Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Queen Of The Nile

According to sources in Atlanta, Archbishop Gregory's former see, his nickname is "Queen of the Nile".  I understand such nicknames are quite common in, uh, "certain circles".  We've had "Donna" and "Blanche".  If history is any predictor, we in the Washington archdiocese are in for a bumpy ride.

By the way - we are being asked to pay for that ride via the "Annual Appeal".  Notice how they won't call it the "Archbishop's Appeal"?  They know very well that "Archbishop's" anything would go over like a lead balloon.  How stupid do they think we are?  Here's the email that I and many others received today.

Let's make sure this little balloon goes down with a thud, too.  Just give directly to worthwhile charities without going through these "middlemen" and risking your dollars being diverted to anti-Catholic entities.


  1. At one of my local parishes, I happened to attend the Vigil Mass on Sat evening because of Sunday commitments. They had a '2nd' collection which is not uncommon in my area Parishes. It caught my attention when they said: 'The second collection this week will go for the Parish needs and ONLY for the Parish needs 'exclusively'. I wondered immediately if the Parish administration realized that Parishioners were reluctant to give because some of that money goes 'downtown' and had somehow themselves found a way around sending in a portion to the Archdiocese. The week before was 'Peter's Pence' and I sat near the back of the Church to observe how many would give.....out of a Church pretty full there were only 2 that gave. TWO!!! I saw many shake their heads 'NO'. Catholics are being 'red pilled' pretty quickly now. An encouraging development.

  2. I sent a card with two pennies taped to it for my Annual Appeal donation. I wonder if those dimwits will get the message......

  3. Thank you for the heads up on this sham taking place in every diocese. Decades ago I heard that the bishop was changing the name from the Bishop’s annual appeal to THE DIOCESAN ANNUAL APPEAL- & his reason was- in case someone gets mad at ME- then they will continue to GIVE. We gave SACRIFICIALLY for decades from appeals to new churches to reduce debt, etc. NO MORE. Forget the small tax break one gets on donations. Give cash in a handshake to a faithful priest & tell him to stay strong against Satan, CINOs & evil leaders. While our faith is stronger than ever in JESUS, do you think any of these evildoers & cross dressers are going to help pay for your assisted living or nursing home debts???

  4. Wow, you got an email. I did not get one. I guess I am not loved by the folks in Hyattsville.

  5. Did you also notice that the Archdiocese is having a rather difficult time filling the fundraising positions. Although the website shows some of the positions as recent job postings, in reality, they are re-posting the job every two weeks, to make it look like a new one.

  6. The Archdiocese of Washington gets about 13% of the WEEKLY collection from my parish and I suspect every other parish in DC and Southern Maryland. The amounts from SPECIAL collections like Peter's Pence, etc. go entirely to the Hyattsville chancery. Is it possible that a PARISH ONLY collection exists?

    1. I have it on good word that the Christmas and Easter collections are exempted from ADW assessments. Several of us contribute to only those two collections.


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