Tuesday, June 19, 2018

More Political Campaign Trash From Montgomery County MD

And the comedy routines continue! Eight years ago, George Leventhal was one of the most rude council members to address pro-lifers when they were trying to ram through the pregnancy center gag bill. It got shot down in court for its blatant unconstitutional treatment of pro-lifers. There you have prima facie evidence of his disregard for the US Constitution, rule of law and the babies. But hey - this ad did proclaim his NARAL endorsement. He certainly does act like he's in their back pockets, doesn't he?

I remember a time when candidates of all persuasions assumed that their constituents were intelligent adults and designed their outreaches accordingly.  Their ads detailed their positions on the issues of the day and they conducted themselves like dignified, mature adults.  No more - at least from the Democrat side.  Has there been similar nonsense on the GOP side?  I'd suspect that there would be next to none.  Maybe the Democrats are putting out this infantile nonsense because that is the constituency to which they really must appeal if they hope to garner votes.  Sadly Montgomery County MD is rather full of such people.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Silence In The Face Of Errors - Even The Pope's - Means Culpability In Those Errors

In the June 15th edition of the Vortex, Michael Voris addresses the prelates who are more orthodox in comparison with some of their more progressive brethren.  He challenges them on their silence in regards to the homosexual poison that permeates Church life.  He prefaced the video by saying that it could put some noses out of joint but it had to be done.

While I stand in agreement with the content of that video, I now have a proposition for the CM staff.  I realize that it could cause them some heartburn, but so be it.  I'd propose that they take the transcript of that video and make some substitutions as they recite it to themselves in a mirror.   They could ask themselves why they are so silent about the role that Pope Francis has had in fostering the de facto implosion of the Church on so many fronts.  I recall mentioning that there was some awakening when they acknowledged that Pope Francis' words to Juan Carlos Cruz were harmful, but shortly thereafter they backpedaled by suggesting that the pope didn't utter those words.  As Voris asked the bishops if they feared losing friendships, etc, they might ask themselves what they might fear losing if they face the "elephant in the living room" that is the pope's undeniable culpability in the Church's situation.  Could it be certain donors?

I truly hope all faithful Catholics set aside their fears of this, that or the other and call out the errors, no matter from whom they emanate.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Maryland Catholic Conference's 2018 Voters' Guide

In the June 14th issue of the Catholic Standard appears Maryland Catholic Conference's 2018 Voters's Guide for the Maryland primaries that will occur on June 26th.  It isn't on the Standard's site (yet) but it is on the MCC site.  When you get to that site, click on the "2018 Elections" menu.  If you need a reminder of your legislative district, click on the "general assembly" link to the left to be taken to a tool to learn your district number.

The usefulness of this site is, at best, limited.  Take, for example, the governor race.  You'll notice that most of the candidates did not respond.  Either they disdain the Catholic vote; Hogan is running unopposed in the Republican primary so this questionnaire is moot for him.  I hope and pray that he does answer the questionnaire that pertains to the general election this coming November.

If you look at the responses from Madaleno and Vignarajah, they appear to be identical.  So if one just uses this MCC guide for voter information, they won't understand that Madaleno is morally unqualified to be Maryland's chief executive and in fact most of the Democrats are, owing to their pro-abortion support and shilling for sodomy.  But you wouldn't know that if you just relied solely on the MCC guide.

I did some research on some candidates two weeks ago.  By no stretch of the imagination is this a comprehensive treatment of the various candidates.  I urge you to do your own homework before the elections.  You might start by googling their names and looking at their own websites.

As you do your research, please pray that God's will be done.  Encourage others to do the same.  Get out and vote on June 26.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

VA Democrat Candidates Produce Their Own Freak-Show Gaffes!

My dear fellow Catholic conservatives who seek to restore sanity in the public square, we might as well pack it in!  Let's throw in the towel now!  How can we hope to withstand the brilliance of these liberals and their progressive-inspired political campaigns?  Why, just look at the stellar videos these people have produced!  We've already been overwhelmed by the stellar work of these Maryland campaigns, but Virginians aren't slouches either!  Look at these two gems from Virginia!

Dan Helmer ran for US Congress in VA's 10th district.  One of his most valuable assets is that he can sing!  Does he plan to serenade his colleagues from the House floor?  Was he trying to win a House seat or a karaoke contest?

Then we have Karen Mallard running for Congress from the 2nd district. She hates AR-15s!  She hates them so much that she showed us all how to saw the barrel off of one such dastardly gun!  She said that she doesn't want them in anyone's home!  So would she come crashing through our doors, buzzsaw in hand?  The poor dear!  In sawing off that barrel, she broke NFA regulations and may now be investigated by the ATF!  Oh, well...

So on one hand we have singing of dubious quality.  On the other hand, we have the grinding sound of a buzz-saw.  It's hard to tell which of these is the greater insult to the human ear drum.

By the way - Virginia's primary election happened two days ago.  Both of these candidates went down in flames!  Good bye!  Good riddance!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

USCCB Ponders Canonical Penalties Against Defenders Of US Borders

Eeeekk!!  The USCCB is having their semi-annual meeting in Fort Lauderdale this week!  And they've already plopped a massive stinker!  This one centers around "immigration".  In other words, they are all for the coddling of those who crash our borders, entering illegally.  By definition, those who sneak into our country and break our laws are criminals.  But the bishops have historically been awarded millions of federal dollars throughout the years to "resettle" those who crash our borders.

They have their kindred progressive spirits in liberal areas of the country - Maryland being one of them.  In particular, Montgomery County is a liberal loony bin.  You might recall the debate among the candidates for County Council President.  I recorded that and posted the entire thing here.  Listen to these lemmings brag that they will order local police not to cooperate with ICE in the enforcement of federal immigration laws.  This debate happened in a Catholic church; Msgr Enzler (president of Catholic Charities, by the way - the same Catholic Charities that was the recipient of the aforementioned billions of our tax dollars) was just beaming at these arrogant pronouncements.

Yesterday the USCCB ranted against the Trump administration's moves to protect our borders.  They went so far as to say that this matter is a "right to life" issue.  Some bishops even suggested "canonical penalties" for those who implement the administration's new rules.  More on that in a moment.

Here's one gem of a paragraph:

Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark, N.J., proposed that a group of bishops be sent to the border to inspect the detention facilities where children are kept as a “sign of our pastoral concern and protest against the hardening of the American heart.” Bishop Oscar CantĂș of Las Cruces, N.M., suggested “public gestures” such as prayer vigils in front of federal courthouses.

This is the same Cardinal Tobin who, as Archbishop of Indianapolis, turned a deaf ear to us when we pleaded with him to forbid lesbians from using a KofC hall to celebrate their fake "marriage".  In light of his subsequent receipt of his red zucchetto, I entertain the possibility that in fact he ordered that concession to the perverts.  Where was his "pastoral concern" when perverts and their enablers were allowed to flaunt their mortal sins on Catholic property?

Here's another:

Bishop Edward Weisenburger of Tucson, Ariz., made a bolder suggestion, raising the possibility of implementing canonical penalties for Catholics “who are involved in this,” referring to children being separated from their families at the border.Canonical penalties can range from denial of sacraments to excommunication, though Weisenburger did not specify what he intended beyond referring to sanctions that already exist for “life issues.”

Weisenburger was appointed Tuscon bishop by Pope Francis.  Certainly canon law is not one of his strong points for canonical penalties cannot be levied in the absence of canonical offenses.  Disagreeing with some clergy on matters of prudential judgment is not a canonical crime.  Bishops cannot wave the threat of "canonical penalties at their whims and fancies.  Sheesh!  Where's the "separation of church and state crowd" now?  Oh, that's right!  They only come out when non-negotiable matters of morality are the topics of interest.

Now here's an interesting question regarding canonical penalties.  We know that they are completely disregarded when pro-abortion politicians strut up the Communion line and receive, in direct violation of Canon 915.  So will all these prelates who thumb their noses at this unmistakable canon law now wax stern and forceful if Weisenburger has his way?

Speaking of "life issues", how much attention will baby-slaughter receive at this meeting?  Not much, but I digress.

Maryland bishops and their Annapolis cronies have been particularly hard at work to make Maryland a haven for illegals.  With these illegals have come hispanic gangs such as MS-13.  I link now to a video detailing how dangerous they have made it to attend public schools.  The Maryland bishops, to an uncomfortably large extent, are culpable for this state of affairs.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Pope Francis Owns The Gay Problem In The Church

Of course he didn't start it, for flaming gays were in high places of Church power long before Cardinal Bergoglio ascended the papal throne.  However, he has not so much failed to make any headway with the problem as much as he has acted to further ensconce them within positions of Church influence.  Two weeks ago his latest pro-sodomy dissidence was spoken to Juan Carlos Cruz when the pope told Cruz "God made you that way.."

This blog and others have listed the myriad ways that the pope has given green lights to gays and their enablers.  Two of the most egregious are:
Two weeks ago, Michael Voris, in his Vortex, excoriated all this gay-pandering.  Please listen very closely to it.  In it, he acknowledges the pope's horrible error and admits no doubt that the blasphemy escaped the pope's lips.  Voris went so far as to offer a rebuke to both the Cardinal and the Pope.  He was right to do so.

In yesterday's Vortex, though, he backpeddled a bit when he attempted to cast doubt as to whether or not the pope uttered the blasphemy.  
  • He states that "no member of the hierarchy has said anything about it", with "it" being the pope's words as related by Cruz.  Well, doesn't the "hierarchy" include the pope?  And why haven't they cleared any misunderstanding?  Such would be their duty, to mitigate any confusion to the faithful.
  • He points out that Father James Martin has become "the waterboy for the advancing of the gay agenda".  True enough; I already mentioned his Vatican appointment above, and there's more that will be detailed in the following paragraphs.
I linked to the article as opposed to merely posting the video for I think the comments below are most instructive for the way they articulate the pope's responsibility for this debacle.  I myself would have commented; however, for similar comments that I made in previous articles, I've been banned from commenting on the CM website.  Voris tried to chide them saying that they're "going back to Catholic cool to slam the pope".  I commend the others for their polite, firm, and educated responses to that childishness.  Should those comments be pulled, I've saved screenshots.

As promised, I'll give the latest news regarding Father Martin, courtesy of Rorate Caeli.  The World Meeting of Families will be held in Dublin, Ireland on August 21-24, 2018.  Guess who's been invited to speak?  Yes, and he claims that the invitation was extended by both the Archdiocese of Dublin and the Vatican.  I've no reason to doubt his account.  News of this came after the release of yesterday's vortex.  This is just the latest of the pope's smooch-ups to gays; there will be more soon enough, I'm sure.

I've rehearsed these old problems because tomorrow Church Militant will host a webinar called "Catholic and Gay".  It will ostensibly instruct the faithful Catholic in how to combat the gay infestation in the Church.  I've no doubt that many good points and suggestions will be made in that regard.  However, if Church Militant continues to side-step the proverbial "elephant in the living room" regarding the pope's own fostering of gays within the Church, the information they present will be woefully incomplete.  The same goes for those who still refuse to acknowledge the objective harm caused by this pope; their efforts to improve the church will be stymied.  It's time for them - including Church Militant - to admit the truth so it can be addressed.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Maryland Primary Elections Freak Shows - Parental Advisory

IMPORTANT UPDATE - It dawned on me after posting this piece, that a Parental Advisory is in order, due to Madaleno's flaunting of his perversion.  While the spectacle is more juvenile than anything else, parents may wish to review this before deciding whether or not it's appropriate for their children.  Think of it - a political ad that flaunts the mortal sin of sodomy!  That itself is reason enough to vote for Hogan, should Maryland's Democrats be so dense as to nominate Madaleno for governor.  Besides, wouldn't we want a governor whose main concern is the welfare of Maryland, as opposed to "p***ng Trump off" and other such childish taunts and temper tantrums?

Chelsea Manning, formerly known as Bradley Manning, has trouble keeping secrets as we all know.  He has declared his intention to run for US Senate; I posted one of his ads.  Among his many poor choices in life was his selection for campaign director.  Perhaps he or she is merely of the same mind as Manning, for they both thought it the most wonderful campaign move to feature Manning as he hisses and snarls his way through various shots of violence, with cheap horror-show sound effects in the background.

Not to be outdone in sheer stupidity is an ad by Rich Madaleno, currently a Maryland State Senator, now running for governor (one of several Democrat lemmings to do so).   Below is the stinker that he plopped.  Click on the word "youtube" at the bottom to see this on the youtube channel and then read the comments.  Of course this thing went over like a lead balloon.  That these liberals put this trash out in public, thinking that it will shoo them to victory, just shows how deluded they really are.

The primaries are June 26.  How many more of these will emerge to insult our intelligence?

First Manning's, then Madaleno's...

Vatican Striking Hands With New World Order

Earlier today the pope spoke at a Vatican "climate change conference" (yes, another one!).  Please note that it was not a conference to discuss the precipitous decline that faith and morals have undergone in once-Catholic enclaves like Ireland.  Nope!  One again the pope was touting his screed Laudato Si and yes, the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.  Don't believe me?  It's right here on the Vatican site!  Notice also in his address the references to "global energy transition", "interdependent world", "global responses".  This is nothing more than unabashed shilling for a one-world government.

Now let's look at another meeting that will be attended by Cardinal Parolin; I speak of the annual Bilderberg Group meeting.  Lifesitenews gives a brief run-down of the history of this thing.  Basically it's a gabfest of those who wield power in Europe and the US to discuss various issues regarding government and life.  It's quite elitist, to say the least.  It's also quite secretive, as attendees are sworn not to divulge the discussions outside the meeting.  This is the first time that a Church official has been invited to this globalist gaggle.

Daniel McAdams, executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, said that "while the Church is a global organization, it is thankfully not a globalist organization".  In light of the pope's address this week (and in light of Laudato Si and other occurrences), we might believe Mr. McAdams to be mistaken.  McAdams also pointed out that Bill Gates, a frequent Bilderberg attendee, advocates lowering the world's population to stop "global climate change".  He does indeed.  However, the pope's address this week, coupled with Laudato Si, echo Gates' beliefs when they embrace the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.  In many ways, this pope has adopted the anti-life mindset of Gates et al; he certainly is furthering the progressive goals.

By the way - the big topic of discussion at this year's Bilderberg event is "populism".  Yes, they are truly worried when people actually value their own culture, traditions and faith in God versus a slavish grovelling to the New World Order.  And in what country to the Great Unwashed dare to throw off their progressive-imposed shackles?  Italy!  They join Poland and Hungary in declaring their autonomy from the EU slave-masters!  This must be such an embarrassment to the Pope and his Vatican progressive pals.  Let us keep them in prayer that they rediscover and reinvigorate their Catholic heritage.  We can even pray the same for the Vatican.

Speaking of Laudato Si, here's a little entertainment from AKA Catholic.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Poop Video - Nuanced Nod To Gays?

AKA-Catholic asks a very good question of this month's Poop Video: Did Pope Francis toss a bone to the gays?  This is "pride month", after all.  Listen to all the gay-appropriated buzz words: "inclusiveness", "respect for differences"

During his pontificate, we have seen many examples of Francis' flirtations and dalliances with gays - most flagrantly during the Extraordinary Synod on the Family in 2014 when its interim relatio spouted off nonsense about the "special gifts of gays". 

I think Louie is correct.  Perhaps that is why Lori and so many others are silent about the gay pride parades set to occur.  By the way - did they invite Cardinal Dolan to march in the New York one?

Archdiocese Of Baltimore Kowtows To Secular Culture Regarding Wedding Venues

The Archdiocese of Baltimore is allowing weddings to take place outside Catholic Churches.  Any Catholic with any trace of the sensus fidelium will understand that Matrimony is one of the Seven Sacraments, deserving of all solemnity and protection of Holy Mother Church.  Of course it should be celebrated in front of the Blessed Sacrament and in the context of a Nuptial Mass.  Such rubrics are a reminder that the Catholic wedding isn't just about the couple to be married, but more importantly is centered on God Himself.  Now that the archdiocese has acquiesced to secular culture and attitudes regarding the venue for matrimony, it stands to reason that it will offer no antidote to the poisonous mindsets regarding marriage, period.

It's no coincidence that this news comes to us just before the various pride debaucheries are to take place in major cities across the nation - Baltimore being one of them.  No doubt St Matthew's on Loch Raven Boulevard will be participating, as it has done in years past; probably other parishes will join in. One can count on Archbishop Lori et al to look the other way.  Meanwhile the faithful Catholics had better do prayer and reparation, not only for those celebrating mortal sin, but for the prelates who won't offer a peep to protect the souls in their charge.

Monday, June 4, 2018

US Supreme Court Upholds Christian Baker's First Amendment Rights

In a 7-2 vote, the US Supreme Court sided today with Jack Philips, a Christian who owns and operates Masterpiece Cakeshop.  Mr. Philips refused to make a wedding cake for the fake #mowwidge of two sodomites.

The Supreme Court declared that Phillips did not get a fair hearing from the Colorado Civil Rights Commission.  They noted the hostility towards Phillip's beliefs in Colorado's written opinions.  Even Elena Kagan and Stephen Breyer, two progressive Justices found Colorado's bigotry to be unacceptable and delivered to them a much-needed smackdown.

This bodes well for the other Christian-owned small businesses that are similarly threatened by the gaystapo juggernaut that seeks to relegate Christians to the status of "niggers of the new age".  For this victory we thank God and give a shout-out to Alliance Defending Freedom and to Mr. Phillips and the other Christian business owners who are taking stands for God and His Laws.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Father Reese Shills For Sex Abuse Cover-Ups

As we saw in the previous post, Father Thomas Reese and the administration of Georgetown University are shills for Planned Parenthood.  Reese complained about the reduction of federal funding for Planned Parenthood and the Georgetown Law School lauds them on their web pages (except when they are trying to hide that fact from us).  Recall several years ago when David Daleiden and his Center for Medical Progress uncovered the trafficking in baby body parts through his investigative reporting.  Now Lila Rose has released some interviews with former Planned Parenthood workers in which the latter detail the ways that Planned Parenthood management sought to evade the reporting requirements, essentially turning their backs on vulnerable and exploited young women.  Dare we opine that had Father Reese been privy to the skulduggery, that he too would have been all for the cover-ups?  So much for #metoo!

Click on the word "youtube" at the bottom right corner to be taken to the other videos to which Ms. Rose refers.  Now ask whether or not Reese et al are knowingly condoning the abuse of these young girls.  Unless they are complete dunces, the answer has to be "yes".

From The Georgetown Follies Department: Georgetown Openly Advocates For Baby-Murder

The scandals emanating from Georgetown University (once faithful to Catholicism, but now gone the way of its Jesuit zoo-keepers) are legion.  You can read about them here.  I had been somewhat surprised that there had been nothing too horrendous coming from them lately.  Alas, that respite has drawn to a close.

Father Thomas Reese, SJ, was a former editor of the Jesuit screed-rag known as America.  When Pope Benedict XVI ascended to the papal throne, one of his first accomplishments was the firing of Reese from his position.  Sadly, that failed to improve the magazine; its current editor is Fr James Martin - but I digress.  After his ouster, Reese joined some of his fellow Jesuit sewer rats inside the sewer called Georgetown, where he can be found today.

Exercising the finest intellectual prowess that Jesuits can muster these days, he announced that pro-lifers must consider voting for pro-abortion Democrats to reduce abortions.  Yes, he said that.  This was done partially to object to the President's recent defunding of Planned Parenthood.  Can one imagine in the 1850s, that logic being used to fight slavery?  I suppose the idea is that the Democrat's socialistic economic policies would reduce incentive for abortions.  Leaving aside for the moment that socialism and income redistribution are themselves inherently evil, we cannot pretend that pro-abortion politicians have any interest in reducing abortions.  They are in the pockets of Planned Parenthood and other baby-killers.  One can suspect that Georgetown University is, too.  One gets the impression that he's trying to stave off future pro-life efforts; perhaps we are getting under the skins of Georgetown's pro-abortion sugar-daddies.  He can stuff a sock in it.

In a related story, we learn that Georgetown's Law School is urging its students to support not only Planned Parenthood, but NOW, NARAL and a whole host of other pro-aborts and pro-sodomite-perversion organizations.  This news comes courtesy of TFP Student Action (an excellent organization, by the way).  I'd urge you to support this effort of their's.  The article links to Georgetown's "organizations you can support" page.  Not surprisingly, Georgetown took down this page.  HOWEVER, as we all should know, once something's on the internet, it never quite goes away, thanks to web-crawlers.  One such site is wayback.com.  So here is what wayback archived.  Sure enough, there is the "mysteriously" missing page.  In its NARAL blurb, Georgetown explicitly shills for a woman's "right" to murder her helpless baby.  This sheds lots of light on the reasons behind Reese's sniveling.  I shudder to think of what may be happening in Georgetown's hospital: we know of at least one instance where they attempted to euthanize a woman.

Tell me again why they are still called "Catholic"?  Oh yes, lots of money brings that about.

HT to Canon 212