Sunday, November 24, 2013

Melissa Harris-Perry, Roman Empress

Remember Melissa Harris-Perry, the MSNBC host who managed several months ago to make a fool of herself at least twice?  Here's a memory-refresher.

The poor dear must have felt that fellow MSNBC host Martin Bashir upstaged her with his vile crack regarding Sarah Palin, for once again she has demonstrated how to insert both feet into her mouth.  But first a history lesson, from the days of the Roman Empire.

Infanticide was an accepted practice among the Romans.  Indeed, it was almost expected that a weak or deformed newborn be drowned or taken out of the city to be exposed.  And yes, sometimes that happened if the newborn was a girl rather than a boy.  Naturally the father had final say, acting as his own little household despot.  The Christians of that time, of course, banned that practice in their circles, seeing it rightly as murder.  They were also known to have rescued many infants abandoned in the city outskirts.

It seems that Melissa Harris-Perry would like to reinstate that less-than-delightful Roman custom.  From RealNews, we read that Harris-Perry believes that the infant is alive if and only if the parents feel the child is alive.  "Feel"??!!?!  What the hell does that  mean????  Moreover, according to that article, some progressives believe the "window for feeling-decision" should be as long as three years!  Why stop there?  Why not just go to seventeen and close the window when he/she is eligible to vote?

How can anyone deny that a culture of death has permeated society?  Go back and read Humanae Vitae.  It was written forty-five years ago, but as you read the list of consequences to usurping God's authority and laws, you might think it was written just a few months ago.  We need to wake up - most especially our bishops - and start proclaiming God's moral law and obeying it, lest our culture fall into the ash heap of history as did the Roman Empire and countless souls be damned to hell.

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