Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Another "Tale Of Two Cardinals": Cardinal Nichols Undermines Cardinal Sarah's Call For Reforms At Mass

When I wrote last Wednesday of Cardinal Sarah's call for "reform of the reform", I mentioned that there would most likely be push-back from more liberal prelates.  I didn't realize how quickly that would occur.

First, please read the text of Cardinal Sarah's talk given at the "Sacra Liturgia UK Conference 2016", given in London on July 5.  Almost immediately after that talk was given, Cardinal Nichols, Bishop of Westminster, acted in defiance of the Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments and instructed his priests to continue facing the congregation during Mass.  This isn't the first time that Cardinal Nichols threw fellow clergy under the bus.  He scolded 500 of his priests when the latter expressed concerns over last autumn's sin-nod.  He also has condoned "gay civil unions".  Therefore, for him to harp about "exercising personal preference or taste" is a tad disingenuous.  The Remnant has a video of some "liturgy guidelines" that the Cardinal seems to find acceptable.

Now what will Nichols do about kneeling for the Consecration?  About 25-30 years ago, I made several trips to England and attended Mass there.  At that time they did NOT kneel for the Consecration.  In fact, many churches lacked kneelers.  He did not mention that in his screed but I suspect there will be little kneeling during the Consecration.

I don't think my own diocese will fare any better.  But if Cardinal Sarah's words are implemented elsewhere, that will be at least some improvement.

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  1. For a perspective of +++Nichols read the "Eccles & Bosco" blog and have a good laugh! In a two part DVD "Faith of Our Father" on The English Martyrs, Nichols contribution was on Ecunemism!


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