Thursday, February 23, 2017

Jesuits Thumbing Their Noses At Our Lord Jesus

For quite some time now, the Society of Jesus has shown itself to be a society not of Jesus.  There have been exceptions in the form of faithful Jesuits but these are few.  Now some Jesuits - among them the new head of that order - are setting themselves above Our Lord in their own perverted estimations.

The new head is Father Arturo Sosa Abascal.  In an interview he claimed (quoting from LifeSiteNews) that "the words of Jesus against divorce are relative and must be discerned according to the conscience of each individual."  He's straight-out saying that if one's "conscience" doesn't approve of clear commands from Our Lord (such as His commands against fornication and adultery), then we are not duty-bound to obey Him.  We in essence can be our own little "gods".  This, in a nutshell, is the heresy that was once called "situation ethics".  We've heard that lots recently.  It was only last month that Cardinal Wuerl force-fed that poisonous brain-rot to young impressionable seminarians of his archdiocese.  But this is not a new problem by any stretch.  Mankind first encountered that temptation in the Garden of Eden.  Read Genesis 3:5, where the devil deceives Eve by telling her that if she sins, her "eyes will be opened and you shall be as gods, knowing good and evil".

So there you have it from the head of the Jesuit order.  We know that desire to supplant God is at the basis of all the blather about "pastoral" and "discernment" and "accompanying" that pours forth from the Jesuit who is Pope Francis.  For those of you who insist on chanting the "pope can do/say no wrong" mantra, let's see if Abascal remains in his post.  If he remains, then we have yet more proof of the pope's own mindset.

Let's move on to Father James Martin, editor of America progressive rag.  He recently accepted an award from New Ways Ministry, a cabal of faux-katholycs who shill for homosexual perversion to be normalized.  After President Trump announced that he was reversing Obama's transgender bathroom order, he waxed indignant that transgender people were restricted to using bathrooms designated to their biological sex.  Normal, sane people would rejoice at this triumph of mere common sense, let alone Catholic morality.  Not so Father Martin.  From LifeSiteNews we catch a sampling of the tweets that he put out to whine about the matter.

As you read that piece, you'll notice that Father Martin, while accepting his bauble from New Ways, praised the "special gifts" of homosexuals.  Now when did we hear that sort of language in the not-too-distant past?  If you said, "from the interim relatio from the Extraordinary Synod on the Family" you are correct!  In that report we see this language: "postive aspects of homosexual relationships", "valuing homosexual orientation", etc.  Anyway, Father Martin's pro-pervert sentiments are troubling; if nothing else, they pose great scandal for those who may be wavering on the precipice of such temptations.  Along those lines, Michael Voris publicly asks Father Martin a question.  Will he answer?

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  1. Maybe when hell freezes over. He's a Jesuit after Francis' own heart. When Francis Men don't like the question, they just ignore it, just as Francis does. I am appalled that Francis will not answer Cardinal Zen (I believe it's Cdl. Zen) in China after the Cardinal's 'many letters' to Francis. That's Francis' style, if he doesn't like the questions and concerns, you get nothing but crickets chirping from him; and his 'men' of course, are following suit. The dictator style governance of the Pope and his 'men' are shockingly quite transparent. You won't see Fr. Martin's answer to Michael Voris, I can almost at this point guarantee it.


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