Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Curbing Violence - It's The Morality, Stupid USCCB!

Sister Mary Ann Walsh, Media Relations Director for the USCCB, has an opinion piece that has been published by today's Washington Post.  Right there you can guess that Sister spouts left-wing talking points that have been given to her for that is the only way her byline would appear in the Washington Post.  Were she speaking of actual Church teaching the Post would never publish that piece.  So what is the topic of the USCCB bloviation of the day?  If you read my post about Cardinal McCarrick's latest cause-celebre, you know what it is - "gun control", that is, the confiscation of self-defense tools from decent people.

A careful read of the first paragraph illustrates the smoke and mirrors with which the progressives endeavor to blind and confuse us.  They want to instill in our minds that inanimate objects are the cause of so much violence and misery in society.  She uses forceps, needles and guns in her flawed analogy.  Of course they can be used for great evil.  They can also be used for great good.  It all depends on the individual doing the "using".  Isn't that the same for any tool?  She (and all progressives) attempt to relieve criminals of any responsibility for their actions.

Further down in the article she writes, "it is clear that assault weapons stand out dramatically as a threat to innocent life".  What is clear is that Sister is simply following the progressive script that I suspect has been given to her by her USCCB handlers, for that statement is sheer, utter nonsense.  Weapons, being inanimate objects, pose a threat to nobody.  They can be used by criminal elements or by those who defend themselves and others against those same aggressors.

If the USCCB is truly serious about ending violence, they'll do well to examine how our culture came to be so violent.  Fifty years ago, such wasn't the case - and at that time there was not nearly the plethora of "gun-control" laws on the books as there is today.  So what's the cause?  Well, to borrow a phrase from Bill Clinton's first presidential campaign, "it's the morality, stupid"!  And before all the little scolds and nay-sayers harp on my use of the word "stupid", I'll make plain that I value accuracy over diplomacy.  Indeed, the stupidity is deliberate and I can even say that there are more accurate terms and "stupid" may be the more "diplomatic".

Again, if the USCCB wants to end violence, they'll address the root causes of disobedience to God's laws with regard to sexual morality and family life.  They will insist that the clergy preach on the evils of contraception, abortion, euthanasia and the gay lifestyle forcefully and often.  They will direct the clergy to implement Canon 915 with regards to flagrant pro-abortion Catholics who dare to profane the Body and Blood of Christ - meaning that Cardinals Dolan and Wuerl need to clean up their acts.  Cardinal Dolan's Palm Sunday actions were an unmitigated disastrous scandal, serving only to embolden those who foment the evils that directly contribute to societal violence.  And of course the USCCB must give both the CCHD and CRS an immediate and unceremonious heave-ho and stop diverting Catholic dollars to anti-life and anti-God organizations.

Barring miracles, does anyone think any of what I just said will happen?  Neither do I.  The USCCB, with this Post article, has once again demonstrated why it cannot be taken seriously and why it really should be abolished in its entirety.

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