Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jesuit-Run Churches in Washington Spew Forth Abuses

On January 18, 2009, then VP-elect Joe Biden received a standing ovation during Mass at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, not far from Georgetown University.  Not only did this nonsense happen during Mass, but apparently it happened minutes after he received Holy Communion!  Words almost fail me!  During Mass, Our Lord should be the One receiving honor and praise - the only One.  Well, not only was He insulted in attention being diverted to someone else, but that "someone else" was being applauded just after he received Our Lord in a sacriligeous manner.

Well, it seems that the Jesuits are continuing to profane the Mass.  The latest (of which I'm aware) happened this past Sunday at St Aloysius Gonzaga on North Capitol Street.  I am told by an eye-witness that at the 9:30am Mass, that the congregation called out the "Prayers of the Faithful" just before the Offertory.  That's bad enough in and of itself, but when the prayers expressed political and even dissident proclivities (such as ending the "archdiocese's prejudices against gays"), things clearly went over the top.  "Father Glen" said that Mass. 

Then, as the Canon was about to begin, Father "invited" the congregation to join him around the altar.  This is liturgical abuse - pure and simple.  The laity (unless they're designated ministers) do not enter the sanctuary.  The Canon of the Mass is a most solemn occasion, when Christ Himself is called down upon the altar by the priest during the Consecration.  It it not to be treated as a huggy-kissy kumbaya-fest.

This sort of stunt is not new, though.  About 20 years ago, I worked close to St Rose of Lima in Gaithersburg.  I attended their noon Masses during the day when I could.  At that time, they were plagued with some left-wing priests - including the pastor at the time.  The pastor was fond of calling the laity to join him around the altar.  I and another brave soul stayed in our places and (gasp!) kneeled.  Well, one day the pastor just decided he had enough of our lack of compliance with his disobedience.  He took the opportunity - during Mass, just before the Canon - to mock us.  We both stood our ground - by remaining kneeling.  Don't you love it?  Those who pride themselves on not conforming with the Magisterium are the first to have hissy-fits when others don't jump at their strange beck and call.  That's because we were pricking his conscience.

Those of you who are so plagued with these priests and their similarly ditzy-minded fan clubs, be bold and speak out.

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