Thursday, June 13, 2013

Deo Gratias! Another Abortuary Bites The Dust

In Florida, abortionist James Pendergraft was hit with a $36 million dollar malpractice judgment, with his license being suspended.  Hey!  It's only the fifth time his license has been suspended.  He partnered with Maryland abortionist Harold Alexander in his late-term murder enterprise; Alexander had his Maryland license suspended.

Today at Pendergraft's Orlando Women's Center, moving vans and police vehicles rolled up to the door to seize Pendergraft's assets in payment of the $36 million dollar judgment.  The Operation Rescue article has a video clip of a patient table (on which hundreds of babies undoubtedly were murdered) rolled onto the van.  That must have been a delightful sight to behold.  Pendergraft himself stood on the sidewalk and watched his weapons of mass murder being rolled away.  Sidewalk counselors tried to preach repentance to him, but to no (visible) avail.

LifeNews reports that a baby's life was saved today because the mom, expecting to go into the abortuary, found it being dismantled by legal authorities.  Sidewalk counselors did speak with her at length and she went to a pregnancy center.  Three other women likewise had to leave; let's pray that they don't have their babies murdered elsewhere.

Let us pray that all these hell-holes be closed soon.

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