Tuesday, February 7, 2017

When Good And Evil Are Confused..

These two incidents occurred in England, which is probably just a little further down the moral decline than are we.  However, the United States isn't that far behind.

A woman had a baby out of wedlock.  She gave birth at home and immediately strangled the poor baby girl.  Rather than jail the woman for murder, the judge lets loose with a bunch of psychobabble, literally excusing the murder of a defenseless baby.  I remember when Roe v Wade occurred.  Pro-lifers were mocked by pro-aborts when we voiced apprehension about infanticide.  Our fears have come to pass and the pro-baby murder people could not care less.

Elsewhere a gay teenager asked a Christian preacher what he believed about homosexuality.  For the high crime and misdemeanor of giving an honest response to a question, he was arrested on charge of a hate crime.  Fortunately the judge threw out the case; it was an obvious example of entrapment.

I cite these to demonstrate that on the one hand a woman who admitted to murdering her own newborn is let go, while a Christian who preaches the truth is jailed for so doing.  This is happening in England; it could soon happen here.  Had Clinton won in November, I think we'd be racing towards that state of affairs.  We dodged a bullet in November and were granted a little bit more time to turn things around.  While there are good signs from Washington, the bulk of the work in that regards will be the responsibility of each and every one of us.  Ora et labora.


  1. There is a powerful lobby that hates children. The population control people. Those that complain about "overpopulation". The Malthusians & Darwinians. It seems like they dominate politics, law, and education. They obviously don't believe in God; they think that the majority of mankind are "useless eaters" (their phrase).

    I'm English. The reason why we are more demoralised & depraved than you is simply because we abandoned religion more totally than you did. Religion in England was always from a large institution, whether that was the Catholic Church or the Anglican sect. So when the government went against religion, and when these large churches themselves ceased to preach any kind of faith or morals, there was absolutely nothing left. Just a Darwinian blackhole of despair that nobody dares to talk about. You, on the other hand, have a stronger and more grassroots religiosity; religion was never totally discredited in your country as it has been in ours (and in much of Europe), which means that you can speak about religion in the public sphere without being ridiculed.

  2. Partly true John, but even here we are coming very close to being legally silenced especially when it comes to homosexuality. I could site countless incidents. But we are right behind you in the moral depravity department. The globalists have their sites set on the U.S. as their next victim to take down, and they are working HARD! The Soros cabal has their fingerprints on all of it! They are now working through the judiciary branch to stop President Trump from his common sense immigration policy and to return to 'open borders'. He has attempted to stop them midstream and they are FURIOUS! The REALLY SCARY part however, is how the entire Vatican is working with them including the present Pope!

    And yes, they refer to the masses as 'USELESS EATERS' I have heard this term from the horses mouth as well.


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