Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pope Francis - "Church Teaching Can't Open People To God's Love"???

In yesterday's homily, Pope Francis said that "courses in yoga, zen meditation, even extensive studies in church teaching and spirituality can never free people enough to open their hearts to God and His love" - quoting from Catholic News Service.

Say what????   Of course yoga and zen won't lead anyone to God's love; in fact they'll do just the opposite for these lead to idolatry.  But to mention these in the same breath as church tradition is to place all three on the same level.  To do so is a great disservices to the truth and will cause much confusion and even disdain of the development of Catholic intellect.

The quote goes on.  "Only the Holy Spirit can move the heart and make it docile to the Lord.."  Well, without a modicum of knowledge of Church tradition, how does one discern the action of the Holy Spirit from that of something else?  Does not the teaching and spirituality of the Catholic Church originate from the Holy Spirit and God's own word?

Why the setting up of false dichotomies between this "movement" and the Sacred Tradition of the Church?  Only harm and confusion can arise from this.  Pray for Holy Mother Church.

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