Monday, March 1, 2010

Global Warming Hoax Spurs Murder-Suicide

An Argentine couple, who apparently were hoodwinked by the global warming hysteria, were so distraught that they sought to end their own lives and those of their two children.  This account from the Daily News states that neighbors noticed a stench from their home.  Authorities found the couple dead, as well as a two-year old boy.  Miraculously, a seven-month old girl survived the bullet wound to her chest.  A note left on the table expressed the couple's anger at the government for "not responding to the environmental crisis."

This "global warming" and "climate change" hoax, this hysteria, has now gone so far that people are taking leave of their senses and committing acts of despair and violence.  It is my contention that all the players in this mess, from Al Gore on down to the Archdiocese's Environmental Outreach Committee, have blood on their hands for disregarding reason and perpetuating this scam.  So yes, my friend from IPL!  The "lenten carbon fast" is indeed crap!  If you don't like the terminology, know that I prefer accuracy to prissy delicacy.

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