Friday, August 12, 2011

Contraception And Salvation - Final Installment

Below is the fourth and final installment on Real Catholic TV's series on contraception, featuring Dr. Martin Brenner.

Dr Brenner directs his comments to bishops primariy, admonishing them to instruct their priests so they in turn can preach Catholic sexual ethics from the pulpit.  Listen to this key point at the 9:35 mark, "once you affirm contraception, there's almost no way not to end up in fornication."  Two minutes later he says, "you can't have a prophetic voice unless you address this issue."

One important "aside".  Many good Catholic pro-life people do wax nostalgic about the 1950s, as though going back to a society such as that is preferable to what we have today.  Listen at the 27:00 mark as Dr Brenner exposes that wish as the dangerous fantasy that it is.

Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

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