Sunday, October 14, 2018

Pope Francis, Do NOT Appoint Another Dissident To The Archdiocese Of Washington!

As announced a few days ago, the pope has (finally!) accepted the resignation of Cardinal Wuerl as Archbishop of Washington.  The pope stipulated that Wuerl is to retain authority as "apostolic administrator" until a successor is selected.  We may rest assured that Wuerl will have huge input (if not sole input) regarding that selection.  However long it takes, Wuerl will be in charge; that is, he's gone in name only.

The rumor mill has floated some names, none of which are outside the realm of possibilities, given the mindsets of both Wuerl and the pope.  Some of these give great cause for concern, as I have written when the "possibilities" have made their problematic characteristics known.  They are:
  • Cardinal Joseph "nighty-night baby" Tobin  He allowed lesbians to celebrate their perversion of #mowwidge in a KofC hall.  He allowed gay "pilgirmages" in his diocese.  He poo-pooed the concerns of the Dubia Cardinals.  He is not to be confused with Bishop Thomas Tobin of Rhode Island.
  • Bishop Robert McElroy - In his opposition to President Trump, he wrote that "we must all become disrupters"; might he hold some blame for all the antifa crap going on now?  We faithful Catholics who expose him, on the other hand, are called "cancers" engaging in "verbal violence".  He ordered his priests to give Holy Communion to adulterous Catholics.
  • Cardinal Blaise Cupich - his appointment here would be the stuff of nightmares.  He has persecuted faithful priests such as Fathers Frank Phillips and Paul Kalchik.  He is a shill for the giving of Holy Communion to adulterers and sodomites.  He allows dissidents like Father Michael Pfleger to run rampant.  Church Militant put up a petition that he be removed - and now he might come here?  Puh-leeezeee!
I and many faithful Catholic bloggers have taken these prelates (and others) to task.  To the trolls who have been charged by the Vatican to follow our blogs, please be advised that if any of these (or other dissidents) are assigned to the Washington Archdiocese, we will rebuke them when necessary (perhaps that might be its own full-time job).  We will shine the light on any misdeeds.  

We of the Archdiocese of Washington have already put up with two dissident prelates and have seen good priests here both hog-tied and/or expelled.  Be advised that we will not be silent.  We will take a page from Pope Francis' playbook and make a mess for those who would turn the mystical body of Christ into just another social-justice, community-organizing progressive racket.

Rest assured we will be watching and we won't hesitate to raise our voices and withhold our dollars if we perceive the next bishop to be one who will continue with the desecration of Holy Mother Church.  To the progressive Vatican officials who even now ponder their choices, if you do select another progressive, well, to borrow a phrase of Cardinal Cupich, do you really want to go down that rabbit hole?

Friday, October 12, 2018

More Vomit From The Youth Sin-Nod

What else can be expected when it starts off with the pope carrying a wiccan stang into the opening Mass?  I just started to glance at the Instrumentum Laboris and that promises to be a stinker, too.

At this thing, the attendees were put into fourteen groups for discussion, all led by prelates.  Cardinal Cupich led one, Cardinal Maradiaga another.  Right there you can see the rigging in the works.  Cupich's group allegedly called for "recognition of other forms of family".  Stop right there.  A family comes about when a biologically born man and a biologically born woman enter into matrimony and beget/raise children.  Not two men, not two women, not self-mutilated people or any other permutation, pretenses and delusions notwithstanding.  So why might I think that Cupich might have forced that conclusion?  Well, let's examine the following facts about his Archdiocese of Chicago.

Father Rigoberto Gamez of St Aloysius parish has recently been charged with several instances of sexual battery.  He is now ordered to wear a monitoring bracelet.  Currently he is Associate Vicar for Canonical Affairs for the Chicago archdiocese.  Will he retain that position and his parish assignment?

Father Michael Guimon of the Friars Servants of Mary is head of the priory at Our Lady of Sorrows National Basilica in Chicago.  Within that priory he hosts what are essentially gay hook-up meetings and he is a "gay masseur".  In other words, he has turned the basilica into a sodomite orgy den, profaning that sacred place with filthy abominations.

Will Cupich laicize these two?  Who knows?  We do know he has the long knives out for Father Kalchik who is still in hiding lest he be dragged to St Luke's because his parishioners burned a gay flag.  This is the sort of prelate who has been given a key role in this sin-nod.

I post now a video from Remnant TV showing a rather raucous performance by young people, with prelates obviously enjoying it.  One commenter wrote that he noticed just how much the bishops were enjoying seeing young men gyrate and prance about.  Sadly he's probably correct.   See for yourselves and keep praying.

Pope Francis Accepts Wuerl's Resignation As DC Archbishop

I certainly was delighted to see that news this morning.  By the way - isn't it just the strangest of coincidences that news like this often breaks on Fridays?  It's like some people hope that the weekend will help dissipate interest in the topic at large, right?  But I digress.

But as I pondered the pope's request that Wuerl remain as an interim administrator in DC until a successor is named and installed, my jubilation was tempered somewhat.  Just how long will this selection process take?  Is this "resignation acceptance" thing just a ploy to allow Wuerl to retain all his authority and influence while pretending that he really isn't doing that?  Speaking of authority, Wuerl will still retain his position at the College for Bishops.  I'd also be willing to bet that he'll have significant input, if not sole discretion, in the selection of his successor.

The CM link has the full text of the pope's letter in which he accepts Wuerl's resignation.  As you read it, please have some peptol bismol at the ready and try not to punch your computer screens.  His praise of Wuerl is over the top, yapping and yammering about his "heart of the shepherd" and "nobility".  Oh, puleeze!  Get real!  Oh, wait a minute!  What can we expect? In many ways the pope and Wuerl are two peas from the same pod.

Another pea from that same pod is Father Rosica - yes, this one!  After the news broke, he let loose with a tweet praising Wuerl, saying "he touched us".  One might wonder just where was he touched?  Given the fact that Wuerl is suffering the just desserts of having covered for McCarrick and other predators, we can only state that Rosica's choice of words was oafish and boorish at best.  Or perhaps it was quite the Freudian slip.

Catholics in the DC archdiocese, please be alert as to how this news is handled at Mass this Sunday.  Share your reactions in the comment boxes if you'd like.  We will all keep praying our Rosaries, as many more clerical dissidents and predators need to be removed.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Corruption Is Shedding Its Disguises

More and more we are seeing corroboration of the words of St. John Chrysotom: "The road to hell is paved with the bones of priests and monks, and the skulls of bishops are the lamp posts that light the path."

Archbishop Mark Coleridge of the Archdiocese of Brisbane (Austrilia) tweeted a few days ago as a reply to Jesus being "consultant or king", that "not too sure that I want or have him as either".  It sure sounds like apostasy to me.  I found it rather hard to believe, but unless his twitter account was hacked, the evidence is there to see.  I found the exchange on twitter and post it below.  Click the tweet to see Coleridge's reply.

As you can see from the comments, several people have asked him for clarification and have received no response.  I myself just posted an email to the diocesan website and encourage all to do the same.  If we just reply to the tweet and his account is indeed hacked, he'll never get the message.  If, however, I fail to receive any reply to my inquiry, well, that indeed will be a reply.

During a recent interview, Cardinal Cupich said it's "not our policy" to deny Holy Communion to those in sodomite #mowwidge.  In other words, it's his policy to thumb his nose at Canon law and the Tradition of the Church. It's also his policy to persecute faithful priests in his diocese, such as Fathers Paul Kalchik and Frank Phillips.  Speaking of faithful priests in the Chicago area, Cupich was asked in that same interview about Bishop Paprocki of the Diocese of Springfield, a suffragan diocese of the Chicago metropolitan.  Paprocki made clear that his diocese would obey Canon 915.  We can imagine that Cupich is already doing all in his power to make Paprocki's life as miserable as possible.

Please recall that last summer a drug-and-sodomy orgy was busted by police inside the apartments belonging to Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio.  It turns out that "cocaine-cocco" was present at the orgy.  One can only imagine his level of participation in the party "activities".  Apparently the police told him to leave before they started arresting people.  Why they didn't arrest him too is its own tale of corruption, I suppose.  Vatican sources say that Pope Francis knew of "cocco's" presence at that party.  Might that be the reason why the police let him off?

Speaking of the pope, Church Militant has learned that the Vatican is attempting to rig its "investigation" of Archbishop McCarrick.  Their aim is to ascribe as much responsibility as possible to the now-deceased Pope John Paul II.  Neat, huh?  Stick it to someone who can no longer defend themselves.  But hey!  They've rigged synod reports now, haven't they?  They've distorted them to make it appear that the bishops unanimously agree that it's time to go soft on perversion, Holy Communion for sodomites and adulterers, etc.  After all that, they've no hesitation in putting on a sham investigation to deflect attention from the corruption that still festers inside the Vatican.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Youth Synod's Instrumentum Laboris - A Disaster At First Glance

After last week's extremely inauspicious beginning, we had to expect more mess to come from the "youth synod".  Indeed it has.  We can see it in the Instrumentum Laboris.  I won't have time this evening to do an exhaustive study, but will point out some glaring departures from the Faith, ones that can only be overlooked by the obstinately blind.

The first few sections list all manners of "concerns" facing young people, whether imaginary or fancied.  However, all these concerns were those of this life.  Nowhere was there mention of mankind's ultimate destiny.  Nowhere was there mention of God's purpose for our lives.  While they ostensibly are kvetching about the need to reach young people and how the Church can be relevant, the bishops refuse to acknowledge Jesus Christ's reason for establishing the Church: to save souls.  That is the ultimate concern and goal of everyone - young and old.  The Church's primary and overarching mission is to guide people to heaven.

As I read this document, it seems that whoever wrote it is hell-bent on doing the precise opposite.

Look at section 16 under "life choices".  I'll quote: "Crucial moments for the development of our identity include: deciding our course of study, choosing our profession, deciding our beliefs, discovering our sexuality and making life-changing commitments."

Do we have here an attempt to insinuate acceptance of the gay lifestyle?  "Discovering sexuality" is not a choice as is "profession" and "course of studies".  One is born male or female.  One acknowledges that, or one sins against truth.  With that, there is no choice among several morally acceptable options, as with the others.  Whoever allowed that to be published deserves many rebukes - even if he sits on Peter's chair.

I will examine this thing more closely soon.  Meanwhile, here's an analysis from Crisis.  Suffice it to say that if this is a harbinger of the guidance that our young people can expect, their chances of eternal salvation are greatly imperiled and parents must be extra vigilant.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Not All Are Happy With Kavanaugh's Confirmation

I and many good people certainly am.  Common sense prevailed in the Senate, but just barely.  Meanwhile, we have all seen the antifa brats wail and moan  in the streets as they conduct their rather tiresome temper tantrums.  But there is consternation among some others as well.  Observe and enjoy!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

From The "Et Tu Brute" Department - Cardinal Ouellet

Apparently he has pointed the long knives at Archbishop Vigano.  He issued an open letter to that effect.  Please see it on the Vox Cantoris site, along with Vox's excellent analysis of it.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

How NOT To Honor St Francis Of Assisi

Today is his feast day.  St Francis is the founder of the orders that bear his name and by extension, the other orders that are the offshoots of those.  I link now to an article detailing the saint's life; of course there are more on the internet as well as countless books besides.  I'd urge careful, thoughtful study of these: first, to learn what his role in the Church was and second, to diffuse some of the pseudo-pious legends and sayings surrounding him.  The latter might be born of enthusiasm and admiration for him, but all too often the enthusiasm sheds boundaries of reason and actually wind up trivializing the saint's life.  I will now delve into some common gaffes:
  • "He's the greatest imitator of Christ who ever lived".  I recently saw this on the internet, but it is by no means the first.  Here's the problem: a rather serious one.  The word "greatest" is an adjective of comparison.  If that statement were true, we must also admit its converse: "All other imitators of Christ are inferior to St Francis".  Whoever conceives these statements therefore sits in judgment over the sanctity of every Christian who ever lived.  That's extremely presumptuous at best.  Only God Himself is in a position to make any sort of declaration like this.  The following is similar.
  • "St Francis is the most saintly of the Italians, and the most Italian of all the saints."  I suppose the first part of this canard is less innocuous than the one in the first bullet, for at least its originator sits in judgment of only those of Italian descent and not the whole of humanity.  The second part of this thing invokes some rather silly and shallow stereotypes of Italians.  I suppose it has to do with popular notions of Italians being spontaneous and effusive in their gestures and vocal inflections, often given to displays of emotions.  Surely these stereotypes have nothing to do with the more low-key, scholarly saints like Thomas Aquinas..oh, wait!  Last time I checked, St Thomas Aquinas was an Italian!
  • "St Francis of the bird bath"  I don't see these so much now, but at one time they abounded.  This probably has to do with the incident of him preaching to birds, and they flocked to hear him.  This is one notion that has as an effect (hopefully unintentional) of trivializing him into a mere nature-lover.  The next and last one has no veneer of piety whatsoever and no faithful Catholic would be caught dead dabbling in this.
  • "St. Francis the envirowhacko".  I wish I was making this up.  The environmentalists among us have arrogated to themselves St. Francis' name to legitimize their environmental idolatry, with all its anti-life underpinnings.  Take a gander of the job that the "Catholic Climate Covenant" has done with Franciscan imagery, being so arrogant as to call their pledge to idolatry the "St Francis pledge".
If St. Francis had to do any purgatorial pit-stop after his death, I'd be willing to bet that knowledge of the aforementioned lapses of intelligence in his name would have been part and parcel of his mortification.  Let us ask his intercession, and that of all Franciscan saints, that our Church be restored to fidelity to Christ's immutable teachings and leave behind the fantasies of the "god of surprises".

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

What The Hell Is THAT????

I refer to the excuse for a crozier that the pope is carrying in this picture.

And no, it is not photoshopped; it comes straight from the Vatican's site.  In the "photo" section, it's in the second row, third column.  Moreover, the video shows him plainly carrying it.  By the way, the video is one of the pope saying Mass before the 15th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops.  At around the 49:30 mark is the consecration.  Again we don't see the pope kneeling in adoration as instructed in the rubrics.  The cameramen are careful to pan out during those moments, but they cannot disguise things.  Because the pope has knelt while protestants "prayed over" him, we know it's not a question of handicap.

Edit: Thank you, Rorate Caeli.  This is the "youth synod", you know, the one whose "working document" will dignify the acronym "LGBT".  This is courtesy of Book-thief Baldi.

Between the refusal to kneel and the crozier that looks like a broken farming tool, we have to wonder about the level of reverence shown for Our Lord - if that reverence exists at all.  Is this a harbinger of the output that we should expect from this synod?

Will this "youth synod" feed into the World Youth Day for 2019?  Remember what that logo is?  Why am I beginning to smell a sinister rat?

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Obvious Double Standards At DC Catholic Universities

At the Catholic University of America, William Rainford, Dean of the Catholic School of Social Service, had the audacity to point out the logical flaws of Julie Swetnick's testimony against Brett Kavanaugh.  An obviously orchestrated collective snit-fit has ensued, with cries for his firing.  CUA President John Garvey joined in the braying, sniffing that Rainford "demonstrated a lack of sensitivity to the victim".  Do we see the problem here?  It has yet to be proven that Swetnick is a victim of Kavanaugh.  In fact, she may not be a victim at all.  The act of taking an assertion to be proven and acting as though it were settled fact is the logical fallacy of "begging the question".  Rainford is being hung to dry because he isn't mindlessly glomming onto the politically correct assumption.  So "insensitive" of him!

Speaking of "insensitive", let's now take a look at nearby Georgetown University.  There we have C. Christine Fair, an associate professor, tweeted that "white Republican men should die" and their corpses should be castrated and fed to swine.  Georgetown is taking an indifferent stance to the screed.  What would they be saying if Fair was saying that about black Democrats?  I'd be willing to bet they'd be sounding an awful like John Garvey.  By the way - when you look at the article, click on the link to the tweets.  The people replying are giving her a much-needed verbal spanking.

So there you have it.  On one hand, a professor can question the veracity of a testimony and draw the wrath of the administration on his head.  On the other hand, another professor across town can call for the murder of Republicans and she gets a free pass.  Of course they both receive federal funding; that's a big part of the picture.