Sunday, July 27, 2014

Latest Papal Interview - Preliminary Reports Of Another Disaster

My friend at "What Did the Pope Really Say" caught a link to a preliminary report of the interview that was to be released today.  This too, along with so many others, promises to be a disaster.  Here's a Reuter's blurb summarizing some papal remarks with the statement "communists are closet Christians".

Whether or not this summary is accurate will have to be seen in other accounts of the interview.  However, some quotes deserve immediate attention - and correction.  There is the incredible statement that "poverty is at the center of the Gospel".

Any Catholic child with a basic knowledge of his/her faith will know that the center of the Gospel is Jesus Christ.  Yes, the Gospel does entail service to the poor, but that is ancillary to the main focus of eternal salvation.  I might suggest that all who are snookered by that "social gospel" heresy take a look at Matthew 26:6-13.

I await further details with trepidation.


  1. Nothing yet in English, but here is a Google translatioon of a Spanish article:

    "Pope Francis’ Ten Tips for Happiness"

    The Pope gave an interview on a Decalogue of things to find happiness in life. Also referred to the possibility of winning the Nobel Peace Prize ...

    Although concerned about the wars that stress different parts of the world, Pope Francis does not neglect the importance of family and personal relationships have for a society. So warns against new technologies, invites strengthen family ties and calls: “Everyone has to be committed to the issue of peace.”

    Concerned about the conflicts and tragedies of immigration, Francis stopped but also highlight the importance of achieving the happiness in life to achieve a full life. Asked by journalist Paul Calvo, left ten tips to find happiness.

    1) Live and let live. “Here the Romans might have said and take it like a thread to pull the formula that says: ‘Go ahead and let people go ahead’ live and let live is the first step peace and happiness. ”

    2) Join others . “If you are tight, you run the risk of being selfish. Standing water and is the first to be corrupted”

    3) Move respectfully. “In Don Segundo Sombra is a very beautiful thing, someone who rereads his life Performer Says Young was a rocky stream that had everything ahead,.. than adult was a river who was later and in old age he was moving, but slowly dammed. I use this poet and novelist Georges Braque image, that last adjective I dammed.’s ability to move with benevolence and humility, the haven of life. Elders have that wisdom, are the memory of a people. And a people who do not care for their elderly has no future. ”

    4) Play with the kids. “Consumerism took us to the anxiety of losing healthy leisure culture, read, enjoy some art now confess, but confessed Buenos Aires much and there came a young mother asked him. ‘? many children do you have? Jugas with your children? ‘ And it was a question that was not expected, but I told him to play with the kids is key, is a healthy culture.’s Hard, the parents go to work early and return to times when your children are asleep, it is difficult, but there I do it. ”

    5) Share on Sundays with family . “The other day, in Campobasso, went to a meeting between the world of college and the working world, I demanding all nonworking Sunday. Sunday is family.”

    6) Help young people to find employment. “We have to be creative with this strip. If missing opportunities fall into drugs. Y is very high suicide rate among young people without work. The other day I read, but not me trust that is not a scientific fact, which had 75 million young people below 25 years for unemployed is not enough to feed them.. should inventarles year courses plumber, electrician, sewing Dignity gives you the carry bread home. ”

    7) Take care of nature. “We have to care for creation and we are not doing. It’s one of the biggest challenges we have.”

    8) Forget faster than negative. “The need to speak ill of another indicates low self-esteem, ie. I feel so down instead of up, under the other faster than negative Forgetting is healthy.”

    9) Respect those who think differently. “We can worry the other from the testimony, that both progress in this communication, but the worst thing you can have is the religious proselytism, which paralyzes. ‘I dialogue with you to convince’, not every one dialogue from his identity. The Church grows by attraction, not proselytism. ”

    10) Actively seek peace. “We are living in a time of great war. In Africa seem to tribal wars, but they are something else. War destroys. And the clamor for peace need to shout. Peace sometimes gives the idea of quiet, but it is never quiet, always an active peace. ”

    He also said, “The Nobel Peace Prize is a topic that does not fit in my schedule.”

  2. After all, he said to go out and make a mess. I guess this is how we are to do it. Just make up stuff and see how the world reacts. Don’t worry about Faith and Reason. The Holy Ghost will figure it out and let you know who bore the good fruit and who produced the bad. After it is too late to do anything about it, of course.

  3. God help us if that top 10 list is true, no mention of "God" or "Jesus", Kyrie eleison


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