly prelates.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Clergy Will Pretend To Police Themselves At Vatican Meeting This February

Between Feb 21-24, various Church officials will meet in the Vatican to discuss "protection of minors".  You might recall this meeting is the excuse reason why the pope quashed any vote on this matter when the USCCB met last November.  Quite frankly, after this meeting I suspect no young man will be safe around a goodly percentage of clergy.

Let's start by looking at the "organizing committee".  We see Cardinal Cupich is part of it.  He's the same prelate who doesn't seem all that concerned with prelates raping seminarians because it's sex between two adults.  One would hope that this meeting will deal with ex-cardinal McCarrick and how this serial abuser was allowed to carry on for so long.  Will that topic be axed from the agenda as a mere "rabbit hole"?

One wonders if the pope shares that same sentiment.  At best, he appears not to have high expectations of this meeting for he said "the abuse will's a human problem".  Well golly gee whiz!  Should we say the same about serial hatchet murders?  These crimes aren't human - they are monstrous.  Moreover, this meeting is being held with the ostensible purpose of dealing with sexual abuse as committed by clergy, that is, those who've received the Sacrament of Holy Orders and who will bear that indelible mark on their souls for all eternity.

The pope revealed last week that he fails to take seriously sins of the flesh, the consideration of which he dismisses as "morality below the belt".  He went so far as to praise confessors who shrug them off while saying that other confessors who ask the nature and kind of these sins should see a psychiatrist.  Recall that our Lady of Fatima told the seers that more souls go to hell owing to sins of the flesh.  Moreover, when we have mortal sin to confess, we are required to tell the confessor the nature of these sins and the number of times we committed them.  The pope is essentially giving instructions that can only result in eternal damnation for those in mortal sins of the flesh.  Will the pope, along with Cupich et al, force this mindset upon the attendees of this meeting?

Other troubling questions need to be asked.  Is the purpose of this meeting to produce smoke and mirrors so that abusive prelates can continue their abuse of boys and young men?  Maybe of the ideas behind it is to normalize sodomy?

Obviosly there will be more to discuss as things unfold and the meeting itself happens.

World Youth Craze

The annual extravaganza known as "World Youth Day", this time in Panama, has come and gone.  Ostensibly it is to answer the spiritual needs of young people in the Church.  However, that is not quite the case.  Organizers have said that the "central themes" would be immigration, environment and role of women in the Church.  In other words, it would be a brainwashing project to insinuate leftist/socialists ideas to naive young people.  If this truly was about spiritually nourishing young people, wouldn't appropriate themes include repentance, conversion, Sacraments, growth in holiness, necessity of chastity and other such topics?

One Latin American attendee wrote his account of his trip there and it is published on the Church Militant site.  He was profoundly disappointed at the raucous atmosphere there, and even aspects of what we know as the "hook-up culture".  To be clear, reverence was to be found among the attendees, but often that happened in spite of the organization.  Take, for instance, this time of Eucharistic adoration and Benediction.  Observe the grotesque object that passes for a monstrance stand.  I fear that could be a horrid distortion of our Blessed Mother.  If so, both she and Our Lord were targets of sacrilege.

Carelessness seemed to be the order of the day.  GloriaTV reports that after one of those huge outdoor Masses, one young man found a Host on the ground.  Fortunately the young man consumed the Host immediately to protect Our Lord from further maltreatment.  How many others fell to the ground and were perhaps trodden underfoot?

I have not heard any reports of any workshops and talks that occurred.  Please check the Church Militant link; that rap-singing, break-dancing routine is supposed to depict the Annunciation.  Ladies and gentlemen, can we say "irreverent blasphemy"?

Now onto the February meeting for the "protection of minors".  They were ill-served last week.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Dissidence-Fomenting Jesuit Euologized In Catholic Standard

My colleague at An Archdiocese of Washington DC Catholic raised his eyebrows at a eulogy printed in the current Catholic Standard for Father Charles Currie.  Let's take a close look, shall we?

Here's a line from that online Standard link: "This work also led him to be a cofounder of the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice".  So who was the other founder of this "teach-in"?  We learn that from the Georgetown Voice.  He was ex-Father Bob Holstein.  He passed away about 16 years ago; here is his obituary.  He left the priesthood in 1967 because he thought the Church was "not progressive".  According to the obituary, he was involved in the Democrat Party and "liberal causes" for the remainder of his life.  He counted among friends California's Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown.

The two men were involved in the Ignatian Solidarity Network.  Also involved, or at least accepting awards for them were dissidents such as:
I suppose this could go on and on, but you get my point.  We should, of course, pray for Father Currie's eternal repose and that God have mercy on his soul.  He should not be eulogized in a Catholic newspaper.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Social Media Pressure A Factor In Apologies Of Bishops To Covington Boys

This afternoon Bishop Roger Foys of the Diocese of Covington finally issued an official apology for throwing the boys under the bus at the behest of the leftie hyenas.  While a tad weak, the words "I apologize" appear therein.  I regret that is more than the March for Life leadership has done to date (no doubt causing Nellie Gray to spin in her grave).  The apology and some analysis can be found on LifeSiteNews and elsewhere.  Archbishop Kurtz of Louisville has followed suit and also apologized on his blog.  So too did the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

My colleague at Les Femmes advises us that some high profile lawyers, acting on behalf of the students, are planning lawsuits against some of the barbarians who issued slander, libel and even threats against the boys.  I for one hope and pray that they are successful beyond their dreams.  That said, there exists the very real possibility that these three Catholic dioceses issued apologies to escape being targets for legal action; I wouldn't be surprised if that is the case.  At least something gave them cause for pause.  One Kentucky bishop, John Stowe of Lexington, continues to pile on the boys.  Lepanto Institute reveals that Stowe embraces just about all things heretical.  Perhaps the less-than-good bishop will find himself in legal cross hairs.

While I've no doubt that these prelates might well fear more lawsuits, we cannot discount the role that faithful Catholics all over the nation have played in this.  I'm sure many readers have joined in calling and/or emailing these dioceses to voice your displeasure.  Moreover, in Kentucky some have no doubt informed their prelates of their intentions to reduce or suspend any future donations.  Your voices, each and every one of yours', have played a pivotal role.  You probably heard of this atrocity over various blogs, facebook,etc - in short, through outlets that are independent of mainstream media.

However, there are Catholics who, for whatever reason, are encouraging us to eschew social media, claiming that "it doesn't matter what we say".  I have seen this mainly on facebook and have captured screenshots of those jaded sentiments.  The key player in this knows who he is, and may well be reading this post.  If I continue to see any more attempts to get us to stifle our voices, even if you believe your reasons to be spiritual and noble, I can promise you that you will be vociferously and publicly opposed.  If there is one thing for which I commend the left, it is their astute use of social media.  We are just starting to learn its power.  What a sin it would be for us to abandon this tool - and yes, I do mean to use the word "sin" in all its aspects.  It has proven to be of benefit to the Covington boys and I for one will take issue if other Catholics mistakenly deny their voices to these young men.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Nathan Phillips, General All-Around Fraud And Rabble Rouser

Nathan Phillips, the activist who accosted Nick Sandmann, is touted as a "native American elder" and a Vietnam Veteran.  Regarding the latter title, Phillips has not acted to dispel that misconception.  Had the press done some research and some basic arithmetic, they would have known it was impossible for Phillips to have served in Vietnam.  Right below this paragraph I will post video that shows copies of his service records; the video makes plain that while Phillips did not claim outright to have fought in Vietnam, he really expended no effort to correct the media's spin.  Indeed he most likely found it quite useful.

Phillips was born February 22, 1954.  In order for him to enlist at the age of 18, he could have done so no later than Feb 22, 1972.  He would have had to undergo basic training, a 13-week process.  After that, he would have gone onto the School of Infantry, another 8 weeks.  We're talking approximately 5 months before he would have been ready to deploy to a combat situation: that is, July-Aug 1972.  At that time, the Marines were being withdrawn from Vietnam; the last troops left Vietnam in March of 1973.  It's inconceivable that he would have gone to Vietnam as the bulk of US troops were leaving.  So much for that schtick!  Boys and girls, can we say "stolen valor"?

Phillips is quite adept at street theater - and video too, for that matter.  Here is an article that details some of his chequered past; be sure to watch that Skrillex video for some insight into his various attitudes. 

Mr. Phillips was a busy little bee that weekend.  After he wreaked havoc at the Lincoln Memorial (a feat that could still have bloody consequences), he attempted to barge into the Mass being held at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception the following Saturday's Mass at 5:15, all the while chanting and drum-banging.  Security guards had to lock the doors to keep the Phillips mob from disrupting Mass.  I pray that neither Wuerl nor Rossi will throw the Shrine guards under the bus for keeping that mob from disrupting Mass, but given the lack of moral conviction and courage of today's prelates, one cannot be too sure.  Will Phillips try to claim that he was surrounded by mean security guards?  I wouldn't put it past him.  But the truth is, he and his cabal are the real terrorists. 

President Trump, to his immense credit, has come to the defense of the Covington students.  Isn't it sad when we start to expect more charity and justice from our secular leaders than from our shepherds?  It sickens me to see that the Diocese of Covington and the Archdiocese of Baltimore saw fit to basically grovel before Phillips.  Foy and Lori played the feckless cowards.  We must hold them accountable. 

Sunday, January 20, 2019

My Open Email To Covington High School

Here is my open letter to Covington High School.  Begin letter

Dear Principal Browe, if there was anything that disgraced your school over the past few days, it is that wretched “apology” that you now have on your website.  You immediately start off by condemning the actions of your students at the March for Life.   To your miniscule credit, you do promise an investigation, but should not your investigation have preceded your apology and your immediate condemnation of your own students? 

I would hope by now that you would have looked at the plethora of videos of that incident.  They clearly show Mr. Phillips and his friends approaching your students.  Then Phillips proceeded to get within inches of your student’s face while chanting loudly and beating his drums.  In other words, Phillips accosted your student; yet you hold your student to blame.  Under the circumstances and given his age, I believe your student showed remarkable restraint.  Your student, Nick Sandmann, who had the drum shoved in his face, has released his statement.  Have you read it?

I’ve no doubt that this “apology” was nothing more than a groveling attempt to cower from politically correct harping by the media.  I regret that your local bishop has decided to join in the braying for the heads of these young boys.  Will you be prepared to issue another apology, this time to the students whom you wronged?  I trust you are aware of the gravity of slander, and that is what you are committing against your students.

Should you be so foolhardy as to expel the boys, I hope that their families avail themselves of all legal recourse and sue your school for the maximum amount possible.  It is your conduct thus far that calls into question your claim to be a Catholic institution.

I hope that by the time you see this email, that you will have reconsidered your actions and the injuries that you have inflicted on your students. 

End of letter  I will advise when I get a response (as if that will happen!)

The young man has released a statement to CNN to give his perspective.  I link to it now.

Tomorrow I will also draft an email to the Covington diocese.  Their site remains down but here is their contact information.

The Covington High School Fiasco

And that is just what the administration of Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky is making of this.  I refer to the viral video clips going through the internet that portray students from that school, attending the March for Life, to be racists.  That groveling apology simply went up too quickly for any reasonable person to believe that the administration actually investigated the matter before they bad-mouthed their students and threatened them with expulsion.

There are other clips that tell quite a different story.  They show the school group on the steps of the Lincoln Monument as they await their bus.  In the rather long one below, you'll see that Nathan Phillips, the so-called "harassed Native American", approaches their group while banging his drum (about one hour into the clip).  He and his friends plow right through them and pick one young boy to target.  Phillips gets within inches of the boy's face while chanting and drumming.  The boy remains motionless and looks at him; since when is that "harrassment"?  If anyone was harassed, it's the boy who now is unjustly threatened with expulsion.

Now watch this one.  Who is uttering racist screed in this one?

The guy telling the boys to "go back to Europe" has his camcorder at the ready.  How convenient!  By the way - please notice that the boys eventually left (presumably to get their bus).

I linked to Covington Catholic High School above.  In the lower part of that main page is their contact information.  No doubt the left is flooding them with demands for the blood of the boys.  We need to issue a few of our own demands, too.  We need to demand that they actually examine all the facts, that they retract their wimpering apology and show their students how real men handle these situations.  Lord only knows that the Covington administration is failing to demonstrate that.

NOTE - While the school principal's email has "disappeared" from the school site, it was published on facebook.  Here it is:  Let 'em have it!

I truly hope that if these boys are expelled and kicked to the curb as politically correct sacrificial lambs, that their families avail themselves of all legal recourse and sue that school to the whazzoo.

PS - If these videos "disappear", I've taken the precaution to download them.  I suggest that all do the same.

PPS - I'm a little confused. Despite that "apology" on their webpage, their facebook page indicates that the school is standing behind its students.  Now I'm hearing this page may be fake, as the school may have taken down their real page.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Witchcraft In New Pro-Life Movement?

HT: Canon 212

I've written before about the so-called "New Pro-life Movement" that I had redubbed the "Non Pro-Life Mutation".  It seems that my nickname is more accurate than I had originally imagined it could be.

Rebecca Bratten-Weiss is one of the co-founders of this group.  If you look at some of the articles (and related links) in the first link of this article, you'll see some expose on her.  However, even these don't reveal the true horror than what she herself wrote.  It was released a few days ago.  Just read the first sentence.  "wondering what I could burn as a sacrifice to Hecate"?  "Contemplating witchcraft"?  The rest of the article is quite revelatory.  But please have a strong stomach before reading it.

Mahound's Paradise and Austin Ruse have even more details of Weiss and some of her friends who may also be witches.

In light of these revelations, particularly the one that Weiss herself provided, I cannot see how any decent person, let alone a faithful Catholic, can associate with the New Pro Life Movement.  It should be avoided at all costs.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

We Have Been Heard - Wuerl Not Presiding At Youth Rally Mass

In my previous post I wondered if Cardinal Wuerl would exhibit the bad taste and tone-deafness so as to preside at the Youth Rally Mass before the March for Life on Friday Jan 18.  I'm sure you share my delight in learning that he will not preside. The main celebrant will be the apostolic nuncio, Archbishop Christophe Pierre.  The CNA article did not indicate whether or not Wuerl will be a concelebrant, but I hope not.

We can take a lesson from this, namely, when we speak up we can be heard.  Our voices (and yes, our money) do matter.  We must never be afraid or reluctant to take action to defend our Faith.  Will we be successful every time we try?  Probably not.  However, we will fail every time we decline to act.  Ora et labora.

In related news, our erstwhile bishop continues to make a fool of himself vis-a-vis his refusal to accept responsibility for allowing McCarrick to continue his predations for years after he learned of them.  First he asked for "understanding".  Now, in a word, he denies the denials that denied the denials.  Got that?  I trust that is as clear as mud.  Anyway, he can run at the mouth all he want's; faithful Catholics are no longer buying the, uh, "bovine excrement".

But the fecal matter continues to flow.  He tried to pin blame on a "memory lapse"?  A decent, sane human being doesn't have "memory lapses" about such weighty matters.  Perhaps he doesn't remember what he had for lunch on the day he learned of McCarrick's horrid crimes, but he would never forget the crimes themselves.  What we are seeing in reality is a "credibility lack".

Keep your eyes open, your rosaries in hand, and act.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Vigano And Strickland To McCarrick: Repent Publicly For Your Soul's Sake - And A Theme Song For Cardinal Wuerl

Archbishop Vigano, whose testimony was key in finally obliterating the charade carried out by ex-cardinal McCarrick, has issued an open letter to McCarrick to urge his public repentance.  He was joined by Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, TX.  Some might recall that it was Bishop Strickland who came and joined "The Bishops Knew" rally during the USCCB meeting two months ago.

Meanwhile Cardinal Wuerl is still engaging in sophistry to wiggle out of the mess his lie has caused him.  What a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive!  He asks for "understanding", you see?  Oh, we understand quite well!  We understand that you lied and can not be trusted.   As I read that piece, I couldn't help but be reminded of the song below.  Perhaps he can learn it and sing it as a "theme song" at the youth rally Mass, if he still has the audacity to be there.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Cardinal Tobin Flunked Theology 101

No, Cardinal Tobin!  Jesus was NOT "reborn in grace"!  Jesus Christ, as the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, was always God, a divine person.  He never needed to be "reborn".

I am so grateful that Tobin said he would not be replacing Wuerl.  Let's just hope we were being told the truth.  Below is the heretical tweet.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Important Rally On Friday January 18 2019

A group of concerned lay Catholics in the DC area have formed a group called "Catholic Laity For Orthodox Bishops And Reform".  I have hyperlinked to their website.  I learned of their existence via Canon212.

They have launched a petition for the complete removal of Cardinal Wuerl from the DC chancery, as opposed to him retaining de facto bishop's authority here.

On January 18, beginning at 10am, they will hold a rally at the Papal Nunciature located at 3339 Massachusetts Ave, NW in Washington DC.  There they will appeal for Wuerl's removal and for the appointment of a real bishop (as opposed to some Wuerl clone like Joseph Tobin). 

Please be there and invite friends.  Also, please visit that site (and this blog) for word on future actions to root out the rot in the Church.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Wuerl Knew. He lied. He must go.

LifeSiteNews summarizes the situation well.  Cardinal Wuerl claimed months ago that "I can report that no claim - credible or otherwise - has been made against Cardinal McCarrick during his time here in Washington."

McCarrick was Archbishop of Washington between 2001 and 2006.  Robert Ciolek was a seminarian during the 1980s when he was molested by McCarrick.  Ciolek settled with the Church on that in 2005.  Documentation in the offices of the Pittsburgh diocese shows that then-Bishop Wuerl was aware of these matters when the settlement was issued.  Wuerl was aware of that claim against McCarrick, then, in 2005, "during his time here in Washington".  This past August Archbishop Vigano stated that when he said that he himself broached these matters with Wuerl several times.

Of course the Archdiocese of Washington is in "damage control mode", as evidenced from this statement issued Jan 10.  Notice in that statement the attempt to deflect blame for the lie by claiming that the statement "referred to claims of sexual abuse of a minor by Archbishop McCarrick"?  Sorry, that doesn't fly - but it fits well with the general talking points that have as their aim the deflection of attention from the abuse of young vulnerable men.

All that said, Wuerl did report the matter in 2004 to the Papal Nuncio, who was Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo.  What did Montalvo, in turn, do with that report?  At the time, Pope John Paul II was on Peter's chair.  Did the information ever reach him?  These are questions that deserve answers.  For now, it is clear that we cannot rely on Cardinal Wuerl to be honest; Archbishop Vigano stated that succinctly when he said of Wuerl that "he lies shamelessly".

The blog "Complicit Clergy" is circulating a petition for the complete removal of Cardinal Wuerl from public ministry (as opposed to this sham "resignation" in name only that is now going on).  I have signed it and urge all readers to sign it.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Multiple Instances Of Cross Being Mocked

At the end of March, the pope is scheduled to visit Morocco.  The Vatican released the logo that was designed for this visit.  Ostensibly, the cross and crescent are drawn to symbolize their "unity".  Here it is.  Let's set aside for the moment the obvious fact that there can be no authentic unity between truth and falsehood.   Do the cross and crescent at least look like they are equal?  Absolutely not.  Clearly the crescent is depicted as surrounding the cross - the cross being surrounded by and subsumed into the crescent.

Just a coincidence?  Well, remember this?  That monstrosity is the logo for the 2019 World Youth Day.  So we see two Vatican-selected logos: one shows the cross being surrounded by the muslim crescent.  The other shows the cross being poisoned and/or devoured by a serpent.  These logos are both designed to demonstrate contempt for the One True Faith and Our Lord Himself.

After the Angelus on New Year's Day, the Pope did not bless the people.  He uttered the Old Testament part, but stopped short of the "in the name of.." part.  There was no sign of the Cross.  These incidents of downplaying the Cross are increasing.  Why?  Might 1 Corinthians 1:18 offer a clue?