Monday, November 9, 2015

Abominations Welcomed Into The Church - What Will Be Our Response?

For Biblical context in what you're about to read, visit this site.  What is happening in the Church under this most questionable pontificate is alarming.  These incidents are happening at an ever increasing frequency.

We saw the sin-nod "fathers" (at least those in high places) attempt to render irrelevant the teachings of Jesus Christ regarding marriage by means of false "praxis".  Earlier the pope allowed blasphemy in the Vatican gardens by allowing a muslim to pray to "allah" therein.  Last week the Vatican joined the Lutherans in celebrating "reformation day"; in other words, the Vatican celebrated the sins of apostasy and blasphemy. Given the current trajectory of things, I wonder when the Vatican will get around to celebrating the day Adam and Eve ate the apple.

But since the Vatican has celebrated apostasy, they now seem to be concerned about being "equal opportunity heresy enablers".  This past weekend the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialog (so many sins being committed in the name of "dialog") sent a message to the Hindus to congratulate them as they celebrate Deepavali.  This so-called "pontifical council" hopes they'll "experience happiness and harmony" through their idolatry.  As you read that link, you'll notice not one mention of Jesus Christ or the necessity to be converted to the One True Faith, for only that will lead to "happiness and harmony" due to worshiping the One True God.  Speaking of the necessity for conversion to Jesus Christ, we pray that the members of that Pontifical Council undergo that conversion themselves.

Given that the Vatican just affirmed the Hindus in their idolatry, what you'll see next cannot be too surprising although it should cause outrage.  In the first paragraph you read about abominations being established in the sanctuary.   That is precisely what happened at Our Savior Parish in Manhattan.  The video indicates that this happened in September, when Hare Krishnas (an offshoot of Hinduism) conducted one of their idolatrous rituals (called kirtan) in the sanctuary of the Church.  I cannot tell whether or not the Blessed Sacrament was still present.  Here is the video but below that is more commentary.

What troubles me almost as much as the sacrilege itself is the nonchalance of the parishioners in the pews.  I would hope at the very least some of them would have walked out.  The rest, by their silent audience, gave to the idolaters their tacit approval.

Perhaps we need to think these matters through, lest we be caught unprepared should this (or something similar) happen in our own Churches.  Would we walk out?  Would we attempt to prevent the blasphemy and idolatry, disrupting the satanic rituals if need be?  We may well face these unpleasant choices and we must be prepared to act.


  1. I'm sure there are individual good Hindus who will end up in heaven, but the Hare Krishna cult itself is a grotesque horror. I still don't understand whether these are actual parishioners or just Hare Krishna sympathizers for an event. I cannot believe that faithful Catholics who attended this church under the previous pastor would not have been moved to violence upon seeing this.

  2. You know what Oakes, I really don't care WHO they are! The point being they have desecrated a Catholic Church in the middle of Manhattan, and this Robbins guy who supposedly is the PASTOR needs to have his collar stripped. And what pray tell has Dolan done about this? No longer will I refer to these people as 'Fr.' and 'Cardinal' as they are not fitting of the title. Been trying to find Dolan's email but so far with no luck. But at this point I will have to calm down first so I can actually think it through.

  3. The video is gone. Has it been downloaded?

    1. No. I should have foreseen that happening. However Father Z has a screen shot on his page.

    2. Update. I have found snippets of the original video and downloaded those.


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