Thursday, June 1, 2017

Pervert Enablers Within The US Catholic Hierarchy

The Diocese of Jefferson City, MO is now allowing students who consider themselves "transgender" and those from "same-sex families" to enroll in the schools.  Bishop John Gaydos has cited Amoralis Lamentia as inspiration for the change.  This LifeSiteNews article links to the new policy, calling the sodomite situations "non-traditional families".  Of course they aren't true families, but occasions of mortal sin and spiritual destruction of the children.

Read over that policy.  Nowhere is there an acknowledgement of the inherent sinfulness of homosexual conduct, fornication, adultery.  On page 10 (reads as page 8) of the policy regarding "transgendered" kids, the policy states in section c-ii, "use of hormone therapies and/or gender reassignment surgery is typically not condoned at this developmental level".  Pray tell, what the hell does that mean???  Does it mean that there are other "developmental levels" when chemical and/or surgical mutilations are condoned by this diocese???  Nowhere in this policy is there any mention of proclaiming God's truth to these confused youngsters or to their errant parents.

The diocese had a meeting in which they trotted out this policy.  One good priest was having none of it.  This piece links to the dialogue.  I disagree with the priest in his belief that Pope Francis opposes this policy outright, but he is spot on with everything else.

Far from opposing the furtherance of perversion in the Church, the pope, by various appointments, makes no secret of his aim to normalize it within the Church.  The latest manifestation occurred just a few days ago when he appointed the gay-enabling Father John Dolan to be an auxiliary bishop for the Diocese of San Diego.  Recall that this diocese is already cursed with Bishop Robert McElroy, about whom I've written in the past.  While he's just absolutely delighted about Dolan's elevation, he has openly persecuted faithful priests who've had the temerity to write truthfully about Catholic morality, including the fact that it's sinful to vote for pro-abortion candidates.

Within the Archdiocese of New York (headed by Cardinal Dolan) the Church of the Blessed Sacrament is hosting a gay orgy under the auspices of a fund-raiser.  Read the details from Joseph Sciambra's site.  Here again we see the Commands of Jesus Christ being treated as a pile of dung.  Please let's not pretend that Cardinal Dolan doesn't know of this.  Of course he does.  At best, he doesn't care; I hope he doesn't openly applaud them..oh wait!  He applauded the gay group at St Francis Xavier a few years back, didn't he?

But let me end this post on a happy note.  We in the Archdiocese of Washington know of Father Peter Daly, pastor of St. John Vianny of Prince Frederick MD.  He has openly condoned homosexual conduct, going so far as to offer faulty counsel to gays who have come to him.  In the May 25 issue of the Catholic Standard, we see that he is retiring and will have no further pastoral authority.  His retirement will be effective July 12, 2017.  Let us pray that he will have no further contact with confused individuals and that he will use his time in retirement to seek God's forgiveness for his dissidence.


  1. There is only one validly consecrated bishop named Dolan today---and it ain't either one of the ones listed in your article.

    Happy to have left the Vat 2 Church of What's Happening.

    Seattle kim

  2. From what I understand the Archdiocese of Washington is a very sinister place regarding the practice of the "alternate lifestyle". What we see is not the reality.


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