Sunday, April 28, 2013

Literally Signing Away Their Rights!

Benjamin Franklin is credited with saying that "those who surrender essential liberties to obtain temporary security deserve neither and will lose both."  Many of the products of progressive education and modern culture have allowed themselves to be rendered "sheeple", for lack of a better word.  They are buying the codswallop that surrendering their Second Amendment rights will secure non-violence in society.  Of course all that will do is make them even more vulnerable to violence and even tyranny from a government that no longer has constitutional restraints upon it.

The video below that just came to my attention is purportedly of a man telling folks that they should sign away the First Amendment to "get behind the president".  I've no reason to assume this is a fake.  That said, we see even more sheeple willing to be fleeced and ultimately slaughtered.  It's way past time to wake up!

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  1. I was going to write "Incredible!" as my comment. But it's not incredible at all. It's quite easy to believe that this is happening. And it leaves me completely terrified.

    We are done. We have raised a generation with no concept of freedom.


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