Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Smuggling Sodomy Into The Church - Or Is It Just Barging In?

On January 24, the Pope welcomed into the Vatican two lesbians, one of them who mutilated her body to look like a man's body.  She calls herself "Diego".  Because she probably legally changed her name to that, I'll call her that.  With her was her accomplice in perversion; they plan a "wedding".  Emboldened by (among other things) the "who am I to judge" quip, she wrote to the pope.  He agreed to meet them privately.  I link to three accounts, all from differing perspectives and view points: Rorate Caeli, Remnant, Washington Post, Belfast Telegraph.  They agree on the basic chronology of events.  Most notably, Diego asked the pope if there would be a place for her as she is today.  She reports that the pope embraced her.  Nowhere do we read any indignant accounts from her of the pope even gently chiding her for mutilating her body, pretending to be a man and for her plans to mock marriage with her lesbian accomplice.

Some "take-aways":
  • Diego and her partner in sin apparently received from the pope much more discreet treatment than did the poor mother who is/was pregnant with her eighth (during the rabbitgate interview).
  • Recall that there are individual with whom the pope declined to meet:
    • The founder of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate
    • The Dali Lama (mustn't upset Red China!)
  • Some liken this meeting to "eating with sinners as Jesus did".  But Jesus publicly called them to repentance at the same time.  There's no evidence of that happening here.  Why?  Is this all part and parcel of the "maturation" that the progressives want us to undergo as they prepare for next October's sin-nod?
  • Just a week before this incident, America magazine published a piece entitled "A New Theology of the Transgendered Body".  Read it.  Realize that America is under Jesuit control.  I find the timing of this article and that of this meeting to be rather (ahem!) interesting - just a tad too much to be a coincidence.
Today Michael Voris released another "Mic'd Up" entitled "Smuggling In Sodomy", discussing how sodomites wormed their way into high places in the Church.  Nowadays they aren't so much being "smuggled in" as much as they are brazenly barging their way through the Church.  Recall, for example, the lesbians holding their "wedding reception" in a Knights of Columbus hall in Indiana.  Shamefully the Knights there are acting as cowards, but that's another problem.

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