Thursday, April 5, 2012

Holy Thursday - Institution Of The Sacrament Of Holy Orders

When Our Lord, at the Last Supper, uttered the words "Do this in remembrance of Me", He conferred priesthood upon the Apostles.  It might do us well to consider how the priesthood is under attack - from within.

I spent at least one month keeping before our eyes the despicable way that Father Marcel Guarnizo has (and I think, continues to be) maltreated by the Archdiocese of Washington.  I mentioned that Father Guarnizo was not the first and that he wouldn't be the last so despised.  And indeed he is not the last.

Within the past week or so we've been hearing about the situation in the Archdiocese of Vienna (Austria).  Christoph Cardinal Schonborn, the archbishop there, overruled one of his parish priests, Father Gerhard Swierzek when the latter blocked an openly gay man, Florian Stangl from sitting on the parish council.  Mind you, the Cardinal was fully aware that Stangl was gay.  Initially, the Cardinal supported his priest.  But then he back-peddled big time.  Note that he did so after he met with Stangl and his sin-partner.

As one reads this article from Renew America, they cannot help but notice the parallels between the situation in Gaithersburg and the more recent situation in Vienna.  Is it possible that Schonborn was influenced by the doings of the Washington chancery?  I know for a fact that Father Guarnizo's situation was watched from all over the world.  During the past month or so, I had many views from all over the world.  We can surmise that all the other internet sources were likewise watched.

There will be more.  Pray for Rome's swift intervention.

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