Sunday, June 18, 2017

Boycott Of Peter's Pence

In my parish bulletin this morning was a flyer announcing the upcoming Peter's Pence collection.  The flyer states that funds from this collection will support the charitable works of Pope Francis and the Vatican.  Some faithful Catholics might therefore believe that this particular collection is fine and won't go towards the more destructive aspects of this papacy.  What we must bear in mind, though, is the concept of fungibility.  For the sake of brevity, I'll link to another post in which Michael Hichborn explains that concept in detail.  Suffice it to say that under this papacy any collection to the Vatican will fund the attacks on Tradition, albeit indirectly.

Last January I closed a post in which I questioned the wisdom of our participation in this collection.  This was a post in which it was made known that pro-abortionist Paul Ehrlich spoke at a Vatican conference.  There are many more egregious acts of this papacy:
This list is by no means exhaustive.  Moreover, with the passing of time it will grow.  I for one do not want to finance that growth.  I will boycott the Peter's Pence collection and give that money to a local worthwhile charity that honors the Church's mission or at least does not work to undermine it or partner with Church enemies.  Please consider doing the same.


  1. A boycott is needed right away. This sadly is the only languge liberals and the Vatican understand at all.

  2. And until we have a Bishop who stands up to all the Modernists, I likewise will not support the Cardinal's Appeal.

  3. I haven't supported ANY of the 'appeals' for several years now, for fear of where that money actually goes. In fact with a few of them we have encouraged others to do the same because of pretty solid evidence some of it goes for anti Catholic initiatives. Fact of the matter is, I have cut my regular parish giving pretty much in half and even less but give the rest to traditional Catholic causes. Ed is correct, hitting them in the wallet is the only thing they 'get'.

  4. I haven't given to the Cardinal's Appeal in years. Instead I give directly to a solid Catholic seminary and to the Chaldean Catholic Church which supports many projects in Kurdistan to help persecuted Christians. I also do not give to my parish's general collection as it is subject to a 16% diocesan tax. Rather, I give to targeted projects in my parish which are not assessed by the diocese.

  5. We have stopped giving. We cannot in good conscience continue to support even the diocese, since it is clear they are Modernists and are dancing to the pope's tune. It became crazy-making to give money to an entity I am no longer sure is even Catholic. Why pay? We can get destruction of our faith for free.


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