Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Youth Synod's Instrumentum Laboris - A Disaster At First Glance

After last week's extremely inauspicious beginning, we had to expect more mess to come from the "youth synod".  Indeed it has.  We can see it in the Instrumentum Laboris.  I won't have time this evening to do an exhaustive study, but will point out some glaring departures from the Faith, ones that can only be overlooked by the obstinately blind.

The first few sections list all manners of "concerns" facing young people, whether imaginary or fancied.  However, all these concerns were those of this life.  Nowhere was there mention of mankind's ultimate destiny.  Nowhere was there mention of God's purpose for our lives.  While they ostensibly are kvetching about the need to reach young people and how the Church can be relevant, the bishops refuse to acknowledge Jesus Christ's reason for establishing the Church: to save souls.  That is the ultimate concern and goal of everyone - young and old.  The Church's primary and overarching mission is to guide people to heaven.

As I read this document, it seems that whoever wrote it is hell-bent on doing the precise opposite.

Look at section 16 under "life choices".  I'll quote: "Crucial moments for the development of our identity include: deciding our course of study, choosing our profession, deciding our beliefs, discovering our sexuality and making life-changing commitments."

Do we have here an attempt to insinuate acceptance of the gay lifestyle?  "Discovering sexuality" is not a choice as is "profession" and "course of studies".  One is born male or female.  One acknowledges that, or one sins against truth.  With that, there is no choice among several morally acceptable options, as with the others.  Whoever allowed that to be published deserves many rebukes - even if he sits on Peter's chair.

I will examine this thing more closely soon.  Meanwhile, here's an analysis from Crisis.  Suffice it to say that if this is a harbinger of the guidance that our young people can expect, their chances of eternal salvation are greatly imperiled and parents must be extra vigilant.


  1. No surprise here. We all knew right from the get go that the purpose of this 'SINOD' was to usher in and make acceptable homosexual unions within the Church, with Francis leading the way. He is 'The Pretender' who is in fact 'The Destroyer' that St. Francis prophesied. If 'Francis the merciful' does not fit this description, I don't know who would. I don't know how one cannot come to the conclusion that 'The Destroyer' is now sitting in the Chair of Peter.

  2. This, coupled with the new Papal Excrementation called Episcopalis Communion (EC), makes for a perfect Sin-Odd.

    God please save us from this pontificate.


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