Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Bill Donohue Is Sticking His Feet In His Mouth

Last week I pointed out that Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, is not a journalist per se and as a layman has no particular unction to ferret out the misdeeds of the Catholic clergy.  By the same token, though, he has no particular expertise to besmirch the work done by the State of Pennsylvania in putting out the report to which I linked yesterday.  But that is what Donohue seems to be doing in this post on the League site.  Fortunately it's not a long piece so it won't be too much trouble to dissect and rebut.

First, let's look at the title: "PA Grand Jury Report Based On Accusations".  So what?  Of course it is!  That is the nature and purpose of grand juries: to decide if the available evidence constitutes cause for criminal indictment.  It usually is the body that actually brings the indictment to court.  Donohue states that plain fact in such a way to cast doubt on the grand jury's integrity.  It is true that this report shines the light on misdeeds of clergy now deceased or now out of reach because of the statute of limitations.  However, some instances are somewhat recent and can be brought to trial.  It also shines the light on prelates who willfully concealed the crimes of their underlings and might make some ripe for prosecution.

"When the dust settles, what counts are the facts".  Has he looked at the report?  There are multiple testimonies regarding the same clerics.  There are photocopies of letters and other documentation.  There are money trails.  Bring on the facts!

"Many of those named are not priests: the list includes lay persons, deacons, and seminarians".  He forgot to add "bishops".  The point is that all accused were operating in church-related scenarios, under the authority of the hierarchy when they committed their crimes.  But let's look again at Donohue's curious omission of the word "bishops" in that sentence.  One key feature of this grand jury report is that it details the nefarious roles played by prelates either in the commission of the crimes themselves and/or by concealment of the crimes of their underlings and refusal to bring dangerous underlings to heel.

"Even among the living, most have not had opportunity to rebut the accusations".  Excuse me, but what's to stop them from doing so now?  Let them do so - if they can.

"In most cases there has been no attempt by the dioceses or the grand jury to verify the accusations.  This is what happens when an investigation extends back to World War II."  Again, the purpose of a grand jury is to bring forth accusations, not conduct the actual trial.  As far as the dioceses goes, many have been doing everything in their power to stymie any real investigation; they are interested only in silencing the victims and "damage control".  The latest evidence of that can be seen in my post from yesterday.  As far as the "world war 2" quip goes, that is necessary because there was no investigation of the crimes that occurred back then.

Then there's this: "Those awaiting a grand jury report on the sexual abuse of minors in the public schools, or among the clergy of other religions, shouldn’t hold their breath. It will never happen."  Talk about an irrelevant straw man!  As far as the crimes go that have been committed by clergy - including bishops, what happens outside the church is irrelevant.  At least these public school teachers and protestants aren't committing sacrilege against the Sacrament of Holy Orders and vows of celibacy.

Then in this tome Donohue says that the "bishops strike the right tone".  We're not concerned about "tone".  We're concerned about truth.  Any bishop who concealed any pervert clergy - even if that pervert is a fellow bishop - should resign.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Catholic Standard Goes Into Damage Control Mode

Just a little reminder.  Many years ago, the Standard had a "letters to the editor" section; a fair number of mine were printed.  However, as soon as ex-cardinal McCarrick announced his intentions to hold Canon 915 in disregard, that section disappeared from the paper and remains gone today.  Inside contacts indicate that the Standard was flooded with letters decrying McCarrick's nose-thumbing at the Blessed Sacrament and received orders from "on high" not to publish one of them.  That silence was a key motivation behind my start of the website and this blog.

Therefore it is no surprise that the Standard is in full "damage control" mode in the wake of the PA report.  As you read the Standard piece, notice a few things:
  • Pennsylvania released the report today.  The Standard article is dated today.  So are we to believe that the Standard staff had time to study the report, write the article and upload it to their site on the same day that the report was released?  Or was this sorry excuse of a rebuttal crafted ahead of the report's release?
  • I fail to detect any specific examples of inaccuracies regarding Wuerl that are allegedly in the report.  We see just a bunch of blather about "standards" etc.
In this same Standard issue is a letter that the Cardinal sent to his priests - again, the same smoke and mirrors.

Such speed!  Such alacrity!  The Standard is most prompt with its damage control, even if it's rather inept.  However, they cannot be faulted, for no one can defend the indefensible and still claim to have an ounce of intelligence and integrity.

I wonder if the Standard will bring back its "letters to the editor" feature.  Just kidding!

Two Important Developments

The long-awaited PA Grand Jury Report has been released.  The pdf is here.  Please download it to your machines, in case there are attempts to take it offline.  Please note that the section on the Diocese of Pittsburgh, with then-Bishop Donald Wuerl at the helm, starts on page 210 of the file.  I just now had opportunity to download it and will study it later.  Others who have already read it state that the record of Cardinal Wuerl's cover-up crimes is incontrovertible, and lends weight to calls for his resignation.  Perhaps prosecution is in order.  Aiding and abetting is its own crime, and as far as Catholic morality goes, Wuerl most certainly did cooperate with many mortal sins.

When news of this whole mess broke, I immediately started to think of protests at the bishops' November meeting in Baltimore.  Apparently I was not alone.  Six well-known pro-life/Catholic organizations have formed a coalition for the purpose of organizing a presence at the USCCB's semi-annual gabfest.  Their website is   Please consider supporting this effort with your presence (details are still to be determined).

Also, please consider the cessation of donations to dioceses that are:
  • named in this report
  • headed by prelates named in this report who have aided and abetted these predators
  • the present homes to any of these predator clergy
  • led by prelates who are trying to affect a dismissive attitude towards this mess
We will let the corrupt clergy (and other cowardly clergy) get away with any more cover-up.  The silence stops now.

Rosica And Papolatry

Almost two weeks ago, Zenit published a piece by Father Thomas Rosica entitled "The Ignatian Qualities Of The Petrine Ministry Of Pope Francis".  For all his many faults, and they do abound in excess, he certainly seems to be accurate in stating the underpinnings of Pope Francis' thinking.  Of course he enthuses about the pope's progressivism, but they do seem to be peas of the same pod.

This most revelatory gem occurred towards the end: "Pope Francis breaks Catholic traditions whenever he wants, because he is free from disordered attachments. Our Church has indeed entered a new phase: with the advent of this first Jesuit pope, it is openly ruled by an individual rather than by the authority of Scripture alone or even its own dictates of tradition plus Scripture."

"Whenever he wants"?  That is a mark of a tin horn dictator, not the "Servant of the Servants of God".   Then he says that the Church is ruled by an individual rather than the authority of Scripture and Tradition.  Well, so much for all that "collegiality" talk!  Sure sounds like papolatry to me!

Rosica also agrees that the pope doesn't care one whit about defending and promulgating Church teaching and Tradition.  In fact, Tradition stems from God Himself, so does that mean that the pope might actually be setting himself before God?  For an excellent treatment of this problem, we are grateful for Pope St Pius X and his encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis.  The current pontiff would do well to read it - if he hasn't already done so and scoffed.

Rosica's piece was published before he and Cdl Wuerl engaged in their mutual-admiration gabfest.  I've no reason to doubt that the Cardinal saw it and had not one objection.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Blessed Sacrament In DC Tries To Salvage Church Donations

When I went to a weekday Mass at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in DC during last week, I saw their Aug 5 bulletin and an item caught my eye.  It's a letter from the relatively new pastor, Father Bill Foley, addressing the congregation about the McCarrick mess.  Here it is.

At first it starts out in a relatively conciliatory tone, but it isn't long before we get to the real heart of the matter.  Notice how he says that those harmed by the Cardinal might be "filled with rage" and "seek revenge".  That's rather pejorative language, don't you think?  That's a thinly-veiled attempt to cajole good people who've been hurt into not seeking redress for the harm done for them.

Regrettably, the only way we can do that is to withhold money.  Otherwise, the bishops will continue to brush off our concerns.  Cardinal Wuerl demonstrated that quite amply with his dismissive attitudes towards the laity, suggesting that:
  • bishops investigate themselves and each other and 
  • that we are not in a "massive, massive crisis"
Why does Father Foley not recall that?  Does he too think the laity are naive little bumpkins?  Moreover, if he's concerned about limiting "what the parish does to serve you", why doesn't he simply divulge to the congregation the donations that aren't assessed by the Archdiocese?  After all, he does opine that the withholding "will not in any significant way affect the Archdiocese", so what harm would assessment-free support do?  Yoo-hoo!  Are you listening, Father Foley??

I already laid out a strategy to starve the chancery beasts while supporting decent parishes.   One question that each Catholic will have to answer for themselves is whether or not their individual parish warrants support.  There is a matter of justice if you're attending Mass there, sitting in their pews, using their bathrooms, etc, that might require some minimum, even if the parish is lackluster.  By the way - Blessed Sacrament has been known to host pro-aborts, celebrate dissidents, etc.  In all fairness to Father Foley, these insults to the Faith occurred prior to his arrival there.

I haven't done too extensive a search, but I haven't seen any such dribble in any other parish bulletins.  Has anyone else?

Friday, August 10, 2018

Time For A Ma$$ive Ma$$ive Cri$i$ In ADW Coffers!

The Knights of Columbus held their Supreme Convention in Baltimore a few days ago.  In attendance were Cardinal Wuerl and Father Thomas Rosica.  Rosica interviewed Wuerl, probably as part of his coverage for his "Salt and Light" thing.  You can put both their names in the search box at the top left to understand why this interview is a huge joke.  No one with two brain cells firing in syncopation could possibly take this seriously.  When Wuerl congratulates Rosica for his "fine work", did he have in mind Rosica's attempt to sue the blogger behind Vox Cantoris?

At 6.35 Wuerl glibly distorts the Fifth Commandment and the Church's Traditional support of the death penalty.  He says that (sit down!), the state's usage of armies and death penalty are exceptions to the Fifth Commandment.  No, Your Eminence!  The Fifth Commandment prohibits murder - that is, the deliberate killing of innocent human beings.  The usage of armies and the death penalty were - and are - never proscribed by the Fifth Commandment!  A few minutes later, he says, that "we don't have to do that anymore, we can put them in jail".  But wait a minute!  Pope Francis has also bad-mouthed life imprisonment, calling it "torture".  Here we have a prime example of the progressives collectively talking out of both sides of their mouths.

Here is the interview.

Did you catch, at 3:11, when Wuerl says "I don't think this is some massive, massive crisis".  He's speaking of the bishop sex abuse scandal.  Oh really, Your Eminence?  Try saying that to the men who have left the priesthood and even the Faith after they were abused and subsequently dismissed!  Try saying that to the parents of the shattered young men!

Well, what might he think is a "massive, massive crisis"?  Yes!  The shrinkage of archdiocesan bank accounts!  Perhaps if we give him that ma$$ive cri$i$, maybe then he and his ilk will understand that we are going to clean house!

Any parishioners of St John Neumann who are reading this, please boycott the CCHD collection this weekend.  For your envelopes, you may wish to use the stuffer at the bottom or make up your own note.  Let's give them a "ma$$ive, ma$$ive cri$i$" in their wallets!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Do Lay Journalists Share Blame For McCarrick's Misdeeds?

Long-time readers of this blog know that I started it, and its precessor website, precisely because of the misbehaviors of Cardinal McCarrick.  Often have I striven to shine the light on his hobnobbing with pro-aborts (such as John Sweeney and Ted Kennedy), rubbing elbows with dissidents like Sister Carol Keehan, turning a blind eye toward the fetal tissue research at Georgetown, and his enthusing about Islam.   In light of the recent revelations about McCarrick, you might recall that I said nothing about the allegations of homosexual conduct that even then were swirling about the rumor mill.  Why, you might ask?

The reason is quite simple.  At the time the allegations were merely rumors.  Until several weeks ago, there was no credible allegation that passed legal muster.  Until several weeks ago, none of his victims stepped forth into the public to levy charges against him.  Now more victims are stepping out of the shadows.  But while the victims remained in the shadows, the rumors of homosexual crimes were precisely that - rumors, and unsubstantiated ones at that.  I will put nothing on this blog that hasn't been substantiated with facts.

I was a bit troubled to see this piece from Church Militant yesterday, basically taking Catholic League President Bill Donohue to task for knowing but doing nothing.  They did quote Donohue's statement.  A very relevant piece of it is: "Everyone heard rumors about what was going on down in Sea Girt, on the New Jersey shore.  I couldn't verify anything.  Who am I?  You hear rumors.  A lot of rumors are untrue.  These rumors turned out to be true."  The CM article, towards the end, states that Donohue's "well-placed friends could have verified it for him".  Perhaps, but what if Donohue asked and they didn't?  How are they so all-fired certain that Donohue didn't try?

None of us would have known a thing had that allegation not been proven credible, with the accusor going public.  None of us would dare shine the spotlight on this matter - not so much for fear of legal ramifications but because as Catholics we cannot go about rumor-mongering.  I didn't give vent to the rumors for that reason.  Donohue, for all his faults (yes, his praise of Wuerl's self-policing idea is, at best, laughable), should not be excoriated for his previous silence.  If he tries to defend either Wuerl or McCarrick now that facts are coming forth, then I'd agree he might suffer from myopia - just as those who refuse to hold the pope accountable for his ever-increasing threats to the faith (ahem!).

On the Facebook wall of one of the CM staff, I and another blogger pointed out the pointlessness of accusing Donohue of anything, given that no one had come forth with hard data until the past two months.  She tried to contradict us by saying that the site reported on it, as well as Richard Sipe and Rob Drehr.  Here''s what I saw on bishopaccountability.  You'll have to scroll quite a bit to get to McCarrick.  Notice how all the sources are within the past two months?

Regarding Richard Sipe, I see on the site traditioninaction an "open letter" that he wrote to Pope Benedict XVI detailing his concerns about McCarrick's antics.  Well, he might indeed have supplied the details to Pope Benedict, but unless we were made privy to them, how on earth were we supposed to act?  Without access to facts, we had no choice but to consider the allegations as rumors.

In that discussion I opined that the adult victims who remained silent shared some of the responsibility for allowing McCarrick to continue his rampage unimpeded.  I still do.  Silence is one of the nine ways that one can cooperate with sin.  To those men: you have a moral duty to come forward and report your incidents to the public.  While McCarrick himself may be out of circulation, perhaps your story will encourge victims of other pervert clergy to come forward so that those errant priests will be prevented from harming others in the future.

We need to be praying our rosaries for the Church and her ministers.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Cdl Wuer's Stroke Of Genius - Or Whatever

In the wake of the scandals rocking the bishops and cardinals, Catholics in the US can now breathe a sigh of relief, as our intrepid prelates are on the job!  Why, just today Cardinal Wuerl called for a panel to investigate such allegations of bishops!  And just whom does Wuerl suggest should be members of this sterling panel?  Why, bishops, of course!  This panel would operate under the authority of (trumpets and drum rolls please), the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops!  Who else? What could possibly go right with such an arrangement?  /sarc

Seriously!  How stupid and naive does Wuerl think we are?  We haven't forgotten that his good buddy and immediate predecessor is the one whose stench set off our alarms.  Moreover, we also understand that Wuerl has his own troubling history from his days in Pittsburgh.  His suggestion is analogous to Frank James suggesting that he set watch over his brother Jesse.  So either Wuerl thinks we're idiots or he really doesn't take the matter seriously at all - or maybe both.

By the way..  Let's say that some similar panel were set up in Argentina.  Wanna bet how that good-old-boy outfit would address this one?

Please continue to withhold your donations from your chanceries.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

It's Not Just About Capital Punishment

In a blog post yesterday, Msgr Pope appears to be minimizing the damage done by Pope Francis' attempt to change Church doctrine and to chide faithful Catholics (including Yours Truly) into silence.  Please remember that this blog is hosted on a server owned by the Archdiocese of Washington and that he has been quashed by them before.  However, if you read through the comments, you'll see that many of his readers comprehend the far-reaching implications of this latest action by Pope Francis.  Edward Feser of First Things elaborates on this further.

The Not-At-All Catholic Reporter opined last week that abortion should not be criminalized and that if we really want to end abortion, we'll need "support for birth control".  In other words, to eliminate one evil, substitute another.  In this screed against laws to prevent abortion, I wonder what the authors would think if we were to substitute "racism" for "abortion"?  But I digress.

Of course they waxed lyrical over Francis' death penalty gaffe and what they acknowledge as an attempt to change Church teaching.  They really have no concern for obeying Church teaching, as evidenced by their dismissive attitudes towards contraception.  But perhaps they believe that the pope will try to bastardize the Church's teachings on contraception.  I regret they may be correct in that prediction.

Two Very Different Family Conferences In Dublin In August

On August 22-24 in Dublin Ireland, the so-called "World Meeting of Families" will be conducted.  It's going to be based on Amoralis Lamentia.  Already it sounds like a hoot to be avoided, but it gets worse.  Among the presenters are: Cardinal O'Malley, Bishop Barron, Cardinal Cupich and Father James Martin.  Father Leo Patalinghug will be offering "recipes to strengthen family life".  Recipes?  I thought prayer and sacraments and fidelity to Tradition did that!  Whatever did families do for strength before Father Patalinghug was born?

You can put each of these names in the search box at the top left of this blog to understand why this debacle in Ireland will be a colossal waste of time and money, at best.

On the same dates and also in Dubin will occur the "Conference Of Catholic Families".  Judging from the roster of excellent speakers so far, this meeting promises to be faithful to the Tradition of the Church.  I'd recommend that.

Friday, August 3, 2018

DC Area Catholics, Get Ready To Take Action This Weekend!

Catholics of the Archdiocese of Washington, it is absolutely incumbent upon each and every one of us - no exceptions - to boycott the second collection this weekend!  It is the annual collection for that snake-in-the-grass organization known as the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (and don't let their cute name mutation deceive you).  The CCHD is evil in and of itself, but now we have additional reason to withhold our money.  You have seen this week the reasons why our dioceses must feel our "power of the purse" for their wanton diversion of funds to pay off the settlements for our pervert prelates.  We will not drop one penny in the diocesan coffers until they repent of facilitating McCarrick's disgraceful conduct.  Cardinal Wuerl, present archbishop of Washington, has been implicated in multiple coverups - not only of McCarrick but quite a few pervert priests during his time in Pittsburgh.  This chancery needs to be starved until all filth is purged from it.

Last Sunday I posted an envelope stuffer that you can put in your CCHD envelope; drop that in the basket instead of money.  It is important that the clergy know exactly why their collection intake is less than what they expected.  With this flyer (or your own note), you'll be exercising the Spiritual Works of Mercy such as: rebuking the sinner, educating the ignorant.

I'm now posting yesterday's episode of the World Over.  The discussion revolves around the bishop sex abuse scandal AND the pope's attempt to mutate Church teaching on the death penalty.  Some have been erroneously claiming that this teaching change is meant to divert our attention from the bishop sex scandal.  Maybe - or maybe it's the other way around.  Perhaps the bishop abuse thing was allowed to break to provide cover for this attempt to undermine the understanding that Church teaching is immutable because God, the source of that teaching, is Himself immutable.  Interestingly enough, even gay activists understand the implications of this dangerous precedent that the pope is attempting to establish.  After all, if Church teaching on the death penalty can change, why not other teachings - for example, teachings on homosexuality?  From their evil perspective, they understand it, as evidenced by this New Ways article.

Please listen to this entire clip.  Many important points are made in it.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Pope Has Uttered Heresy. Is The Seat Of Peter Vacant?

From the Catholic News Service (official news outlet of the USCCB), we read that the "pope revises catechism to say that death penalty is inadmissible".  With that the pope has squarely plopped himself into full-blown heresy.

It cannot be denied.  No pope can change Church teaching.  The Church's teachings are immutable for they emanate from God, who is Himself immutable.  Throughout the centuries the Church has always upheld the legitimacy and usefulness of capital punishment.  No one pope can turn around and contradict all his predecessors, Church Fathers, Doctors of the Church etc without pronouncing heresy.

Many blogging colleagues have written excellent analyses of this latest antic of Pope Francis'.  Rather than "reinvent the wheel", I'll now link to them for your reference and reading.
  • One Peter Five - with a discussion on why the pope's statement is formal heresy
  • Ann Barnhardt - with a smattering of teaching throughout the years
  • AKA Catholic - detailing how Pope John Paul II's errors facilitated today's heresy
  • Remnant - exposing the arrogance behind Francis' stunt.
  • My own prior writings - including why abolishment of the death penalty is itself sinful
This heresy needs to be put in some context.  I don't think I'm the only one to find it very interesting that the pope plopped this stinker just as we are all focused on the sodomite rapists among the episcopate.  In a saner time, they would be eligible for the death penalty, but I digress.

We also notice that this is happening as there is much discussion on:
  • admission of divorced and "remarried", that is, adulterers, to Holy Communion
  • admission of non-Catholics to Holy Communion
  • allowing dissident women to pretend that they are "deaconesses"
  • attempts to normalize sodomy in the Church (e.g., amoralis lamentia)
The things stated above would all be heretical.  Might the push to demonize capital punishment be a "trial balloon", so to speak, to get faithful Catholics to swallow the false notion that immutable Church teaching can be "tweaked" here and there?  Some faithful Catholics might buy the canard that capital punishment might well be declared wrong in opposition to centuries of Tradition.  But right there, the camel has stuck his nose under the tent, for if Tradition can be disregarded with respect to capital punishment, why not with respect to contraception or homosexuality or divorce/remarriage or even abortion?

Formal heresy has been uttered.  Is Peter's seat vacant?

A History Of Bishops Bending Over For The Gays

In this Vortex, Michael Voris rightly excoriates Cardinals Cupich, O'Malley, Wuerl, J Tobin, Bishop Bootkoski for their parts in "running interference" for their champion pervert, McCarrick.  The one thing I'll add at this time is more information on these prelates who disgrace their miters.

Cardinal Dolan is Archbishop of New York.  I've written tons on him; you might recall that he marched at the head of the St Patrick's Day Parade after it admitted gays to profane the name of St. Patrick.  Jay Malsky is a flaming gay and in charge of the "gay straight katholyc alliance" at St. Francis de Sales Church in New York City.  He performs in drag and actually put on his wig in front of the Tabernacle, thus committing sacrilege.  Will he be thrown out?  Don't hold your breath.  But Father Justin Wylie was when he dared to petition for priests to offer the Traditional Latin Mass.

New York is not the only diocese to have a pervert at the helm of one of its "gay ministries".  Chicago, under Cardinal Cupich, has one too.  He is at St. Patrick's Church.  Within the next two months, he and his accomplice in sodomy will mock and profane the Sacrament of Matrimony.  At least the debacle is not happening in a Catholic church, nor is the reception.  Again, how long will he be allowed to use the Church to justify his mortal sin?

If Cupich hasn't been faced with sacrilege against matrimony yet, Cardinal Tobin did when he was archbishop of Madison, Indiana.  A Knight of Columbus council rented its hall to two lesbians for their so-called "wedding reception".  We petitioned Tobin to no avail.  At first I thought he merely caved to the lesbians.  Now I wonder if the Council caved to the lesbians under the orders of Tobin.

And then there's my home diocese of Washington.  The maltreatment of Father Marcel Guarnizo, during Lent of 2012, happened in my home parish.  That happened with full knowledge, if not initiative, of Cardinal Wuerl.  Bishop Knestout behaved as the good little hatchet man, and was eventually rewarded by being appointed Bishop of Richmond.

Bishop Bootkoski is another who tossed a faithful Catholic under the bus.  Three years ago, a Catholic high school teacher posted a tweet in support of the Church's marriage teachings.  For her fidelity she was fired.  Fortunately, we caused enough uproar to bring about her reinstatement but she should never have been put through that angst in the first place.

I'm sure you see the common theme.  In each case, the prelate in question was doing the bidding of the gay cartel.  They even stabbed faithful Catholics in the back for so doing.  Enough is enough.  Bishop McCarrick has turned in his red hat.  Many more red and purple hats (and maybe a white one) likewise need to be surrendered.  The prelates discussed at the top should lead that foray.