Tuesday, April 2, 2013

From The "Well Whadya Know?" Department

If I were into all that "new-agey" stuff, I might have to suspect that I'm clairvoyant!  Why?  Well, remember the previous post, where I voiced my mystical premonition that Father Santamauro's Facebook page might be "changed"?  BEHOLD!!

A commenter in the previous post noticed that, too.  He/she ascribes too many miraculous attributes to Yours Truly, I confess!  The fact is that light causes the cockroaches to flee.  Unfortunately it can merely induce them to be more furtive as they continue to work their mischief.  While Father Santamauro may have taken down the offending facebook page (and who knows how willingly?), he still remains on the Campus Ministry staff.  It is reasonable to presume that he remains sympathetic to the HRC's goals to distort family and moral teachings.

Those of my readers who are officially affiliated with Catholic University (students, staff or faculty), please be alert to the situation there.  Please advise via comments of any further developments. Thanks.

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  1. Well, that's a step in the right direction for sure! For what it's worth, Fr. Jude has given in my hearing the best defense I have *ever* heard of the Church's teaching on gay marriage and homosexual sex. He is orthodox to the core on this one. So I would imagine that he and Fr. Andy are having a chat...


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