Friday, September 16, 2016

Talking Tough On Catholics For Choice

I understand that both Bishop DiLorenzo of Richmond and Cardinal Dolan of New York are rebuking "Catholics for Choice" and other prominent CINO's such as Tim Kaine for publicly shilling for abortion.  Well, that's very good, but the effort will be "all bark and no bite" unless some action goes along with it.  For starters, Bishop DiLorenzo would be well-advised to order his priests to deny Holy Communion to Kaine until he publicly repents (Kaine resides in the Diocese of Richmond) while the Cardinal needs to stop brown-nosing up to the Cuomos and needs to expunge his diocese of the gay network that has been too long ensconced in New York.

What are the odds of these measures being taken?


  1. All talk and no show. They will do NOTHING. Why would they bite the hand that feeds them? It's all for 'show'.

  2. Catholics for Choice are FRAUDS...Probably all gay cult members too.

  3. I would not expect any real action to be taken. Nice to have the words but they really do not affect much.

  4. Abortion is a 'smoke screen' issue for clergy who have no problem with the gay network.
    They will give a pass on abortion to politicians who support gay rights. Tim Kaine said that he believes the Catholic Church will someday change it's position on homosexual sex, and one need not wonder where he got an idea like that.


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