Friday, February 20, 2015

More On Father Rosica Spouting Dissident Quackery

There's a reason why Father Rosica has the long knives out for Vox Cantoris.  It can be summed up in a saying: cockroaches flee the light.  We Catholic bloggers are shining the light on those who dissent from the Teachings of Jesus Christ.  I am proud to consider Vox Cantoris as a colleague in the fight for timeless truth.  So why is Vox Cantoris targeted?  I believe it's because both Rosica and the Vox blogger are Canadians.  If you read the linked lawyer letter closely, you'll notice that the lawyers are also Canadians, and Canadian law is invoked therein.  Mind you, the Vatican, through Rosica, are making their proverbial "shot across the bow" at all of us, but they perceive legal vulnerability with Vox Cantoris.

Lots of us Catholic bloggers have weighed in on the matter; the Tenth Crusade published an anthology of our posts.  I refer you to Michael Hichborn's post in Lepanto.  Hichborn makes a number of interesting points.  I won't comment on them all but will take minor exception to one.  He notes the priest's role to be a victim (read the article for context on that), and Rosica's refusal to follow that precept in this situation.  I hold it would be logically impossible for Rosica to try to adopt a victim's stance in that manner, for to truly be a victim, one must be innocent.  As Hichborn and others so aptly demonstrate, Rosica is guilty of objective wrongs, both in the wrongs that Vox and others pointed out and in the conduct of the lawsuit itself.

Besides yesterday's post, I've a number of them that mention the problematic statements of Rosica, including him calling the Holy Family "irregular".  Today Michael Voris released a Vortex regarding Rosica, including an encounter he had with Rosica while he was in Rome covering the sin-nod last October.  With this encounter, Rosica made plain that his status as "dissenter" is well-earned.  See for yourselves now.  After you watch the video, you may wish to contact the Vatican as suggested by Les Femmes.  You may also wish to pop over to the Salt and Light site (of which Rosica is CEO) and voice your displeasure there; at the bottom of that page is his Twitter address.  Since he's obviously been on Twitter a lot, he'll certainly get your message there.


  1. Anyone that gets that upset over a critical blog post is assuredly guilty as charged and probably worse. I’m beginning to wonder about the entire crop of TV/internet famous priests. For sure, none have followed the lead of Fulton J Sheen

  2. I resent this: Rosica is an American living in Canada. The US can take him back any time!

    1. Egads! No! We don't want him! But that fact raises an interesting legal question. If Rosica is American, what standing - at Canadian law - does he have to sue? Is it because "Faulty Lite" is Canadian??


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