Friday, October 5, 2012

Anglican Gay-Pandering Official Put In His Place

Today Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone was officially installed as chief shepherd over the Archdiocese of San Francisco.  We all know what a tough job he has ahead of him; his predecessors have left the place an abysmal mess spiritually.

A glaring "shot across the bow" was fired at him by the Episcopal "bishop", Marc Andrus.  He issued a letter to his diocese characterizing the Church's teaching on marriage (which is really the law of God on the subject), as "oppressive".   When you consider that Anglicanism was founded by Henry VIII of England and various lapdogs for the precise purpose of allowing him to divorce, and then led the way to moral depravity vis-a-vis its 1930 Lambeth Conference (admitting contraceptive usage), is this really such a huge surprise?

Comes now the word from the Washington Post that when Andrus arrived at the installation at St Mary's Cathedral, he was kept in a waiting area with an archdiocesan employee until the ceremony started.  He left. The Archdiocese later said it was a "misunderstanding".  I sincerely hope not - and really don't think so.  Andrus had the unmitigated gall to try to school His Excellency in his perversion-condoning heresy.  I will take this as a positive sign of a cleansing breath of fresh air in morally fetid San Francisco.

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