Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Is The Montgomery County Government Itching For Another Legal Spanking?

Almost three weeks ago, the Germantown Reproductive Health Services was visited for the fourth time by an ambulance - actually, two in this case.  As with the other cases, a botched abortion job occasioned the visits from the ambulances.

Operation Rescue obtained some heavily redacted tapes pertaining to the 911 call that summoned the ambulances there.  They also obtained some rather odd prohibitions on use of public records.  OR president Troy Newman believes that Montgomery County Council's actions are part and parcel of an attempt to cover up yet another botch-job by Leroy Carhart.  Knowing the composition of the Montgomery County Council, I believe Newman's suspicions to be very reasonable.  Newman has had a track record of successful use of similar recordings in the past.  The Council probably knows this and are trying to circle their wagons.

I truly hope that the Council sees the light of day and orders Michael Baltrotsky, Operations Supervisor of Montgomery County Fire and Rescue, to cease and desist any action against Newman.  I believe neither he nor the Council has any legals grounds on which to stand.  Given their most recent defeat with the pregnancy center law (costing the county quite a pretty penny), can they afford to have more egg on their faces - especially before the November elections?

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