Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Carhart's Slush Fund

Thanks to Jill Stanek for doing the research on this little matter.  I'll link to her article, so the wheel doesn't get distorted in the re-invention (if you get my drift).  It turns out that Carhart, along with wife and daughter, are officers of the Abortion Access Fund, Inc.  Tax-deductible donations are solicited for it, as the AAF is touted as being a "501(c)3" charity.  Funny thing, tough!  Neither the IRS nor Guidestar has record of this organization as being a "501(c)3" charity!  There is no record of the AAF filing the annual IRS Form 990.  If it was organized to secure a $350k mortgage, it surely attained the minimum goal that would cause its filing of the Form 990 to be mandatory.  So where is it???

Speaking of the pro-abortion Summer of Choice, a commenter on the Stanek piece posted this picture that is all-too-typical of pro-abortion supporters.  Observe.

This is outside the Mother Seton church.  That is the Gabriel Project sign, familiar to many pro-life people.  Yes, the sign was vandalized.  Are we surprised?  Of course not!  People who celebrate the murder of tiny babies will also celebrate all sorts of childish and destructive behavior - and perhaps commit those actions themselves.

I understand that for many good people, the Summer of Mercy was their first foray into the world of pro-life activism.  I pray it is not their last.  We need you to help save lives.  Remember - while you were out there this past week, no little children had their brains torn from their heads.  Come out often!

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