Thursday, November 7, 2013

More On Hackett At The Vatican

Below I post the latest episode of Michael Voris' Mic'd Up.  A variety of topics are touched:
  • The nonsensical actions taken by the American Psychiatric Association to normalize pedophilia and ephebophilia
  • The Texas pro-life laws and the legal challenges being raised by pro-abortion entities
  • The persecution of Christians in Muslim-held areas and attempts to rescue them
  • Interview with Michael Hichborn of American Life League regarding the scandal of Ken Hackett, former head of Catholic Relief Services, being selected by Obama as Ambassador to the Vatican
That last segment starts at the 39:14 mark.  I delved into this very topic in postings this past Monday and Saturday.  In my opinion, this is of prime importance over the others.  While the others deal with serious threats and situations, those are largely outside the Church.  The interview with Hichborn deals with moral rot that exists inside Church structures.  That interior rot is much more pernicious than the exterior threats, as they compromise the Church's ability to proclaim the Gospel - and to truly deal in appropriate manners with exterior threats.  Now the video..

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  1. One of the blogs I check now and again is Cardinal Dolan's blog. This is a link to his radio discussion with Ken Hackett as Hackett shares about his every step of meeting Pope Francis, as well as my comment to Cardinal Dolan. My Lord Jesus, have mercy on us.


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