Thursday, April 12, 2012

Maryland Democrats' Horribly Skewed Priorities

I live in Montgomery County Maryland, in Maryland's 39th legislative district.  The state senator from that district is Nancy King.  It will surprise very few people to learn that every representative and senator from Montgomery County is a pro-abortion Democrat.  That includes Ms. King.  Take a look at the endorsements that she touts on her website: National Organization of Women, Emily's List, NARAL, Equality Maryland, etc - in other words, the usual gang of suspects.

Because I sent an email to her to lobby on some issue, I wound up on her email broadcast list.  Today I received an "end of session" recap of what happened during this past session.  As you read this excerpt from it, keep in mind that this is penned by a pro-abortion politician.

"Protecting Animals
This year, we continued our efforts to better protect animals from abuse and neglect by passing Senate Bill 317. This legislation will further combat the issue of puppy mills by requiring retail pet stores to initiate recordkeeping, notification, and public disclosure requirements, as well as creating remedies when a dog sold at a pet store is found to have an undisclosed disease or illness.
One animal issue that I received many, many emails on was SB 465 which would restrict the sale and possession of shark fins. The shark fin trade is largely unregulated and unmonitored. The horrible act of removing fins from live sharks and throwing them back into the water often takes place on oceans beyond national jurisdictions and fins are imported into the U.S. from countries with few shark protections in place. The best way to bring an end to this practice is through legislation prohibiting the trade. SB465 passed the Senate but unfortunately did not pass the House of Delegates. I am sure we will see this legislation again in 2013."

In other words, puppies and sharks must be protected, but it's "open season" on human babies in their mothers' wombs!  She advocated putting more diligence and disclosure requirements on pet shops than she ever would have for abortion centers.  She bemoans "the horrible act of removing fins from live sharks".  Hey, Nancy!  How about the tearing apart of babies in the womb?  At last count, this happens almost 100 times a day in the state of Maryland alone!  Oh, wait!  Never mind!  She's endorsed by NOW and NARAL - folks who get some of their donations from abortionists, so King et al are in the back pockets of the abortion industry.

I am told that other areas of the country are a bit more saner.  Let's work and pray to keep them that way and to restore some common sense to Maryland's bastions of progressiveness.

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  1. I am not surprised. I live in lower Silver Spring and my son attends the magnet program at Takoma Park MS. When discussing the advantages of cloning for spare human parts in his 7th grade science class, he asked the question that since breast meat is the most popular in chickens why not clone a chicken that would be one big breast with two legs? Guess what the consensus was? That it would be animal abuse...


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