Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Montgomery County Official Colluding With NARAL To Facilitate Murder Of Babies

Today LifeSiteNews revealed that they obtained proof that Maryland NARAL colluded with George Leventhal, Montgomery County Council president, in the County's legislative effort to cripple pro-life pregnancy centers.  The article links to a series of emails between Leventhal and Jodi Finkelstein, Maryland NARAL president.  I'd encourage you (particularly Montgomery County citizens) not only to read the emails but to download the pdf onto your own computers.

While the news is disgraceful, it is not at all surprising.  In December 2009 I recorded much of the hearing regarding the bill.  If you go to my archives  of that time period you'll see a whole collection of video.  One of those posts discusses the obvious bias of George Leventhal and his arrogance towards pro-life citizens who testified against the legislation.  Of course NARAL has endorsed him during election times, no doubt giving him lots of award and motivation for facilitating baby-murder.

But George Leventhal and his pro-abortion cronies aren't the only ones who are helping NARAL spill more babies' blood.  In one of her emails to Leventhal, Finkelstein outlined some strategies.  At least some of them were taken from a NARAL publication entitled "Choice Action Kit - Unmasking Fake Clinics - A Step By Step Guide".  It's a 56-page tome and I happen to have a copy.  On page 2 of this publication are some acknowledgements; one of those acknowledged is the Midwest Academy.  A woman named Helen Booth started it and is an unabashed leftist.  As I said in this post three years ago, her husband addressed a USCCB conference.  Consider: they aided and abetted NARAL in their misdeeds.  Why would the USCCB invite her or her husband to address Catholics?

We can also ask this question: why did the Catholic Campaign for Human Development ever deem the Midwest Academy worthy of a grant?  Here, courtesy of Michael Voris and company, is an expose of CCHD's underhanded practices.  In a nutshell, what all this means is that Catholic donors unwittingly funded pro-abortion attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers.

I would hope voters would remember this collusion during the 2018 elections.  However, Montgomery County is infested with progressive lemmings so I don't hold much hope.  Sadly I don't hold much more hope for the USCCB and its CCHD.  They both should be dismantled before they continue to sabotage the Church further.

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